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Players and Teams
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Player Position Team
Mace, CoreyDefensive LinemanBuffalo Bills
Mack, ElbertDefensive BackFree Agent
Mack, KhalilLinebackerOakland Raiders
Maclin, JeremyWide ReceiverKansas City Chiefs
Madison, AnthonyDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Maehl, JeffWide ReceiverPhiladelphia Eagles
Magee, AlexDefensive LinemanTampa Bay Buccaneers
Magee, BrandonLinebackerFree Agent
Mahaffey, RyanRunning BackIndianapolis Colts
Maiava, KalukaLinebackerFree Agent
Malast, KevinLinebackerTennessee Titans
Malena, BenRunning BackHouston Texans
Mallett, RyanQuarterbackHouston Texans
Malone, RobertPunterNew York Giants
Maneri, SteveTight EndFree Agent
Manning, DaniealDefensive BackHouston Texans
Manning, EliQuarterbackNew York Giants
Manning, PeytonQuarterbackDenver Broncos
Manning, TerrellLinebackerNew York Giants
Manningham, MarioWide ReceiverFree Agent
Manuel, E.J.QuarterbackBuffalo Bills
Manuel, MarquandDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Manziel, JohnnyQuarterbackCleveland Browns
Maponga, StanslyLinebackerAtlanta Falcons
Maragos, ChrisDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Mariani, MarcWide ReceiverChicago Bears
Marks, SenDerrickDefensive LinemanJacksonville Jaguars
Marrone, DougCoachFree Agent
Marsh, CassiusDefensive LinemanSeattle Seahawks
Marsh, CurtisDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Marshall, BrandonLinebackerDenver Broncos
Marshall, BrandonWide ReceiverNew York Jets
Marshall, CameronRunning BackMiami Dolphins
Marshall, RichardDefensive BackFree Agent
Martin, DerrickDefensive BackChicago Bears
Martin, DougRunning BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Martin, EricLinebackerCleveland Browns
Martin, JoshLinebackerKansas City Chiefs
Martin, KareemDefensive LinemanArizona Cardinals
Martin, KeshawnWide ReceiverHouston Texans
Martin, MikeDefensive LinemanTennessee Titans
Martin, SamPunterDetroit Lions
Martin, SherrodDefensive BackJacksonville Jaguars
Martin, VaughnDefensive LinemanFree Agent
Martino, FreddieWide ReceiverAtlanta Falcons
Masifilo, MatthewDefensive LinemanTampa Bay Buccaneers
Mason, MarcusRunning BackSan Diego Chargers
Mason, TreRunning BackSt. Louis Rams
Massaquoi, JonathanLinebackerTennessee Titans
Masthay, TimPunterGreen Bay Packers
Mastrud, JeronTight EndFree Agent
Mathews, RicardoDefensive LinemanSan Diego Chargers
Mathews, RyanRunning BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Mathieu, TyrannDefensive BackArizona Cardinals
Mathis, RasheanDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Mathis, RobertLinebackerIndianapolis Colts
Matthews, CaseyLinebackerMinnesota Vikings
Matthews, ChrisWide ReceiverSeattle Seahawks
Matthews, ClayLinebackerGreen Bay Packers
Matthews, CliffDefensive LinemanAtlanta Falcons
Matthews, JordanWide ReceiverPhiladelphia Eagles
Matthews, RishardWide ReceiverMiami Dolphins
Maualuga, ReyLinebackerCincinnati Bengals
Mauga, JoshLinebackerKansas City Chiefs
Maui'a, ReaganRunning BackArizona Cardinals
Mauro, JoshDefensive LinemanArizona Cardinals
Mauti, MichaelLinebackerMinnesota Vikings
Maxwell, ByronDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Mayo, JerodLinebackerNew England Patriots
Mayowa, BensonDefensive LinemanOakland Raiders
Mays, CoreyLinebackerKansas City Chiefs
Mays, JoeLinebackerFree Agent
Mays, TaylorDefensive BackMinnesota Vikings
Maysonet, MiguelRunning BackFree Agent
McAfee, PatPunterIndianapolis Colts
McBriar, MatPunterSan Diego Chargers
McBride, TrumaineDefensive BackNew York Giants
McCain, BriceDefensive BackMiami Dolphins
McCain, ChrisLinebackerMiami Dolphins
McCalebb, OnterioRunning BackCincinnati Bengals
McCann, BryanDefensive BackMiami Dolphins
McCarron, AJQuarterbackCincinnati Bengals
McCarthy, ColinLinebackerTennessee Titans
McCarthy, MikeCoachGreen Bay Packers
McClain, JameelLinebackerNew York Giants
McClain, RobertDefensive BackNew England Patriots
McClain, RolandoLinebackerDallas Cowboys
McClain, TerrellDefensive LinemanDallas Cowboys
McClellin, SheaLinebackerChicago Bears
McClendon, JacquesGuardJacksonville Jaguars
McClover, DarrellLinebackerChicago Bears
McCluster, DexterRunning BackTennessee Titans
McCourty, DevinDefensive BackNew England Patriots
McCourty, Jason Defensive BackTennessee Titans
McCown, JoshuaQuarterbackCleveland Browns
McCown, LukeQuarterbackNew Orleans Saints
McCoy, AnthonyTight EndSeattle Seahawks
McCoy, ColtQuarterbackWashington Redskins
McCoy, GeraldDefensive LinemanTampa Bay Buccaneers
McCoy, LeSeanRunning BackBuffalo Bills
McCoy, MikeCoachSan Diego Chargers
McCray, BobbyDefensive LinemanPhiladelphia Eagles
McCray, DannyDefensive BackChicago Bears
McCray, DemetriusDefensive BackJacksonville Jaguars
McCray, JamesDefensive BackSan Francisco 49ers
McCray, KelcieDefensive BackKansas City Chiefs
McCray, LerenteeLinebackerDenver Broncos
McCullers, DanielDefensive LinemanPittsburgh Steelers
McDaniel, JacobbiDefensive LinemanCleveland Browns
McDaniel, TonyDefensive LinemanSeattle Seahawks
McDonald, ClintonDefensive LinemanTampa Bay Buccaneers
McDonald, DeweyDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
McDonald, RayDefensive LinemanChicago Bears
McDonald, T.J.Defensive BackSt. Louis Rams
McDonald, VanceTight EndSan Francisco 49ers
McDougald, BradleyDefensive BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
McDougle, DexterDefensive BackNew York Jets
McElroy, GregQuarterbackCincinnati Bengals
McFadden, DarrenRunning BackDallas Cowboys
McFadden, LeonDefensive BackSan Francisco 49ers
McFadden, MarshallLinebackerSt. Louis Rams
McGahee, WillisRunning BackFree Agent
McGee, BrandonDefensive BackSt. Louis Rams
McGee, StacyDefensive LinemanOakland Raiders
McGill, KeithDefensive BackOakland Raiders
McGloin, MattQuarterbackOakland Raiders
McGrath, SeanTight EndFree Agent
McIntosh, RockyLinebackerFree Agent
McIntyre, GarrettLinebackerFree Agent
McKelvin, LeodisDefensive BackBuffalo Bills
McKillop, ScottLinebackerSan Francisco 49ers
McKinnon, JerickRunning BackMinnesota Vikings
McKnight, JoeRunning BackKansas City Chiefs
McKnight, ScottyWide ReceiverNew York Jets
McLellan, AlbertLinebackerBaltimore Ravens
McLendon, SteveDefensive LinemanPittsburgh Steelers
McLeod, RodneyDefensive BackSt. Louis Rams
McManis, SherrickDefensive BackChicago Bears
McManus, BrandonKickerDenver Broncos
McMillian, JerronDefensive BackFree Agent
McNary, JoshLinebackerIndianapolis Colts
McNeill, MikeTight EndFree Agent
McNutt, MarvinWide ReceiverFree Agent
McPhee, PernellLinebackerChicago Bears
McQuaide, JakeDefensive BackSt. Louis Rams
Meachem, RobertWide ReceiverFree Agent
Means, StevenDefensive LinemanBaltimore Ravens
Mebane, BrandonDefensive LinemanSeattle Seahawks
Meder, JamieDefensive LinemanCleveland Browns
Meeks, JonathanDefensive BackBuffalo Bills
Meggett, DavinRunning BackIndianapolis Colts
Mellette, AaronWide ReceiverFree Agent
Melton, HenryDefensive LinemanTampa Bay Buccaneers
Melvin, RashaanDefensive BackBaltimore Ravens
Mendenhall, RashardRunning BackFree Agent
Menzie, DeQuanDefensive BackCarolina Panthers
Mercilus, WhitneyLinebackerHouston Texans
Meriweather, BrandonDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Mesko, ZoltanPunterFree Agent
Mettenberger, ZachQuarterbackTennessee Titans
Michael, ChristineRunning BackSeattle Seahawks
Mikell, QuintinDefensive BackFree Agent
Miles, JeromyDefensive BackBaltimore Ravens
Miles, RontezDefensive BackNew York Jets
Millard, TreyRunning BackSan Francisco 49ers
Miller, BruceRunning BackSan Francisco 49ers
Miller, GabeLinebackerWashington Redskins
Miller, HeathTight EndPittsburgh Steelers
Miller, JordanDefensive LinemanGreen Bay Packers
Miller, JustinDefensive BackArizona Cardinals
Miller, LamarRunning BackMiami Dolphins
Miller, NickWide ReceiverPhiladelphia Eagles
Miller, PrinceDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Miller, RoyDefensive LinemanJacksonville Jaguars
Miller, StevenRunning BackDetroit Lions
Miller, VonLinebackerDenver Broncos
Miller, ZachTight EndFree Agent
Miller, ZachTight EndChicago Bears
Milliner, DeeDefensive BackNew York Jets
Milloy, LawyerDefensive BackSeattle Seahawks
Mills, GarrettTight EndNew England Patriots
Milton, KeavonTight EndCleveland Browns
Mincey, JeremyDefensive LinemanDallas Cowboys
Mingo, BarkeviousLinebackerCleveland Browns
Minnifield, ChaseDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Minter, KevinLinebackerArizona Cardinals
Misi, KoaLinebackerMiami Dolphins
Mitchell, CarltonWide ReceiverDallas Cowboys
Mitchell, CharlesDefensive BackDenver Broncos
Mitchell, EarlDefensive LinemanMiami Dolphins
Mitchell, KawikaLinebackerNew Orleans Saints
Mitchell, MarvinLinebackerFree Agent
Mitchell, MikeDefensive BackPittsburgh Steelers
Mitchell, TerranceDefensive BackChicago Bears
Moala, FiliDefensive LinemanIndianapolis Colts
Moats, ArthurLinebackerPittsburgh Steelers
Moch, DontayLinebackerTennessee Titans
Moe, T.J.Wide ReceiverFree Agent
Moeaki, TonyTight EndAtlanta Falcons
Mohamed, MikeLinebackerHouston Texans
Molden, AntwaunDefensive BackJacksonville Jaguars
Momah, IfeanyiWide ReceiverFree Agent
Moncrief, DonteWide ReceiverIndianapolis Colts
Montgomery, MikeDefensive LinemanTennessee Titans
Montgomery, SamDefensive LinemanCincinnati Bengals
Moody, NickLinebackerSan Francisco 49ers
Mooney, CollinRunning BackFree Agent
Moore, BrandonLinebackerSan Diego Chargers
Moore, D.J.Defensive BackFree Agent
Moore, DamontreDefensive LinemanNew York Giants
Moore, DenariusWide ReceiverOakland Raiders
Moore, DreDefensive LinemanTampa Bay Buccaneers
Moore, EricLinebackerNew England Patriots
Moore, JoshuaDefensive BackChicago Bears
Moore, KareemDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Moore, KashifWide ReceiverPittsburgh Steelers
Moore, KellenQuarterbackDetroit Lions
Moore, LanceWide ReceiverFree Agent
Moore, MarlonWide ReceiverCleveland Browns
Moore, MattQuarterbackMiami Dolphins
Moore, RahimDefensive BackHouston Texans
Moore, SioLinebackerOakland Raiders
Moore, SterlingDefensive BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Moore, WilliamDefensive BackAtlanta Falcons
Moore, ZachDefensive LinemanNew England Patriots
Moorman, BrianPunterFree Agent
Moreno, KnowshonRunning BackFree Agent
Morgan, AaronDefensive LinemanJacksonville Jaguars
Morgan, DerrickLinebackerTennessee Titans
Morgan, JosephWide ReceiverFree Agent
Morgan, JoshWide ReceiverChicago Bears
Morgan, MikeLinebackerSeattle Seahawks
Morris, AlfredRunning BackWashington Redskins
Morris, DarrylDefensive BackHouston Texans
Morris, StephenQuarterbackJacksonville Jaguars
Morstead, ThomasPunterNew Orleans Saints
Moses, DezmanLinebackerKansas City Chiefs
Moses, QuentinLinebackerMiami Dolphins
Mosley, C.J.Defensive LinemanDetroit Lions
Mosley, C.J.LinebackerBaltimore Ravens
Moss, DaleWide ReceiverChicago Bears
Moss, SantanaWide ReceiverFree Agent
Moten, AdrianLinebackerCleveland Browns
Motta, ZekeDefensive BackAtlanta Falcons
Mouton, JonasLinebackerFree Agent
Moye, DerekWide ReceiverFree Agent
Muamba, HenocLinebackerIndianapolis Colts
Muhlbach, DonDefensive LinemanDetroit Lions
Muir, DanielDefensive LinemanFree Agent
Mulligan, MatthewTight EndTennessee Titans
Mulumba, AndyLinebackerGreen Bay Packers
Mundy, RyanDefensive BackChicago Bears
Munnerlyn, CaptainDefensive BackMinnesota Vikings
Munoz, DamasoLinebackerTampa Bay Buccaneers
Murphy, JakeTight EndFree Agent
Murphy, JeromeDefensive BackDenver Broncos
Murphy, LouisWide ReceiverTampa Bay Buccaneers
Murphy, TrentLinebackerWashington Redskins
Murray, AaronQuarterbackKansas City Chiefs
Murray, DeMarcoRunning BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Murray, LataviusRunning BackOakland Raiders
Murray, PatrickKickerTampa Bay Buccaneers
Murray, RicoDefensive BackCincinnati Bengals
Murrell, MarquesLinebackerNew England Patriots
Myers, BrandonTight EndTampa Bay Buccaneers

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