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Fantasy Points
Not football stats....fantasy football stats
PeriodLeagueAdd or import from MyFantasyLeague
PositionScoringEdit this scoring system. Add or import from MyFantasyLeague
#PlayerTeamOppAttCompPass YdsPass TDs0-9 Pass TDs10-19 Pass TDs20-29 Pass TDs30-39 Pass TDs40-49 Pass TDs50+ Pass TDsIntSackedRushRush YdsRush TDsFum LostScoring OppsPts
Points Awarded00254444444-20106-2
1Wilson, RussellSEA@STL36*23313*2110000037106101937
2Manning, PeytonDENSFO26223184200110021-1001629
3Tannehill, RyanMIA@CHI3225277202000004648002024
4Rodgers, AaronGBPCAR2219255310100102321001424
5Manning, EliNYG@DAL3321248320100000111*001723
6Romo, TonyDALNYG231727930210001225001022
7Brady, TomNEPNYJ372026131100100100001922
8Brees, DrewNOR@DET4528342201001011113*001521
9Luck, AndrewINDCIN422734420101000245011820
10Fitzpatrick, RyanHOU@PIT3221262211000011516002118
11Smith, GenoNYJ@NEP3420226101000003737002617
12Roethlisberger, BenPITHOU332326521001000343011217
13Stafford, MatthewDETNOR402729921000012321002116
14Smith, AlexKCC@SDC2819221101000003629001616
15Palmer, CarsonARZ@OAK312225321001001100001016
16Flacco, JoeBALATL251625821001002114001915
17Orton, KyleBUFMIN43*312832101000161-1011815
18Davis, AustinSTLSEA21181522200000002-200814
19Kaepernick, ColinSFO@DEN39*24263110000016318002014
20Newton, CamCAR@GBP3117205101000013741001114
21Rivers, PhilipSDCKCC311720521010001200001114
22Whitehurst, CharlieTEN@WAS261716020101001121000713
23Ryan, MattATL@BAL442922811000000517011612
24McCoy, ColtWASTEN12*11128*10000010223*0099
25Bortles, BlakeJACCLE311715910001003253700218
26Cutler, JayCHIMIA34211901010000132301148
27Carr, DerekOAKARZ2816173000000001220077
28Bridgewater, TeddyMIN@BUF26151571100000251700137
29Gabbert, BlaineSFO@DEN7*338*10010000015*0086
30Anderson, DerekCAR@GBP8543110000000000086
31Dalton, AndyCIN@IND3818126000000003100055
32Hoyer, BrianCLE@JAC41*162150000000131-101115
33Cousins, KirkWASTEN1610139000000011000182
34Vick, MichaelNYJ@NEP000000000000160001
35Osweiler, BrockDENSFO1*00000000000300000
36Weeden, BrandonDALNYG000000000000000000
37Flynn, MattGBPCAR2000000000003-3000-0
38McCown, LukeNOR@DET000000000000000000
39Schaub, MattOAKARZ000000000000000000

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