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NFC East Player Analysis
Patrick White,, Staff Writer

Philadelphia Eagles (vs Atlanta Falcons)

QB Sam Bradford: Thank Zeus himself, we don't have to breakdown the prospect of Mark Sanchez this week. As of now, Bradford is set to revitalize his career under Chip Kelly, as the head coach traded away known commodities for the oft-injured Bradford. Say what you want about the former first round pick, but in the limited time he's been healthy, he's looked like a legit NFL QB. Ride the train for as long as you can starting with a great matchup against the Falcons. ( 262 yds pass with 1 TD and 1 Int; 9 yds rush )

QB Mark Sanchez: ( 59 yds pass; 2 yds rush )

QB Matt Barkley: ( 4 yds pass )

RB DeMarco Murray: Murray owners NEED him to come out blasting after all the negative assumptions we've all taken towards him. From the arguments of too many carries last season, to losing carries to Ryan Matthews, to the downgrade on the offensive line, nothing would quiet the haters like going off without missing a beat. Atlanta gives him a great opportunity to get the ball rolling as he'll continuously make the less than amazing Falcons' defense miss double digit tackles. ( 83 yds rush and 1 TD; 2 catches for 18 yds )

RB Ryan Mathews: Probably the toughest projection of any running back for the first week. His role behind Murray is so undefined that's simply perplexing. Oxymoron aside, until we see how he's used it's better to take a wait and see approach. ( 42 yds rush and 1 TD; 2 catches for 13 yds )

RB Darren Sproles: Until we see Sproles move into the rumored slot position, it's awfully hard to trust him as an option just yet. Also playing against Sproles is the fact that Nelson Agholor may be the best option as punt returner. The rank here is 50 and unless you took Sproles as your first runner in the 10th round, he's not worth a week one look. ( 18 yds rush; 2 catches for 18 yds )

WR Jordan Matthews: He's the best wide receiver on the roster in regards to collective talent and Chip Kelly experience. His size makes him a mismatch in close and he may be the biggest slot receiver in recent memory if his projected role is realized. A healthy Sam Bradford is worlds away from any kind of level that Mark Sanchez played at last season. The matchup is ideal as Matthews begins his rise to a WR1. ( 5 catches for 81 yds and 1 TD )

WR Nelson Agholor: Jordan Matthews was previously described as the best wide receiver talent who had experience in Chip's offense. Building off that notion, Agholor would be the best receiver talent who doesn't have experience at the pro level. As long as Sam Bradford stays on the field more often than not, both Agholor and Matthews will beat out their positions. Atlanta presents a 'Grand Opening' type of scenario of the kind of player Aggy (TM) could be. ( 5 catches for 65 yds and 1 TD )

WR Josh Huff: ( 2 catches for 30 yds )

WR Riley Cooper: ( 2 catches for 24 yds )

WR Miles Austin: ( 2 catches for 22 yds )

WR Jeff Maehl: ( 1 catch for 2 yds )

TE Zach Ertz: Abdominal surgery in the preseason is a tough hit. Ertz should be grounded in favor of anyone, including Brent Celek, until he returns to full health. ( 3 catches for 35 yds )

TE Brent Celek: Brent Celek is a rash that will not heal up. Until Ertz comes back from his abdomen surgery, Celek will linger as an option. ( 2 catches for 27 yds )

PK Cody Parkey: As long as Chip Kelly maintains a level of excellence slightly above that of fellow Philly Alumni, Charlie Kelly, Parkey will see ample opportunities. ( 3 XPs, 2 FGs )

Def Philadelphia Eagles: Should be ranked a little higher, but that could be off simply what we saw in 2014. If Eli reverts to being, you know, Eli, than this could be a big payoff. ( 2 sacks, 1 INT, 1 Fumble )

New York Giants (vs Dallas Cowboys)

QB Eli Manning: Manning has a full year under his belt in Ben McAdoo's offense and will have a full forced Odell Beckham with a healthy Victor Cruz together for the first time. Adding in the fact that the Cowboys just lost their primer cornerback for the season, and Manning looks to show off his knowledge of the Giants' offense with a bang. Unless you have a surefire top end QB1, you have to be strongly considering Eli here. ( 294 yds pass with 2 TDs and 1 Int; 2 yds rush )

QB Ryan Nassib: ( 7 yds pass )

RB Rashad Jennings: Jennings is a tough sell now that he's lost his grip on the starters role. Not only is he now viewed as an injury prone player, but he's playing 'behind' Williams, and loses all third down and passing plays to Shane Vereen. Jennings has to earn his spot back and that may take some time. ( 34 yds rush; 2 catches for 12 yds )

RB Shane Vereen: The Mean Vereen Machine. Many aren't buying into his role with the Giants, but many will likely be wrong. Vereen caught 11 passes in the Super Bowl on an offense that didn't necessarily excel in the running back receiver category. The Giants, however, have a rich history of utilizing a receiving back as Ahmad Bradshaw played as a RB1 though he wasn't the top running option on his team. Vereen could pay out All Aces as he'll get a better view of his role in the opener. ( 28 yds rush; 2 catches for 18 yds )

RB Andre Williams: Williams and Jennings seem to be in a depth chart battle as Williams has now claimed the top spot. Now, take away half the projected carries for a 2 down back, as he'll still split them with Jennings until he proves himself, and then take away all the 3rd down and passing down plays. Production is based on opportunity and Williams' opportunity looks to be about 30% of the time. That makes him a sit option until he fully surpasses Jennings or injuries ravage your roster. ( 35 yds rush; 1 catch for 8 yds )

RB Orleans Darkwa: ( 1 catch for 1 yd )

WR Odell Beckham: Beckham against the Cowboys' secondary that just lost Orlando Scandrick has huge game written on it like a 'Class of '76' slogan spray painted on bridge overpass. All the belly aching of being targeted against defensive backs, once he and Victor Cruz line up it should look like a fireworks show. ( 2 yds rush; 6 catches for 91 yds and 1 TD )

WR Rueben Randle: The biggest negative to Randle's 2015 role isn't the stardom of ODB or the healthy return of Cruz. It's the addition of Shane Vereen. The Giants seem intent to make him a serious passing down option, which would likely occur on plays underneath and over the middle. That would be the area that Randle would thrive in but there is only so many targets there to be had. Given what New York just paid Vereen, we should hazard a guess that Shane will be first in line and Randle will have to wait. ( 4 catches for 60 yds )

WR Victor Cruz: ( 3 catches for 34 yds )

WR Preston Parker: ( 3 catches for 37 yds )

WR Dwayne Harris: ( 1 catch for 3 yds )

WR Corey Washington: ( 1 catch for 3 yds )

TE Larry Donnell: The tendinitis he fought this offseason is no joke. The only reason he's ranked at all is the fact that Eli has a soft spot for the position in the red zone. At 6'6, even if he only plays inside the 20, Donnell has a shot at 8 TDS. That could start as early as week one. He's clearly a reach given his rank but anything could happen. ( 4 catches for 38 yds )

TE Daniel Fells: ( 1 catch for 12 yds )

TE Adrien Robinson: ( 1 catch for 3 yds )

PK Josh Brown: The talent isn't necessarily ideal but the pay off is. If this turns into a division shootout then don't be surprised if Brown goes ham here. ( 2 XPs, 2 FGs )

Def New York Giants: Nope. Not until we've seen what seen a 9 fingered JJP can do. ( 3 sacks, 1 INT, 1 Fumble )

Dallas Cowboys (vs New York Giants)

QB Tony Romo: As Heath Leger's Joker would say, '...and here we...GO!' This will be our first opportunity to see if the departure of DeMarco Murray means a value increase for Romo. Will the Cowboys now lean on him more and turn to the pass if Joseph Randle can't cut it? Will that increase turn out to actually be a negative as Romo thrived last year when asked to do less? Well, it's curtains up here against the Giants who will likely be without their bookend pass rusher and were terrible against the pass last year. Romo knows the Giants well and should figure to ease worry starting in week one. ( 257 yds pass with 2 TDs and 1 Int; 3 yds rush )

QB Brandon Weeden: ( 13 yds pass )

RB Joseph Randle: Many questions will be answered in week one. One of the more pressing is who will Randle handle the massive load of carries left behind by Murray and what role will DMC have behind him on the depth chart? If you have Randle, there's a strong chance you took him to be your RB2 early and see him playing a less than elite defense. This is the perfect scenario to roll him out and see if the output was worth the draft spot. Keep an eye on McFadden though as Jerry Jones seems more keen on having a big name runner than he is a productive one. ( 68 yds rush and 1 TD; 2 catches for 13 yds )

RB Darren McFadden: Don't get it twisted, Jerry Jones wants McFadden to be the next big name runner in Big D. Randle gets first crack but the owner really wants McFadden to be the next big time Cowboys' runner. McFadden will have to showcase himself in a limited capacity while avoiding anytime on the injury report. Not an easy feat but we've certainly seen stranger things occur. ( 34 yds rush; 2 catches for 15 yds )

RB Lance Dunbar: As of now, things lean heavily on Joseph Randle with the hope that Darren McFadden can play the role of the homerun threat. Dunbar's role will be mainly as a receiver and unfortunately for him, the two backs in front of him aren't inept in the least. Dunbar is simply a handcuff to a handcuff at this point. ( 25 yds rush; 2 catches for 19 yds )

RB Gus Johnson: ( 3 yds rush; 1 catch for 1 yd )

WR Dez Bryant: Dez and ODB look to shot for shot on opening game. These two could easily eclipse 300 yards receiving between the two of them. Look for Dez to capitalize on the smaller defensive backs in the red zone and break at least on deep pass from Romo. The departure of DeMarco Murray may play right into Bryant's hands, literally. ( 6 catches for 86 yds and 1 TD )

WR Terrance Williams: Williams was too off and on last season with off taking up the majority of the time. Unless the running game completely sinks and Romo is forced to toss it 45 times a game, it's better to keep Terrance on the bench this early. ( 2 catches for 42 yds )

WR Cole Beasley: ( 3 catches for 33 yds )

WR Devin Street: ( 1 catch for 22 yds )

WR A.J. Jenkins: ( 1 catch for 4 yds )

TE Jason Witten: Strong and steady. Oldie but a goodie. Whatever reference you'd like to make on Witten being an veteran on the slide, go for it. He's a very steady option but he won't win you a week like some of the players ranked ahead of him. ( 4 catches for 45 yds )

TE Gavin Escobar: ( 1 catch for 5 yds )

TE James Hanna: ( 1 catch for 3 yds )

PK Dan Bailey: Great option in a potential back and forth battle. ( 3 XPs, 1 FG )

Def Dallas Cowboys: Not wise, not with Orlando down with the year and Cruz and ODB looking to make noise. ( 2 sacks, 1 INT, 1 Fumble )

Washington Redskins (vs Miami Dolphins)

QB Robert Griffin III: Not a great beginning to the year for the self proclaimed 'Best quarterback in the league.' RGIII will be shaking off the ill effects of a concussion as he still hasn't learned that not every run will be an ESPN highlight. If you're starting Griffin after the all the negatives we've placed upon him against a defense that brought in Suh to put pressure on the QB up the middle then you need to step back and reevaluate your draft plan. Or at the very least, hit waivers and pick up Derek Carr. ( 196 yds pass with 1 TD and 1 Int; 21 yds rush )

QB Kirk Cousins: Kirk Cousins is the two-faced girl from Seinfeld. One minute she's so pretty and looking like a lovely option and then the next, BANG!. She looks like JJ Watts' broken nose. He's facing one of the tougher defenses in the league with Desean Jackson nursing a shoulder injury. Cousins should be shelved until he see if he's finally figured things out. ( 83 yds pass; 3 yds rush )

QB Colt McCoy: ( 9 yds pass )

RB Alfred Morris: While, in most cases, the regression of the passing game would typically lead to an increase for the running game, thusly resulting in extra work. Fantasy is all about following the work to find the production. In this case however, we have an offense that may be without it's best receiver in DJax, has the starting QB on the mend, and has lost it's top two tight ends. That means Miami knows Morris is gonna be running often before the plays have even been called. Suh and Wake would have their faces printed on wanted posters after this one. It's tough to sit a top end option, probably your second RB, but things don't look fantastic here. ( 73 yds rush; 1 catch for 8 yds )

RB Matt Jones: Playing behind the well established Alfred Morris with all the negatives going against Washington all while facing the Dolphins up and coming defense means all signs point to NO! ( 22 yds rush; 1 catch for 14 yds )

RB Chris Thompson: ( 4 yds rush; 1 catch for 5 yds )

RB Trey Williams: ( 1 yd rush; )

RB Darrel Young: ( 1 yd rush; 1 catch for 6 yds )

WR DeSean Jackson: Monitor his shoulder injury progress. Also, monitor the status of Robert Griffin III. Also, monitor if Suh and Wake decide to vacation to Aruba instead of attending the first game. If at least two out of the three check out, Jackson could still be in for a big game as he only needs two catches to finish with 100 yards and 2 scores. ( 1 yd rush; 4 catches for 77 yds )

WR Pierre Garcon: Last season could turn out to be a highlight in the career of Garcon the way that 2015 is already shaping up for Washington. Garcon needs to get back to being the focal point on high percentage throws on an offense tailor made for him for him with a healthy RGIII under center. A bit to ask for but there is always the chance we go back in time for just a week. ( 5 catches for 59 yds )

WR Andre Roberts: ( 1 yd rush; 3 catches for 45 yds )

WR Ryan Grant: ( 1 yd rush; 2 catches for 22 yds )

WR Jamison Crowder: ( 1 catch for 6 yds )

TE Jordan Reed: Hypothetically, you're buying a house. The one you really want is underpriced and has great value. Bad luck though, it burns down before purchase and sale. Then, your next targeted house looks to be a steal and then you find out that it's the house from American Horror Story season one. Now, you find yourself appraising a meth lab in the woods that is being advertised as a classic colonial. Don't buy in. Not yet, not until you've seen something first hand. He is the third option for a reason. Wait for the value to be reestablished. ( 4 catches for 41 yds )

TE Derek Carrier: ( 1 catch for 11 yds )

TE Je'Ron Hamm: ( 1 catch for 1 yd )

PK Kai Forbath: If you think that the Redskins will force the Dolphins back and stall time and time, then Forbath is your guy. If you think Washington is going to be beat into the ground ala Hulk to Loki than you should steer clear. ( 2 XPs, 1 FG )

Def Washington Redskins: Do you play in a 3 defense per team league and forgot to pick a single one? Ok, then Washington is you team. Tannehill and Lamar Miller is going to carve them up. ( 2 sacks, 1 INT, 1 Fumble )

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