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Quarterback projections last updated 04-16
PeriodLeagueAdd or import from MyFantasyLeague
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#PlayerTeamAttCompPass YdsPass TDs0-9 Pass TDs10-19 Pass TDs20-29 Pass TDs30-39 Pass TDs40-49 Pass TDs50+ Pass TDsIntSacked>= 250 yds>= 300 yds>= 350 yds>= 400 ydsRushRush YdsRush TDsFum LostScoring OppsPts
Points Awarded00254444444-200000106-2
1Luck, AndrewIND698.3420.95,025.540.917.
2Rodgers, AaronGBP581.7380.14,676.941.
Tier 2
3Brees, DrewNOR673.5454.65,176.841.518.
4Wilson, RussellSEA443.9278.23,703.829.
5Manning, PeytonDEN597.7391.14,526.042.819.
Tier 3
6Brady, TomNEP629.2402.34,423.237.418.910.
7Newton, CamCAR509.0307.33,600.
8Roethlisberger, BenPIT599.6394.94,706.833.614.
9Ryan, MattATL668.9448.74,845.132.318.
Tier 4
10Romo, Tony DAL473.0315.03,800.939.915.
11Tannehill, RyanMIA599.9387.04,115.129.915.
12Flacco, JoeBAL611.6371.54,
13Kaepernick, ColinSFO451.5267.23,255.922.
14Cutler, JayCHI574.7370.63,951.832.314.
15Stafford, MatthewDET621.0369.14,397.828.813.
16Manning, EliNYG626.4380.14,576.530.515.
Tier 5
17Smith, AlexKCC496.4313.03,426.
18Rivers, Philip SDC510.8344.83,921.
19Dalton, AndyCIN474.4298.03,325.324.
20Bridgewater, TeddyMIN491.7312.23,473.720.
Tier 6
21Griffin III, RobertWAS491.7314.33,720.815.
22Mettenberger, ZachTEN456.1271.23,376.
23Carr, DerekOAK599.7344.13,383.823.316.
24Foles, Nick STL474.4300.33,487.924.
25Glennon, MikeTBB492.8284.33,200.224.512.
26Mallett, Ryan HOU469.2275.53,109.819.611.
27Bortles, BlakeJAC538.5311.03,270.913.
Tier 7
28Palmer, Carson ARZ452.7277.43,286.921.
29Fitzpatrick, Ryan NYJ356.1221.32,655.415.
30Cassel, Matt BUF459.9285.82,944.918.
31McCown, JoshuaCLE456.1248.13,
32Bradford, Sam PHI350.5221.62,664.317.
33Sanchez, MarkPHI118.577.1950.
Tier 8
34Smith, GenoNYJ177.799.81,
Tier 9
35Cousins, KirkWAS172.9102.91,
36Henne, ChadJAC148.787.8912.
37Stanton, Drew ARZ122.961.5828.
38Hoyer, BrianHOU132.472.71,
39Whitehurst, CharlieTEN116.961.7849.
40Manuel, E.J.BUF91.654.8610.
41Davis, AustinSTL112.672.1797.
42Hasselbeck, MattIND102.068.9731.
43Weeden, BrandonDAL26.817.1241.
44Hill, ShaunMIN73.143.0510.
45Manziel, JohnnyCLE45.022.8263.
46Gabbert, BlaineSFO26.111.5169.
47Clemens, KellenSDC57.131.0344.
48McGloin, MattOAK73.039.6485.
49Garoppolo, JimmyNEP46.630.2282.
50Osweiler, BrockDEN32.417.1188.
51Flynn, MattGBP55.732.0309.
Tier 10
52Anderson, DerekCAR12.
53McCoy, Colt WAS12.78.6113.
54Clausen, JimmyCHI29.910.7140.
55Yates, TaylorATL33.022.3247.
56Keenum, CaseSTL9.04.753.
57Campbell, JasonCIN12.66.853.
58Simms, MattNYJ12.66.460.
59Tuel, JeffBUF12.
60Weber, AdamTBB24.710.3119.
61Tolzien, ScottGBP2.61.721.
62Nassib, RyanNYG18.59.6115.
63Taylor, TyrodBUF0.
64Pryor, TerrelleKCC3.
65Thomas, LoganARZ3.91.316.
66Ponder, ChristianOAK1.
67Savage, Tom HOU10.65.670.
68Shaw, ConnorCLE1.
69Daniels, B.J.SEA4.
70Barkley, MattPHI11.05.867.
71Gradkowski, BrucePIT1.
72Orlovsky, DanDET0.
73McCown, LukeNOR0.
74McCarron, AJCIN41.220.2145.
75Daniel, ChaseKCC12.85.462.
76Schaub, MattBAL3.
77Moore, MattMIA17.47.3122.

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