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Because Not All Matchups are Black and White

Team Rankings (T = Total, R = Rush, P = Pass)
Injury Status (O = Out, D = Doubtful, Q = Questionable, P = Probable)
- Expect a Monster Week
- Good Starter
- Solid Starter
- Emergency Starter
- Hope You Are Not This Desperate

Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks - Thursday 8:30pm

Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers - - He is one of the elite QBs and even with the tough matchup, you should probably be starting him using the never sit your studs rule. That being said, if you managed to land a good backup that has a juicy matchup this week, maybe you roll the dice on them, maybe.

Eddie Lacy - - Can he avoid the sophomore slump and live up to his 1st round draft grade? I expect big things from him thios season, but he starts the season with a brutal matchup, so don't be discouraged if he is slow out of the gate. Should see plenty of touches as the Seahawks talented secondary could mean more running by the Packers.
James Starks - - While he has shown flashes and could see a little more action this season to spell Lacy, this week's matchup is too tough to even think about utilizing his services.
DuJuan Harris - - Had a strong pre-season and could work himself into the mix, but likely won't be used enough to have any real fantasy value, barring injury.

Jordy Nelson - - Has a tough matchup to open the season, so probably won't put up big numbers, though still should get some production out of him. There will be better days for Nelson and the rest of the Packers offense.
Randall Cobb - - Can bust a big play on any touch, so any week he can get it done. But definitely will have his hands full this week, making him a bigger risk than usual.
Jarrett Boykin - - With Jones out of the loop, he could be more involved in the passing game this season, which could allow him to be a breakout candidate. But considering the brutal matchup to open the season, it is probably in your best interest to pass him up when filling out the lineup card this week.
Davante Adams - - The rookie certainly has some upside, but he is probably more a bench stash for later down the line and not worth breaking out right off the bat in Week One, especially against an elite defense like the Seahawks employ.

Andrew Quarless - - While he probably will have some moments this season, I really hope you aren't already reaching this deep to find some TE production.

Mason Crosby - - The Packers offense has plenty of firepower, but finding the end zone could be quite the challenge this week, especially playing in front of a rabid crowd, so Crosby could be the main scoring option this week.

Green Bay Packers - - The defense will likely have their hands full this week with a solid Seahawks offense that typically does a good job of taking care of the QB and the ball, so there may not be a ton of fantasy production to be found here this week.

Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson - - While he may not always air it out a ton, he does have a good matchup to open the season and is also capable of doing some damage on the ground.

Marshawn Lynch - - Faces a defense that struggled against the run last season, but should be improved. Though this is Marshawn "Beast Mode" Lynch, who should open the season in style and make for a must start yet again.
Robert Turbin - - Turbin still listed ahead of fantasy draft darling Christine Michael, though neither really has much value with Lynch utilizing beast mode.
Christine Michael - - Still nothing more than the No. 3 RB is Seattle, so really just a handcuff to Lynch. If the unthinkable were to happen, I do believe Michael would leapfrog Turbin and be the better option of the two. Hopefully we don't find out.

Percy Harvin - - Healthy and primed to light it up this season, assuming he can stay healthy, which is a big if. A good matchup to open the season should give him a chance to start with a bang.
Doug Baldwin - - One of those players that will have a good game here and there, but struggle to produce most of the time. Hopefully you are not already reaching this far for starting WR help or you could be in for a very long season.
Jermaine Kearse - - He has a history of inconsistency, but definitely capable of exploiting an iffy Packers pass defense and picking up where he left off last season.
Paul Richardson - - The rookie has no real fantasy value since the Seahawks are not a very pass friendly offense. I may see as much action as he will Thursday (And I have a newborn, meaning no soup for me :).

Zach Miller - - Some owners had high hopes for him last season and while he did have some good times, for the most part he failed to live up to the lofty expectations. I don't see any reason that should change this season, making him nothing more than a bye week fill-in. Since the bye weeks aren't in play yet, neither should Miller.

Steven Hauschka - - The offense has been rolling during the pre-season and the Packers are coming off a tough season, though they are looking to improve this season. Early on, kickers can be key as offenses are still working out kinks, so expect a busy day for Hauschka.

Seattle Seahawks - - Arguably the top defense in the land faces a tough matchup this week against the high-powered Packers. Playing at home should help their cause and allow them start the season off with a semi-successful performance.

Favorite: Seattle Seahawks by 5.5
Prediction: Seattle Seahawks 23 - Green Bay Packers 16

New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins - Sunday 1:00pm

New England Patriots

Tom Brady - - Split with the Dolphins decent pass defense last season, though is expected to actually have a full complement of receivers this time around (Though Gronk is still up in the air). When Brady has all his weapons, his upside is through the roof, so definitely want to get him in to open the season.

James White - - Who knows how the rookie will be used, but I wouldn't want to find out the hard way. So for now, just stash him on the bench in case he sees extended action down the road.
Brandon Bolden - - You never know with Belichick, but I wouldn't expect Bolden to get the necessary touches to merit starting.

Aaron Dobson - - An injured foot has limited his camp work, so he may be a little behind the 8 ball, so even with a solid matchup, he may be a little rusty. Probably wise to pass on him this week and let him find his groove before starting him.
Brandon LaFell - - Who knows how the Patriots receiving corps will play out, though Edelman, Amendola and Gronk are probably the main options, so you may want to hold off on LaFell until/if he proves he is a worthy option.
Kenbrell Thompkins - - Started hot last season and fizzled down the stretch. A good camp has him back in the mix, but with so many options, it may be best to play it safe and make Thompkins prove his worth before you consider starting him.

Rob Gronkowski - - Says he will be ready to roll in the season opener from that torn ACL, but he has not played in the pre-season. While he may be rusty, his upside it too good to pass up, so if he can play, start him. But you will need to watch his status closely to make sure he is able to play.
Tim Wright - - Has shown flashes during his career and could be a nice fit in the Patriots offense, either as a 2nd TE option or to fill-in for the injured Gronk. If Gronk plays, probably not worth gambling on him, though if Gronk is out, he may be worth a bump up and a shot. Still risky as he got a late start and may not quite be up to speed.

Stephen Gostkowski - - The offense should be able to start the season off in style and give Gostkowski plenty of scoring opportunities.

New England Patriots - - The defense brought in some new key pieces and should be improved, which should lead to more fantasy success this season. Face an offense that has a history of inconsistency, but should be improved. Good upside this week though.

Miami Dolphins

Favorite: New England Patriots by 4.5
Prediction: New England Patriots 27 - Miami Dolphins

Oakland Raiders at New York Jets - Sunday 1:00pm

Oakland Raiders

New York Jets

Favorite: New York Jets by 4.5
Prediction: New York Jets - Oakland Raiders

Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers - Sunday 1:00pm

Cleveland Browns

Johnny Manziel - - While the Browns may have a package or two for him, you can forgot about him showing the money until later in the season.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Favorite: Pittsburgh Steelers by 6.5
Prediction: Pittsburgh Steelers - Cleveland Browns

Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs - Sunday 1:00pm

Tennessee Titans

Kansas City Chiefs

Favorite: Kansas City Chiefs by 5
Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs - Tennessee Titans

Jacksonville Jaguars at Philadelphia Eagles - Sunday 1:00pm

Jacksonville Jaguars

Philadelphia Eagles

Favorite: Philadelphia Eagles by 10.5
Prediction: Philadelphia Eagles - Jacksonville Jaguars

Buffalo Bills at Chicago Bears - Sunday 1:00pm

Buffalo Bills

Chicago Bears

Favorite: Chicago Bears by 6.5
Prediction: Chicago Bears - Buffalo Bills

New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons - Sunday 1:00pm

New Orleans Saints

Atlanta Falcons

Favorite: New Orleans Saints by 2
Prediction: Atlanta Falcons - New Orleans Saints

Minnesota Vikings at Saint Louis Rams - Sunday 1:00pm

Minnesota Vikings

Saint Louis Rams

Favorite: Saint Louis Rams by 4
Prediction: Saint Louis Rams - Minnesota Vikings

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens - Sunday 1:00pm

Cincinnati Bengals

Baltimore Ravens

Favorite: Baltimore Ravens by 2.5
Prediction: Baltimore Ravens - Cincinnati Bengals

Washington Redskins at Houston Texans - Sunday 1:00pm

Washington Redskins

Houston Texans

Favorite: Houston Texans by 2.5
Prediction: Houston Texans - Washington Redskins

San Francisco 49ers at Dallas Cowboys - Sunday 4:25pm

San Francisco 49ers

Dallas Cowboys

Favorite: San Francisco 49ers by 5.5
Prediction: Dallas Cowboys - San Francisco 49ers

Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Sunday 4:25pm

Carolina Panthers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Favorite: Even
Prediction: Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Carolina Panthers

Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos - Sunday 8:30pm

Indianapolis Colts

Denver Broncos

Favorite: Denver Broncos by 7
Prediction: Denver Broncos - Indianapolis Colts

New York Giants at Detroit Lions - Monday 7:10pm

New York Giants

Detroit Lions

Favorite: Detroit Lions by 4.5
Prediction: Detroit Lions - New York Giants

San Diego Chargers at Arizona Cardinals - Monday 10:20pm

San Diego Chargers

Arizona Cardinals

Favorite: Arizona Cardinals by 3.5
Prediction: Arizona Cardinals - San Diego Chargers
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