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Wide Receiver Projections for Week 17
To customize this page to your league, please register/sign-in and enter your own scoring system.

Choose a Scoring System:
Each TD 1-9 = 4
Each TD 10-39 = 4
Each TD 40+ = 4
Yards per Pt = 20
Each Int = -1
Yards per Pt = 10
Each TD 1-9 = 6
Each TD 10-39 = 6
Each TD 40+ = 6
Each TD 1-9 = 6
Each TD 10-39 = 6
Each TD 40+ = 6
Yards per Pt = 10
Each extra point = 1
Each 1-29 yard FG = 3
Each 30-39 yard FG = 3
Each 40-49 yard FG = 3
Each 50+ yard FG = 3
Each TD = 6
Each sack = 4
Position: QB | RB | WR | TE | Flex | All | PK | Def | Get Projections in XML

Rank Name Team Vs Receiving Fantasy
Rec Yds TD 1-9 TD 10-39 TD 40+ TD Total
1Gordon,Josh CLEPIT8120010118
The Browns force fed Gordon last week, no reason to expect anything but the same. 
2Allen,Keenan SDCKCC465110218
With five touchdowns in his last three games, Keenan is a prominent player you cannot afford to ignore. 
3Thomas,Demaryius DENOAK7110010117
No offense to Eric Decker but with Wes Welker out, Demaryius is definitely the surest bet to win your team a championship. 
4Fitzgerald,Larry ARISFO7110010117
Big players show up for big games and he's one of the best. 
5Brown,Antonio PITCLE8110010117
Brown will get his minimum 5 receptions to match Jimmy Smith's record of games in a season with at least five receptions. He's also had success vs. Haden before, who may or may not play. 
6Garcon,Pierre WASNYG8110010117
Expect another huge PPR game from Garcon.  
7Marshall,Brandon CHIGBP8110010117
With everything on the line and the spot light the brightest, the Bears best wide out will not disappoint.  
8Randle,Rueben NYGWAS7100010116
Randle will put on a clinic this week with Cruz out of the line up. 
9Jackson,DeSean WASNYG6100010116
It's been too long since DJax really went off. He's due for a massive breakout and the Cowboys offer the perfect opportunity for just that. 
10Decker,Eric NYJMIA7100010116
Although not a sure bet to play given his thigh injury, Decker is on fire right now; he gained 117+ yards and at least a touchdown in three of his last four games. 
11White,Roddy ATLCAR890010115
White torched a rock-solid 49ers secondary for a season-best 12-141-1 stat line Monday night, so he should have some success against a Panthers secondary that has struggled on the road. Start him as a fantasy WR2.  
12Green,A.J. CINBAL690010115
Green will get his. 
13Boldin,Anquan SFOARI680100114
Expect for him to have a big game as the 49ers will need to throw to move the ball. 
14Baldwin,Doug SEASTL680010114
He's been a superb addition in the slot and will finish the regular season with career highs in receptions, yards, and touchdowns for a season. 
15Burleson,Nate CLEPIT680010114
Should Johnson be hurt, Burleson will be the one to pick up the slack. 
16Hartline,Brian MIANYJ780100114
Hartline had his best game of the season when these teams met back in week 13. As the Dolphins running game continues to struggle, Tannehill will look for him often. 
17Edelman,Julian NEPBUF880100114
He's Brady's favorite receiving target and will see plenty of Brady's attention. 
18Jeffery,Alshon CHIGBP680010114
With Bennett and Marshall getting the defensive attention, Jeffery will be a fantasy factor. 
19Bryant,Dez DALPHI780010114
Bryant's value takes a hit without Romo but Orton could still surpass expectations. Too talented to sit to matter the circumstance. 
20Nelson,Jordy GBPCHI780010114
The return of Rodgers is good news, Nelson has hardly been in the end zone with Flynn at the helm. 
21Hilton,T.Y. INDJAC585001114
Will the banged-up Hilton (shoulder) finally bounce back and hit pay dirt for the first time since Week 9 against a Jaguars defense that ranks below average in fantasy points allowed to enemy receivers? We think so. Start him as a fantasy WR3 or flex.  
22Floyd,Michael ARISFO575010113
Look for him to make a big play downfield that makes his stat line look a lot better than it would have been. 
23Patterson,Cordarrelle MINDET470010113
He has been the best receiver for the Vikings down the stretch. 
24Ginn Jr.,Ted ARISFO475010113
If Steve Smith (knee) is a no-go for Week 17, Ginn is expected to start in his place. Although he draws a favorable matchup against a leaky Falcons secondary, you should consider Ginn a high-risk/high-reward flex option or fantasy WR3.  
25Cooper,Riley PHIDAL470001113
Cooper is due for a long touchdown and there's no better time than the present. 
26Whalen,Griff INDJAC675010113
The rookie Whalen played with Andrew Luck at Stanford, and we're starting to see the two rediscover their chemistry. During the last two weeks, Whalen amassed 11 catches for 125 yards and one touchdown on 13 targets while running as the Colts' slot receiver ahead of LaVon Brazill. Consider Whalen a desperation flex option against a Jaguars defense that ranks below average in fantasy points allowed to opposing receivers.  
27Streater,Rod OAKDEN565010112
Losing his fantasy football luster now that Denarius Moore is back and given the fluctuating quarterback situation. 
28Wright,Kendall TENHOU665010112
Wright is a must-play as a fantasy WR3 against a Houston defense that ranks well below average in fantasy points allowed to the wide out position. Tennessee likely will go run heavy on offense, so don’t expect a big yardage total. Wright scored against the Texans in Week 2.  
29Dobson,Aaron NEPBUF350100111
Dobson looks to get back on track this week after being held to one reception last week.  
30Jennings,Greg MINDET450100111
Defenses have been clamping down on him, another day of disappointing fantasy numbers. 
31Boykin,Jarrett GBPCHI655100111
As Nelson and Jones get the attention of the defense, Boykin is free to grab more than a few passes. These numbers take a hit if Cobb is active and plays a significant amount of time. 
32Jones,Jacoby BALCIN350010111
This is the week Jones gets open deep. 
33Nelson,David NYJMIA440100110
Nelson is coming off his best game this season but we would like him more this week if this were a home game. 
34Woods,Robert BUFNEP340100110
Upgrade Woods if Johnson does not play this week. 
35Nicks,Hakeem INDJAC69000009
With Cruz out, Nicks will be in line for more targets. More targets against the Redskins is a good mix. 
36Cotchery,Jerricho CARATL23010019
Roethlisberger loves him in the red zone. 
37Jackson,Vincent TBBNOS57500007
Consider Mike Glennon's favorite target a weak play as a fantasy WR3 or flex versus a Saints defense that has been very stingy to enemy wide outs.  
38Wallace,Mike MIANYJ77000007
Wallace has been inconsistent this season. Playing against the Jet's secondary should help his cause this week. 
39Williams,Terrance DALPHI57000007
Without Romo, Williams becomes a very risky play. Witten and Bryant should be the only Dallas receivers to truly be counted on until we see what we got from Orton. 
40Johnson,Andre HOUTEN76500006
Even if Matt Schaub gets the start over Case Keenum (sprained thumb – throwing hand), it's hard to like Johnson (wrist) as anything more than a flex option against a Tennessee defense that has been very stingy to opposing receivers. In addition, the dispirited Texans have been mailing it in for weeks. Sit Johnson if you have a safer option. UPDATE 12/28: Johnson (wrist) took part in full practices Thursday and Friday. He is listed as PROBABLE for Week 17. 
41Jones,James OAKDEN66000006
Expect a dip in his numbers as Nelson gets a bump with the return of Rodgers. 
42Holmes,Andre OAKDEN46500006
Averaging five receptions for 85 yards over the past four weeks. 
43Jernigan,Jerrel NYGWAS56000006
Jernigan will get a little extra work but nothing worth leaning on. 
44Brown,Mike JACIND66500006
Consider Brown a weak play as a flex option against an improving Indianapolis defense that has not allowed a touchdown pass to a wide out in two straight games.  
45Smith,Torrey BALCIN46000006
His inconsistencies make him too difficult to trust with an injured quarterback. 
46Durham,Kris DETMIN55000005
Somewhat involved, a lot of wide outs are also in the mix, but a bump in numbers if Johnson is indeed out. 
47Kearse,Jermaine SEASTL35000005
He complements Tate extremely well and gives Wilson two legitimate deep threat targets. 
48Colston,Marques NOSTBB45000005
The Buccaneers rank near the bottom of the NFL in fantasy points allowed to enemy wide outs. However, Colston (back) likely will draw shadow coverage from elite cornerback Darrelle Revis. Consider Colston a weak play as a flex or fantasy WR3. UPDATE 12/28: Colston (back) took part in full practices Thursday and Friday. He is listed as PROBABLE for Week 17. 
49Jones,Marvin CINBAL45000005
Expect Jones to be the primary second target come January, especially in the red zone. 
50LaFell,Brandon NEPBUF55000005
The struggling third option in the Carolina passing attack hasn’t caught more than three passes in a contest since Week 11. Despite a favorable matchup against a soft Atlanta secondary, LaFell is too risky to trust in your starting lineup.  
51Kerley,Jeremy NYJMIA45000005
Kerley leads all the Jet's receivers in receiving yardage. He has been limited by Smith's erratic play. 
52Moore,Lance PITCLE45000005
Moore has caught more than three passes in just one of his last seven games played. He is not a recommended starting option.  
53Amendola,Danny NEPBUF55000005
Amendola looks to get back on track this week after he saw limited snaps and targets last week against the Ravens. 
54Tate,Golden DETMIN45500005
Wilson does such a great job of spreading the ball around its tough to trust him week to week. 
55Avery,Donnie KCCSDC45500005
Probably stands to gain as much as anyone, with Andy Reid resting so many starters. 
56Stills,Kenny NOSTBB35500005
The situational deep threat hasn’t scored since Week 10, and Stills caught more than three passes in just one of his last nine games played. The rookie should not be on your radar.  
57Rogers,Da'Rick INDJAC45000005
Unfortunately, Rogers' 6-107-2 stat line against the Bengals in Week 14 is starting to look fluky. During the last two weeks, the rookie caught a combined six passes for 65 yards. Consider Rogers a high-risk/high-reward fantasy WR5 against a Jacksonville defense that ranks below average in fantasy points allowed to opposing receivers.  
58Sanders,Emmanuel DENOAK45000005
Sanders has developed into a very good secondary receiver. 
59Crabtree,Michael SFOARI45500005
As good as he is, Patrick Peterson will be a bit better in this matchup. 
60Washington,Nate TENHOU45500005
Don’t chase Washington’s fluky 100-yard game from Week 16. The inconsistent third option in the Tennessee passing attack is a low-end flex option against a Texans defense that ranks well below average in fantasy points allowed to enemy wide outs.  
61Royal,Eddie SDCKCC34000004
While it's commendable that Royal's effectively played through relatively minor injuries, his fantasy upside is severely limited as compared to the numbers he put up in the early going. 
62Douglas,Harry ATLCAR54500004
He has been taking a backseat to Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez during the last few weeks. Although Douglas will go up against a Carolina secondary that has been burnable on the road, you should consider him a weak play as a flex option.  
63McCluster,Dexter TENHOU44000004
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we have to insist that McCluster only makes it into your lineup in leagues that tack on points for return yardage. 
64Moore,Denarius OAKDEN34000004
His three catch, 17 yard stat line from last week is representative of how far he's fallen from fantasy relevance. 
65Hopkins,DeAndre HOUTEN34500004
The struggling rookie has hauled in three or fewer passes in each of his last six games. Hopkins (ankle) draws a tough matchup against a Titans defense that has been very stringy to enemy wide outs. He is not fantasy starter material. UPDATE 12/28: Hopkins (ankle) practiced all week. He is listed as PROBABLE for Week 17. 
66Hixon,Domenik CHIGBP44000004
UPDATE 12/28: With Ted Ginn starting in place of the injured Steve Smith (knee), Hixon is expected to see some action in the slot. The little-used wide out, however, is not fantasy starter material.  
67Caldwell,Andre DENOAK34000004
Figures to show up in the box score, what with Wes Welker inactive. 
68Sanu,Mohamed CINBAL23000003
He has been surpassed as the Bengals #2 receiver. 
69Martin,Keshawn HOUTEN43500003
Although Martin has hit pay dirt in two of his last three contests, it's hard to trust a situational slot receiver as a fantasy starter. In addition, Tennessee has done a very good job of bottling up enemy wideouts. Martin should not be on your fantasy radar.  
70Underwood,Tiquan CARATL23500003
Aside from his fluky two-touchdown performance in Week 12, Underwood has been very disappointing as the Buccaneers' No. 2 receiver. He hasn’t caught more than three passes in a game all season. Underwood is not fantasy starter material.  
71Little,Greg CLEPIT33000003
With Bess out the opportunity is there, but the Browns are correctly still not using him much. 
72Sanders,Ace JACIND43000003
The rookie is not a recommended fantasy starter against an Indianapolis defense that has not allowed a wide receiver to score in two straight contests.  
73Matthews,Rishard MIANYJ33000003
Matthews has not been a focal point of the Dolphins passing game down the stretch. 
74Hemingway,Junior KCCSDC33500003
Gets the nod due essentially to Dwayne Bowe's concussion symptoms. 
75Brown,Vincent SDCKCC33000003
Catches just enough passes to warrant a roster spot in extremely deep leagues. 
76Hunter,Justin TENHOU23000003
The talented-but-inconsistent rookie posted a goose egg last week. Hunter is way too risky to trust in the starting lineup of a fantasy bowl team, despite a favorable matchup against a Houston defense that ranks well below average in fantasy points allowed to opposing receivers.  
77Pettis,Austin STLSEA33000003
Eight catches in his last six games means his disappointing season is just about over. 
78Cobb,Randall GBPCHI33000003
The Packers are indicating the Cobb will be active for the game, minimal stats projected until his role becomes clear. 
79Wright,Jarius MINDET12500002
Not a lot of passing offense this week from the Vikings. 
80Ogletree,Kevin DETMIN32000002
The ball will be spread around too much to consider him 
81Hawkins,Andrew CLEPIT22000002
He has a niche role, but too risky and not enough reward for our game. 
82Graham,T.J. BUFNEP22000002
Graham and Goodwin have too many options ahead of them in Buffalo's passing game. 
83Roberts,Andre WASNYG22000002
With Fitzgerald and Floyd healthy, his contribution will be minimal. 
84Givens,Chris STLSEA22500002
He hasn't topped 31 yards in five straight games and now gets Richard Sherman. Uh, no. 
85Brown,Marlon BALCIN22000002
Brown is a Flacco favorite in the red zone, but we can't expect them to get down there enough. 
86Simpson,Jerome MINDET11000001
Minimally involved. 
87Brazill,LaVon INDJAC11000001
The second-year pro has dropped behind Griff Whalen on the Indianapolis receiver depth chart. During the last two weeks, Brazill hasn’t caught any passes and has been targeted just once. He should not be on your fantasy radar.  
88Goodwin,Marquise BUFNEP11000001
Goodwin and Graham have too many options ahead of them in Buffalo's passing game. 

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