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Players and Teams
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Player Position Team
Anderson, DerekQuarterbackCarolina Panthers
Barkley, MattQuarterbackPhiladelphia Eagles
Batch, CharlieQuarterbackPittsburgh Steelers
Bethel-Thompson, McLeodQuarterbackSan Francisco 49ers
Blanchard, MattQuarterbackGreen Bay Packers
Bortles, BlakeQuarterbackJacksonville Jaguars
Boyd, TajhQuarterbackPittsburgh Steelers
Bradford, SamQuarterbackPhiladelphia Eagles
Brady, TomQuarterbackNew England Patriots
Bray, TylerQuarterbackKansas City Chiefs
Brees, DrewQuarterbackNew Orleans Saints
Bridgewater, TeddyQuarterbackMinnesota Vikings
Brohm, BrianQuarterbackFree Agent
Campbell, JasonQuarterbackCincinnati Bengals
Carden, ShaneQuarterbackFree Agent
Carr, DerekQuarterbackOakland Raiders
Cassel, MattQuarterbackBuffalo Bills
Clausen, JimmyQuarterbackChicago Bears
Clemens, KellenQuarterbackSan Diego Chargers
Collins, ToddQuarterbackChicago Bears
Cousins, KirkQuarterbackWashington Redskins
Cutler, JayQuarterbackChicago Bears
Dalton, AndyQuarterbackCincinnati Bengals
Daniel, ChaseQuarterbackKansas City Chiefs
Daniels, B.J.QuarterbackSeattle Seahawks
Davis, AustinQuarterbackSt. Louis Rams
Davis, DomaniqueQuarterbackFree Agent
Devlin, PatQuarterbackMinnesota Vikings
Dixon, DennisQuarterbackFree Agent
Dysert, ZacQuarterbackDenver Broncos
Edwards, TrentQuarterbackOakland Raiders
Enderle, NathanQuarterbackTennessee Titans
Fajardo, CodyQuarterbackFree Agent
Fales, DavidQuarterbackChicago Bears
Faulkner, KoryQuarterbackFree Agent
Fitzpatrick, RyanQuarterbackNew York Jets
Flacco, JoeQuarterbackBaltimore Ravens
Flynn, MattQuarterbackGreen Bay Packers
Foles, NickQuarterbackSt. Louis Rams
Franklin, JamesQuarterbackFree Agent
Freeman, JoshQuarterbackMiami Dolphins
Frye, CharlieQuarterbackOakland Raiders
Gabbert, BlaineQuarterbackSan Francisco 49ers
Garoppolo, JimmyQuarterbackNew England Patriots
Garrard, DavidQuarterbackNew York Jets
Gilbert, GarrettQuarterbackNew England Patriots
Glennon, MikeQuarterbackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Gradkowski, BruceQuarterbackPittsburgh Steelers
Grayson, GarrettQuarterbackFree Agent
Griffin, RyanQuarterbackNew Orleans Saints
Griffin III, RobertQuarterbackWashington Redskins
Grossman, RexQuarterbackFree Agent
Hall, MaxQuarterbackArizona Cardinals
Hanie, CalebQuarterbackFree Agent
Harnish, ChandlerQuarterbackArizona Cardinals
Hasselbeck, MattQuarterbackIndianapolis Colts
Henne, ChadQuarterbackJacksonville Jaguars
Hill, ShaunQuarterbackMinnesota Vikings
Hoyer, BrianQuarterbackHouston Texans
Hundley, BrettQuarterbackFree Agent
Jackson, TarvarisQuarterbackFree Agent
Jensen, BrockQuarterbackFree Agent
Johnson, JoshQuarterbackCincinnati Bengals
Jones, LandryQuarterbackPittsburgh Steelers
Kaepernick, ColinQuarterbackSan Francisco 49ers
Kafka, MikeQuarterbackMinnesota Vikings
Keenum, CaseQuarterbackSt. Louis Rams
Kelly, TaylorQuarterbackFree Agent
Kinne, G.J.QuarterbackPhiladelphia Eagles
Leftwich, ByronQuarterbackPittsburgh Steelers
Lewis, ThaddeusQuarterbackCleveland Browns
Lindley, RyanQuarterbackFree Agent
Locker, JakeQuarterbackFree Agent
Luck, AndrewQuarterbackIndianapolis Colts
Mallett, RyanQuarterbackHouston Texans
Manning, EliQuarterbackNew York Giants
Manning, PeytonQuarterbackDenver Broncos
Mannion, SeanQuarterbackFree Agent
Manuel, E.J.QuarterbackBuffalo Bills
Manziel, JohnnyQuarterbackCleveland Browns
Mariota, MarcusQuarterbackFree Agent
McCarron, AJQuarterbackCincinnati Bengals
McCown, JoshuaQuarterbackCleveland Browns
McCown, LukeQuarterbackNew Orleans Saints
McCoy, ColtQuarterbackWashington Redskins
McElroy, GregQuarterbackCincinnati Bengals
McGloin, MattQuarterbackOakland Raiders
Mettenberger, ZachQuarterbackTennessee Titans
Moore, KellenQuarterbackDetroit Lions
Moore, MattQuarterbackMiami Dolphins
Morris, StephenQuarterbackJacksonville Jaguars
Murray, AaronQuarterbackKansas City Chiefs
Nassib, RyanQuarterbackNew York Giants
Newton, CamQuarterbackCarolina Panthers
Null, KeithQuarterbackCarolina Panthers
Orlovsky, DanQuarterbackDetroit Lions
Orton, KyleQuarterbackFree Agent
Osweiler, BrockQuarterbackDenver Broncos
Padron, KyleQuarterbackOakland Raiders
Painter, CurtisQuarterbackFree Agent
Palmer, CarsonQuarterbackArizona Cardinals
Palmer, JordanQuarterbackTennessee Titans
Pennington, ChadQuarterbackMiami Dolphins
Petty, BryceQuarterbackFree Agent
Ponder, ChristianQuarterbackOakland Raiders
Pryor, TerrelleQuarterbackKansas City Chiefs
Quinn, BradyQuarterbackFree Agent
Renfree, SeanQuarterbackAtlanta Falcons
Renner, BrynQuarterbackBaltimore Ravens
Rivers, PhilipQuarterbackSan Diego Chargers
Robinson, ZacQuarterbackCincinnati Bengals
Rodgers, AaronQuarterbackGreen Bay Packers
Rodgers, JordanQuarterbackFree Agent
Roethlisberger, BenQuarterbackPittsburgh Steelers
Romo, TonyQuarterbackDallas Cowboys
Ryan, MattQuarterbackAtlanta Falcons
Sanchez, MarkQuarterbackPhiladelphia Eagles
Savage, TomQuarterbackHouston Texans
Schaub, MattQuarterbackBaltimore Ravens
Scott, MattQuarterbackFree Agent
Shaw, ConnorQuarterbackCleveland Browns
Simms, MattQuarterbackNew York Jets
Sims, BlakeQuarterbackFree Agent
Smith, AlexQuarterbackKansas City Chiefs
Smith, BrettQuarterbackFree Agent
Smith, GenoQuarterbackNew York Jets
Smith, RustyQuarterbackFree Agent
Sorensen, BradQuarterbackFree Agent
Stafford, MatthewQuarterbackDetroit Lions
Stanton, DrewQuarterbackArizona Cardinals
Stanzi, RickyQuarterbackFree Agent
Tannehill, RyanQuarterbackMiami Dolphins
Tanney, AlexQuarterbackTennessee Titans
Taylor, TyrodQuarterbackBuffalo Bills
Thomas, LoganQuarterbackArizona Cardinals
Tolzien, ScottQuarterbackGreen Bay Packers
Tuel, JeffQuarterbackBuffalo Bills
Vaughan, DustinQuarterbackDallas Cowboys
Vick, MichaelQuarterbackFree Agent
Wallace, SenecaQuarterbackFree Agent
Webb, JoeQuarterbackCarolina Panthers
Weber, AdamQuarterbackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Weeden, BrandonQuarterbackDallas Cowboys
Wenning, KeithQuarterbackBaltimore Ravens
Whitehurst, CharlieQuarterbackTennessee Titans
Wilson, John ParkerQuarterbackJacksonville Jaguars
Wilson, RussellQuarterbackSeattle Seahawks
Wilson, TylerQuarterbackFree Agent
Winston, JameisQuarterbackFree Agent
Yates, TaylorQuarterbackAtlanta Falcons
Young, VinceQuarterbackFree Agent

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