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Compare Players

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Compare Players

Compare Players
Combine and weight all analyses
Scoring   Edit
Projected PointsRankStrength of ScheduleScoring OppsConsistencyADPProrated Average Value Theory (PAVT)Value Based Drafting (VBD)
-Enter weighting values and select OK. Use 0 to exclude.

Comparison Categories
Proj Points Number of fantasy points projected using the scoring system you specify. Higher is better.
Rank Average rank submitted by the staff. Lower is better.
SOS Strength of schedule. Lower is easier.
Scoring Opps  Number of scoring opportunities earned or projected. Higher is better.
Consistency Consistency rating within the selected period. Higher is better.
ADP Pre-season average draft position
PAVT Prorated Average Value Theory (See Draft Planner)
VBD VBD Value (See Draft Planner)
  1. Select a player from either the 'MY PLAYERS' list (taken from teams in My Leagues) or the ALL PLAYERS list. You can filter the player lists by changing the position.
  2. Click 'Add Player to Comparison' to add players to the comparison
  3. Select 'Clear' to reset and remove all players
  4. Select the weights for each category in the edit box below each column and select 'OK'. Use a weight of zero to eliminate the category from consideration.
  5. Click 'Perform Comparison' when ready to view results.

Combined: The combined score for each player is determined by adding the weighted categories and is a relative value only. To get a good idea how much better one player is than another, include a top ranked and low ranked player in the comparison. This will give you a better perspective on the combined score. You can compare players at different positions.