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FFTools  » Statistics » Opportunities
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Scoring Opportunities
Not football stats....fantasy football stats

Period    Position    Category 

Data updated through 2014 week 12
Thrown To Ball was thrown to the player (also known as a 'target')
Scoring Opportunities Player was thrown to and the play started inside the 10 or ended inside the 5 yard line
RedZone Opportunities Player was thrown to and the line of scrimmage was inside the 20 yard line
Heart Breaks Player was thrown to more than 5 yards down the field and the play ended inside the 5 yard line
All statistics in this report include plays that were nullified by penalty
PlayerTeamThrown toReceptsReception %Scoring OppsScoring Opps Resulting in a TD% of Scoring Opps Resulting in a TDRedZone OppsRedZone Opps Resulting in a TD% of RedZone Opps Resulting in a TDHeart breaks
Edelman, JulianNEP16*12*75.08*00.0800.00
Gordon, JoshCLE16*8*50.07*00.0700.00
Green, A.J.CIN16*12*75.010*110.010110.00
Sanders, EmmanuelDEN14964.38*00.0800.00
Jones, JulioATL14535.75120.05120.00
LaFell, BrandonNEP13969.2500.0500.00
Nelson, JordyGBP13861.5300.0300.00
Johnson, AndreHOU13323.1500.0500.00
Thomas, DemaryiusDEN131076.98337.58337.50
Boldin, AnquanSFO129*75.02150.02150.00
Holmes, AndreOAK12*541.75*00.0500.00
Evans, MikeTBB11327.33133.33133.30
Johnson, CalvinDET11436.4300.0300.00
Landry, JarvisMIA11*7*63.66*233.36233.30
Johnson, CharlesMIN11*327.37*114.37114.30
Tate, GoldenDET11436.4400.0400.00
Bailey, StedmanSTL11*9*81.87*228.67228.60
White, RoddyATL109*90.0400.0400.00
Hunter, JustinTEN104*40.03133.33133.30
Wayne, ReggieIND9333.3400.0400.00
Allen, KeenanSDC9666.73266.73266.70
Hopkins, DeAndreHOU9555.6100.0100.00
Jackson, VincentTBB9555.6200.0200.00
Maclin, JeremyPHI8675.0500.0500.00
Austin, MilesCLE8675.03*00.0300.00
Matthews, JordanPHI8675.0300.0300.00
Murphy, LouisTBB8675.0100.0100.00
Jennings, GregMIN7457.15*120.05120.00
Washington, NateTEN7*5*71.44*125.04125.00
Sanu, MohamedCIN7571.44125.04125.00
Britt, KennySTL7*342.94*125.0300.00
Crabtree, MichaelSFO7571.4100.0100.00
Hester, DevinATL7457.13*00.0300.00
Brown, JaronARZ7*4*57.14*00.0400.00
Gibson, BrandonMIA6*5*83.3100.0100.00
Ross, JeremyDET6*3*50.03*00.0300.00
Jones, JamesOAK6583.34*125.04125.00
Wright, KendallTEN6116.7200.0200.00
Brown, JohnARZ6350.000000
Cooper, RileyPHI6350.0300.0300.00
Cobb, RandallGBP6466.7300.0300.00
Royal, EddieSDC66100.0200.0200.00
Bowe, DwayneKCC6350.0100.0100.00
Jackson, DeSeanWAS5240.000000
Hawkins, AndrewCLE55100.0100.0100.00
Floyd, MalcomSDC5480.0100.0100.00
Marshall, BrandonCHI5360.000000
Lee, MarqiseJAC5360.03*00.0300.00
Roberts, AndreWAS5240.000000
Hilton, T.Y.IND5480.02150.0100.00
Wallace, MikeMIA5480.03133.33133.30
Johnson, DamarisHOU5360.0300.0300.00
Moncrief, DonteIND5480.0200.0200.00
Austin, TavonSTL4375.01*00.0100.00
Matthews, RishardMIA42*50.03*00.0300.00
Jeffery, AlshonCHI4375.02150.02150.00
Brown, VincentOAK4250.0100.0100.00
Garcon, PierreWAS4375.01*00.0100.00
Hammond, FrankieKCC4*1*25.01*00.0100.00
Fuller, CoreyDET4125.0300.0300.00
Welker, WesDEN44100.03133.33133.30
Adams, DavanteGBP4125.000000
Douglas, HarryATL4250.0200.0200.00
Hurns, AllenJAC4125.000000
Wright, JamesCIN3*00.02*00.0200.00
Patterson, CordarrelleMIN3266.7200.0200.00
Shorts, CecilJAC3133.3100.0100.00
Wilson, MarquessCHI3133.31*00.0100.00
Floyd, MichaelARZ3133.32*00.0200.00
Butler, BriceOAK3266.7100.0100.00
Hartline, BrianMIA22100.000000
Benjamin, TravisCLE200.0100.0100.00
Hemingway, JuniorKCC2150.000000
Wilson, AlbertKCC2*2*100.02*00.0200.00
Kearse , JermaineSEA2150.0200.0200.00
Gabriel, TaylorCLE2150.0200.0200.00
Norwood, KevinSEA2*150.000000
Baldwin, DougSEA22100.0100.0100.00
Lloyd, BrandonSFO100.000000
Nicks, HakeemIND11100.0100.0100.00
Johnson, SteveSFO100.000000
Amendola, DannyNEP100.000000
Thompkins, KenbrellOAK100.000000
Smith, BradPHI1*00.01*00.0100.00
Lockette, RicardoSEA11100.000000
Martin, KeshawnHOU100.000000
Wright, JariusMIN100.000000
Ajirotutu, SeyiSDC1*1*100.000000

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