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Quarterback projections last updated 10-31
PeriodLeagueAdd or import from MyFantasyLeague
PositionScoringEdit this scoring system. Add or import from MyFantasyLeague
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#PlayerTeamOppAttCompPass YdsPass TDs0-9 Pass TDs10-19 Pass TDs20-29 Pass TDs30-39 Pass TDs40-49 Pass TDs50+ Pass TDsIntSackedRushRush YdsRush TDsFum LostScoring OppsPts
Points Awarded00254444444-20106-2
1Manning, PeytonDEN@NEP36.624.7301.
2Brees, DrewNOR@CAR44.029.7341.
Tier 2
3Luck, AndrewIND@NYG37.822.8279.
4Kaepernick, ColinSFOSTL32.119.5252.
Tier 3
5Wilson, RussellSEAOAK27.217.5214.
6Newton, CamCARNOR31.218.9228.
7Foles, NickPHI@HOU37.022.4268.
Tier 4
8Rivers, PhilipSDC@MIA31.321.1248.
9Roethlisberger, BenPITBAL35.523.2266.
10Brady, Tom NEPDEN33.620.8242.
11Dalton, AndyCINJAC33.220.8239.
Tier 5
12Smith, Alex KCCNYJ31.320.1214.
13Hoyer, BrianCLETBB35.820.4263.
14Flacco, JoeBAL@PIT34.220.7242.
15Tannehill, RyanMIASDC32.619.8216.
16Fitzpatrick, RyanHOUPHI32.220.0239.
17Romo, Tony DALARZ27.518.1210.
18Palmer, CarsonARZ@DAL32.219.4235.
Tier 6
19Bridgewater, TeddyMINWAS36.621.3231.
20Manning, EliNYGIND30.018.0208.
21Glennon, MikeTBB@CLE30.718.1199.
22Griffin III, Robert WAS@MIN24.816.0196.
23Davis, AustinSTL@SFO29.818.8206.
24Carr, DerekOAK@SEA30.818.5196.
25Bortles, BlakeJAC@CIN34.420.7222.
26Vick, MichaelNYJ@KCC25.513.8148.
Tier 7
27Ponder, ChristianMINWAS11.
28Henne, ChadJAC@CIN10.
Tier 8
29McCoy, ColtWAS@MIN4.
30Weeden, BrandonDALARZ4.
31McCown, JoshuaTBB@CLE6.63.842.
32Stanton, DrewARZ@DAL11.04.851.
33Anderson, DerekCARNOR2.71.822.
Tier 9
34Gabbert, BlaineSFOSTL2.
35Schaub, MattOAK@SEA6.73.842.
36Cousins, KirkWAS@MIN3.82.328.
37Garoppolo, JimmyNEPDEN2.01.317.
38Clemens, KellenSDC@MIA3.
39Campbell, JasonCINJAC4.
40Taylor, TyrodBAL@PIT1.
41Mallett, RyanHOUPHI3.
42McGloin, MattOAK@SEA1.
43Jackson, TarvarisSEAOAK1.
44Nassib, RyanNYGIND1.
45Sanchez, MarkPHI@HOU0.
46Hasselbeck, MattIND@NYG1.70.915.
47Manziel, JohnnyCLETBB1.
48Osweiler, BrockDEN@NEP1.
49Smith, Geno NYJ@KCC7.43.534.
50Hill, ShaunSTL@SFO3.92.424.
51Johnson, JoshSFOSTL0.
52Daniel, ChaseKCCNYJ0.
53McCown, LukeNOR@CAR0.
54Gradkowski, BrucePITBAL0.
55Barkley, MattPHI@HOU0.
56Moore, MattMIASDC0.

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