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Player Position Team
Abdul-Quddus, IsaDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Abdullah, HusainDefensive BackKansas City Chiefs
Acker, KennethDefensive BackSan Francisco 49ers
Adams, JamarDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Adams, MichaelDefensive BackFree Agent
Adams, MikeDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
Adams, PhillipDefensive BackAtlanta Falcons
Addae, JahleelDefensive BackSan Diego Chargers
Agnew, VinceDefensive BackDallas Cowboys
Aikens, WaltDefensive BackMiami Dolphins
Alexander, MauriceDefensive BackSt. Louis Rams
Alford, RobertDefensive BackAtlanta Falcons
Allen, AntonioDefensive BackNew York Jets
Allen, AsherDefensive BackMinnesota Vikings
Allen, CortezDefensive BackPittsburgh Steelers
Allen, NateDefensive BackOakland Raiders
Allen, RicardoDefensive BackAtlanta Falcons
Allen, WillDefensive BackPittsburgh Steelers
Amerson, DavidDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Amos, AdrianDefensive BackChicago Bears
Amukamara, PrinceDefensive BackNew York Giants
Anderson, ColtDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
Anderson, VinceDefensive BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Anthony, MarcDefensive BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Arenas, JavierDefensive BackFree Agent
Arrington, KyleDefensive BackBaltimore Ravens
Asante, LarryDefensive BackOakland Raiders
Aubrey, JoshDefensive BackFree Agent
Bademosi, JohnsonDefensive BackCleveland Browns
Bailey, ChampDefensive BackFree Agent
Baker, SeanDefensive BackAtlanta Falcons
Ball, AlanDefensive BackChicago Bears
Ball, MarcusDefensive BackCarolina Panthers
Ballentine, LonnieDefensive BackHouston Texans
Banjo, ChrisDefensive BackGreen Bay Packers
Banks, JonthanDefensive BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Barron, MarkDefensive BackSt. Louis Rams
Bates, JackieDefensive BackKansas City Chiefs
Bell, YeremiahDefensive BackFree Agent
Bennett, FredDefensive BackCincinnati Bengals
Bentley, DwightDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Benwikere, BeneDefensive BackCarolina Panthers
Berhe, NatDefensive BackNew York Giants
Berry, AaronDefensive BackFree Agent
Berry, EricDefensive BackKansas City Chiefs
Bethea, AntoineDefensive BackSan Francisco 49ers
Bethel, JustinDefensive BackArizona Cardinals
Biggers, E.J.Defensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Blackmon, WillDefensive BackSeattle Seahawks
Blake, AntwonDefensive BackPittsburgh Steelers
Blanton, RobertDefensive BackMinnesota Vikings
Bolden, OmarDefensive BackDenver Broncos
Boston, TreDefensive BackCarolina Panthers
Bouye, A.J.Defensive BackHouston Texans
Bowman, ZackaryDefensive BackMiami Dolphins
Boyett, JohnDefensive BackFree Agent
Boykin, BrandonDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Brackenridge, TyronDefensive BackJacksonville Jaguars
Branch, TyvonDefensive BackKansas City Chiefs
Breeland, BashaudDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Brock, TramaineDefensive BackSan Francisco 49ers
Brooks, RonDefensive BackBuffalo Bills
Brooks, TerranceDefensive BackBaltimore Ravens
Brown, ChykieDefensive BackNew York Giants
Brown, CorneliusDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
Brown, JalilDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
Brown, OmarDefensive BackFree Agent
Brown, SergioDefensive BackJacksonville Jaguars
Brown, StevieDefensive BackHouston Texans
Brown, TarellDefensive BackFree Agent
Browner, BrandonDefensive BackNew Orleans Saints
Bruton, DavidDefensive BackDenver Broncos
Bryant, ChristianDefensive BackSt. Louis Rams
Bucannon, DeoneDefensive BackArizona Cardinals
Burley, MarcusDefensive BackSeattle Seahawks
Burnett, JoeDefensive BackNew York Giants
Burnett, MorganDefensive BackGreen Bay Packers
Bush, JarrettDefensive BackFree Agent
Bush, JoshDefensive BackDenver Broncos
Bush, RafaelDefensive BackNew Orleans Saints
Butler, CrezdonDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Butler, DariusDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
Butler, MalcolmDefensive BackNew England Patriots
Butler, MarioDefensive BackDenver Broncos
Butler, QuincyDefensive BackSt. Louis Rams
Byndom, CarringtonDefensive BackCarolina Panthers
Byrd, JairusDefensive BackNew Orleans Saints
Caldwell, DavidDefensive BackNew York Giants
Calvin, JorrickDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Campbell, CalebDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Campbell, IbraheimDefensive BackCleveland Browns
Campbell, TommieDefensive BackJacksonville Jaguars
Carey, DonDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Carmichael, RashadDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Carr, BrandonDefensive BackDallas Cowboys
Carr, DeveronDefensive BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Carrie, TravisDefensive BackOakland Raiders
Carroll, NolanDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Carter, AlexDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Carter, QuintonDefensive BackFree Agent
Carter, TonyDefensive BackDenver Broncos
Carter, TyroneDefensive BackSan Diego Chargers
Casey, ChanceDefensive BackOakland Raiders
Cason, AntoineDefensive BackFree Agent
Castille, SimeonDefensive BackSan Diego Chargers
Cattouse, SeanDefensive BackSan Diego Chargers
Chancellor, KamDefensive BackSeattle Seahawks
Chekwa, ChimdiDefensive BackOakland Raiders
Chung, PatrickDefensive BackNew England Patriots
Church, BarryDefensive BackDallas Cowboys
Claiborne, MorrisDefensive BackDallas Cowboys
Clark, RyanDefensive BackFree Agent
Clemons, ChrisDefensive BackArizona Cardinals
Clinton-Dix, HaseanDefensive BackGreen Bay Packers
Cockrell, RossDefensive BackBuffalo Bills
Colclough, RicardoDefensive BackKansas City Chiefs
Cole, MarquiceDefensive BackFree Agent
Coleman, KurtDefensive BackCarolina Panthers
Collins, JalenDefensive BackAtlanta Falcons
Collins, LandonDefensive BackNew York Giants
Colvin, AaronDefensive BackJacksonville Jaguars
Commings, SandersDefensive BackKansas City Chiefs
Conte, ChrisDefensive BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Cook, ChrisDefensive BackSan Francisco 49ers
Cook, EmanuelDefensive BackNew York Jets
Cooper, MarcusDefensive BackKansas City Chiefs
Corto, JonDefensive BackBuffalo Bills
Couplin, JeromeDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Cox, DerekDefensive BackFree Agent
Cox, PerrishDefensive BackTennessee Titans
Crocker, ChrisDefensive BackFree Agent
Cromartie, AntonioDefensive BackNew York Jets
Cromartie, MarcusDefensive BackSan Francisco 49ers
Cromartie-Smith, Da'MonDefensive BackPittsburgh Steelers
Culliver, ChrisDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Cyprien, JohnathanDefensive BackJacksonville Jaguars
Dahl, CraigDefensive BackSan Francisco 49ers
Daniels, MattDefensive BackJacksonville Jaguars
Darby, AldenDefensive BackFree Agent
Darby, RonaldDefensive BackBuffalo Bills
Davis, AkeemDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Davis, ChrisDefensive BackSan Diego Chargers
Davis, CodyDefensive BackSt. Louis Rams
Davis, KanorrisDefensive BackNew England Patriots
Davis, VontaeDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
Davis, WillDefensive BackMiami Dolphins
DeCoud, ThomasDefensive BackFree Agent
Delmas, LouisDefensive BackMiami Dolphins
Demps, QuintinDefensive BackFree Agent
Dennard, AlfonzoDefensive BackArizona Cardinals
Dennard, DarquezeDefensive BackCincinnati Bengals
Desir, PierreDefensive BackCleveland Browns
Diggs, QuandreDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Dixon, AhmadDefensive BackFree Agent
Dixon, BrandonDefensive BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Dixon, BrianDefensive BackNew Orleans Saints
Dockery, JamesDefensive BackOakland Raiders
Doss, LorenzoDefensive BackDenver Broncos
Doughty, ReedDefensive BackFree Agent
Dowling, JonathanDefensive BackOakland Raiders
Dowling, Ras-IDefensive BackOakland Raiders
Drummond, KurtisDefensive BackFree Agent
Ducre, GregDefensive BackSan Diego Chargers
Dye, TonyDefensive BackOakland Raiders
Ebner, NateDefensive BackNew England Patriots
Ekpre-Olomu, IfoDefensive BackCleveland Browns
Elam, MattDefensive BackBaltimore Ravens
Eubanks, DariusDefensive BackCleveland Browns
Evans, JoshDefensive BackJacksonville Jaguars
Evans, RandallDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Exum, AntoneDefensive BackMinnesota Vikings
Faggins, DemarcusDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Fenner, ChandlerDefensive BackNew York Giants
Ferguson, NickDefensive BackHouston Texans
Finnegan, CortlandDefensive BackFree Agent
Fleming, JamellDefensive BackKansas City Chiefs
Fletcher, Bradley Defensive BackNew England Patriots
Fletcher, DonnieDefensive BackNew York Jets
Florence, DraytonDefensive BackFree Agent
Flowers, BrandonDefensive BackSan Diego Chargers
Ford, TrevorDefensive BackGreen Bay Packers
Fox, VernonDefensive BackDenver Broncos
Frampton, EricDefensive BackDallas Cowboys
Francisco, AaronDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Franks, DominiqueDefensive BackFree Agent
Frederick, TerrenceDefensive BackNew Orleans Saints
Frey, IsaiahDefensive BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Fuller, KyleDefensive BackChicago Bears
Furman, JoshDefensive BackDenver Broncos
Gaines, CharlesDefensive BackCleveland Browns
Gaines, E.J.Defensive BackSt. Louis Rams
Gaines, PhillipDefensive BackKansas City Chiefs
Gaitor, AnthonyDefensive BackFree Agent
Gatson, GregDefensive BackSan Diego Chargers
Gay, WilliamDefensive BackPittsburgh Steelers
Geathers, ClaytonDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
Gerard, K.J.Defensive BackBaltimore Ravens
Ghee, BrandonDefensive BackCincinnati Bengals
Gilbert, JustinDefensive BackCleveland Browns
Gilchrist, MarcusDefensive BackNew York Jets
Gilmore, StephonDefensive BackBuffalo Bills
Giordano, MattDefensive BackFree Agent
Gipson, TashaunDefensive BackCleveland Browns
Godfrey, CharlesDefensive BackAtlanta Falcons
Golden, RobertDefensive BackPittsburgh Steelers
Goldson, DashonDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Golson, SenquezDefensive BackPittsburgh Steelers
Gomes, DejonDefensive BackFree Agent
Goodson, DemetriDefensive BackGreen Bay Packers
Gordon, CletisDefensive BackDallas Cowboys
Gordy, JoshDefensive BackNew York Giants
Gorrer, DannyDefensive BackFree Agent
Graham, CoreyDefensive BackBuffalo Bills
Grant, DoranDefensive BackPittsburgh Steelers
Gratz, DwayneDefensive BackJacksonville Jaguars
Green, IsaiahDefensive BackPittsburgh Steelers
Green, JonteDefensive BackBuffalo Bills
Green, MarshayDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
Greenwood, ChrisDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Gregory, SteveDefensive BackFree Agent
Griffin, MichaelDefensive BackTennessee Titans
Grimes, BrentDefensive BackMiami Dolphins
Gumbs, JoseDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Haden, JoeDefensive BackCleveland Browns
Hagg, EricDefensive BackDenver Broncos
Hal, DreDefensive BackHouston Texans
Hall, De'vonDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
Hall, DeAngeloDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Hall, LeonDefensive BackCincinnati Bengals
Hamilton, JakarDefensive BackDallas Cowboys
Hamilton, MarcusDefensive BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Hardin, BrandonDefensive BackNew York Jets
Harmon, DuronDefensive BackNew England Patriots
Harper, RomanDefensive BackCarolina Panthers
Harris, AnthonyDefensive BackMinnesota Vikings
Harris, AntoineDefensive BackAtlanta Falcons
Harris, BrandonDefensive BackTennessee Titans
Harris, CaryDefensive BackNew York Giants
Harris, ChrisDefensive BackDenver Broncos
Harris, DominiqueDefensive BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Harris, JeremyDefensive BackJacksonville Jaguars
Harris, MikeDefensive BackNew York Giants
Hart, ClintonDefensive BackSt. Louis Rams
Hawkins, ChrisDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Hayden, D.J.Defensive BackOakland Raiders
Hayden, KelvinDefensive BackFree Agent
Hayward, CaseyDefensive BackGreen Bay Packers
Heath, JeffDefensive BackDallas Cowboys
Heath, T.J.Defensive BackBuffalo Bills
Henry, AnthonyDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Hill, WillDefensive BackBaltimore Ravens
Hobbs, EllisDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Holliman, GerodDefensive BackPittsburgh Steelers
Holmes, LendyDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Horton, ChrisDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Hosley, JayronDefensive BackNew York Giants
House, DavonDefensive BackJacksonville Jaguars
Houston, ChrisDefensive BackFree Agent
Howell, DelanoDefensive BackFree Agent
Hudson, MarcusDefensive BackCarolina Panthers
Huff, MarquestonDefensive BackTennessee Titans
Huff, MichaelDefensive BackFree Agent
Hughes, BrandonCornerbackPhiladelphia Eagles
Hurst, DemontreDefensive BackChicago Bears
Hyde, MicahDefensive BackGreen Bay Packers
Ihedigbo, JamesDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Ihenacho, DukeDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Ikegwuonu, JackDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Iloka, GeorgeDefensive BackCincinnati Bengals
Ishmael, KemalDefensive BackAtlanta Falcons
Ittersagen, PeteDefensive BackTennessee Titans
Ivy, CoreyDefensive BackBaltimore Ravens
Jackson, AsaDefensive BackBaltimore Ravens
Jackson, BennettDefensive BackNew York Giants
Jackson, ChevisDefensive BackCarolina Panthers
Jackson, KareemDefensive BackHouston Texans
Jackson, TanardDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Jacobs, TramainDefensive BackBaltimore Ravens
James, CharlesDefensive BackNew York Giants
James, KendallDefensive BackFree Agent
James, WilliamDefensive BackSan Francisco 49ers
Jammer, QuentinDefensive BackFree Agent
Jarrett, JaiquawnDefensive BackNew York Jets
Jarrett, KyshoenDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Jean-Baptiste, StanleyDefensive BackNew Orleans Saints
Jefferson, A.J.Defensive BackFree Agent
Jefferson, TonyDefensive BackArizona Cardinals
Jenkins, JanorisDefensive BackSt. Louis Rams
Jenkins, MalcolmDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Jenkins, MikeDefensive BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Jennings, M.D.Defensive BackFree Agent
Jennings, TimDefensive BackChicago Bears
Johnson, BruceDefensive BackNew York Giants
Johnson, ChrisDefensive BackBaltimore Ravens
Johnson, DJDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Johnson, DominiqueDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Johnson, DontaeDefensive BackSan Francisco 49ers
Johnson, JeronDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Johnson, KeelanDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Johnson, KevinDefensive BackHouston Texans
Johnson, LeonardDefensive BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Johnson, MarquisDefensive BackSt. Louis Rams
Johnson, MattDefensive BackFree Agent
Johnson, MichaelDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Johnson, RashadDefensive BackArizona Cardinals
Johnson, SheltonDefensive BackOakland Raiders
Johnson, TerrenceDefensive BackAtlanta Falcons
Johnson, ToddDefensive BackBuffalo Bills
Johnson, TrumaineDefensive BackSt. Louis Rams
Jones, AdamDefensive BackCincinnati Bengals
Jones, ByronDefensive BackDallas Cowboys
Jones, ColinDefensive BackCarolina Panthers
Jones, DonDefensive BackMiami Dolphins
Jones, Herana-DazeDefensive BackNew Orleans Saints
Jones, ReshadDefensive BackMiami Dolphins
Joseph, JohnathanDefensive BackHouston Texans
Joyner, LamarcusDefensive BackSt. Louis Rams
Kaesviharn, KevinDefensive BackTennessee Titans
Keo, ShilohDefensive BackCincinnati Bengals
King, AkeemDefensive BackAtlanta Falcons
King, BrandonDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
King, EricDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Kirkpatrick, DreDefensive BackCincinnati Bengals
Kovacs, JordanDefensive BackMiami Dolphins
Ladler, KennyDefensive BackBuffalo Bills
Landry, DawanDefensive BackFree Agent
Landry, LaRonDefensive BackFree Agent
Lane, JeremyDefensive BackSeattle Seahawks
Langford, ReshardDefensive BackKansas City Chiefs
Lankster, EllisDefensive BackFree Agent
Lawson, GerardDefensive BackCleveland Browns
Lawson, NevinDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Lefeged, JoeDefensive BackFree Agent
Leonhard, JimDefensive BackFree Agent
Lester, RobertDefensive BackCarolina Panthers
Levine, AnthonyDefensive BackBaltimore Ravens
Lewis, KeenanDefensive BackNew Orleans Saints
Lewis, KendrickDefensive BackBaltimore Ravens
Lewis, LeQuanDefensive BackNew York Jets
Lewis, MichaelDefensive BackSt. Louis Rams
Lewis-Harris, ChrisDefensive BackCincinnati Bengals
Lindley, TrevardDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Loston, CraigDefensive BackJacksonville Jaguars
Louis-Jean, AlDefensive BackChicago Bears
Lowery, DwightDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
Lucas, KenDefensive BackSeattle Seahawks
Lynch, CoreyDefensive BackFree Agent
Mack, ElbertDefensive BackFree Agent
Madison, AnthonyDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Mager, CraigDefensive BackSan Diego Chargers
Manning, DaniealDefensive BackFree Agent
Manuel, MarquandDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Maragos, ChrisDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Marsh, CurtisDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Marshall, RichardDefensive BackFree Agent
Martin, DerrickDefensive BackChicago Bears
Martin, SherrodDefensive BackFree Agent
Mathieu, TyrannDefensive BackArizona Cardinals
Mathis, RasheanDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Maxwell, ByronDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Mays, TaylorDefensive BackMinnesota Vikings
McBride, TrumaineDefensive BackNew York Giants
McCain, BobbyDefensive BackMiami Dolphins
McCain, BriceDefensive BackMiami Dolphins
McCann, BryanDefensive BackMiami Dolphins
McClain, RobertDefensive BackNew England Patriots
McCourty, DevinDefensive BackNew England Patriots
McCourty, Jason Defensive BackTennessee Titans
McCray, DannyDefensive BackDallas Cowboys
McCray, DemetriusDefensive BackJacksonville Jaguars
McCray, JamesDefensive BackSan Francisco 49ers
McCray, KelcieDefensive BackKansas City Chiefs
McDonald, DeweyDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
McDonald, DexterDefensive BackOakland Raiders
McDonald, T.J.Defensive BackSt. Louis Rams
McDougald, BradleyDefensive BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
McDougle, DexterDefensive BackNew York Jets
McFadden, LeonDefensive BackSan Francisco 49ers
McGee, BrandonDefensive BackSt. Louis Rams
McGill, KeithDefensive BackOakland Raiders
McKelvin, LeodisDefensive BackBuffalo Bills
McLeod, RodneyDefensive BackSt. Louis Rams
McManis, SherrickDefensive BackChicago Bears
McMillian, JerronDefensive BackFree Agent
McQuaide, JakeDefensive BackSt. Louis Rams
Meeks, JonathanDefensive BackBuffalo Bills
Melvin, RashaanDefensive BackBaltimore Ravens
Menzie, DeQuanDefensive BackCarolina Panthers
Meriweather, BrandonDefensive BackFree Agent
Mikell, QuintinDefensive BackFree Agent
Miles, JeromyDefensive BackFree Agent
Miles, RontezDefensive BackNew York Jets
Miller, JustinDefensive BackArizona Cardinals
Miller, PrinceDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Milliner, DeeDefensive BackNew York Jets
Milloy, LawyerDefensive BackSeattle Seahawks
Minnifield, ChaseDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Mitchel, TevinDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Mitchell, CharlesDefensive BackDenver Broncos
Mitchell, MikeDefensive BackPittsburgh Steelers
Mitchell, TerranceDefensive BackChicago Bears
Molden, AntwaunDefensive BackJacksonville Jaguars
Moore, D.J.Defensive BackFree Agent
Moore, JoshuaDefensive BackChicago Bears
Moore, KareemDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Moore, RahimDefensive BackHouston Texans
Moore, SterlingDefensive BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Moore, WilliamDefensive BackAtlanta Falcons
Morris, DarrylDefensive BackHouston Texans
Motta, ZekeDefensive BackAtlanta Falcons
Mundy, RyanDefensive BackChicago Bears
Munnerlyn, CaptainDefensive BackMinnesota Vikings
Murphy, JeromeDefensive BackDenver Broncos
Murphy, RyanDefensive BackSeattle Seahawks
Murray, RicoDefensive BackCincinnati Bengals
Nelms, CoryDefensive BackArizona Cardinals
Nelson, JericoDefensive BackNew Orleans Saints
Nelson, ReggieDefensive BackCincinnati Bengals
Nelson, RobertDefensive BackCleveland Browns
Nelson, StevenDefensive BackKansas City Chiefs
Nelson, TomDefensive BackCincinnati Bengals
Ness, NateDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Newman, TerenceDefensive BackMinnesota Vikings
Newton, MikeDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
Nickey, DonnieDefensive BackTennessee Titans
Nixon, JamesDefensive BackGreen Bay Packers
Nixon, TaureanDefensive BackDenver Broncos
Norman, JoshDefensive BackCarolina Panthers
Oglesby, EvanDefensive BackMiami Dolphins
Okoro, KennyDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Owens, ChristopherDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Owusu-Ansah, AkwasiDefensive BackOakland Raiders
Parker, RonDefensive BackKansas City Chiefs
Parks, CordDefensive BackSeattle Seahawks
Parks, TerranceDefensive BackFree Agent
Paschal, MarcusDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
Patmon, TylerDefensive BackDallas Cowboys
Patrick, JohnnyDefensive BackFree Agent
Patterson, DimitriDefensive BackFree Agent
Paymah, KarlDefensive BackSan Francisco 49ers
Pellerin, MicahDefensive BackDallas Cowboys
Pender, DavidDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
Peters, MarcusDefensive BackKansas City Chiefs
Peterson, PatrickDefensive BackArizona Cardinals
Phillips, AdrianDefensive BackSan Diego Chargers
Pinkins, EricDefensive BackSeattle Seahawks
Pleasant, EddieDefensive BackHouston Texans
Pointer, QuintonDefensive BackSt. Louis Rams
Polamalu, TroyDefensive BackFree Agent
Pollard, BernardDefensive BackFree Agent
Pope, GeoffreyDefensive BackCincinnati Bengals
Porter, JoeDefensive BackOakland Raiders
Porter, TracyDefensive BackFree Agent
Posey, JulianDefensive BackMiami Dolphins
Poteat, HankDefensive BackCleveland Browns
Powers, JerraudDefensive BackArizona Cardinals
Poyer, JordanDefensive BackCleveland Browns
Prater, ShaunDefensive BackMinnesota Vikings
Pratt, PaulDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Presley, De'AndreDefensive BackCarolina Panthers
Price, JabariDefensive BackMinnesota Vikings
Price, RickyDefensive BackKansas City Chiefs
Price, SheldonDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
Prioleau, PiersonDefensive BackNew Orleans Saints
Prosinski, ChrisDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Pryor, CalvinDefensive BackNew York Jets
Pugh, JordanDefensive BackFree Agent
Purifoy, LouchiezDefensive BackFree Agent
Quin, GloverDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Rambo, BacarriDefensive BackBuffalo Bills
Randall, DamariousDefensive BackGreen Bay Packers
Rashad, Sha'reffDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Ratliff, KeiwanDefensive BackCincinnati Bengals
Raymond, MistralDefensive BackMinnesota Vikings
Reaser, KeithDefensive BackSan Francisco 49ers
Reed, EdDefensive BackFree Agent
Reid, EricDefensive BackSan Francisco 49ers
Reis, ChrisDefensive BackNew Orleans Saints
Revis, DarrelleDefensive BackNew York Jets
Reynolds, EdDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Rhodes, XavierDefensive BackMinnesota Vikings
Richards, JordanDefensive BackNew England Patriots
Richardson, MikeDefensive BackNew England Patriots
Richardson, SeanDefensive BackGreen Bay Packers
Richardson, ShaquilleDefensive BackFree Agent
Roach, DavidDefensive BackSt. Louis Rams
Roberson, DerrickDefensive BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Roberson, MarcusDefensive BackSt. Louis Rams
Roberts, DarrylDefensive BackNew England Patriots
Robey, NickellDefensive BackBuffalo Bills
Robinson, JoshDefensive BackMinnesota Vikings
Robinson, PatrickDefensive BackSan Diego Chargers
Robinson, RamzeeDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Robinson, TrentDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Roby, BradleyDefensive BackDenver Broncos
Rodgers-Cromartie, DominiqueDefensive BackNew York Giants
Rogers, CarlosDefensive BackFree Agent
Rogers, JustinDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Rolle, AntrelDefensive BackChicago Bears
Rolle, JumalDefensive BackHouston Texans
Rollins, QuintenDefensive BackGreen Bay Packers
Roman, MarkDefensive BackSan Francisco 49ers
Rose, LowellDefensive BackMiami Dolphins
Ross, AaronDefensive BackFree Agent
Ross, BrandianDefensive BackOakland Raiders
Rowe, EricDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Rushing, T.J.Defensive BackIndianapolis Colts
Russell, AndersonDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Russell, BrianDefensive BackHouston Texans
Ryan, LoganDefensive BackNew England Patriots
Sample, JamesDefensive BackJacksonville Jaguars
Sanford, JamarcaDefensive BackNew Orleans Saints
Scandrick, OrlandoDefensive BackDallas Cowboys
Schommer, Nick Defensive BackTennessee Titans
Seamster, SammyDefensive BackMiami Dolphins
Searcy, DaNorrisDefensive BackTennessee Titans
Seisay, MohammedDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Sendejo, AndrewDefensive BackMinnesota Vikings
Sensabaugh, CotyDefensive BackTennessee Titans
Shaw, JoshDefensive BackCincinnati Bengals
Shead, DeshawnDefensive BackSeattle Seahawks
Shepherd, JaCoreyDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Sherels, MarcusDefensive BackMinnesota Vikings
Sherman, RichardDefensive BackSeattle Seahawks
Shields, SamDefensive BackGreen Bay Packers
Silva, JamesDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
Silva, ManaDefensive BackDallas Cowboys
Simon, TharoldDefensive BackSeattle Seahawks
Simpson, KoDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Skrine, BusterDefensive BackNew York Jets
Slaughter, JamorisDefensive BackFree Agent
Slay, DariusDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Smith, ChrisDefensive BackSt. Louis Rams
Smith, D'JounDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
Smith, DeAngeloDefensive BackCleveland Browns
Smith, DerronDefensive BackCincinnati Bengals
Smith, HarrisonDefensive BackMinnesota Vikings
Smith, JimmyDefensive BackBaltimore Ravens
Smith, KeithDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Smith, SeanDefensive BackKansas City Chiefs
Smith, TyeDefensive BackSeattle Seahawks
Sorensen, DanielDefensive BackKansas City Chiefs
Sorensen, NickDefensive BackCleveland Browns
Southward, DezmenDefensive BackAtlanta Falcons
Spillman, C.J.Defensive BackDallas Cowboys
Stafford, DaimionDefensive BackTennessee Titans
Stanford, RJDefensive BackMiami Dolphins
Starks, ScottDefensive BackJacksonville Jaguars
Starling, JawanzaDefensive BackHouston Texans
Steltz, CraigDefensive BackFree Agent
Stewart, DarianDefensive BackDenver Broncos
Stuckey, DarrellDefensive BackSan Diego Chargers
Sunseri, VinnieDefensive BackNew Orleans Saints
Swann, DamianDefensive BackNew Orleans Saints
Swearinger, D.J.Defensive BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Sweeting, RodDefensive BackFree Agent
Talib, AqibDefensive BackDenver Broncos
Tandy, KeithDefensive BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Tartt, JaquiskiDefensive BackSan Francisco 49ers
Taylor, BrandonDefensive BackFree Agent
Taylor, CooperDefensive BackNew York Giants
Taylor, CurtisDefensive BackArizona Cardinals
Taylor, IkeDefensive BackFree Agent
Taylor, JamarDefensive BackMiami Dolphins
Teal, QuintonDefensive BackSan Diego Chargers
Terrell, StevenDefensive BackSeattle Seahawks
Thomas, EarlDefensive BackSeattle Seahawks
Thomas, JemeaDefensive BackTennessee Titans
Thomas, JoshDefensive BackFree Agent
Thomas, MichaelDefensive BackMiami Dolphins
Thomas, PhillipDefensive BackWashington Redskins
Thomas, ShamarkoDefensive BackPittsburgh Steelers
Thomas, TerrellDefensive BackFree Agent
Thompson, CedricDefensive BackMiami Dolphins
Thompson, MykkeleDefensive BackNew York Giants
Thompson, PeytonDefensive BackFree Agent
Thorpe, NeikoDefensive BackOakland Raiders
Thurmond, WalterDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Tillman, CharlesDefensive BackCarolina Panthers
Toler, GregDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
Trawick, BryndenDefensive BackBaltimore Ravens
Trufant, DesmondDefensive BackAtlanta Falcons
Trufant, IsaiahDefensive BackNew York Jets
Underwood, BrandonDefensive BackGreen Bay Packers
Vaccaro, KennyDefensive BackNew Orleans Saints
Vaughn, CassiusDefensive BackBaltimore Ravens
Vaughn, ChipDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
Ventrone, RaymondDefensive BackSan Francisco 49ers
Ventrone, RossDefensive BackPittsburgh Steelers
Vereen, BrockDefensive BackChicago Bears
Verner, AlterraunDefensive BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Verrett, JasonDefensive BackSan Diego Chargers
Victorian, JoshDefensive BackPittsburgh Steelers
Wade, JonathanDefensive BackCincinnati Bengals
Wade, TrevinDefensive BackNew Orleans Saints
Walker, TrayDefensive BackBaltimore Ravens
Wallace, C.J.Defensive BackSeattle Seahawks
Walls, DarrinDefensive BackNew York Jets
Walters, AnthonyDefensive BackChicago Bears
Ward, JimmieDefensive BackSan Francisco 49ers
Ward, T.J.Defensive BackDenver Broncos
Ware, JeremyDefensive BackOakland Raiders
Ware, MattDefensive BackArizona Cardinals
Warren, PierreDefensive BackNew Orleans Saints
Watkins, JaylenDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Watkins, PatDefensive BackDallas Cowboys
Waynes, TraeDefensive BackMinnesota Vikings
Webb, B.W.Defensive BackPittsburgh Steelers
Webb, LardariusDefensive BackBaltimore Ravens
Webster, CoreyDefensive BackFree Agent
Webster, KayvonDefensive BackDenver Broncos
Weddle, EricDefensive BackSan Diego Chargers
Wendling, JohnDefensive BackFree Agent
Westbrooks, LavelleDefensive BackFree Agent
Wheatley, TerrenceDefensive BackBuffalo Bills
White, CoreyDefensive BackDallas Cowboys
White, MarvinDefensive BackCincinnati Bengals
White, MelvinDefensive BackCarolina Panthers
Whitner, DonteDefensive BackCleveland Browns
Wilcox, J.J.Defensive BackDallas Cowboys
Williams, AaronDefensive BackBuffalo Bills
Williams, BrianDefensive BackAtlanta Falcons
Williams, CaryDefensive BackSeattle Seahawks
Williams, DukeDefensive BackBuffalo Bills
Williams, JackDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Williams, K'WaunDefensive BackCleveland Browns
Williams, MalcolmDefensive BackNew England Patriots
Williams, MarcusDefensive BackNew York Jets
Williams, P.J.Defensive BackNew Orleans Saints
Williams, ShawnDefensive BackCincinnati Bengals
Williams, SteveDefensive BackSan Diego Chargers
Williams, TeddyDefensive BackCarolina Panthers
Williams, ToriDefensive BackHouston Texans
Williams, TramonDefensive BackCleveland Browns
Wilson, AdrianDefensive BackFree Agent
Wilson, C.J.Defensive BackDallas Cowboys
Wilson, C.J.Defensive BackChicago Bears
Wilson, GeorgeDefensive BackFree Agent
Wilson, JimmyDefensive BackSan Diego Chargers
Wilson, JoshDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Wilson, KyleDefensive BackNew Orleans Saints
Wilson, TavonDefensive BackNew England Patriots
Wilson, TracyDefensive BackTennessee Titans
Winston, GuyDefensive BackIndianapolis Colts
Wolff, EarlDefensive BackPhiladelphia Eagles
Woodson, CharlesDefensive BackOakland Raiders
Wooten, KhalidDefensive BackTennessee Titans
Word-Daniels, JahiDefensive BackDetroit Lions
Wreh-Wilson, BlidiDefensive BackTennessee Titans
Wright, EricDefensive BackFree Agent
Wright, MajorDefensive BackTampa Bay Buccaneers
Wright, ShareeceDefensive BackSan Francisco 49ers
Young, UsamaDefensive BackFree Agent

Fantasy Football Top of The Tank