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LB Trent Cole

This Year's Analysis History

Prior Year's Analysis History

Great year for Cole this year in my opinion, he's averaged 55 tackles and 10 sacks very year for the past 4 years without much on the other side of the line or actually anybody on the line period taking off the double teams he gets every Sunday. With Babin getting the TE on that side more often and with 3 above average to studly cornerbacks giving Cole more time to get to the Qb, I see a possible increase of sacks to 15-17 easily and with his 55 tackles and almost yearly 20 TFL this could be a very easy 275 point season, that and the fact of only really 8 truly elite DE's, it's a no brainer if you go the VBD route

He plays for the Eagles....hard to stomach from die hard Cowboy fan who hates the Eagles with a strong passion. His only weakness is that he is undersized and when going against the bigger stronger stud LT's he disappears in the 4th quarter

Draft Strategy
Hard for me to pass on a LB here as I have always gone LB in the first round but his high ceiling this year and VBD being higher than taking Laurinitis here was the deciding factor here as I had Laurinitis in the top tier along with the LB already taken. I was hoping Beason would somehow drop but I knew Willis and Mayo and Tuck were going to be taken, so I got my 5th rated guy at the 6th spot, that I can live with and be happy


Clearly a top-3 DE. Consistent tackler and get's more then his share of sacks.


Draft Strategy
Everyone has gone LB so far and his value is too great to ignore at this point.


Like many professional football players, he's big, strong, fast and more than a little mean.

He's not Jared Allen, but Allen was already gone.

Draft Strategy
It's always a good idea to know your league's scoring rules, and in this league sacks are like finding a money clip in a country club parking lot. So I skipped the LBs and took Cole, a solid lock for double-digit sacks.


Ascended into the elite at his position last year. A late round pick who is just entering his prime. Busted out with double digit sacks and ended up the #2 DE, but with much less hype than Jared Allen, so can be had later in the draft.

2007 was the first year he put up double digit sacks, and if he regresses, won't get the tackle numbers to justify his draft position.

Draft Strategy
Finished 1 point behind the leader at his position in 2007, but can be had much later in the draft than Jared Allen - again, that's value. I had a lot of options at the 2/3 elbow, but I didn't want to reach for another S, and LB value had been picked over at that point. I was thinking there would be some solid LBs later in the draft, but I was still nervous having to wait 23 more picks to find out.


Young player who kind of swooped in under-the-radar last year to be a top-15 DE

Doesn't have a proven track record

Draft Strategy
I'm going with a DE in this slot instead of LB. I have Cole ranked in my top-10 this year so it's time to put my money where my mouth is. Let's see what he can do this year.

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