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NFC East Player Analysis
Patrick White,, Staff Writer

Philadelphia Eagles (vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

QB Sam Bradford: Out for an estimated 2 weeks. Wasn't a great option when healthy.

QB Mark Sanchez: Very high risk play here as illustrated by his rank at the 30 spot. But he does know the offense, has weapons all around him, and faces off against the Tampa Bay Bucs. Those three factors should lead to a surprisingly serviceable day. The Bucs' passing defense is not as good as Matt Cassel made them look last week. ( 227 yds pass with 1 TD and 1 Int; 4 yds rush )

RB DeMarco Murray: The strength of the Bucs is their defensive line, so we shouldn't really expect Murray to set the world on fire on the ground. However, whatever step back he takes in the running game will be more than made up with in the passing attack. With Sanchez under center now, Murray will be relied on even more. Expect another game with close to 30 total touches. ( 65 yds rush; 3 catches for 26 yds )

RB Ryan Mathews: Mathews is a touchdown sniper, plain and simple. He looks to be the short yardage back who figures to see stronger opposition in scoring territory this week given Tampa's defensive line. He's always a very high risk play but more so this week.

RB Darren Sproles: Maybe, in a PPR format, you could roll Sproles out against one of the better run defenses in the league and see some kind of pay out as receiver out of the backfield. But being set firmly behind Mathews and Murray, there isn't a lot of opportunities for Sproles earn points for owners. ( 19 yds rush; 2 catches for 17 yds )

RB Kenjon Barner: ( 10 yds rush; 1 catch for 6 yds )

WR Jordan Matthews: Matthews should look more like his 2014 self now that Sanchez is calling the shots. Look for Matthews to be the most involved receiver against Tampa Bay. If the Bucs are able to trip up the Eagles' running game, Matthews could be in for a day where he chips away at solid numbers. ( 6 catches for 74 yds )

WR Riley Cooper: The deep ball is not Sanchez's specialty. In fact, over the last three games Cooper has zero catches, indicating that he himself has no specialty to offer. With Agholor back in the fold and Huff drawing more looks, Cooper should be left in the free agent pool. ( 3 catches for 39 yds )

WR Josh Huff: ( 2 catches for 14 yds )

WR Nelson Agholor: Maybe with Sanchez tossing the ball, Agholor's routes will finally turn into catches. You'd be well served to wait it out until we actually see something happen. ( 3 catches for 36 yds )

WR Miles Austin: ( 2 catches for 25 yds )

WR Seyi Ajirotutu: ( 1 catch for 1 yd )

TE Zach Ertz: Ertz had a huge touchdown score called back on a penalty last week. He looked more involved and has to have better chemistry with Sanchez than he has all season with Bradford. The opposition is beneficial and his role on the team may take a step forward but he's still a 'roll of the dice' play. ( 4 catches for 46 yds )

TE Brent Celek: Last week's numbers were largely inflated by one broken play where Celek ran almost the entire length of the field for a touchdown. Don't go chasing last weeks numbers here. ( 2 catches for 27 yds )

PK Caleb Sturgis: Sturgis has been one of the most productive and consistent kickers throughout 2015. There is no reason to look elsewhere this week given that the offense is in limbo and may be puttering out in the red zone. ( 3 XPs, 2 FGs )

Def Philadelphia Eagles: Jameis hasn't been as turnover happy as of late but if that Eagles' pass rush that we saw last week against Tannehill can show up against Tampa, they should be able to force him into some mistakes. If the defensive coordinator keeps the heat on, The Eagles' sack numbers, fumbles, and INTs will see a sudden spike. ( 3 sacks, 1 INT, 1 Fumble )

Dallas Cowboys (vs Miami Dolphins)

QB Tony Romo: Unless you drafted with excellence or made a high quality acquisition, Romo could be the top QB on your roster. The matchup is favorable enough to roll out a rusty Romo. You've held onto him this long so you might as well use him in the hopes that he and Dez pick apart the shaky Dolphins defense. ( 225 yds pass with 2 TDs and 1 Int; 7 yds rush )

QB Matt Cassel: ( 21 yds pass; 1 yd rush )

RB Darren McFadden: With Romo returning this week, the threat of the pass gets restored. The Miami defense won't be able to stack the line as they would have, if Cassel were the starter. Less traffic up front for what is already one of the worst run defenses in the league, makes McFadden a Top Ten play in all formats. Cutting Christine Michael is an added boost for DMC as no one will be looking for him to take carries away from McFadden. If the Cowboys can knock the struggling Dolphins' defense line back, McFadden could have a huge day. ( 59 yds rush; 3 catches for 24 yds )

RB Rod Smith: ( 22 yds rush; 1 catch for 9 yds )

RB Trey Williams: ( 15 yds rush; 1 catch for 2 yds )

WR Dez Bryant: Bryant should be back 100% healthy and he gets Romo back -- finally. We head in expecting his best game of the season, as Romo continuously targets his most trustworthy target over and over again. If the Cowboys get inside the 20 consistently, Bryant could be the most targeted red zone receiver of Week 11. ( 5 catches for 64 yds and 1 TD )

WR Terrance Williams: Even though Romo is back in the fold, the deep ball is going to take time to develop. This isn't the week to play Williams with big expectations. We need to be sure there are no lingering effects of Romo's injury before we trust anyone not named Bryant. ( 3 catches for 45 yds )

WR Cole Beasley: One catch for eight yards. Last week's stat line is all you need to know about Beasley. ( 3 catches for 37 yds )

WR Lucky Whitehead: ( 4 yds rush; 1 catch for 4 yds )

WR Devin Street: ( 1 yd rush; 1 catch for 3 yds )

TE Jason Witten: Romo is back and will likely be looking for his good old buddies Bryant and Witten. Witten will act like a security blanket over the middle as Romo gets back into game shape. Witten makes for a borderline Top 10 option based on the situation, but outside the Top 10 based on his numbers over the past three weeks. ( 4 catches for 45 yds )

TE Gavin Escobar: ( 1 catch for 5 yds )

TE James Hanna: ( 1 catch for 2 yds )

PK Dan Bailey: Bailey gets a boost with Romo back. He gets another boost when considering Dallas is playing Miami. There's nothing to not like about Bailey this week. ( 2 XPs, 2 FGs )

Def Dallas Cowboys: Depending on how desperate you are, Dallas could make for an OK start if you feel that Tannehill will continue his slide. Playing The Cowboys here though would be based solely on your lack of respect for the Miami QB and not on the fact that you like Dallas as a defensive unit. ( 2 sacks, 1 INT )

Washington Redskins (vs Carolina Panthers)

QB Kirk Cousins: Timing is everything when it comes to using a low end quarterback. Clearly, the New Orleans defense was far more appealing than the stout Panthers D. If you are in a bind, last week's numbers do justify a look but with Romo and Roethlisberger back, you may be better suited to go with a more proven and consistent commodity. ( 250 yds pass with 1 TD and 1 Int; 4 yds rush )

QB Colt McCoy: ( 28 yds pass; 5 yds rush )

QB Robert Griffin III: ( 12 yds pass; 1 yd rush )

RB Alfred Morris: Morris had a decent game by a statistical stand point, but when you think of who last week's opposition was and how many points were generated, it's concerning to think he couldn't score in a such a game. His running style is the exact kind that The Panthers excel at stopping, making Morris more of a RB3 than a RB2 this week. ( 34 yds rush; 1 catch for 4 yds )

RB Matt Jones: Last week was the ultimate payoff. Just remember that most of that production came on a single catch against the worst pass defense in the league. He's an emergency play depending on your situation but also remember that Carolina will be far less likely to allow such production to a running back. ( 21 yds rush; 1 catch for 15 yds )

RB Chris Thompson: Thompson simply doesn't see enough work behind Alfred Morris and Matt Jones. If one were to miss time he'd be a prime WW target but until that time he should be left lingering in free agency. ( 15 yds rush; 3 catches for 19 yds )

RB Darrel Young: ( 2 yds rush; 1 catch for 2 yds )

WR DeSean Jackson: If DJax were ever to have made an impact on our 2015 rosters, it would have been last week against New Orleans when his quarterback completely went off. Instead, Jackson finished with less than 50 yards on the day. Expectations need to be held in check. Even though you've waited it out for a long, long time, this matchup doesn't spell production. ( 4 catches for 55 yds )

WR Pierre Garcon: Last week against the Saints, Garcon managed two catches for 10 yards. If Garcon draws the coverage of lock down corner Norman, those numbers may be his ceiling for Week 11. ( 4 catches for 46 yds )

WR Jamison Crowder: ( 3 catches for 32 yds )

WR Ryan Grant: ( 2 catches for 18 yds )

WR Andre Roberts: ( 1 catch for 11 yds )

WR Rashad Ross: ( 1 catch for 7 yds )

TE Jordan Reed: If anyone were going to do anything in the receiving game this week against Carolina, it will be Reed. Both Garcon and Jackson will likely be held in check, leaving Cousins to only his favorite target to look for. Reed could be in a huge game if Cousins can establish any rhythm this week. Reed gets an added bonus in PPR formats. ( 5 catches for 50 yds and 1 TD )

TE Derek Carrier: ( 2 catches for 16 yds )

PK Dustin Hopkins: Hopkins was a points machine last week against The Saints. Carolina will not be as kind as Washington won't find their way into the red zone with anywhere near as much ease. ( 2 XPs, 2 FGs )

Def Washington Redskins: The Panthers haven't been overwhelming offensively, but they don't make a ton of mistakes either. The running combo of Jonathan Stewart and Cam Newton should be enough to pound down the Redskins while controlling the clock. Cam likes to stand in the pocket a little too long so a few sacks can be expected but overall, not a great play. ( 2 sacks, 1 INT, 1 Fumble )

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