Thursday - Aug 25, 2016

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THE FIRE SALE: Wake Up the Sleepers


It’s sleeper time. Everyone does their sleeper lists differently. I’m a stickler when it comes to sleepers. Allen Hurns isn’t a sleeper this year. Allen Hurns was a sleeper last year. Obviously, if you follow this column you know I ...

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Why Should I Become a VIP Member?


GET ‘A HOLD’ OF YOUR VIP MEMBERSHIP TODAY! Many are asking: Why get a Fantasy Sharks Membership, and how is it different from my normal Fantasy Sharks experience? With a membership, you receive a deeper level of applied analytics originally ...

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PRESEASON REPORT: 2016 Now Available


The 274-page 2016 Preseason Report is available for VIP members. Dish Adams, Todd Colburn, Mike Nease, Thomas Casale, Gary Davenport, Walton Spurlin, Matthew Wilson, Wil Walton, and other feature writers provide the one stop shopping you will need for draft ...

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