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a qb coming into his own and has lots of weapons at his disposal

i really dont see any other than maybe hes still learing a bit but i dont see that as a negative ...

Draft Strategy
part 2 of my qb montser ... i will mix and match with a few qbs to equal a great qb along the way and carr is the man at this point ...


Maturing young QB in a dynamic offense, with a great receiving threat in Andre Johnson

Still not established as an elite player. The offensive line seems to have issues with keeping opposing defenders off Carr...

Draft Strategy
With a late pick of Aaron Brooks last night, I wanted to grab a 2nd QB early. If Carr makes "the leap" into the upper echelon of QBs this year, he could become my regular starter.


Good size, strong arm, decent mobility, decent accurracy( was a little off last year with his shoulder injury), and a nice young supporting cast.

Will the Texans' offensive line show marked improvement? Throws a lot of interceptions, but I believe that is due to being young and behind a weak OL.

Draft Strategy
Looking for a backup with high upside, backup obs were flying off the board. I believe Carr will take a big step forward as an NFL QB. The Texans Ol should be improved as they have had some time to mature as a unit, Carr going into his 3rd year shoud be settling in. Not looking for earth shattering #s, but 3400yds passing and 17-20tds 13ints, would make him a solid backup for me.

Mary Handsome



Draft Strategy
Vacation. I had to use the auto-drafter. I cannot argue with this pick. I would have been hard-pressed to take a QB here and am glad I wasn't able to make the selection.


I like how the Texan offense is shaping up with Carr, Domanick Davis, and Andre Johnson - a nice triumvirate there. Indianapolis lite, if you will. Although not durable, I'd describe Carr as tough and respected as a leader by his teammates. David played hurt much of last year. Carr can make any throw, that was never in question. It's his toughness and leadership ability that have been pleasant suprises to the franchise. Carr's completion percentage improved last year from 52% to 57%, as he continues towards mastering the offense.

Doesn't play on a great team, although they are improving. The Texans play in a very tough division with Indy, Tennessee, and Jacksonville. Two seasons ago the Texan O-line allowed opponents to sack Carr a league-record 76 times; although this unit has improved with the signing of former Dolphin Todd Wade to play RT.

Draft Strategy
I was really hoping for Mark Brunell or Drew Bledsoe, but Aussie and Cantebury scooped them up. Not far behind I had ranked David Carr. Being set on securing my QB2 here, I also considered Carson Palmer and Rich Gannon, but decided to go for the more stable quarterbacking situation. With my next pick, 12.10, I might look for one more receiver, preferably one guaranteed a lot of playing time.

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