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Team Rankings (T = Total, R = Rush, P = Pass)
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- Good Starter
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Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions - Thursday 12:30pm

Chicago Bears

Jay Cutler - - Was quiet last week and he faces a tough pass defense, on the road to boot. But he has the weapons that he can produce any week, but he continues to be frustrating with his inconsistency. If you need him, I would take a chance on him, though I would still be nervous about it, just like it seems I am every week.

Matt Forte - - Coming off a big game, although has a tall order against a strong Lions defense. He split with them last season and his upside is too good to pass up, especially with so few consistent producers at the running back position.
Ka'Deem Carey - - Still nothing but a handcuff to Forte, so continue to bypass him.

Brandon Marshall - - Coming off a tough game and still dealing with that ankle injury, although again he is expected to play. He is capable of going off any week, so you pretty much have to keep riding him. That being said, if you are really loaded at WR, the matchup could allow you to explore other strong options.
Alshon Jeffery - - Continues to find the end zone, but definitely a bigger risk against a strong Lions defense. That being said, he can produce any given Sunday, err, Thursday, so unless you are super loaded at WR, you need to keep riding him.
Marquess Wilson - - Still not being targeted much, so you will want to continue to forget about relying on him.

Martellus Bennett - - His 37 yards led the Bears last week, which is disappointing considering the matchup. Has really cooled off and faces a tough Lions defense, though that could mean he needs to be more involved. Still a risky option, albeit one that has proven capable of getting it done.

Robbie Gould - - The offense has just been so inconsistent, which is a shame considering the plethora of talent on offense. A good defense could make it tough to put up points, though if they find themselves, they could struggle to find the end zone. So Gould could be busy or spend the bulk of the day coming wishing he could be thankful for a more consistent offense.

Chicago Bears - - The defense is coming off a solid performance, though it was against the Bucs. This time they head to face a capable Lions offense that often has Thanksgiving magic on their sides.

Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford - - Coming off a tough game, but heading home for Thanksgiving and facing a bad Bears pass defense should be just what he needs. Hopefully its not too late for his fantasy owners (Sadly it is for me I fear).

Joique Bell - - Should see plenty of touches and has a great matchup, so should be a good time to get him back in your starting lineup.
Reggie Bush - - While he is hoping to return from ankle injury, it is still up in the air and even if he can go, he may not be ready for a heavy load. A good matchup should help, but still probably too risky to rely on.
Theo Riddick - - If Bush is back, he probably loses most of his value, but if he is out again, then he could be worth a shot in PPR leagues, but only if you are pretty desperate for RB help. He just isn't being used enough to feel good about starting him.

Calvin Johnson - - Has given the Bears nightmares throughout his career and since they continue to struggle on defense, there should be an excellent chance that Megatron busts out in a big way.
Golden Tate - - A sweet matchup against the lowly Bears defense should be just what he needs to get on track, at least for this week. Lions often seem to have some Thanksgiving magic in them.
Jeremy Ross - - Sure he has a superb matchup, but he just hasn't been involved in the offense enough to consider him much of a threat.
Corey Fuller - - The great matchup could help his cause some, but it is still unlikely that he produces enough to merit starting.

Brandon Pettigrew - - Who knows which, if any, of the Lions tight ends will produce from week-to-week. A good matchup may give him a little upside, but still probably not enough to merit starting.
Eric Ebron - - Like Pettigrew, who knows what you will get. Ebron may be the best option, but that isn't saying much, so I'd prefer to stay away.
Joseph Fauria - - Hard to rely on any of the Lions tight ends, so I'd pass on him as well, even with a favorable matchup.

Matt Prater - - The offense should be able to get back on track against a bad Bears defense, which should lead to plenty of scoring chances of Prater.

Detroit Lions - - The defense is coming off a rough week, but should bounce back as they head home to face an inconsistent Bears offense that has struggled to protect the QB and the ball.

Favorite: Detroit Lions by 7
Prediction: Detroit Lions 27 - Chicago Bears 17

Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys - Thursday 4:30pm

Philadelphia Eagles

Mark Sanchez - - Went for over 300 yards last week, though only had a single touchdown and threw a pair of picks. Still hard to get fully on board with him thanks to his history, though he has the weapons and a nice matchup, so he is certainly capable of getting enough done to merit starting.

LeSean McCoy - - Coming off a big game as the Eagles have been relying on him more with Sanchez under center. Has an average matchup, but since he is starting to get it going and should be busy once again, he should be a worthy starter.
Darren Sproles - - While he did find the end zone last week, his lack of touchdowns make him heavily reliant on big plays and touchdowns. Not a bad matchup, so he could make some plays, but still hard to rely on a guy that is touching the ball so little.
Chris Polk - - His touches are just too few and far between, so it is very wise to bypass him.

Jeremy Maclin - - Continues to slip with Sanchez under center, but can make a big play at any time. He may not be the no brainer he was with Foles, but he is still a guy that should probably be started.
Jordan Matthews - - The rookie continues to impress, though his touchdown streak came to an end. He is battling a minor knee issue, but one that shouldn't impact him (But keep yours ears open to be safe). Not a bad matchup, so the way he has been rolling, he is probably worth another shot.
Riley Cooper - - Continues to struggle and blaming Maclin's impending free agency now as part of the reason he isn't producing. Not a good way to make friends and likely will continue to struggle.

Zach Ertz - - Missed some time last week with a strained oblique, but looks ready to go this week. That being said, he really has been hit and miss, though not a bad matchup. But there are still quite a few other TEs I'd rather rely on, though he is capable of getting it done if you need him.
Brent Celek - - While he may have his productive moments, you can bet most weeks he struggles so he is just not worth the risk, especially considering his limited upside.

Cody Parkey - - The Cowboys defense has been up and down, though playing at home with Sanchez leading the way could mean another big day for the rookie, who is coming off a monster game connecting on 5-of-6 field goal attempts.

Philadelphia Eagles - - The defense continues to make tons of big plays and while the Cowboys offense has lots of weapons and has been rolling, Romo can be pressured into mistakes. So as hot as the Eagles have been, you should keep on riding them.

Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo - - Coming off a huge game and facing a banged up Eagles pass defense which has really struggled against the pass. You never know what this rivalry could bring, but the upside, especially at home is probably too good to pass up.

DeMarco Murray - - Continues to light it up and once again should be very busy and has a solid matchup. He has earned stud status, so if you are lucky enough to have him, keep riding him.

Dez Bryant - - Continues to be practically unstoppable and will look to put on a show on Thanksgiving Day against a porous Eagles pass defense. You never sit him, especially when the matchup is this favorable.
Terrance Williams - - Has been pretty quiet of late, though maybe the good matchup will help his cause. Is dealing with a busted finger, which may not help, but does expect to play. That just makes him a riskier option, one you may be best off avoiding.
Cole Beasley - - Found the end zone last week, but continues to be a rare touchdown or nothing, so I'd be hard pressed to rely on him.

Jason Witten - - Has been finding the end zone more of late and could really take advantage of a banged up linebacker corps, which should give him a ton of upside on Turkey Day.
Gavin Escobar - - While he has a good game on very rare occasion, he just has way too much risk to consider starting him.

Dan Bailey - - The offense should be able to keep rolling at home against an Eagles defense that has given up lots of points, though they could make it tough in the red zone and force them to settle for some field goals.

Dallas Cowboys - - The defense has cooled off, though they do have some play makers and are facing an offense led by Mark Sanchez, who has a history of mistakes, including a pair of interceptions against the Titans.

Favorite: Dallas Cowboys by 3
Prediction: Dallas Cowboys 30 - Philadelphia Eagles 26

Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers - Thursday 8:30pm

Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson - - His running ability has really provided a good bit of his fantasy value of late as he really hasn't had to throw it much. Against a tough 49ers defense, on the road even, it may be hard to expect him to suddenly bust back out.

Marshawn Lynch - - Beast mode is dealing with a back injury, but expects to be ready to go. He does face a tough run defense, though he gave them some trouble last season and is capable of getting it done against any defense. So if you have him, you need to keep riding him.
Robert Turbin - - While he mat see some touches with Lynch not quite 100%, he likely won't see enough action to merit starting him, especially against a tough 49ers run defense.

Doug Baldwin - - He was downright brutal last week and has really cooled off of late. Another tough matchup won't make it easy for him to get back on track, so I'd lean elsewhere.
Jermaine Kearse - - Just hasn't produced enough to merit starting him even with a good matchup, which he does NOT have against the 49ers. I'd recommend staying away from him as he just has too much risk and not enough upside.
Ricardo Lockette - - The way the ball is spread by Wilson, he is more likely to get you nothing than decent fantasy production, so I'd continue to forget about him.
Paul Richardson - - Like the rest of the Seahawks receivers, you just never know who, if anybody, will produce at any time. So I'd just avoid the situation entirely.

Luke Willson - - Just not being targeted much and with a tough matchup, there is probably not good reason to be starting him.
Cooper Helfet - - Found the end zone last week, but typically isn't target much and is dealing with an injured ankle now. Move along please.

Steven Hauschka - - The tough 49ers defense could make it tough for the Seahawks to finish drives and force them to settle for field goal attempts.

Seattle Seahawks - - Maybe last week will help jump start them as a fantasy defense. Face an offense that has had some ups and downs, but usually takes care of the ball. Still have the play makers to get it done against anyone, so you probably want to keep riding them.

San Francisco 49ers

Colin Kaepernick - - Has cooled off of late as the offense hasn't exactly been lighting it up and faces a tough task against a strong Seahawks defense. He is capable of still producing since he can beat you with his arm and legs, but his upside is limited considering the tough matchup.

Frank Gore - - The veteran just seems to be wearing down and is dealing with a knee injury, albeit a minor one that shouldn't be a factor. Add in a tough matchup and it is probably a good week to explore other options. He did go over 100 yards last year when he faced them in San Fran, but was held to 30 total yards in the other meeting.
Carlos Hyde - - While he has had some touchdowns, his continued lack of touches make him too big of a risk to rely on, especially with the tough matchup he faces against the Seahawks.

Michael Crabtree - - Has shown some signs of life and gets to renew his rivalry with Richard Sherman, so maybe that will help energize him. Still hard to rely on him considering his up and down production and that he faces a tough defense.
Anquan Boldin - - Coming off a big game, but like much of the 49ers offense he has been inconsistent. He faces a tough task against a good pass defense, but he is probably the safest of the receiving options, which isn't exactly Brinks safe.
Stevie Johnson - - Put up a big fat zero last week as he showed why he is a tough option to rely on. Likely a touchdown or nothing and with a tough matchup, a touchdown may be unlikely.

Vernon Davis - - Continues to be used too little to merit starting him, especially against a strong Seahawks defense. Sure he could find the end zone any week, but it has been a good while, so hard to rely on him. Talk about a big disappointment.

Phil Dawson - - A tough 49ers defense could make it hard for the 49ers to find the end zone, which could mean they are forced to rely heavily on the leg of Dawson for scoring.

San Francisco 49ers - - The defense has been solid NFL-wise, but has been up and down fantasy wise. Will likely have their hands full with the Seahawks offense whom rarely beat themselves and do a good job of limiting mistakes. They still have some upside thanks to their play makers, but definitely a much riskier option than usual.

Favorite: San Francisco 49ers by 1
Prediction: Seattle Seahawks 19 - San Francisco 49ers 16

Cleveland Browns at Buffalo Bills - Sunday 1:00pm

Cleveland Browns

Brian Hoyer - - Struggled against the Falcons, though he made plays at the end when he needed to. Faces a tough pass defense, but he does have Gordon back which will allow him to make plays against anyone, though still has limited upside considering the matchup.

Isaiah Crowell - - Coming off a huge game, though the Browns running game can be fluid, but it seems like Crowell may be separating himself a bit. Does face a good run defense, but the Browns running game has been on a roll making him a worthy option.
Terrance West - - Crowell is probably the better option, which means it will be West's week :). With a tough matchup, it is probably best to play it safe and look elsewhere, even though he should get some touches.

Josh Gordon - - Returned in style as he predicted and looks focused. Definitely is back to being a must start option, even though he faces a tough Bills defense on the road. He can light up any defense so is a must start.
Andrew Hawkins - - Gordon will take pressure off him and he should still get some looks, as he did last week. But his ceiling may be capped a little lower and with a tough matchup, it may be best to explore other options.
Taylor Gabriel - - The rookie has shown flashes, but will likely continue to be inconsistent, maybe even more inconsistent with Gordon back in the fold.
Miles Austin - - While he did a little last week, it wasn't an ideal fantasy day and that is probably about as high as he can go, so he is just not producing enough to merit starting.
Travis Benjamin - - He can make a big play, but with Gordon back, balls may not come his way much. You just never know when he will make a big play and he will usually get you next to nothing.

Jordan Cameron - - Still dealing with a concussion, but hopes to return this week (We've heard this before). It may be best to just play it safe and look elsewhere like you have been, especially with a tough matchup.
Jim Dray - - May see a little extra action again if Cameron is out, but he just isn't producing enough to consider him fantasy worthy.
Gary Barnidge - - Ctrl-V, Ctrl-V, Come on, I want to copy and paste Dray. Forget it, go see Dray and do the same thing with Barnidge.

Billy Cundiff - - Coming off a big week as the offense struggled to finish drives again. Face a tougher defense in the Bills, but the return of Gordon certainly appears to have helped, but the end zone could be tough to come by, which could mean another big week for Cundiff.

Cleveland Browns - - The defense continues to lose bullets to injury and facing an offense that while inconsistent, does have its share of play makers. But the Browns are capable of making some big plays.

Buffalo Bills

Kyle Orton - - Coming off a solid game and has shown some nice flashes, but faces a good pass defense and will be back out in the elements, so Bills may run it more to exploit the Browns iffy run defense.

Fred Jackson - - Still not 100%, but another week removed from that injured groin could mean more touches. The nice matchup should also help his cause, though he is a little riskier option since he is still not 100%.
Anthony Dixon - - With F-Jax expected to see a little more action, that makes him a riskier option, albeit one that has the favorable matchup that could allow him to get the job done.
Bryce Brown - - With F-Jax back in the fold, he likely won't get the necessary touches to merit taking a chance on him.

Sammy Watkins - - Was quiet last week as Woods stepped up and the Bills weren't force to air it out much late. Likely will see plenty of Joe Haden, which could limit his upside. But Haden has given up his share of big plays and Watkins is capable of making them.
Robert Woods - - Coming off a big game, but his production continues to run hot-and-cold. Has a solid matchup and with Watkins likely dealing with Haden, he could be counted upon again. Hit or miss option, but if you need to take a chance, maybe he is a deep sleeper that could pan out.
Marquise Goodwin - - Just not being used enough to consider him worth taking a chance on.
Chris Hogan - - While he may show a flash at times, his production is lacking for the most part, which makes him a poor fantasy option.

Scott Chandler - - Found the end zone, though that was after being shutout the previous week. He is just too up and down to rely on.

Dan Carpenter - - The offense has the play makers and facing a banged up defense, so there should be some scoring chances to be found. The Browns are capable of making it tough to find the end zone and forcing them to settle for FG attempts.

Buffalo Bills - - The defense is coming off a huge game, though face a better offense that has taken care of the ball, well except for last week when they had some issues. So they certainly are more than capable of keeping the good times going.

Favorite: Buffalo Bills by 1.5
Prediction: Cleveland Browns 23 - Buffalo Bills 20

Washington Redskins at Indianapolis Colts - Sunday 1:00pm

Washington Redskins

Colt McCoy - - Has shown some flashes and facing a defense that has been susceptible to the pass. Plus the Redskins could be forced to play keep up, so he could be a pleasant surprise if you need to gamble on him.
Robert Griffin III - - Back to the bench, though he still could be in the long-term plans, so WTF. Guess we will see what is going on in the dumpster fire that is Washington.

Alfred Morris - - Coming off another big game as he continues to be the offense, though who knows how long the run can remain in the game plan. Colts can be run on, so expect him to be quite busy early, which should allow him to do some damage and keep it going.
Roy Helu - - Hard to rely on him since his touches are so inconsistent. Though if the Redskins fall behind the high-powered Colts, he could be used a little more often and would have a chance to surprise.

Pierre Garcon - - Another quiet game though the QB change could help his cause. Still not a sure thing by a long shot, but if you need to rely on him, you can take a shot and hope McCoy is the answer.
DeSean Jackson - - His production is iffy with RG3 struggling, but the QB change could help. Facing an iffy pass defense and the Redskins could be airing it out late, so he has more than enough upside to give him a shot and hope he can make a big play.
Andre Roberts - - While he could make a big play and has a good matchup, the Redskins passing attack is struggling too much to rely on him.
Ryan Grant - - Move along, no reason to gamble on the rookie.

Jordan Reed - - Still dealing with that hamstring and even if he can go, the offense is just too a mess to rely on him. Let him get healthy and prove he will get the ball before considering him.
Niles Paul - - Just not producing enough to merit starting him, especially since the passing game is struggling.

Kai Forbath - - The offense continues to struggle, which makes him a risky option, especially since they could be forced to bypass FG attempts late.

Washington Redskins - - The defense has shown flashes, but will likely struggle to get it done against the high-powered Colts offense, so I'd strongly consider other options.

Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck - - Was quiet last week and faces a tough pass defense, but he has been rolling too well this season to bail on him. Keep on riding him unless your other QB is a stud as well, in which case you probably should have traded one away by now.

Trent Richardson - - A touchdown saved him last week, though he didn't pick up the expected touches as Herron stepped up and could force his way into more touches. A tough matchup won't help, so it may be wise to see how this plays out. If you need him, he should get enough touches to have a chance to produce something, just maybe not as much as you'd like.
Dan Herron - - Looks like he could get a chance to push past T-Rich, but regardless he should get touches. A tough matchup may not help and with the situation still up in the air, it may be best to take a wait and see approach. If you need to take a flier on him, he could certainly reward you.

T.Y. Hilton - - Coming off another big game, though he does face a tough pass defense. That being said, he is rolling and has emerged as a must start option, so keep on riding him.
Reggie Wayne - - He has cooled off and faces an iffy matchup, though he is a guy that if you start to count out could get it going again. Riskier than he once was, especially considering the matchup.
Hakeem Nicks - - Still not producing enough to consider him worth starting, especially against a capable Redskins pass defense.
Donte Moncrief - - The rookie has shown flashes and with Wayne's career winding down, he could be the WR of the future. Not the ideal matchup, so is a risky option that you probably want to avoid using if you can.

Dwayne Allen - - Still dealing with that injured ankle and it is sounding iffy. If he can go, he may be limited and with Fleener also in the mix, it may be wise to play it safe and pass on him.
Coby Fleener - - With Allen still banged up, he could be asked to step up more, though it didn't really help against the Jaguars. But against a good pass defense, he could be a key to the passing game giving him some nice upside.

Adam Vinatieri - - The Redskins capable defense could force the Colts to settle for some FG attempts, which could really help Vinatieri make some waves.

Indianapolis Colts - - The defense is coming off a big game and facing an offense that has really been a mess of late and may be changing QBs prior to or during the game. Definitely should be a good week to rely on their services.

Favorite: Indianapolis Colts by 9.5
Prediction: Indianapolis Colts 30 - Washington Redskins 17

New York Giants at Jacksonville Jaguars - Sunday 1:00pm

New York Giants

Eli Manning - - Coming off a huge game and with Beckham rolling and catching anything in his vicinity, you'd expect Manning to keep using him and continuing to put up nice numbers. Manning is certainly a risky option since he can be very hot and cold, but probably worth a gamble against the lowly Jaguars.

Rashad Jennings - - Healthy and was busy against the Cowboys, especially as a receiver. He did lose out at the goal line to the rookie, so that needs to be monitored. But a good matchup should make him a nice option, especially if he continues to be used so heavily as a receiver.
Andre Williams - - The rookie looks like he will get touches still and found the end zone as the goal line guy. We shall see if that trend continues and if it does, he could surprise this week against an iffy run defense. Still with Jennings healthy, he is a riskier option and I'd prefer to lean on a more consistent and proven option that is not the second fiddle.

Odell Beckham - - That was one of the great catches last week as he continues to just light it up. A great matchup should keep the good times rolling, so if you have him, you need to keep riding him.
Rueben Randle - - He has the talent and matchup to make plays, but still hasn't been productive enough to feel comfortable starting him, especially since Manning seems to look Beckham's way a ton (And I don't blame him).
Preston Parker - - Just not being used much, so he has very limited fantasy value (And that may be putting it nicely).

Larry Donnell - - Was quiet last week, but a good matchup will give him a shot to bounce back and merit another start.

Josh Brown - - The offense should be able to move the ball on a struggling Jaguars defense, though playing on the road could mean they struggle to finish drives and rely on the leg of Brown.

New York Giants - - The defense continues to struggle, though they may be able to take advantage of a rookie QB who continues to experience growing pains. Still not the ideal option considering the lack of production this season, but if you are trying to dig dip for a surprise, the matchup could allow them to do just that.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Blake Bortles - - The rookie continues to struggle as he tries to find his way. Has a solid matchup, but he just hasn't done enough to consider him much of a fantasy threat. May spend a lot of time handing the ball off.

Denard Robinson - - Struggled last week, but has a good chance to bounce back against a horrid Giants run defense, so should be a good time to roll with him.
Toby Gerhart - - His touches are just too few and far between to consider him worth taking a chance on, even though he does face a bad Giants run defense.

Cecil Shorts - - Coming off a rough week as he was a huge disappointment. Continues to be inconsistent, so hard to rely on him, even with a decent matchup (Though he likely will be keyed on and find the sledding tough).
Allen Hurns - - He has been extremely volatile, lighting it up one week and disappearing the next. He does have a solid matchup, though the passing game has cooled of late, so definitely a gamble, albeit one with upside.
Ace Sanders - - Just not being used much, so I'd continue to forget about relying on him.
Marqise Lee - - The rookie's 52 yards led the way last week, but until he actually puts up some worthy fantasy production, he is not a guy worth considering.

Marcedes Lewis - - Not being targeted much and while maybe that changes at some point, until it does, I'd forget about starting him.

Josh Scobee - - The offense continues to struggle, though they do have a good matchup, which could mean they have some success and get Scobee some scoring chances. But he definitely is a risky option, even though he could pay off.

Jacksonville Jaguars - - The defense has struggled much of the season, but they have had some moments and face an offense that has had some ups and downs. So while they could surprise, they still may be a little bigger gamble than you want to take.

Favorite: New York Giants by 2.5
Prediction: New York Giants 27 - Jacksonville Jaguars 20

New Orleans Saints at Pittsburgh Steelers - Sunday 1:00pm

New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees - - Coming off a huge game, but the Saints have had issues on the road, but he has a solid matchup and can light up any defense, so is a guy you need to keep riding.

Mark Ingram - - Coming off a tough game as he was cooled off and does not have the ideal matchup. But the elements could be a factor, so the Saints could run it a little more. Is a riskier option then he was a couple weeks ago, but hopefully he can get back on track.
Pierre Thomas - - Back to getting some touches, but Ingram continues to be the main man, which is limiting his upside. If you are hosed in a PPR league, he does have a chance to produce, but I'd prefer to rely on an option more entrenched in the offense.
Khiry Robinson - - Still dealing with an arm injury and even if he returns, he likely won't see enough action to make him worth taking a chance on.
Travaris Cadet - - With Thomas back, his role took a major hit, so I'd forget about relying on him.

Marques Colston - - At least he found the end zone last week, but you have to worry that Stills may be stepping up to take on a larger role cutting into Colston's value. Continues to be a risky option, but has a decent matchup so if you need to give him a chance, go for it. Though he is definitely not the consistent option from years past.
Kenny Stills - - He has started to really step up to fill-in for the injured Cooks and looks like Brees is starting to trust him more. Not a bad matchup, so if you need to take a chance on him, he could pay off.
Robert Meachem - - Dealing with an injured ankle and continues to be a big play or nothing, which makes him a pretty poor fantasy option.
Joseph Morgan - - Just not being targeted much, so I'd continue to forget about starting him.
Nick Toon - - Actually had some modest production last week, so maybe injuries will open the door for him. Considering he has no track record of fantasy success, there is no reason to suddenly start him.

Jimmy Graham - - Coming off another big game and as always, he is a must start.
Ben Watson - - While he may make a big play here and there, they are just too few and far between to consider him fantasy worthy.

Shayne Graham - - The offense has the weapons to move the ball, but playing on the road could mean they struggle to convert and rely on the leg of Graham more than usual.

New Orleans Saints - - The defense continues to struggle and facing an offense that has been very good at home, so likely will be another tough week.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger - - Has been really hot at home and has a good matchup, so should be a nice time to get him back in the lineup. Bell rolling may give him a little risk, but it also will keep defenses honest and open up his big play threats.

Le'Veon Bell - - Coming off a huge game and you can bet he is relied upon heavily again, both as a runner and receiver. Keep on riding your talented young back.
Dri Archer - - Likely won't see many touches as the Steelers ride Bell like a rented mule, so no reason to consider starting him.

Antonio Brown - - Just keeps on rolling and with a good matchup, he is a must start again. Actually he is a must start regardless of the matchup, so keep riding him.
Markus Wheaton - - Coming off another quiet day as he continues to produce too little to consider fantasy worthy. The matchup could help his cause, but I'd still prefer to lean on a more consistent and productive option.
Martavis Bryant - - Coming off hie worst game as a pro (Only has five games) and his value will likely be tied to big plays and touchdowns. Thus he may have some ups and downs, but he has more than enough upside to justify starting him, especially when the matchup is a good one, like he has against the Saints.
Lance Moore - - Just not a big enough piece of the offense to consider him fantasy worthy.

Heath Miller - - While he does have his moments, he has not gotten as many red zone looks, which is what typically drives his fantasy value. A good matchup could help his cause, but still has a little too much downside to consider him an ideal fantasy option.

Shaun Suisham - - The offense should be able to keep rolling against a struggling Saints defense, which should mean a busy day for Suisham.

Pittsburgh Steelers - - The defense has been up and down and will have their hands full against a good Saints offense. Though on the plus side, the Saints have had some issues on the road. Still not the ideal gamble though.

Favorite: Pittsburgh Steelers by 3
Prediction: Pittsburgh Steelers 27 - New Orleans Saints 23

Carolina Panthers at Minnesota Vikings - Sunday 1:00pm

Carolina Panthers

Minnesota Vikings

Favorite: Minnesota Vikings by 2.5
Prediction: Minnesota Vikings - Carolina Panthers

Cincinnati Bengals at Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Sunday 1:00pm

Cincinnati Bengals

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Favorite: Cincinnati Bengals by 4
Prediction: Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Cincinnati Bengals

Oakland Raiders at Saint Louis Rams - Sunday 1:00pm

Oakland Raiders

Saint Louis Rams

Favorite: Saint Louis Rams by 7
Prediction: Saint Louis Rams - Oakland Raiders

San Diego Chargers at Baltimore Ravens - Sunday 1:00pm

San Diego Chargers

Baltimore Ravens

Favorite: Baltimore Ravens by 4.5
Prediction: Baltimore Ravens - San Diego Chargers

Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans - Sunday 1:00pm

Tennessee Titans

Houston Texans

Favorite: Houston Texans by 6.5
Prediction: Houston Texans - Tennessee Titans

Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons - Sunday 4:05pm

Arizona Cardinals

Atlanta Falcons

Favorite: Arizona Cardinals by 2.5
Prediction: Atlanta Falcons - Arizona Cardinals

New England Patriots at Green Bay Packers - Sunday 4:25pm

New England Patriots

Green Bay Packers

Favorite: Green Bay Packers by 3.5
Prediction: Green Bay Packers - New England Patriots

Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs - Sunday 8:30pm

Denver Broncos

Kansas City Chiefs

Favorite: Denver Broncos by 1.5
Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs - Denver Broncos

Miami Dolphins at New York Jets - Monday 8:30pm

Miami Dolphins

New York Jets

Favorite: Miami Dolphins by 4.5
Prediction: New York Jets - Miami Dolphins
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