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Players and Teams
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Player Position Team
Saddler-McQueen, JimmyDefensive LinemanDetroit Lions
Saine, BrandonRunning BackFree Agent
Saints, New OrleansTeam Offensive LineNew Orleans Saints
Saints, New OrleansDefenseNew Orleans Saints
Saints, New OrleansKickerNew Orleans Saints
Salas, GregWide ReceiverNew York Jets
Sam, MichaelDefensive LinemanFree Agent
Sampson, DemarcoWide ReceiverPhiladelphia Eagles
Samuel, AsanteDefensive BackFree Agent
Sanchez, MarkQuarterbackPhiladelphia Eagles
Sanders, AceWide ReceiverJacksonville Jaguars
Sanders, EmmanuelWide ReceiverDenver Broncos
Sanders, JamesDefensive BackFree Agent
Sands, RobertDefensive BackFree Agent
Sands, TerdellDefensive LinemanNew England Patriots
Sanford, BrianDefensive LinemanCleveland Browns
Sanford, JamarcaDefensive BackMinnesota Vikings
Sankey, BishopRunning BackFree Agent
Sanu, MohamedWide ReceiverCincinnati Bengals
Sanzenbacher, DaneWide ReceiverCincinnati Bengals
Sapp, RickyLinebackerHouston Texans
Sash, TylerDefensive BackFree Agent
Saunders, JalenWide ReceiverFree Agent
Saunders, WeslyeTight EndIndianapolis Colts
Savage, TomQuarterbackFree Agent
Scafe, DamikDefensive LinemanSan Diego Chargers
Scandrick, OrlandoDefensive BackDallas Cowboys
Schaefering, BrianDefensive LinemanFree Agent
Schaffer, J.K.LinebackerCincinnati Bengals
Schaub, MattQuarterbackOakland Raiders
Scheffler, TonyTight EndFree Agent
Schiano, GregCoachFree Agent
Schilens, ChazWide ReceiverFree Agent
Schillinger, ShannDefensive BackFree Agent
Schmitt, RickyKickerSan Diego Chargers
Schofield, OBrienLinebackerNew York Giants
Schommer, Nick Defensive BackTennessee Titans
Schwartz, JimCoachFree Agent
Scifres, MikePunterSan Diego Chargers
Scobee, JoshKickerJacksonville Jaguars
Scott, BartLinebackerFree Agent
Scott, BernardRunning BackBaltimore Ravens
Scott, BryanLinebackerFree Agent
Scott, DaRelRunning BackFree Agent
Scott, DarrionDefensive LinemanWashington Redskins
Scott, Dorell Defensive LinemanSt. Louis Rams
Scott, JeffRunning BackFree Agent
Scott, MattQuarterbackJacksonville Jaguars
Scott, TrevorDefensive LinemanChicago Bears
Scruggs, GregDefensive LinemanSeattle Seahawks
Seahawks, SeattleDefenseSeattle Seahawks
Seahawks, SeattleTeam Offensive LineSeattle Seahawks
Seahawks, SeattleKickerSeattle Seahawks
Searcy, DaNorrisDefensive BackBuffalo Bills
Seastrunk, LacheRunning BackFree Agent
Seferian-Jenkins, AustinTight EndFree Agent
Selvie, GeorgeDefensive LinemanDallas Cowboys
Sendejo, AndrewDefensive BackMinnesota Vikings
Senn, JordanLinebackerChicago Bears
Sensabaugh, CotyDefensive BackTennessee Titans
Sensabaugh, GeraldDefensive BackFree Agent
Seymour, RichardDefensive LinemanFree Agent
Shanahan, MikeCoachFree Agent
Shanle, ScottLinebackerFree Agent
Sharpton, DarrylLinebackerWashington Redskins
Shaughnessy, MattDefensive LinemanArizona Cardinals
Shaw, TimLinebackerFree Agent
Shazier, RyanLinebackerFree Agent
Shead, DeshawnDefensive BackSeattle Seahawks
Sheard, JabaalLinebackerCleveland Browns
Sheffield, CameronDefensive LinemanFree Agent
Shelby, DerrickDefensive LinemanMiami Dolphins
Shepard, RussellWide ReceiverTampa Bay Buccaneers
Sheppard, KelvinLinebackerIndianapolis Colts
Sheppard, MalcolmDefensive LinemanTennessee Titans
Sherels, MarcusDefensive BackMinnesota Vikings
Sherman, AnthonyRunning BackKansas City Chiefs
Sherman, RichardDefensive BackSeattle Seahawks
Shiancoe, VisantheTight EndFree Agent
Shields, SamDefensive BackGreen Bay Packers
Shipley, JordanWide ReceiverFree Agent
Shirley, JasonDefensive LinemanCincinnati Bengals
Short, KawannDefensive LinemanCarolina Panthers
Shorts, CecilWide ReceiverJacksonville Jaguars
Shuler, MickeyTight EndMiami Dolphins
Siavii, JuniorDefensive LinemanSeattle Seahawks
Sidbury, LawrenceLinebackerIndianapolis Colts
Signor, AustinKickerFree Agent
Siler, BrandonLinebackerFree Agent
Siliga, SealverDefensive LinemanNew England Patriots
Silva, JamesDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
Silva, ManaDefensive BackDallas Cowboys
Silva, RicardoDefensive BackFree Agent
Silvestro, AlexTight EndFree Agent
Simms, MattQuarterbackNew York Jets
Simon, JohnLinebackerBaltimore Ravens
Simon, TharoldDefensive BackSeattle Seahawks
Simpkins, MauriceLinebackerSt. Louis Rams
Simpson, ChadRunning BackWashington Redskins
Simpson, JeromeWide ReceiverMinnesota Vikings
Simpson, KoDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Sims, CharlesRunning BackFree Agent
Sims, DavidDefensive BackFree Agent
Sims, DionTight EndMiami Dolphins
Sims, ErnieLinebackerDallas Cowboys
Sims, EugeneDefensive LinemanSt. Louis Rams
Sims, PatDefensive LinemanOakland Raiders
Sinkfield, TerrellWide ReceiverFree Agent
Skelton, JohnQuarterbackFree Agent
Skov, ShaneLinebackerFree Agent
Skrine, BusterDefensive BackCleveland Browns
Skuta, DanLinebackerSan Francisco 49ers
Slater, MattWide ReceiverNew England Patriots
Slaughter, JamorisDefensive BackCleveland Browns
Slay, DariusDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Smallwood, YawinLinebackerFree Agent
Smelley, BradTight EndHouston Texans
Smith, AldonLinebackerSan Francisco 49ers
Smith, AlexTight EndCincinnati Bengals
Smith, AlexQuarterbackKansas City Chiefs
Smith, AlfonsoRunning BackArizona Cardinals
Smith, AndreTight EndCleveland Browns
Smith, AntoneRunning BackAtlanta Falcons
Smith, AntonioDefensive LinemanOakland Raiders
Smith, ArmondRunning BackFree Agent
Smith, BradWide ReceiverPhiladelphia Eagles
Smith, BrianLinebackerCleveland Browns
Smith, ChrisDefensive BackSt. Louis Rams
Smith, D.J.LinebackerHouston Texans
Smith, DAnthonyDefensive LinemanSeattle Seahawks
Smith, DarylLinebackerBaltimore Ravens
Smith, DeAngeloDefensive BackCleveland Browns
Smith, EricDefensive BackFree Agent
Smith, GenoQuarterbackNew York Jets
Smith, HarrisonDefensive BackMinnesota Vikings
Smith, HaydenTight EndFree Agent
Smith, JaredDefensive LinemanFree Agent
Smith, JimmyDefensive BackBaltimore Ravens
Smith, JustinDefensive LinemanSan Francisco 49ers
Smith, KeithDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Smith, KennyDefensive LinemanNew England Patriots
Smith, KevinRunning BackFree Agent
Smith, LeeTight EndBuffalo Bills
Smith, LovieCoachTampa Bay Buccaneers
Smith, MalcolmLinebackerSeattle Seahawks
Smith, MichaelRunning BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Smith, MikeCoachAtlanta Falcons
Smith, QuanterusDefensive LinemanDenver Broncos
Smith, RobaireDefensive LinemanCleveland Browns
Smith, RodneyWide ReceiverMinnesota Vikings
Smith, RustyQuarterbackTennessee Titans
Smith, SeanDefensive BackKansas City Chiefs
Smith, ShaunDefensive LinemanFree Agent
Smith, SteveWide ReceiverFree Agent
Smith, SteveWide ReceiverBaltimore Ravens
Smith, TorreyWide ReceiverBaltimore Ravens
Smith, WillLinebackerFree Agent
Snelling, JasonRunning BackFree Agent
Snow, JustinTight EndWashington Redskins
So'oto, VicLinebackerPittsburgh Steelers
Soliai, PaulDefensive LinemanAtlanta Falcons
Solomon, ScottDefensive LinemanTennessee Titans
Sopoaga, IsaacDefensive LinemanFree Agent
Sorensen, BradQuarterbackSan Diego Chargers
Sorensen, NickDefensive BackCleveland Browns
Spadola, RyanWide ReceiverMiami Dolphins
Spaeth, MattTight EndPittsburgh Steelers
Spann, ChadRunning BackHouston Texans
Spears, MarcusDefensive LinemanFree Agent
Spears, QuintonLinebackerIndianapolis Colts
Spence, AkeemDefensive LinemanTampa Bay Buccaneers
Spence, SeanLinebackerPittsburgh Steelers
Spencer, AnthonyDefensive LinemanDallas Cowboys
Spencer, ShawntaeDefensive BackFree Agent
Sperry, KoryTight EndArizona Cardinals
Spievey, AmariDefensive BackFree Agent
Spikes, BrandonLinebackerBuffalo Bills
Spikes, TakeoLinebackerFree Agent
Spiller, C.J.Running BackBuffalo Bills
Spillman, C.J.Defensive BackSan Francisco 49ers
Spitler, AustinLinebackerMiami Dolphins
Sproles, DarrenRunning BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Spurlock, MichaelWide ReceiverDetroit Lions
Square, DamionDefensive LinemanPhiladelphia Eagles
Stacy, ZacRunning BackSt. Louis Rams
Stafford, DaimionDefensive BackTennessee Titans
Stafford, MatthewQuarterbackDetroit Lions
Stallworth, Donte'Wide ReceiverFree Agent
Stamer, JoshLinebackerTennessee Titans
Stanback, IsaiahWide ReceiverJacksonville Jaguars
Standeford, JohnWide ReceiverDetroit Lions
Stanford, JulianLinebackerDetroit Lions
Stanford, RJDefensive BackCincinnati Bengals
Stanton, DrewQuarterbackArizona Cardinals
Stanzi, RickyQuarterbackJacksonville Jaguars
Starks, JamesRunning BackGreen Bay Packers
Starks, RandyDefensive LinemanMiami Dolphins
Starks, ScottDefensive BackJacksonville Jaguars
Starling, JawanzaDefensive BackHouston Texans
Steelers, PittsburghDefensePittsburgh Steelers
Steelers, PittsburghTeam Offensive LinePittsburgh Steelers
Steelers, PittsburghKickerPittsburgh Steelers
Steltz, CraigDefensive BackChicago Bears
Stephens, EmmanuelLinebackerCleveland Browns
Stephens-Howling, LaRodRunning BackPittsburgh Steelers
Stevens, CraigTight EndTennessee Titans
Steward, PhillipLinebackerFree Agent
Stewart, DarianDefensive BackBaltimore Ravens
Stewart, JeremyRunning BackOakland Raiders
Stewart, JonathanRunning BackCarolina Panthers
Stewart, JonathanLinebackerFree Agent
Stewart, JoshWide ReceiverFree Agent
Stewart, RodneyRunning BackCincinnati Bengals
Stewart, TonyTight EndOakland Raiders
Still, DevonDefensive LinemanCincinnati Bengals
Stills, KennyWide ReceiverNew Orleans Saints
Stocker, LukeTight EndTampa Bay Buccaneers
Stokley, BrandonWide ReceiverBaltimore Ravens
Stoneburner, JakeTight EndGreen Bay Packers
Streater, RodWide ReceiverOakland Raiders
Street, DevinWide ReceiverFree Agent
Streeter, TommyWide ReceiverTampa Bay Buccaneers
Stroughter, Sammie Wide ReceiverFree Agent
Stuckey, DarrellDefensive BackSan Diego Chargers
Studebaker, AndyLinebackerIndianapolis Colts
Stupar, NathanLinebackerJacksonville Jaguars
Sturdivant, QuanLinebackerFree Agent
Sturgis, CalebKickerMiami Dolphins
Succop, RyanKickerKansas City Chiefs
Sudfeld, ZachTight EndNew York Jets
Suggs, TerrellLinebackerBaltimore Ravens
Suh, NdamukongDefensive LinemanDetroit Lions
Suisham, ShaunKickerPittsburgh Steelers
Summers, FrankRunning BackBuffalo Bills
Supernaw, PhillipTight EndHouston Texans
Swain, BrettWide ReceiverSan Francisco 49ers
Swearinger, D.J.Defensive BackHouston Texans
Sweeting, RodDefensive BackNew Orleans Saints
Sweezy, JRDefensive LinemanSeattle Seahawks
Swope, RyanWide ReceiverArizona Cardinals
Sylvester, StevensonLinebackerPittsburgh Steelers

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