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NFC East Player Analysis
Patrick White,, Staff Writer

Philadelphia Eagles (vs Tennessee Titans)

QB Mark Sanchez: Last week was bad. Actually, last week was really bad. Even in a very bad situation though, Sanchez still scraped together 346 yards with 2 touchdowns. Don't confuse real life play for fantasy as a bad QB on the field can be a winner in the fantasy stat sheet. The biggest worry here is that the Titans gave Roethlisberger fits as he was constantly being hit and sacked. If Sanchez can learn to get the ball out early he could actually make for a decent play but we'd rather wait and see it than try and start him. ( 236 yds pass with 2 TDs and 1 Int; 8 yds rush )

QB Matt Barkley: ( 33 yds pass; 2 yds rush )

RB LeSean McCoy: Just when fantasy owners get wet feet with McCoy, he'll remind us that there's a reason he's called 'Shady'. It's a light matchup and with Sanchez struggling, the Eagles will look to their under utilized running back to help carry the load this week. ( 106 yds rush; 4 catches for 31 yds )

RB Darren Sproles: It's tough to rely on him as he lives and dies by the 'big play' but we've seen worse starts. The matchup is crazy good here on the ground too but we think that just means more for the other running backs. Sproles is good when the Saints are playing catch up, not as good when they are holding a lead. ( 31 yds rush; 3 catches for 32 yds )

RB Chris Polk: ( 10 yds rush; 1 catch for 2 yds )

WR Jeremy Maclin: Sanchez has leaned heavily on Matthews over the middle but Maclin still managed to wrangle up good stats including a touchdown against Green Bay. On the plays that Sanchez can avoid the Titans' pass rush, he should be targeting Maclin several times downfield. If even two of those connect, Maclin could be in for a big game. ( 6 catches for 90 yds and 1 TD )

WR Jordan Matthews: Matthews has quickly turned into Sanchez's top target as he has four touchdowns since Sanchez took over. He also has back to back 100+ yard games. Matthews is a good play over the middle as Roethlisberger exploited them several times last week with Heath Miller in similar fashion. ( 4 catches for 47 yds )

WR Riley Cooper: Cooper posted his best yardage in a while last week against GB. Sadly, that was to the tune of 39 yards. Cooper's big play ability was apparently left in 2013. ( 4 catches for 37 yds )

WR Brad Smith: ( 1 catch for 3 yds )

WR Josh Huff: ( 1 catch for 5 yds )

WR Jeff Maehl: ( 1 catch for 3 yds )

TE Zach Ertz: The yards have gone up but his role in the offense is still not enough to break top ten production at this time. ( 4 catches for 46 yds )

TE Brent Celek: ( 2 catches for 30 yds )

TE James Casey: ( 1 catch for 4 yds )

PK Cody Parkey: No matter who is under center, the Eagles offense is a well oiled machine and Parker gets to reap the benefits each week. ( 3 XPs, 2 FGs )

Def Philadelphia Eagles: Philly gets a rookie quarterback who tossed a pick six to the struggling Steelers' defense last week. Expect a lot of pressure from the Eagles' pass rush and the potential for more than one defensive / special teams' scoring opportunities. ( 1 TD, 4 sacks, 1 INT, 1 Fumble )

New York Giants (vs Dallas Cowboys)

QB Eli Manning: The Cowboys are coming off the bye rested and looking to make a statement at home as the playoff push begins. Seeing that Eli is coming off a 5 interception game and that the Giants offense is nothing more than a spitting and sputtering shadow of its old self, Manning is nothing more than a desperation play and one we recommend you don't reach for. ( 239 yds pass with 2 TDs and 1 Int; 3 yds rush )

QB Ryan Nassib: ( 11 yds pass )

RB Rashad Jennings: In a pinch? Sure. But we worry that the Giants will be forced to throw the ball to keep up with the Cowboys. ( 65 yds rush; 3 catches for 20 yds )

RB Andre Williams: ( 38 yds rush; 1 catch for 7 yds )

WR Odell Beckham: 156. 108. 93. That's over 350 yards over a 3 game span. Beckham is a must play WR that has gone from a waiver wire add to a potential WR1. The matchup against Dallas adds to the appeal ( 1 yd rush; 6 catches for 81 yds and 1 TD )

WR Rueben Randle: Beckham has become the lead dog with the injury to Victor Cruz. Randle has slipped into the WR2 role and in doing so managed a 100 yard game against SF last week. Even with all the issues surrounding the Giants' offense, Randle still makes for a solid PPR play. ( 6 catches for 59 yds )

WR Preston Parker: ( 3 catches for 31 yds )

WR Corey Washington: ( 1 catch for 9 yds )

TE Larry Donnell: As are 90% of the tight ends in the league, Donnell is completely TD dependent as the yardage doesn't come at a premium. This is a good matchup as Eli will score a couple of times and Donnell has a strong chance of being on the receiving end of one of the few good Manning drives. ( 5 catches for 47 yds and 1 TD )

TE Daniel Fells: ( 1 catch for 11 yds )

TE Adrien Robinson: ( 1 catch for 5 yds )

PK Josh Brown: Could be busy if Eli can piece together a few drives. Unfortunetly, that's asking a lot of Manning these days. ( 2 XPs, 1 FG )

Def New York Giants: Romo, Murray, Witten, Bryant, and Williams. Those are five really big reasons to have New York planted firmly on your bench. ( 1 sack, 1 INT, 1 Fumble )

Dallas Cowboys (vs New York Giants)

QB Tony Romo: If it weren't for so many other appealing options this week, Romo would be even higher. He showed in London that his latest back issues is manageable and he has had two weeks off to rest up. The Giants are dismal on both sides of the ball and Dallas always plays the Giants tough. Look for Romo to put up strong numbers as he and Dez Bryant will be able to dominate the NYG secondary. ( 248 yds pass with 2 TDs and 1 Int; 3 yds rush )

QB Brandon Weeden: ( 27 yds pass )

RB DeMarco Murray: Keep on keeping on DeMarco. A soft matchup AND an extra week of rest? Oh my. ( 137 yds rush and 1 TD; 5 catches for 40 yds )

RB Joseph Randle: ( 24 yds rush; 1 catch for 9 yds )

RB Lance Dunbar: ( 11 yds rush; 1 catch for 19 yds )

WR Dez Bryant: This game could be very similiar to the Jacksonville game two weeks ago where Bryant went for over 150 and 2 scores. If Eli and the Giants can keep this game close, Bryant could be very active for all four quarters. ( 7 catches for 83 yds and 1 TD )

WR Terrance Williams: The big goose egg in Jacksonville leaves a lot to be desired but he should be much more active against the New York secondary. If the Giants double down on Bryant, Williams could get his hands on several passes deep down field on single coverage. ( 3 catches for 44 yds and 1 TD )

WR Cole Beasley: ( 2 catches for 22 yds )

WR Devin Street: ( 1 catch for 3 yds )

WR Dwayne Harris: ( 1 catch for 10 yds )

TE Jason Witten: Witten is a must play option as he is every week. This week he gets a softer than usual opponent, further adding to always high value. ( 6 catches for 70 yds and 1 TD )

TE Gavin Escobar: ( 1 catch for 14 yds )

TE James Hanna: ( 1 catch for 3 yds )

PK Dan Bailey: Bailey has been one of the best fantasy kickers all season long and it doesn't figure to change this week as points should come pretty easily. ( 3 XPs, 2 FGs )

Def Dallas Cowboys: You'd be wise play Dallas this week as it's the season of giving and Eli will be nice enough to simply give defensive stats to the Cowboys. ( 2 sacks, 1 INT, 1 Fumble )

Washington Redskins (vs San Francisco 49ers)

QB Robert Griffin III: The fall of RGIII continues as now his coach has to go to bat for the players that Griffin throws under the bus. The Washington offense is completely out of whack as it seems that the previous offensive scheme of dink and dunk was more fitting for Griffin's skill set. Things don't seem likely to suddenly click against San Fran at home, with playoffs on their mind. ( 210 yds pass with 1 TD and 1 Int; 28 yds rush )

QB Colt McCoy: ( 36 yds pass; 5 yds rush )

QB Kirk Cousins: ( 27 yds pass )

RB Alfred Morris: He's like the Energizer Bunny, he just keeps on going and going, producing decent enough fantasy numbers week to week. The 49'ers aren't the easiest to run on but Morris will still get his touches. ( 89 yds rush and 1 TD; 1 catch for 11 yds )

RB Roy Helu: He never gets you big points but he is steady, particularly in the passing game. A better PPR league player. ( 18 yds rush; 3 catches for 35 yds )

RB Silas Redd: ( 6 yds rush; 1 catch for 2 yds )

RB Darrel Young: ( 3 yds rush; 1 catch for 8 yds )

WR Pierre Garcon: Garcon has 4 catches for 21 yards over the last two games. The change in offensive schemes from last year to this has completely watered down Garcon's production. Add in the fact that it's a bad matchup and we can quickly see that we shouldn't expect a lot, if anything, from Garcon. ( 7 catches for 68 yds )

WR DeSean Jackson: Jackson holds the key to his own success as he isn't overly QB dependent. Which is a good thing considering the state of his quarterback. Jackson has a way to make a two catch game more productive than most WRs six catch games. He's always a mismatch and can do a lot with a little. ( 5 catches for 86 yds and 1 TD )

WR Andre Roberts: ( 1 yd rush; 3 catches for 31 yds )

WR Ryan Grant: ( 1 catch for 3 yds )

WR Aldrick Robinson: ( 1 catch for 9 yds )

WR Santana Moss: ( 1 yd rush; 2 catches for 17 yds )

TE Niles Paul: ( 4 catches for 48 yds )

TE Logan Paulsen: ( 2 catches for 20 yds )

PK Kai Forbath: The offense is all messed up and the opposition will be playing with purpose. Not a lot to love. ( 2 XPs, 1 FG )

Def Washington Redskins: Any positives that Washington gets on defense will simply be due to the mistakes made by San Fran. Don't expect the Redskins to really get at it this week. ( 2 sacks, 1 Fumble )

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