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Quarterback projections last updated 10-23
PeriodLeagueAdd or import from MyFantasyLeague
PositionScoringEdit this scoring system. Add or import from MyFantasyLeague
Players highlighted in yellow have been updated recently  
#PlayerTeamOppAttCompPass YdsPass TDs0-9 Pass TDs10-19 Pass TDs20-29 Pass TDs30-39 Pass TDs40-49 Pass TDs50+ Pass TDsIntSackedRushRush YdsRush TDsFum LostScoring OppsPts
Points Awarded00254444444-20106-2
1Rodgers, AaronGBP@NOR35.023.2281.
2Manning, PeytonDENSDC38.425.0305.
Tier 2
3Newton, CamCARSEA32.520.0241.
4Luck, AndrewIND@PIT38.123.1274.
Tier 3
5Wilson, RussellSEA@CAR28.018.2221.
6Rivers, PhilipSDC@DEN33.721.9275.
7Brees, DrewNORGBP39.425.6301.
8Foles, NickPHI@ARZ37.422.8275.
9Stafford, MatthewDET@ATL38.923.3283.
10Smith, AlexKCCSTL32.720.4219.
Tier 4
11Orton, KyleBUF@NYJ39.123.7269.
12Flacco, JoeBAL@CIN38.223.1264.
13Cutler, JayCHI@NEP32.421.1237.
14Romo, Tony DALWAS31.721.0244.
15Dalton, AndyCINBAL33.721.2245.
16Tannehill, RyanMIA@JAC38.423.1246.
17Palmer, CarsonARZPHI36.922.8266.
18Brady, Tom NEPCHI34.620.9240.
19Ryan, MattATLDET34.222.2252.
20Carr, DerekOAK@CLE33.820.2218.
Tier 5
21Hoyer, BrianCLEOAK32.218.9240.
22Roethlisberger, BenPITIND33.321.2238.
23Glennon, MikeTBBMIN32.018.5209.
24Davis, AustinSTL@KCC33.520.8235.
25Mettenberger, ZachTENHOU26.715.8185.
26Bridgewater, TeddyMIN@TBB34.420.1221.
Tier 6
27Fitzpatrick, RyanHOU@TEN29.118.3216.
28Bortles, BlakeJACMIA35.422.0235.
29Smith, GenoNYJBUF29.817.0191.
30McCoy, ColtWAS@DAL23.815.2187.
31Ponder, ChristianMIN@TBB10.66.670.
Tier 7
32Manuel, E.J.BUF@NYJ9.
Tier 8
33Henne, ChadJACMIA10.
34Schaub, MattOAK@CLE12.
35Locker, Jake TENHOU7.84.552.
36Cousins, KirkWAS@DAL11.06.576.
37Stanton, DrewARZPHI12.65.558.
38McCown, Joshua TBBMIN6.13.640.
39Flynn, MattGBP@NOR5.83.332.
40Garoppolo, JimmyNEPCHI1.
Tier 9
41Anderson, DerekCARSEA2.21.419.
42Clemens, KellenSDC@DEN3.
43Weeden, BrandonDALWAS4.11.923.
44Campbell, JasonCINBAL4.92.526.
45Taylor, TyrodBAL@CIN1.
46Vick, MichaelNYJBUF5.62.620.
47McGloin, MattOAK@CLE2.
48Whitehurst, CharlieTENHOU1.
49Mallett, RyanHOU@TEN3.21.818.
50Clausen, JimmyCHI@NEP1.
51Jackson, TarvarisSEA@CAR1.
52Osweiler, BrockDENSDC1.
53Keenum, CaseSTL@KCC1.
54Sanchez, MarkPHI@ARZ0.
55Hasselbeck, MattIND@PIT1.
56Hill, ShaunSTL@KCC4.02.524.
57Manziel, JohnnyCLEOAK1.
58Moore, MattMIA@JAC1.
59Yates, TaylorATLDET2.41.621.
60Tolzien, ScottGBP@NOR0.
61Thomas, LoganARZPHI0.
62Barkley, MattPHI@ARZ0.
63Orlovsky, DanDET@ATL0.
64McCown, LukeNORGBP0.
65Daniel, ChaseKCCSTL0.
66Gradkowski, BrucePITIND0.

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