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Fantasy Football Team Defense Week 12 Projections

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TD = 6
Int = 2
Fum = 2
Sack = 1
0 Pts = 5
1-6 Pts = 4
7-13 Pts = 4
14-17 Pts = 3
18-20 Pts = 3
21-27 Pts = 2
28-34 Pts = 1
0-99 Yds = 10
100-199 Yds = 6
200-299 Yds = 4
300-349 Yds = 2
350-399 Yds = 1
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Rank Name Team Vs
Int Fum Sack Pts Allow Yds Allow Fantasy
 Last week was very disappointing as Tampa did whatever they wanted to against the Eagles. This week, Philly faces a struggling Matt Stafford who will likely be blitzed often and forced into mistakes. The Lions are more than happy to put the ball on the turf too, leading to a higher than normal chance of recovered fumbles. 
 Buffalo has yielded few fantasy points to opposing defenses in the three weeks following their bye, losing one fumble over that span and tossing zero interceptions. Meanwhile the Chiefs have ratcheted up their pass rush and are tied for 2nd in the NFL with 14 interceptions. Something's got to give, and in this scenario we rather like the home defense. 
Tier 2
 Dynamite fantasy matchup here, as the Titans turn the ball over more often than most and usually don't put a ton of points on the scoreboard. Oakland's defense has been wishy-washy but generated four sacks in each of their last two games. 
 Whether they see Keenum or Foles we think the Bengals are a reasonable gamble this week. 
Tier 3
 The Carolina Panthers rank among the league leaders in points allowed, sacks and takeaways, so this unit is obviously a must-start. With Tony Romo back under center, the Cowboys won't allow as many sacks or commit as many turnovers as they did when Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel were starting at various times. 
 There is nothing to fear about Denver's running game so when Osweiler goes to the air, the match up will favor New England. 
Tier 4
 This unit has played too poorly for most of the season to trust. 
 They've been a solid unit all year and this matchup bumps them up on the weekly ranking list. Start with confidence. 
 They have been a middle of the road statistical defense but face a very good Bengal offense (at times) this week. Temper expectations if you have to play them. 
Tier 5
 The Buccaneers have been steadily improving, and they should make things difficult for immobile 40-year-old Matt Hasselbeck. During the last two weeks, Tampa has racked up 3.0 sacks and 2.5 takeaways per game. 
Tier 6
Rank Name Team Vs
Int Fum Sack Pts Allow Yds Allow Fantasy
 This unit in Seattle? Pass. 
 It doesn't look like Tennessee will rack up many fantasy points off the Oakland Raiders offense. During the last month, the Titans have averaged 4.0 sacks and 1.0 takeaways per game. The Raiders offense, however, has done a nice job in pass protection and has made few mistakes lately. Since Week 8, Oakland has allowed only 0.8 sacks per game and committed only 1.5 turnovers per outing. 
 The turnovers have been lacking the past few weeks, but they play better at home and had one of their better games when these teams met back in Miami in Week 4. Downgrade them this week if Revis is out of action. 
 A spirited effort against the Packers went well for most of the game, but Green Bay was able to wear them down and but points on the board. The Falcons offense can move the ball, but are prone to mistakes so expect a couple of sacks and turnovers for this group. 
Tier 7
 Greg Hardy will be playing extra motivated and Cam Newton extending plays often leads to sack opportunities. Dallas could be in for a decent sack total and maybe a forced fumble but INTs won't be at a premium. The points allowed total could put The Cowboys in the negative though. 
 Not the brightest fantasy outlook here, as Jacksonville is generally a team to pick on but the Chargers defense seems ill-equipped for the task at hand. 
Tier 8
 They really clamped down on Peterson last week, look for them to keep the Bears running game in check on this day. Now that the offense is starting to score again, this unit is worth considering given that opponents will be forced to pass the ball to catch up, creating turnover and sack opportunities. 
 Opposing defenses haven't fared well against the Chiefs the past few weeks and we're not big fans of the Bills on the road this week. 
 There will be lots of opportunities to take advantage of Schaub over the next few weeks, but this is not one of them. 
 If your league doesn't penalize harshly for points allowed, Houston would be a fringe starting option for you. There's no question the Texans have looked dominant during the last month, but they played the struggling offenses of the Tennessee Titans and the New York Jets. Houston also faced a usually productive Cincinnati Bengals offense that sputtered because of a visit from 'Bad Andy.' The Texans should rack up a decent number of points against the New Orleans Saints offense, but you should lower your expectations for J.J. Watt and company this week. 
Rank Name Team Vs
Int Fum Sack Pts Allow Yds Allow Fantasy
 ODB could score 30 points by himself in this outing. Avoid. 
 Cousins and the rest of the Redskins have been playing good enough to not target for matchup specific defensive use. Aside of their amped up game against Brady, New York hasn't generated any pass rush either. 
 This defense is good but will face a very tough task containing the Steelers. The return of Lane will be a big help but if there is a week to use another defense this would be it. 
 If the Atlanta Falcons can get their pass rush working, they could surprise this week against a Minnesota Vikings team that's due for a letdown following a big divisional loss to the Green Bay Packers. During the last month, Atlanta has averaged just 1.3 sacks and 1.5 takeaways per game. Here's where it gets interesting: Since Week 8, the Minnesota Vikings offense has allowed 3.0 sacks per contest. The Vikings also has committed 0.8 turnovers per outing. 
Tier 9
 They are giving up lots of yards and points. In their last 3 games they have allowed more than 160 yards rushing twice. Seek another defense for this week as last time they faced the Jets they gave up 207 yards on the ground. 
 This is what happens when the most consistently advantageous fantasy defense faces Tom Brady & company. Expectations must be scaled back, at the very least. As a contrarian play in DFS, one might consider sticking with the Broncos in consideration of New England's injury riddled offensive line and diminished receiving corps. 
 This unit has been improving, but the Packers offense will be quite a test for them. With Aaron Rodgers once again finding his stride, this is a unit worth avoiding this week. 
Tier 10
 The Indianapolis Colts aren't total pushovers. In their last four games played, the Colts averaged 2.5 takeaways and 1.5 sacks per game. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense, however, is playing some productive and efficient football. During the last month, the Buccaneers have allowed only 1.3 sacks per outing and committed only 1.5 turnovers per contest. 
 The Cardinals offense have the highest points per game average in the league. Not the week to put this unit into your lineup. 
 It's very doubtful the switch in coordinators from Rob Ryan to Dennis Allen will make much of an impact, and the Houston Texans offense doesn't make many mistakes. During the last month, the Texans yielded 2.33 sacks per game and committed just two turnovers. 
Rank Name Team Vs
Int Fum Sack Pts Allow Yds Allow Fantasy
 The Jacksonville Jaguars probably will rack up a couple of sacks and a takeaway or two, but don't expect them to have much success containing a San Diego Chargers offense that still has some healthy playmakers. 
Tier 11
 This unit is much improved, having come off a game where they slowed down the high flying Oakland offense. Keep an eye on the quarterback situation for the Eagles, if Sanchez gets the start, then the fantasy potential for this unit goes up.