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Players and Teams
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Player Position Team
Cadet, TravarisRunning BackNew England Patriots
Cain, JeremyLinebackerChicago Bears
Caldwell, AndreWide ReceiverDenver Broncos
Caldwell, DavidDefensive BackNew York Giants
Caldwell, JimCoachDetroit Lions
Calhoun, DukeWide ReceiverNew York Giants
Callaway, RobDefensive LinemanDallas Cowboys
Calvin, JorrickDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Calvin, MichaelWide ReceiverTennessee Titans
Cameron, JordanTight EndMiami Dolphins
Campanaro, MichaelWide ReceiverBaltimore Ravens
Campbell, CalaisDefensive LinemanArizona Cardinals
Campbell, CalebDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Campbell, IbraheimDefensive BackCleveland Browns
Campbell, JordanRunning BackFree Agent
Campbell, KharyLinebackerHouston Texans
Campbell, MichaelWide ReceiverFree Agent
Campbell, TommieDefensive BackJacksonville Jaguars
Canty, ChrisDefensive LinemanBaltimore Ravens
Carden, ShaneQuarterbackChicago Bears
Carder, TankLinebackerCleveland Browns
Cardinals, ArizonaTeam Offensive LineArizona Cardinals
Cardinals, ArizonaDefenseArizona Cardinals
Cardinals, ArizonaKickerArizona Cardinals
Carey, DonDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Carey, Ka'DeemRunning BackChicago Bears
Carlson, JohnTight EndFree Agent
Carmichael, RashadDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Carpenter, DanKickerBuffalo Bills
Carr, BrandonDefensive BackDallas Cowboys
Carr, DerekQuarterbackOakland Raiders
Carr, DeveronDefensive BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Carradine, CornelliusDefensive LinemanSan Francisco 49ers
Carrethers, RyanDefensive LinemanSan Diego Chargers
Carrie, TravisDefensive BackOakland Raiders
Carrier, DerekTight EndSan Francisco 49ers
Carriker, AdamDefensive LinemanFree Agent
Carrington, AlexDefensive LinemanBuffalo Bills
Carroll, NolanDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Carroll, PeteCoachSeattle Seahawks
Carson, GlennLinebackerArizona Cardinals
Carter, AlexDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Carter, AndreDefensive LinemanFree Agent
Carter, BruceLinebackerTampa Bay Buccaneers
Carter, ChrisLinebackerCincinnati Bengals
Carter, DavidDefensive LinemanFree Agent
Carter, DeAndreWide ReceiverBaltimore Ravens
Carter, DuronWide ReceiverIndianapolis Colts
Carter, QuintonDefensive BackFree Agent
Carter, TonyDefensive BackDenver Broncos
Carter, TyroneDefensive BackSan Diego Chargers
Casey, ChanceDefensive BackOakland Raiders
Casey, JamesTight EndDenver Broncos
Casey, JurrellDefensive LinemanTennessee Titans
Casillas, JanathanLinebackerNew York Giants
Cason, AntoineDefensive BackFree Agent
Cassel, MattQuarterbackBuffalo Bills
Castille, SimeonDefensive BackSan Diego Chargers
Castille, TimRunning BackKansas City Chiefs
Catanzaro, ChandlerKickerArizona Cardinals
Catapano, MikeLinebackerKansas City Chiefs
Cattouse, SeanDefensive BackSan Diego Chargers
Caulcrick, JehuuRunning BackBuffalo Bills
Caussin, MikeTight EndBuffalo Bills
Celek, BrentTight EndPhiladelphia Eagles
Celek, GarrettTight EndSan Francisco 49ers
Chancellor, KamDefensive BackSeattle Seahawks
Chandler, NateDefensive LinemanCarolina Panthers
Chandler, ScottTight EndNew England Patriots
Chaney, JamarLinebackerFree Agent
Chapas, ShaunRunning BackDetroit Lions
Chapman, JoshDefensive LinemanIndianapolis Colts
Chargers, San DiegoTeam Offensive LineSan Diego Chargers
Chargers, San DiegoDefenseSan Diego Chargers
Chargers, San DiegoKickerSan Diego Chargers
Charles, JamaalRunning BackKansas City Chiefs
Charles, OrsonTight EndNew Orleans Saints
Charles, StefanDefensive LinemanBuffalo Bills
Chekwa, ChimdiDefensive BackOakland Raiders
Chick, JohnDefensive LinemanJacksonville Jaguars
Chickillo, AnthonyDefensive LinemanPittsburgh Steelers
Chiefs, Kansas CityDefenseKansas City Chiefs
Chiefs, Kansas CityKickerKansas City Chiefs
Chiefs, Kansas CityTeam Offensive LineKansas City Chiefs
Chillar, BrandonLinebackerGreen Bay Packers
Christian, GeraldTight EndArizona Cardinals
Chukwurah, PatrickDefensive LinemanSeattle Seahawks
Chung, PatrickDefensive BackNew England Patriots
Church, BarryDefensive BackDallas Cowboys
Ciurciu, VinnyLinebackerDetroit Lions
Claiborne, MorrisDefensive BackDallas Cowboys
Clancy, KendrickDefensive LinemanNew Orleans Saints
Clark, BrianWide ReceiverDetroit Lions
Clark, DallasTight EndFree Agent
Clark, FrankDefensive LinemanSeattle Seahawks
Clark, JeremyDefensive LinemanDallas Cowboys
Clark, RyanDefensive BackFree Agent
Clarke, WillDefensive LinemanCincinnati Bengals
Clausen, JimmyQuarterbackChicago Bears
Clay, BrennanRunning BackFree Agent
Clay, CharlesTight EndBuffalo Bills
Clay, KaelinWide ReceiverTampa Bay Buccaneers
Clayborn, AdrianDefensive LinemanAtlanta Falcons
Clayton, KeenanLinebackerOakland Raiders
Clayton, ZachDefensive LinemanTennessee Titans
Clemens, KellenQuarterbackSan Diego Chargers
Clemons, ChrisDefensive LinemanJacksonville Jaguars
Clemons, ChrisDefensive BackArizona Cardinals
Clemons, ToneyWide ReceiverCarolina Panthers
Cleveland, AsanteTight EndSan Francisco 49ers
Cliett, ReshardLinebackerHouston Texans
Clinton-Dix, HaseanDefensive BackGreen Bay Packers
Clowney, JadeveonLinebackerHouston Texans
Clutts, TylerRunning BackDallas Cowboys
Coale, DannyWide ReceiverFree Agent
Coates, SammieWide ReceiverPittsburgh Steelers
Coats, DanielTight EndNew York Giants
Cobb, DavidRunning BackTennessee Titans
Cobb, RandallWide ReceiverGreen Bay Packers
Cobb, TerranceRunning BackOakland Raiders
Cochart, ColinTight EndDallas Cowboys
Cockrell, RossDefensive BackBuffalo Bills
Cody, TerrenceDefensive LinemanFree Agent
Coffman, ChaseTight EndFree Agent
Cofield, BarryDefensive LinemanFree Agent
Cohen, JoeDefensive LinemanSan Francisco 49ers
Cohen, LandonDefensive LinemanFree Agent
Colclough, RicardoDefensive BackKansas City Chiefs
Cole, AudieLinebackerMinnesota Vikings
Cole, ColinDefensive LinemanCarolina Panthers
Cole, JustinLinebackerSt. Louis Rams
Cole, MarquiceDefensive BackFree Agent
Cole, TrentLinebackerIndianapolis Colts
Coleman, AndreDefensive LinemanSan Diego Chargers
Coleman, AntonioLinebackerBuffalo Bills
Coleman, BrandonWide ReceiverNew Orleans Saints
Coleman, DavonDefensive LinemanDallas Cowboys
Coleman, DeandreDefensive LinemanJacksonville Jaguars
Coleman, DerrickRunning BackSeattle Seahawks
Coleman, KurtDefensive BackCarolina Panthers
Coleman, TevinRunning BackAtlanta Falcons
Collie, AustinWide ReceiverFree Agent
Collins, BrandonWide ReceiverNew York Giants
Collins, JalenDefensive BackAtlanta Falcons
Collins, JamieLinebackerNew England Patriots
Collins, JedRunning BackFree Agent
Collins, LandonDefensive BackNew York Giants
Collins, NateDefensive LinemanFree Agent
Collins, ToddQuarterbackChicago Bears
Colquitt, BrittonPunterDenver Broncos
Colquitt, DustinPunterKansas City Chiefs
Colston, MarquesWide ReceiverNew Orleans Saints
Colter, KainWide ReceiverMinnesota Vikings
Colts, IndianapolisKickerIndianapolis Colts
Colts, IndianapolisDefenseIndianapolis Colts
Colts, InidanapolisTeam Offensive LineIndianapolis Colts
Colvin, AaronDefensive BackJacksonville Jaguars
Commings, SandersDefensive BackKansas City Chiefs
Compton, WillLinebackerWashington Redskins
Condo, JonLinebackerOakland Raiders
Cone, KevinWide ReceiverFree Agent
Conley, ChrisWide ReceiverKansas City Chiefs
Conner, JohnRunning BackBuffalo Bills
Conner, KavellLinebackerSan Diego Chargers
Connor, DanLinebackerFree Agent
Conrath, MattDefensive LinemanPittsburgh Steelers
Conte, ChrisDefensive BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Cook, ChrisDefensive BackSan Francisco 49ers
Cook, EmanuelDefensive BackNew York Jets
Cook, JaredTight EndSt. Louis Rams
Cooks, BrandinWide ReceiverNew Orleans Saints
Coons, TravisKickerCleveland Browns
Cooper, AmariWide ReceiverOakland Raiders
Cooper, JoshWide ReceiverFree Agent
Cooper, MarcusDefensive BackKansas City Chiefs
Cooper, RileyWide ReceiverPhiladelphia Eagles
Cooper, XavierDefensive LinemanCleveland Browns
Copeland, J.C.Running BackFree Agent
Coples, QuintonLinebackerNew York Jets
Cornett, TimRunning BackFree Agent
Corto, JonDefensive BackBuffalo Bills
Costanzo, BlakeLinebackerFree Agent
Cotchery, JerrichoWide ReceiverCarolina Panthers
Cottam, BradTight EndKansas City Chiefs
Coughlin, TomCoachNew York Giants
Couplin, JeromeDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Cousins, KirkQuarterbackWashington Redskins
Covington, ChristianDefensive LinemanHouston Texans
Cowboys, DallasDefenseDallas Cowboys
Cowboys, DallasTeam Offensive LineDallas Cowboys
Cowboys, DallasKickerDallas Cowboys
Cox, DerekDefensive BackFree Agent
Cox, FletcherDefensive LinemanPhiladelphia Eagles
Cox, MichaelRunning BackFree Agent
Cox, PerrishDefensive BackTennessee Titans
Coyle, BrockLinebackerSeattle Seahawks
Crabtree, MichaelWide ReceiverOakland Raiders
Crabtree, TomTight EndNew Orleans Saints
Crawford, JackDefensive LinemanDallas Cowboys
Crawford, TyroneDefensive LinemanDallas Cowboys
Cribbs, JoshWide ReceiverFree Agent
Crichton, ScottDefensive LinemanMinnesota Vikings
Crick, JaredDefensive LinemanHouston Texans
Criner, JuronWide ReceiverNew York Giants
Crocker, ChrisDefensive BackFree Agent
Crockett, JohnRunning BackGreen Bay Packers
Cromartie, AntonioDefensive BackNew York Jets
Cromartie, MarcusDefensive BackSan Francisco 49ers
Cromartie-Smith, Da'MonDefensive BackPittsburgh Steelers
Crosby, MasonKickerGreen Bay Packers
Crowder, JamisonWide ReceiverWashington Redskins
Crowell, IsaiahRunning BackCleveland Browns
Cruz, VictorWide ReceiverNew York Giants
Cudjo, JermelleDefensive LinemanFree Agent
Culberson, QuintonLinebackerSt. Louis Rams
Culliver, ChrisDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Cumberland, JeffTight EndNew York Jets
Cummings, KenwinLinebackerNew York Jets
Cundiff, BillyKickerFree Agent
Cunningham, B.J.Wide ReceiverFree Agent
Cunningham, BennyRunning BackSt. Louis Rams
Cunningham, JermaineLinebackerNew York Jets
Cunningham, JusticeTight EndSt. Louis Rams
Curran, RennieLinebackerTampa Bay Buccaneers
Curry, DominiqueWide ReceiverDetroit Lions
Curry, VinnyDefensive LinemanPhiladelphia Eagles
Cushing, BrianLinebackerHouston Texans
Cutler, JayQuarterbackChicago Bears
Cutrera, JacobLinebackerTampa Bay Buccaneers
Cyprien, JohnathanDefensive BackJacksonville Jaguars

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