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FFTools  » Statistics » Consistency
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Player Consistency
Not football stats....fantasy football stats
Period      Position         League    
Data updated through 2013 week 20
This tool determines the consistency of the top fantasy point scorers.
Fantasy points are calculated using your selected scoring system. The consistency metric is the coefficient of variation.
'Points+Consistency' = 'Average Points' * ('Consistency'/100). Players with stats in at least 62.5% of games are included.

#PlayerTeamTotal PointsAverage PointsStandard DeviationExceptional GamesAbove Avg GamesAvg GamesBelow Avg GamesPoor GamesConsistencyPoints + Consistency
1Smith, AlexKCC234.715.65.101102267.710.59
2Rivers, PhilipSDC298.818.75.92192268.512.80
3Hasselbeck, MattIND219.914.77.00190552.27.66
4McCoy, ColtWAS188.114.53.90084173.310.60
5Flacco, JoeBAL239.315.06.81182454.48.14
6Freeman, JoshNYG224.216.05.91173263.210.13
7Roethlisberger, BenPIT256.917.16.92172359.810.25
8Dalton, AndyCIN241.115.16.10265359.89.01
9Newton, CamCAR403.525.28.17261068.017.14
10Ryan, MattATL315.319.75.91662170.313.85
11Cutler, JayCHI159.616.07.31061254.18.64
12Fitzpatrick, RyanHOU250.416.76.82164259.29.88
13Manning, EliNYG329.020.66.73462167.313.85
14Romo, TonyDAL317.821.25.93462072.115.27
15Grossman, RexWAS178.513.77.61061544.66.12
16Brady, TomNEP418.726.26.89160074.019.37
17Ponder, ChristianMIN136.612.47.80150537.44.64
18Sanchez, MarkPHI250.916.78.12254251.68.63
19Moore, MattMIA178.713.76.90251549.56.80
20Stafford, MatthewDET389.724.48.37342065.916.04
21Palmer, CarsonARZ163.616.48.01232251.18.36
22Brees, DrewNOR442.427.78.08431071.119.65
23Gabbert, BlaineSFO132.09.44.20024855.95.27
24Bradford, SamSTL108.510.84.00025362.76.80
25Jackson, TarvarisSEA191.612.84.40129365.88.40
26Vick, MichaelNYJ239.119.97.61524062.012.35
27Rodgers, AaronGBP443.629.67.210410075.722.38

Game classification for the selected scoring system and position
Exceptional26.3 - 100
Above average22.2 - 26.3
Average14.0 - 22.2
Below average9.9 - 14.0
Poor-100 - 9.9

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