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Kicker Projections for Week 17
To customize this page to your league, please register/sign-in and enter your own scoring system.

Choose a Scoring System:
Each TD 1-9 = 4
Each TD 10-39 = 4
Each TD 40+ = 4
Yards per Pt = 20
Each Int = 4
Yards per Pt = 10
Each TD 1-9 = 6
Each TD 10-39 = 6
Each TD 40+ = 6
Each Fumble = 2
Each TD 1-9 = 6
Each TD 10-39 = 6
Each TD 40+ = 6
Yards per Pt = 10
Each extra point = 1
Each 1-29 yard FG = 3
Each 30-39 yard FG = 3
Each 40-49 yard FG = 3
Each 50+ yard FG = 3
Each TD = 6
Each sack = 4
Each interception = 4
Each fumble recovery = 2
Position: QB | RB | WR | TE | Flex | All | PK | Def | Get Projections in XML

Rank Name Team Vs 0-29 30-39 40-49 50+ Miss FG XP Points
1Vinatieri,Adam INDJAC12000312
The Colts offense should provide Vinatieri with plenty of scoring chances this week against a Jaguars defense that ranks close to average in fantasy points allowed to opposing kickers.  
2Hauschka,Steven SEASTL00300312
Weather in Seattle for December can be a detriment but this week looks fine. Keep him locked and loaded. 
3Brown,Josh NYGWAS12000312
Brown is one of the best kicking options in the league this season and should be looked to once again. 
4Henery,Alex PHIDAL11000511
The massive outpour of points continues against the Cowboys. 
5Dawson,Phil SFOARI01200211
Excellent play this week with San Francisco moving the ball well enough but being kept out of the end zone. 
6Bailey,Dan DALPHI11000410
The weapons on offense against the porous Eagles' add up to big numbers for Bailey 
7Prater,Matt DENOAK10100410
He's been an excellent fantasy kicker all season, and the outlook's no different versus Oakland. 
8Gano,Graham CARATL0110039
Gano should receive enough scoring chances against a soft Atlanta defense to make a worthwhile start.  
9Novak,Nick SDCKCC0200039
Offers a decent amount of fantasy upside, seeing as K.C. will apparently be a shell of the team we saw leading up to Week 17. 
10Crosby,Mason GBPCHI0200139
Not willing to take too many chances in close, Crosby will get a few extra opportunities to score this week.  
11Walsh,Blair MINDET0200039
A good option in the dome, the Vikings will get a few opportunities for him this week. 
12Gostkowski,Stephen NEPBUF0110039
Gostkowski is always a good play at home. 
13Graham,Shayne NOSTBB1100039
Graham looks like a solid play versus a Buccaneers defense that ranks below average in fantasy points allowed to the kicker position.  
14Sturgis,Caleb MIANYJ0110039
Sturgis has had limited scoring opportunities the past few weeks. 
15Folk,Nick NYJMIA0110028
There are better place kicker options for week 17 as Folk only made 1 of 2 attempts last week. 
16Akers,David DETMIN0110028
A middle of the road option this week. 
17Carpenter,Dan BUFNEP0110028
Carpenter continues to get the job done. 
18Janikowski,Sebastian OAKDEN0110028
Notched all of three points against Denver the first time around. 
19Nugent,Mike CINBAL0110028
Red zone problems persist, so he is still an interesting start. 
20Bryant,Matt ATLCAR0110028
Bryant should receive enough scoring chances to make a good-but-not-great fantasy start.  
21Forbath,Kai WASNYG1000047
Big offensive breakout this week against New York.  
22Succop,Ryan KCCSDC1100017
Not being set up to have a promising outlook this week. 
23Gould,Robbie CHIGBP0010047
Not a lot of opportunities of late. 
24Tucker,Justin BALCIN0020017
Given the ineptitude of the offense last week he needs to be left on the bench. 
25Suisham,Shaun PITCLE0100036
Given the home stadium we recommend looking elsewhere, but this offense will move the ball. 
26Feely,Jay ARISFO0010036
With two good defenses taking the field there won't be many scoring chances to be had. 
27Cundiff,Billy CLEPIT0100025
Given the lackluster offense and road game in a difficult stadium we recommending looking elsewhere. 
28Bullock,Randy HOUTEN0100014
The demoralized Houston offense is an injury-riddled disaster. You should be able to find a much safer option with more upside than Bullock.  
29Scobee,Josh JACIND0100014
Scobee is a very weak play against a Colts defense that has yielded just one field goal and one extra point during the last two weeks.  
30Zuerlein,Greg STLSEA0000022
The Rams will not be putting many points on the board in this one. 

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