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Strength of Schedule (SOS)

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Strength of Schedule
Based on Fantasy Points Allowed By Position
The strength of an opponent is determined by the number of
fantasy points they yield to the position being analyzed.
Data updated through 2015 week 4
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Option 1:   Which teams are the easiest to play against? 
Option 2:   Which teams have the easiest schedule? 
Option 3:   Compare the strength of schedule for individual players 
Click on an opponent to view week-by-week yielded statistics.
Matthew Stafford
Week 1 @SDC5.16
Week 2 @MIN2.93
Week 3 DEN10.00
Week 4 @SEA6.57
Week 5 ARZ2.53
Week 6CHI4.35
Week 7MIN2.93
Week 8@KCC2.25
Week 9Bye0.00
Week 10@GBP4.61
Week 11OAK1.63
Week 12PHI5.28
Week 13GBP4.61
Week 14@STL5.78
Week 15@NOR1.00
Week 16SFO2.09
Week 17@CHI4.35

Strength Legend
(Slightly Below Average)
(Slightly Above Average)
(Most Difficult)
Green or Lower SOS Value
Team gives up more fantasy points.
Red or Higher SOS Value
Team gives up fewer fantasy points.