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Players and Teams
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Player Position Team
Babin, JasonLinebackerNew York Jets
Babineaux, JonathanDefensive LinemanAtlanta Falcons
Backman, KennardTight EndGreen Bay Packers
Bademosi, JohnsonDefensive BackCleveland Browns
Bailey, AllenDefensive LinemanKansas City Chiefs
Bailey, ChampDefensive BackFree Agent
Bailey, DanKickerDallas Cowboys
Bailey, PatrickLinebackerFree Agent
Bailey, RasheedWide ReceiverPhiladelphia Eagles
Bailey, StedmanWide ReceiverSt. Louis Rams
Bair, BrandonDefensive LinemanPhiladelphia Eagles
Bajema, BillyTight EndFree Agent
Baker, ChaseDefensive LinemanFree Agent
Baker, ChrisDefensive LinemanWashington Redskins
Baker, EdwinRunning BackNew Orleans Saints
Baker, RyanDefensive LinemanMiami Dolphins
Baker, SeanDefensive BackAtlanta Falcons
Bakhtiari, EricLinebackerTennessee Titans
Baldwin, DougWide ReceiverSeattle Seahawks
Baldwin, JonWide ReceiverFree Agent
Ball, AlanDefensive BackChicago Bears
Ball, MarcusDefensive BackCarolina Panthers
Ball, MonteeRunning BackDenver Broncos
Ball, NeironLinebackerOakland Raiders
Ballard, ChristianDefensive LinemanMinnesota Vikings
Ballard, JakeTight EndFree Agent
Ballard, VickRunning BackIndianapolis Colts
Ballentine, LonnieDefensive BackHouston Texans
Balmer, KentwanDefensive LinemanWashington Redskins
Balogun, Mike LinebackerBuffalo Bills
Banjo, ChrisDefensive BackGreen Bay Packers
Banks, GaryWide ReceiverSan Diego Chargers
Banks, JonthanDefensive BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Banyard, JoeRunning BackMinnesota Vikings
Barden, BrandonTight EndJacksonville Jaguars
Barden, RamsesWide ReceiverFree Agent
Barkley, MattQuarterbackPhiladelphia Eagles
Barner, KenjonRunning BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Barnes, AntwanLinebackerFree Agent
Barnes, T.J.Defensive LinemanNew York Jets
Barnett, NickLinebackerFree Agent
Barnidge, GaryTight EndCleveland Browns
Barr, AnthonyLinebackerMinnesota Vikings
Barrett, ShaqLinebackerFree Agent
Barrington, SamLinebackerGreen Bay Packers
Barron, MarkDefensive BackSt. Louis Rams
Barrow, LaminLinebackerDenver Broncos
Barth, ConnorKickerDenver Broncos
Bartu, JoploLinebackerAtlanta Falcons
Barwin, ConnorLinebackerPhiladelphia Eagles
Bass, BenDefensive LinemanFree Agent
Bass, DavidDefensive LinemanChicago Bears
Batch, CharlieQuarterbackPittsburgh Steelers
Bates, DarenLinebackerSt. Louis Rams
Bates, JackieDefensive BackKansas City Chiefs
Bates, PhilWide ReceiverFree Agent
Battle, JackieRunning BackFree Agent
Bayer, AlexTight EndSt. Louis Rams
Bears, ChicagoKickerChicago Bears
Bears, ChicagoDefenseChicago Bears
Bears, ChicagoTeam Offensive LineChicago Bears
Beasley, ColeWide ReceiverDallas Cowboys
Beasley, VicLinebackerAtlanta Falcons
Beason, JonLinebackerNew York Giants
Beauharnais, SteveLinebackerFree Agent
Beckham, OdellWide ReceiverNew York Giants
Beckwith, DarryLinebackerIndianapolis Colts
Belcher, JovanLinebackerKansas City Chiefs
Belichick, BillCoachNew England Patriots
Bell, BlakeTight EndSan Francisco 49ers
Bell, JoiqueRunning BackDetroit Lions
Bell, KahlilRunning BackFree Agent
Bell, KennyWide ReceiverTampa Bay Buccaneers
Bell, Le'VeonRunning BackPittsburgh Steelers
Bell, YeremiahDefensive BackFree Agent
Bellamy, JoshWide ReceiverChicago Bears
Bellore, NickLinebackerSan Francisco 49ers
Benard, MarcusLinebackerArizona Cardinals
Benford, TimWide ReceiverFree Agent
Bengals, CincinnatiDefenseCincinnati Bengals
Bengals, CincinnatiKickerCincinnati Bengals
Bengals, CincinnatiTeam Offensive LineCincinnati Bengals
Benjamin, KelvinWide ReceiverCarolina Panthers
Benjamin, TravisWide ReceiverCleveland Browns
Benn, ArreliousWide ReceiverJacksonville Jaguars
Bennett, EarlWide ReceiverFree Agent
Bennett, FredDefensive BackCincinnati Bengals
Bennett, MartellusTight EndChicago Bears
Bennett, MichaelDefensive LinemanSeattle Seahawks
Bennett, MichaelDefensive LinemanJacksonville Jaguars
Bentley, DwightDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Benwikere, BeneDefensive BackCarolina Panthers
Bequette, JakeDefensive LinemanFree Agent
Berhe, NatDefensive BackNew York Giants
Bernard, GiovaniRunning BackCincinnati Bengals
Berry, AaronDefensive BackFree Agent
Berry, EricDefensive BackKansas City Chiefs
Berry, JordanPunterPittsburgh Steelers
Bersin, BrentonWide ReceiverCarolina Panthers
Bethea, AntoineDefensive BackSan Francisco 49ers
Bethel, JustinDefensive BackArizona Cardinals
Bethel-Thompson, McLeodQuarterbackSan Francisco 49ers
Betts, LadellRunning BackNew Orleans Saints
Bibbs, E.J.Tight EndCleveland Browns
Bibbs, KapriRunning BackFree Agent
Biermann, KroyLinebackerAtlanta Falcons
Biggers, E.J.Defensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Bills, BuffaloKickerBuffalo Bills
Bills, BuffaloTeam Offensive LineBuffalo Bills
Bills, BuffaloDefenseBuffalo Bills
Bilukidi, ChristoDefensive LinemanBaltimore Ravens
Binns, ArmonWide ReceiverFree Agent
Bird, BrontLinebackerFree Agent
Bishop, DesmondLinebackerSan Francisco 49ers
Bishop, KenDefensive LinemanDallas Cowboys
Blackburn, ChaseLinebackerFree Agent
Blackmon, JustinWide ReceiverJacksonville Jaguars
Blackmon, WillDefensive BackSeattle Seahawks
Blackson, AngeloDefensive LinemanTennessee Titans
Blake, AntwonDefensive BackPittsburgh Steelers
Blake, EmoryWide ReceiverSt. Louis Rams
Blanchard, MattQuarterbackGreen Bay Packers
Blanchflower, RobTight EndPittsburgh Steelers
Blanton, RobertDefensive BackMinnesota Vikings
Blount, LeGarretteRunning BackNew England Patriots
Blue, AlfredRunning BackHouston Texans
Boatright, KennethDefensive LinemanDallas Cowboys
Bohanon, TommyRunning BackNew York Jets
Bolden, BrandonRunning BackNew England Patriots
Bolden, OmarDefensive BackDenver Broncos
Boldewijn, GeraldoWide ReceiverFree Agent
Boldin, AnquanWide ReceiverSan Francisco 49ers
Boley, MichaelLinebackerFree Agent
Bolser, TedTight EndFree Agent
Bonani, MaikonKickerFree Agent
Bonner, AlanWide ReceiverHouston Texans
Boone, AlfonsoDefensive LinemanSan Diego Chargers
Boone, KadronWide ReceiverFree Agent
Borland, ChrisLinebackerFree Agent
Bortles, BlakeQuarterbackJacksonville Jaguars
Bosher, MattPunterAtlanta Falcons
Bostic, JonLinebackerChicago Bears
Bostick, BrandonTight EndMinnesota Vikings
Boston, TreDefensive BackCarolina Panthers
Boswell, ChrisKickerFree Agent
Bouye, A.J.Defensive BackHouston Texans
Bowe, DwayneWide ReceiverCleveland Browns
Bowen, AlvinLinebackerDenver Broncos
Bowen, StephenDefensive LinemanNew York Jets
Bowers, DaQuanDefensive LinemanFree Agent
Bowles, ToddCoachNew York Jets
Bowman, NavorroLinebackerSan Francisco 49ers
Bowman, ZackaryDefensive BackMiami Dolphins
Boyce, JoshWide ReceiverNew England Patriots
Boyd, ChrisWide ReceiverFree Agent
Boyd, JoshDefensive LinemanGreen Bay Packers
Boyd, TajhQuarterbackPittsburgh Steelers
Boyett, JohnDefensive BackFree Agent
Boykin, BrandonDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Boykin, JarrettWide ReceiverCarolina Panthers
Boyle, NickTight EndBaltimore Ravens
Brackenridge, TyronDefensive BackJacksonville Jaguars
Brackett, BrettTight EndFree Agent
Bradford, AllenLinebackerSeattle Seahawks
Bradford, CarlLinebackerGreen Bay Packers
Bradford, SamQuarterbackPhiladelphia Eagles
Bradham, NigelLinebackerBuffalo Bills
Bradley, GusCoachJacksonville Jaguars
Bradley, StewartLinebackerFree Agent
Bradshaw, AhmadRunning BackFree Agent
Brady, TomQuarterbackNew England Patriots
Braman, BryanLinebackerPhiladelphia Eagles
Branch, AlanDefensive LinemanNew England Patriots
Branch, AndreDefensive LinemanJacksonville Jaguars
Branch, DeionWide ReceiverIndianapolis Colts
Branch, TyvonDefensive BackKansas City Chiefs
Brate, CameronTight EndTampa Bay Buccaneers
Bray, TylerQuarterbackKansas City Chiefs
Brazill, LaVonWide ReceiverFree Agent
Breeland, BashaudDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Brees, DrewQuarterbackNew Orleans Saints
Brent, JoshDefensive LinemanDallas Cowboys
Brewer, AaronTight EndDenver Broncos
Bridgewater, TeddyQuarterbackMinnesota Vikings
Briggs, LanceLinebackerFree Agent
Brinkley, BeauTight EndTennessee Titans
Brinkley, JasperLinebackerDallas Cowboys
Britt, KennyWide ReceiverSt. Louis Rams
Brock, KevinTight EndFree Agent
Brock, TramaineDefensive BackSan Francisco 49ers
Brockel, RichieTight EndCarolina Panthers
Brockers, MichaelDefensive LinemanSt. Louis Rams
Brodine, MasonDefensive LinemanOakland Raiders
Brohm, BrianQuarterbackFree Agent
Bromley, JayDefensive LinemanNew York Giants
Broncos, DenverTeam Offensive LineDenver Broncos
Broncos, DenverDefenseDenver Broncos
Broncos, DenverKickerDenver Broncos
Brooks, AhmadLinebackerSan Francisco 49ers
Brooks, MichaelDefensive LinemanSeattle Seahawks
Brooks, RonDefensive BackBuffalo Bills
Brooks, TerranceDefensive BackBaltimore Ravens
Brown, AndreRunning BackFree Agent
Brown, AntonioWide ReceiverPittsburgh Steelers
Brown, ArthurLinebackerBaltimore Ravens
Brown, BryceRunning BackBuffalo Bills
Brown, ChykieDefensive BackNew York Giants
Brown, CorneliusDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
Brown, Da'RonWide ReceiverKansas City Chiefs
Brown, DominiqueRunning BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Brown, DonaldRunning BackSan Diego Chargers
Brown, EveretteLinebackerFree Agent
Brown, JalilDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
Brown, JaronWide ReceiverArizona Cardinals
Brown, JohnWide ReceiverArizona Cardinals
Brown, JoshKickerNew York Giants
Brown, JustinWide ReceiverBuffalo Bills
Brown, MalcolmRunning BackSt. Louis Rams
Brown, MalcolmDefensive LinemanNew England Patriots
Brown, MarlonWide ReceiverBaltimore Ravens
Brown, MikeWide ReceiverCarolina Panthers
Brown, OmarDefensive BackFree Agent
Brown, PhillyWide ReceiverCarolina Panthers
Brown, PrestonLinebackerBuffalo Bills
Brown, RonnieRunning BackFree Agent
Brown, SergioDefensive BackJacksonville Jaguars
Brown, StevieDefensive BackHouston Texans
Brown, TarellDefensive BackFree Agent
Brown, VincentWide ReceiverIndianapolis Colts
Brown, ZachLinebackerTennessee Titans
Browner, BrandonDefensive BackNew Orleans Saints
Browner, KeithDefensive LinemanHouston Texans
Browns, ClevelandDefenseCleveland Browns
Browns, ClevelandKickerCleveland Browns
Browns, ClevelandTeam Offensive LineCleveland Browns
Broyles, RyanWide ReceiverDetroit Lions
Bruton, DavidDefensive BackDenver Broncos
Bryant, AnthonyDefensive LinemanWashington Redskins
Bryant, ArmontyDefensive LinemanCleveland Browns
Bryant, ChristianDefensive BackSt. Louis Rams
Bryant, CorbinDefensive LinemanBuffalo Bills
Bryant, DesmondDefensive LinemanCleveland Browns
Bryant, DezWide ReceiverDallas Cowboys
Bryant, MartavisWide ReceiverPittsburgh Steelers
Bryant, MattKickerAtlanta Falcons
Bryant, RedDefensive LinemanFree Agent
Bucannon, DeoneDefensive BackArizona Cardinals
Buccaneers, Tampa BayKickerTampa Bay Buccaneers
Buccaneers, Tampa BayTeam Offensive LineTampa Bay Buccaneers
Buccaneers, Tampa BayDefenseTampa Bay Buccaneers
Buchanan, MichaelDefensive LinemanFree Agent
Buggs, MarcusLinebackerBuffalo Bills
Bullock, RandyKickerHouston Texans
Bullough, MaxLinebackerHouston Texans
Bumphis, ChadWide ReceiverFree Agent
Bunkley, BrodrickDefensive LinemanNew Orleans Saints
Burfict, VontazeLinebackerCincinnati Bengals
Burkhead, RexRunning BackCincinnati Bengals
Burleson, NateWide ReceiverFree Agent
Burley, MarcusDefensive BackSeattle Seahawks
Burnett, JoeDefensive BackNew York Giants
Burnett, KaelinLinebackerOakland Raiders
Burnett, KevinLinebackerFree Agent
Burnett, MorganDefensive BackGreen Bay Packers
Burress, PlaxicoWide ReceiverFree Agent
Burris, MilesLinebackerFree Agent
Burse, IsaiahWide ReceiverDenver Broncos
Burton, AntwonDefensive LinemanCarolina Panthers
Burton, MichaelRunning BackDetroit Lions
Burton, TreyTight EndPhiladelphia Eagles
Bush, JarrettDefensive BackFree Agent
Bush, JoshDefensive BackDenver Broncos
Bush, MichaelRunning BackFree Agent
Bush, RafaelDefensive BackNew Orleans Saints
Bush, ReggieRunning BackSan Francisco 49ers
Butler, BriceWide ReceiverOakland Raiders
Butler, CrezdonDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Butler, DariusDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
Butler, DonaldLinebackerSan Diego Chargers
Butler, DrewPunterArizona Cardinals
Butler, JeremyWide ReceiverBaltimore Ravens
Butler, MalcolmDefensive BackNew England Patriots
Butler, MarioDefensive BackDenver Broncos
Butler, QuincyDefensive BackSt. Louis Rams
Butler, VictorLinebackerNew York Giants
Byham, NateTight EndFree Agent
Byndom, CarringtonDefensive BackCarolina Panthers
Bynes, JoshLinebackerDetroit Lions
Byrd, JairusDefensive BackNew Orleans Saints
Byrd, LaronWide ReceiverMiami Dolphins
Byrne, JakeTight EndFree Agent

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