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Because Not All Matchups are Black and White

Team Rankings (T = Total, R = Rush, P = Pass)
Injury Status (O = Out, D = Doubtful, Q = Questionable, P = Probable)
- Expect a Monster Week
- Good Starter
- Solid Starter
- Emergency Starter
- Hope You Are Not This Desperate

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens - Thursday 8:25pm

Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger - - Had a pretty big day to open the season against what should have been a tough pass defense. He showed he is still capable of getting the job done, although the Steelers appear poised to ride the legs of Bell hard this season.

Le'Veon Bell - - Coming off a huge game and may have provided proof that marijuana does the body good (OK...Maybe not). Faces a good run defense this week, but he should be busy and his receiving skills should come in quite handy. Had plenty of success against the Ravens in 2013.
DeAngelo Williams - - Again the RB situation is a pain in the rear. Got the most touches, but barely and not the ideal matchup this week. You could do worse, but still not the guy you really want to be forced to start.
Dri Archer - - Knocked out last week with injuries and likely would have no real fantasy value anyway, so not a guy you should be relying upon.

Antonio Brown - - Just continues to produce and faces a Ravens defense that struggled against the pass last week (Though did tighten in the red zone). Just keep relying on Brown and his big play ability.
Markus Wheaton - - The youngster was key last week and looks like he will fill in nicely this season. Ravens/Steelers games are usually bruising defensive struggles, though the Ravens pass defense had issues last week, so should be a worthy option.
Darrius Heyward-Bey - - I'd continue to forget about him unless he proves he is a worthy option and even then it may be tough to count on him.

Heath Miller - - Can find the end zone any given Sunday and did have success last season against the Ravens, so certainly a guy that could help if you need to go with him.

Shaun Suisham - - If the matchup goes like many in the past, it could come down to the leg of one of the kickers. Ravens gave up a ton of FGs last week as they did a good job of bending and not breaking.

Pittsburgh Steelers - - The defense had a good showing early, but faded down the stretch as their wore down. Since this matchup often is a defensive battle, they could make some plays and merit a start.

Baltimore Ravens

Joe Flacco - - Started off with a nice game, though often has struggled against the Steelers, although this is not the usual Steelers defense, so he could surprise.

Justin Forsett - - Got a chance last week and stepped up. He has a history of a good game here and there, but often doesn't do much. So is a risky option, especially since the roles are kind of up in the air. Good matchup gives him upside, so may be worth playing the hot hand.
Lorenzo Taliaferro - - The rookie could see some action, but until he is actually used and has a big enough role in the offense, I'd forget about relying on him. Though he could be worth stashing at the end of your bench.

Steve Smith - - Started his Ravens career with a bang as he proved he can still make the big plays. Can he push Torrey Smith for the bulk of the touches or will he push back. Looks like a worthy starter this week.
Marlon Brown - - Looks like the addition of Steve Smith could really kill his value, so until he proves he is worthy, I'd let him sit and gather dust (Or replace him on the bench with another option).

Dennis Pitta - - Was very involved in the passing game and looks like he will be a focal point of the offense this season. The Smith WRs will definitely help his cause, so you can probably rely on him weekly.

Justin Tucker - - A potential AFC North sloberknocker could come down to a battle of the kickers. Steelers defense having some struggles, so should get some scoring chances.

Baltimore Ravens - - Struggled last week, though had some signs of life. Big Ben definitely can be pressured and multiple sacks are definitely a possibility.

Favorite: Baltimore Ravens by 2.5
Prediction: Baltimore Ravens 20 - Pittsburgh Steelers 19

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills - Sunday 1:00pm

Miami Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill - - Coming off a nice game and has a tasty matchup to exploit this week. Had a good game and a crappy one last season against the Bills, but the extra experience should help. If you need him, I wouldn't be afraid to use him.

Lamar Miller - - Should continue to get touches, especially in the passing game. So in PPR leagues, he is a better option and has a good matchup against the pass.

Kenny Stills - - Still dealing with that injured quad and may get Wally Pipped. Not the best matchup and with Cooks stepping up, it is probably wise to hold off on Still until he proves he is healthy and produces.
Greg Jennings - - Coming off a nice game, so maybe he will get it going in 2014 after being more down than up in season one with the Vikings. Solid matchup
Rishard Matthews - - Doesn't look like he will be used enough to consider him much of an option.

Jordan Cameron - - Was quiet last week, but a great matchup this week should help him get his season jumpstarted. Keep an eye on that injured shoulder.

Caleb Sturgis - - The offense looks better this season and has a good matchup, which should lead to some scoring chances for Sturgis.

Miami Dolphins - - The defense did a nice job against the Patriots last week and this week they face a less experienced QB, so they could be a nice gamble this week. But injuries at the LB position could really leave a mark on the defense.

Buffalo Bills

Matt Cassel - - Was pretty solid last week, though the Vikings are still built around the running game, which limits his upside. Hopefully you aren't already reaching this far for QB help.
E.J. Manuel - - Put together a solid game last week as he continues to work on stepping up. Facing a solid defense that gave Tom Brady some fits, so probably won't light up the scoreboard.

LeSean McCoy - - Sproles cut into his touches some, though he was still very busy. It may help him stay fresh in the fast paced offense, so could even be helpful. He is a stud that should be started on a weekly basis.
Fred Jackson - - Was solid last week, though a TD would have been nice. Always capable, though not the ideal matchup in Week Two. If you need him, you could do worse though.
Anthony Dixon - - Looks like he will see some action, but hard to rely on a 3rd RB option, so I'd stay away.
Bryce Brown - - Doesn't appear to have a role in the offense at this time, so I'd forget about using him.

Sammy Watkins - - The explosive rookie was slow out of the gate, though is a big play waiting to happen. So if you need him, he could help you out. Still would like to see him get it going before using him if you have that option.
Percy Harvin - - Coming off a big game as the Seahawks will definitely try to get him the ball often in space to allow him to make big plays. Just needs to stay healthy and while he is, you probably want to make sure he is in the starting lineup. Too much upside to not roll with him.
Robert Woods - - Saw lots of time on the field and led the way in receptions, but wasn't overly productive. Not a bad matchup, but still would like to see more production before using him. But if you are in a bind, he could pay off.
Marquise Goodwin - - No thank you. Definitely don't want to be forced to reach this deep for WR help.

Charles Clay - - He may be hit and miss, though should get looks. A good matchup this week probably makes him worth starting if you are in need of TE help.

Dan Carpenter - - The offense has more weapons and should be improved this season, though Dolphins could make it tough to find the end zone and result in a few FG attempts.

Buffalo Bills - - Defense is coming off a nice game and has some playmakers. Facing an offense that started off well, though still is a work in progress.

Favorite: Buffalo Bills by 1
Prediction: Miami Dolphins 20 - Buffalo Bills 16

Atlanta Falcons at Cincinnati Bengals - Sunday 1:00pm

Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan - - Coming off a mammoth game as he lived up to the lofty expectations he had last season. Faces a good pass defense this week, but with the weapons he has, definitely worth running out there again this week.

Devonta Freeman - - Rookie not being utilized enough to consider starting him.
Antone Smith - - Had a long TD reception last week, though still hard to rely on a guy who receives so few touches.

Julio Jones - - Coming off another big game as he continues to light it up when healthy. Not the best matchup, but he can light up any defense and is a guy that must be in your lineup every week.
Roddy White - - Put up solid numbers last week, though Ryan really spread the wealth. May not be spread as much this week, which should help Roddy continue to get it done.
Devin Hester - - Coming off a nice game and maybe the Falcons will get him more involved as a receiver. Though this game may not be the shootout they had last week, which may limit his chances.

Jacob Tamme - - Just not involved in the offense enough on a consistent basis to rely on him.
Levine Toilolo - - Found the end zone last week, though still not very involved in the passing game. On the plus side, the Bengals really struggled covering the tight end last week, so maybe they get him a little more involved this week.

Matt Bryant - - Coming off a huge game and a good Bengals defense could force the Falcons to settle for FG attempts this week, which could mean another big day for Bryant.

Atlanta Falcons - - They made some plays and the Bengals have had some turnover woes in the past, so could surprise. Though still would rather rely on a better defense at this point.

Cincinnati Bengals

Andy Dalton - - Coming off a nice game and with a spectacular matchup this week, he is certainly worth running out there to exploit the Falcons defense.

Jeremy Hill - - Wasn't used as much as expected last week, so even with a good matchup, it is probably wise to wait until his role expands before considering him starter worthy.
Giovani Bernard - - Not a bad start to the season and looks like he should be pretty busy this season. Has a great matchup this week, so definitely a guy that needs to be starting this week.

A.J. Green - - Keeps going and going, just like the Energizer bunny, so keep riding him every week.
Marvin Jones - - Still out, so continue to pass him by.
Mohamed Sanu - - Was decent last week, though still would like to see more from him. Great matchup helps his case, but still hard to rely on him, unless you have limited options.
Denarius Moore - - Was quiet last week and with an iffy matchup, it may be best to pass on him as you have been for quite awhile.
Brandon Tate - - Just not being used quite enough to merit rolling the dice on him.

Tyler Eifert - - Has been placed on the injured return, eligible to return list. So he is out a couple months, so time to move onto another option.

Mike Nugent - - Coming off a mammoth game as the Bengals offense continues their pre-season red zone woes. A good matchup should mean another busy week, so keep riding him.

Cincinnati Bengals - - The defense should be good again this season, though face a tall order this week against a great Falcons offense that is coming off a huge game.

Favorite: Cincinnati Bengals by 5
Prediction: Cincinnati Bengals 26 - Atlanta Falcons 23

New Orleans Saints at Cleveland Browns - Sunday 1:00pm

New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees - - The Browns pass defense is a strength, though had issues last week and Brees can light up any defense. So if you have him, plug him in again, as usual.

Mark Ingram - - Coming off a big game and looks like he has a solid matchup this week. Still hard to rate him too high considering his history of inconsistency, but I would certainly consider getting him in the lineup.
C.J. Spiller - - Coming off a solid game and while the Dolphins run defense was solid last week, they are feeling the pinch from injuries. Good upside this week.
Khiry Robinson - - Found the end zone, but appears to be the 3rd option which likely will make him a hit or miss option. Proceed with caution.

Brandin Cooks - - The rookie started off nicely and with Haden looking to take Colston away, the rookie could be in for another busy day, especially if Stills is out again. If Stills play, he has more risk and probably gets downgraded to a 3 football option, but I'd still strongly consider starting him.
Marques Colston - - Coming off a big game, though faces a tall order this week. Although Antonio Brown had a big game last week against Haden. Of course Colston isn't as explosive as he used to be, but the crafty veteran is still more than capable.

New Orleans Saints - - The defense is coming off a rough game, though should benefit from facing a struggling Browns offense, at least one that struggled early and likely will be inconsistent as they try to get the pieces in place.

Cleveland Browns

Josh McCown - - Tossed a pair of touchdowns last week against a good defense and draws another capable defense this week. Still have the weapons that can help his cause, but would rather save him for juicier matchups.

Isaiah Crowell - - Great debut for the rookie, but hard to rely on him this week with the carries kind of up in the air. Browns may be forced to take to the air more this week.
Terrance West - - Stepped up nicely when Tate went down, though who knows what is up this week. Does have a good matchup, but who knows how much they run it this week, especially late. Might be worth a shot if you are in a pickle.

Dwayne Bowe - - Off his suspension and practicing even with the tweaked quad. Chiefs likely will be playing catch up, which should allow Bowe to start him season with some nice numbers.
Brian Hartline - - Was quiet last week, though maybe the defense will lose focus on him and allow him to get back on track. Good matchup should help his cause, but he typically isn't going to light up the scoreboard. Best as a bye week fill-in as he usually is consistent.
Andrew Hawkins - - Looks to be Hoyer's go to guy and with an awesome matchup this week, he could be worth grabbing off the waiver wire and plugging him in.
Taylor Gabriel - - The rookie is still not quite ready for the fantasy world, so I'd pass again this week.

Jim Dray - - Could see more action if Cameron's shoulder keeps him out, but I wouldn't think about starting him for even a split second.

Cleveland Browns - - The defense didn't live up to the hype, but should bounce back. Though I doubt it will happen this week against the high-powered Saints offense.

Favorite: New Orleans Saints by 6.5
Prediction: New Orleans Saints 30 - Cleveland Browns 23

Dallas Cowboys at Tennessee Titans - Sunday 1:00pm

Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo - - Coming off a tough week and faces a pass defense that looked pretty good last week. But we shall see when they are tested. Has the weapons, though needs time to throw and not worry about scoring on every drive. Has upside with the weapons he has.

Darren McFadden - - The three footballs is reliant on MJD being out. If he plays, I'd probably shy away from DMC. Still not a sure thing, but if he is the main man, he could certainly merit a start.
Lance Dunbar - - Doesn't look like any RB by Murray is going to be used, at least until Murray breaks down (Hopefully he won't, but he has that injury history).

Dez Bryant - - Not a very Dez-like game last week and faces a good pass defense this week (At least they looked good last week). Though the Cowboys are more pass oriented, so that should help. Can go off any week, so have to keep riding your talented WR.
Terrance Williams - - Found the end zone last week as it appears he will accept the challenge. A bad Cowboys defense could mean lots of throwing from the Cowboys this season, which should help.
Cole Beasley - - He just hasn't produced enough during his career to consider using him, especially with a poor matchup this week.
Devin Street - - The rookie is not being used enough to merit starting him yet.

Jason Witten - - Was quiet last week, but still a guy Romo will look to often when it is all said and done. So unless you somehow have a 2nd strong TE option, I'd continue to utilize Witten.

Dan Bailey - - Hard to rely on the offense getting him enough chances at this time. They do have some good weapons, so they could certainly get back on track, but I'm a little nervous.

Dallas Cowboys - - The defense is just downright putrid and the Titans offense looks a little better than expected, so I'd forget about using them.

Tennessee Titans

Bishop Sankey - - Rookie still 3rd fiddle, so until he proves worthy, I'd pass him up. Though a good matchup this week could allow him to surprise. I'd rather not gamble on him just yet.
Shonn Greene - - Not much of a PPR option, but with a great matchup this week, he could certainly get a crack at the end zone and make a nice sleeper this week.
Dexter McCluster - - Looks like he will get touches and some chances to make a big play. A good matchup should help, though still would prefer to use a RB that sees a little more action.

Kendall Wright - - Coming off a nice performance and with a great matchup this week, you should strongly consider getting him into your lineup this week.
Justin Hunter - - Was targeted often last week and is a nice red zone option. With a good matchup this week, he could be a nice starter if you need to roll with him.
Harry Douglas - - Quietly produced, though the Falcons likely won't air it out as much this week, so probably not the ideal starting option.
Hakeem Nicks - - Found the end zone last week, though still probably the 3rd or 4th option in the passing game. So unless he can keep rolling, I'd hold off on starting him.

Delanie Walker - - Found the end zone last week and a nice matchup this week, so could be worth giving him a start this week, assuming that you are in need of TE help.
Anthony Fasano - - Found the end zone, but you can just sense Kelce's role expanding, which won't bode well for Fasano. Though having to throw it more this week could help.

Ryan Succop - - The offense should keep him busy this week as they face a putrid Cowboys defense.

Tennessee Titans - - Defense is coming off a nice game and faces a QB that is trying to do too much, which has resulted in plenty of turnovers in the past, especially last week. So nice upside this week.

Favorite: Tennessee Titans by 3.5
Prediction: Tennessee Titans 27 - Dallas Cowboys 20

Arizona Cardinals at New York Giants - Sunday 1:00pm

Arizona Cardinals

Carson Palmer - - Has plenty of weapons and facing a Giants defense that is coming off a rough game. Sure he could hit the wrong team a time or two, but he should be able to offset that easily enough.

Andre Ellington - - Wound up playing last week, though not quite as explosive due to injury. Plans to play through it, but don't lose sight of the injury. Really good matchup this week, though the injury woes are a concern. Really close to a 4 football option thanks to a phenomenal matchup and I wouldn't be afraid to start him, just listen up on Sunday to make sure he is good to go.
Stepfan Taylor - - With Ellington looking to gut it out, he is probably not a guy that should be anywhere near your starting lineup.

Michael Floyd - - Coming off a big game and has a great matchup to exploit this week, so I'd try to get him into your starting lineup.
Larry Fitzgerald - - Was quiet last week to his Dad's chagrin. Expect him to get back on track this week against a bad Giants defense.
John Brown - - The rookie had the game winning touchdown as he continued to build on a good preseason. While he may have some good moments, he is risky considering Fitz and Floyd are likely the main guys most weeks. But could be a worthy bye week fill-in.

Chandler Catanzaro - - The rookie started off connecting on both FG attempts last week and this week the team has a great matchup, which should mean more chances.

Arizona Cardinals - - The defense continued to play well, even after losing some key pieces in the off-season. This week they face an offense that is really struggling to protect the QB and the ball, so great matchup this week.

New York Giants

Eli Manning - - The struggles continued and it doesn't help that his offensive line is giving him little help. A tough matchup this week, so probably not a guy you want to rely upon.

Rashad Jennings - - Coming off a nice game and looks like he could be quite busy as a runner and receiver, so even with a less than ideal matchup, he is probably the best fantasy option of the bunch, at least at this time.
Shane Vereen - - Got the call at the goal line and was a major factor in the passing game, so looks to be option A. With Belichick you never know when that could change, but he should be a nice option this week, especially in PPR leagues.
Andre Williams - - Rookie's role in the offense is too small at the moment, so should continue to ride the pine.

Rueben Randle - - Didn't do much last week, but there should be better days. This Sunday may not be one of them though as they face a talented Cardinals defense, so could be another rough week.
Victor Cruz - - Calling out the team as believes he should be used more. Faces a tough matchup this week, though he is certainly capable of making big plays, but is a riskier option than usual.
Dwayne Harris - - Had one big catch for 56 yards, but I'd prefer to rely on a receiver that has a larger role in the offense.

Larry Donnell - - Coming off a good game and with the o-line struggling, he could be a beneficiary. The Cardinals have had issues in the past covering the tight end, so could be worth running with him this week since it looks like he could surprise this season.

Josh Brown - - With the offense struggling to protect Manning and a tough matchup, there is a lot of risk with Brown. So it may be wise to invest in a kicker on a better offense. It could bode well for him still, but the offense is scary at the moment.

New York Giants - - The defense is coming off a tough game, but they could take advantage of Carson Palmer and his propensity to throw the ball to the wrong team. Still hard to recommend them even against Palmer.

Favorite: New York Giants by 2.5
Prediction: Arizona Cardinals 23 - New York Giants 13

Jacksonville Jaguars at Washington Redskins - Sunday 1:00pm

Jacksonville Jaguars

Chad Henne - - Dealing with lots of injuries on the offensive side of the ball, though not a bad matchup and put up nice numbers with the help of Hurns last week. Still hard to rely on him, especially when you consider all the injuries and that they are playing on the road.

Denard Robinson - - Likely won't get enough touches to merit starting, though if Gerhart were out, who knows. Probably would need to be pretty desperate to go here.
Toby Gerhart - - Dealing with an injured ankle, but likely will be good to go. Though watch his status closely and it may be best to play it safe and consider other options, unless you are not loaded with talented RBs.
Bernard Pierce - - Struggled last week and then Forsett took the bull by the horns. I still expect a RB by committee since Pierce was being counted on by the Ravens, so we shall see. Good matchup, but risky since who knows how the carries will break out.

Allen Robinson - - Even if Shorts and Lee were out, probably not worth looking Robinson's way.
Allen Hurns - - With Shorts and Lee banged up, the rookie could see an expanded role again this week, which could allow him to produce again this week, especially with a solid matchup to boot. I wouldn't expect him to go as big as last week, but he could be a nice option.
Marqise Lee - - Dealing with an injured hamstring and even if he can go, he would probably be limited, so I'd forget about using this Jaguars rookie WR.

Julius Thomas - - Boom goes the dynamite! That is how you start a season off in style. Just reaffirmed his stud status, so don't think about it, just start him.
Marcedes Lewis - - I see a trend here, and not a good one. Dealing with an injury, though expects to be fine. I'd probably look at a healthier option to play it safe.

Josh Scobee - - The offense is still a work in progress and really battling injuries at the moment, which could make for a tough week, even though the matchup is solid.

Jacksonville Jaguars - - The defense put a lot of pressure on Foles last week, at least early on. The Redskins offense struggled out of the gate, so Jaguars could take advantage and make a nice option this week.

Washington Redskins

Robert Griffin III - - The new offense, at least for now, has a ton of short passes, which may help his completion percentage, but not necessarily his fantasy value. He needs to start moving to get back to his old self. Maybe this week things will change to get the offense going. Nice matchup, but definitely need to be careful with him until/if he starts lighting up the fantasy scoreboard.

Alfred Morris - - Had a solid game out of the gate and should continue to get his carries. Nice matchup this week should help his cause, so should be worth running him out there.

DeSean Jackson - - Need to try and get him involved deep at times, though maybe last week was a smokescreen to get defenses to think short passes. But looks like he should get plenty of touches and should be a strong PPR option. Like Garcon, riskier in standard, but a good matchup this week should help.
Pierre Garcon - - Looks like he will continue to be targeted heavily, though may be a lot of short stuff. But that could make him golden in PPR leagues. Add in the favorable matchup this week and he is probably worth the start. A little riskier in standard leagues, but still worth a start this week.
Andre Roberts - - Not being used enough to consider him worth starting at this time, so I'd pass on him until he proves he is worthy.

Jordan Reed - - Has a hamstring strain, but sounds like he is unlikely to play this week, so you will likely need to find another TE.
Niles Paul - - Stepped up last week with Reed dinged, so if you are desperate for TE help, maybe he could help.
Logan Paulsen - - A banged up Reed could help his cause, but I think there are much better options available on the wire.

Kai Forbath - - The offense came out of the gate slowly, but they do have some weapons and not a bad matchup this week. Could struggle to finish drives, which could result in FG attempts.

Washington Redskins - - The defense looks improved and faces an offense that is dealing with what seems like injuries to every player. OK...Well maybe not that many, but there are a lot of them, which could help the Redskins cause.

Favorite: Washington Redskins by 6.5
Prediction: Washington Redskins 20 - Jacksonville Jaguars 16

New England Patriots at Minnesota Vikings - Sunday 1:00pm

New England Patriots

Tom Brady - - Started off fine, but then the o-line broke down and he was pressured heavily. If that keeps up, it could be bad news, especially since the Vikings put a ton of pressure on the Rams last week. But he is Tom Brady and will likely get it going and if he gets time, he can still slice you up.

LeGarrette Blount - - Looks like he will get some goal line chances this season, so he can get it done any week (Or do nothing). Faces a good Ravens run defense this week, so probably not the ideal option.
James White - - Rookie was inactive and I'd continue to forget about him until he proves he actually may provide some value. Who knows when/if that will be.

Julian Edelman - - Was busy early on, but then disappeared. Should be busy often this season, though he may not be much of a TD threat, so the bulk of his value is probably in PPR leagues, which he should be at least a solid option most weeks, with potential for a double digit reception game here and there.
Brandon LaFell - - Didn't catch any of the five passes thrown his way. On the plus side, he was targeted five times, but I'd forget about starting him until he proves his worth.
Danny Amendola - - Didn't step up, but that may come. It may be wise to wait for it to happen before you consider him starter worthy.
Aaron Dobson - - Was inactive last week, though the injured foot may have set him back in camp. Who knows how long until he is back in the good graces of Belichick, but I'd stay away from him for the time being.
Brandon Gibson - - May have his moments, but too far down the progression chart to consider him worth starting.

Rob Gronkowski - - Found the end zone and was able to play a good bit of the time. Still not 100%, but as long as he plays, which he should this week, he should be starting.
Scott Chandler - - Has a history of producing out of nowhere, but often struggles to produce. With a little more depth at WR, he may be an even riskier option, but if you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, maybe he helps.
Tim Wright - - He's no Aaron Hernandez, so likely won't have any real fantasy value as long as Gronk can stay healthy.

Stephen Gostkowski - - Should get plenty of scoring chances again this week. If that o-line can't help Brady, it may even be more of the field goal variety.

New England Patriots - - The new look defense didn't live up to the hype, though they have plenty of playmakers and are facing an offense, that while coming off a big game, is still a work in progress (Though looking closer to complete).

Minnesota Vikings

Shaun Hill - - Knocked out last week and still not practicing, so looks like a longshot for this week. Even if he plays, he has limited upside, so no use even considering him.

Adrian Peterson - - Not very ADP-like out of the gate, but this week he faces a defense that was just eaten alive by the Dolphins run defense, so he must be salivating for this week's game. Expect him to redeem himself.
Matt Asiata - - Nothing but a handcuff to ADP, so no use considering him a starter.

Mike Wallace - - Coming off a big game and looks like maybe he will get back on track this season. A good matchup this week should make him a good starting option to help your squad out.
Jarius Wright - - With Simpson still suspended, he, oh who am I kidding, he still really has no business being started.
Cordarrelle Patterson - - 102 yards rushing and a touchdown on only three carries. Powerful weapon, so his upside in through the roof and since the Patriots defense is still trying to find themselves, you definitely want to ride him again this week. If Revis decides to come at him, he will have his hands full.

Kyle Rudolph - - Found the end zone last week, which he can do just about any week since he is a tough matchup for many defenses. May be a little up and down as the offense can be a little run heavy, but capable of producing any week, so should be a nice option most weeks.

Blair Walsh - - The offense is looking good, at least after one game, so he should get scoring chances. Patriots defense could force them to settle for a few FG attempts.

Minnesota Vikings - - The defense is coming off a strong performance, though this week they face the veteran Patriots, although they weren't exactly their old selves last week. The o-line was suspect, so the Vikings could give Brady another pounding this week.

Favorite: New England Patriots by 3
Prediction: New England Patriots 27 - Minnesota Vikings 20

Detroit Lions at Carolina Panthers - Sunday 1:00pm

Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford - - Coming off a huge game, though faces a tougher task this week against a strong Panthers defense. But with the weapons he has at his disposal, he should still be able to post some good numbers.

Joique Bell - - Got plenty of touches with a touchdown and should continue to be plenty busy. This week touchdowns could be tougher to come by against a stout Panthers defense. Though short touchdowns can happen against anyone, so while he is a gamble this week, he can pay off any time.

Calvin Johnson - - Never, I repeat, NEVER, EVER sit Megatron. Just plug him in and count your lucky stars.
Golden Tate - - Coming off a solid performance, though this week he draws a tougher matchup against a stout Panthers defense. But he is still capable of making a big play, just may be a little harder this week.
Ryan Broyles - - See Ogletree and apply the exact same, waiver wire logic.

Eric Ebron - - I'd probably hold off on him until he proves he has earned the trust of Stafford. The tough matchup this week should make it easy to pass on him.
Brandon Pettigrew - - Got lots of TEs to spread the ball to, so unless one steps up, they are all a risk, especially with a tough matchup this week.
Joseph Fauria - - The addition of Ebron likely means those TDs he had last season will be few and far between, giving him little fantasy value.

Detroit Lions - - The defense is coming off a big game, but face a better offense this week, especially if Cam Newton plays as expected. If not, then may be worth giving a little bump up.

Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton - - The Lions defense is coming off a big game, though they face a better offense this week. Watch his status closely, though is fully expected to play this week. May not run as much as usual, so that could cut into his value some. But still a guy that can go off any week.

Jonathan Stewart - - Still risky to rely on any piece of the three-headed monster that is the Panthers running game, at least with an iffy matchup like this week. Certainly could help you out if you are in a pinch, but best suited as an injury/bye week fill-in.
Jordan Todman - - See Robinson and apply the exact same logic.
Mike Tolbert - - Still involved in the offense, so certainly can find the end zone any week. But definitely no sure thing, especially with the Panthers employing three RBs, not to mention Cam and his legs.

Kelvin Benjamin - - The rookie showed why he was a popular sleeper pick last week, so looks like a guy that could help your cause. Though rookie WRs can be inconsistent, so there is always risk relying on them, at least early in the season. Like his upside though.
Jerricho Cotchery - - Put up decent numbers and who knows how Cam will utilize the receivers, but I'd forget about using him until he proves he is worth a shot.
Jarrett Boykin - - Until he does something this season, I'd probably hold off on starting him.

Greg Olsen - - Should continue to be heavily involved in the game plan, as was evident last week. So a guy that definitely should continue to be in your lineup and one of the more underrated TEs in the land.

Graham Gano - - Lions defense looks improved, so definitely could make it tough in the red zone and force the Panthers to rely on the leg of Gano.

Carolina Panthers - - Defense continues to be tough, but will have their hands full this week against a powerful Lions offense.

Favorite: Carolina Panthers by 1
Prediction: Detroit Lions 26 - Carolina Panthers 23

Seattle Seahawks at San Diego Chargers - Sunday 4:05pm

Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson - - He may not air it out as much as many QBs, but he makes his passes count and can do some damage with his legs as well. Solid matchup this week, so I'd strongly consider starting him.

Marshawn Lynch - - Just like last year, though now with Harvin on the field, there may be more running room to be found. Turn on Beast Mode and forget about turning it off.
Robert Turbin - - May see some touches to spell the Skittles monster, but not likely enough of them to have any real fantasy value.
Christine Michael - - Dealing with a hamstring injury, so could sit and even if he plays, he likely wouldn't see much action.

Doug Baldwin - - Has his moments, but Wilson likes to spread the wealth and looks like lots of Lynch and Harvin at the moment. So you probably want to look at a receiver more involved in the offense.
Jermaine Kearse - - See Baldwin and apply the same bench warming logic.
Ricardo Lockette - - Found the end zone, but he looks like a guy that scores and then is nowhere to be found for a month and then does it again. Forget about him unless he proves me wrong and does it consistently.

Jimmy Graham - - No thought required. If you have him, you start him. Done deal.

Steven Hauschka - - The offense should continue to produce and get him more than enough scoring chances to make you a happy camper.

Seattle Seahawks - - The defense might be even better this season, so if you have them, I wouldn't ever sit them, well until we hit the Week Four bye week, in which case you need to cut someone else and sit them for that week. Then ride them the rest of the way.

San Diego Chargers

Philip Rivers - - Was decent last week, though not quite near his 2013 form. That likely will come, but this week he gets another tough matchup, this one against what is probably the best defense in the league. So a good week to look the other way.

Danny Woodhead - - Maybe he will be called upon more this week as the Chargers could be playing catch up, which could give him some decent PPR value. Still hard to rely on him against a stout defense.
Donald Brown - - Just not seeing enough action to consider him worthy of a shot.

Keenan Allen - - Started out slowly and this week it only gets tougher, but there will be better weeks for him. Still capable of making plays and with Sherman sticking to his side of the field, the Chargers could move him around to get him some shots. Much riskier than usual, but if you don't have a better option, he is still probably a solid option.
Malcom Floyd - - Coming off a nice game and looks like he could return to being a relevant fantasy commodity. Still would like to see him do it consistency and with a tough matchup this week, may be wise to let him sit out.
Stevie Johnson - - Was quiet in his debut and until he proves he can be a productive member of the fantasy commuity in a 49ers uniform, I'd bypass him when doing your lineup.
Jacoby Jones - - Still not involved in the offense enough to consider him a viable option.

Antonio Gates - - Still not 100%, though likely will go again this week. Not the best matchup and while he can give any defense trouble, if you have another worthy option, may be worth a try.
Ladarius Green - - Hasn't stolen the job from Gates yet and with a tough matchup this week, I'd pass on him again.

Nick Novak - - Chargers have weapons, but face a tall order this week. Though if they can score, Novak could be key.

San Diego Chargers - - The defense may be capable, but this week they face a rolling offense that typically doesn't beat themselves, which is not a good recipe for fantasy success.

Favorite: Seattle Seahawks by 5.5
Prediction: Seattle Seahawks 30 - San Diego Chargers 13

Saint Louis Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Sunday 4:05pm

Saint Louis Rams

Nick Foles - - After a quiet start, he got it going in the 2nd half, though the o-line injuries are mounting in a hurry and a definite concern. Has the weapons and the matchup to produce though, so I'd probably keep rolling with him, unless you really are loaded at the QB position.
Austin Davis - - Would start if Hill can't go. Yeah, pretty sure he would be a pretty bad option to rely on. May be a little better than last week since he will be preparing to start, but that likely won't help him enough.

Tre Mason - - Not involved in the offense yet, so continue to forget about him at this time.
Benny Cunningham - - Not getting quite enough touches to consider him much of a threat in the fantasy world.

Brian Quick - - Coming off a big game and maybe he will finally live up to the sleeper status he had in past years. Still would like to see a little more consistency before relying on him.
Kenny Britt - - Went without a catch last week and while he could find his groove at some point, I wouldn't start him until he proves he can get it done.
Tavon Austin - - Big play threat, but his lack of touches makes him extremely risky, so not worth the trouble at this time.
Chris Givens - - While he may have a solid game here and there, most of the time he likely will struggle to produce, so I'd forget about him.

Jared Cook - - May have his moments, but hard to rely on him, especially with the QB position struggling.
Lance Kendricks - - In the same boat as Cook, so I'd continue to look elsewhere for TE help.

Greg Zuerlein - - With the offense struggling and dealing with another QB injury, it may be hard to rely on Legatron. Though he has all the points for the Rams and there is an outside chance he is the only scorer again this week.

St. Louis Rams - - The defense was slow out of the gate and struggled to live up to the hype. The loss of long is a big blow, but they still have plenty of talent and facing an inconsistent offense that is still trying to get the new faces on the same page.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Doug Martin - - Dealing with a knee injury and could be forced to sit out. Struggled last week, though he should be the main man when healthy. If he can go, not a bad option, though he could be limited. Proceed with caution.
Bobby Rainey - - Found the end zone last week and has shown potential at times and if Martin can't go, he would likely be the go to RB. Not a bad option if Martin is out, though I still hope you have a more proven option with more upside at your disposal.
Mike James - - If Martin can't play, he cold see some touches, but probably not enough of them to merit a start.

Mike Evans - - The rookie saw plenty of action and showed some flashes of his potential. Still risky like many rookie WRs, but could be worth rolling the dice on him.
Vincent Jackson - - Was quiet last week, though he has proven himself time and again in the past, so definitely more than capable of getting the job done and getting back on track.
Robert Herron - - Really hope you aren't seriously thinking of starting him. Whew! You scared me there for a second.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins - - Dealing with a foot injury, so forget about the rookie for now. Maybe as the season progresses, he could turn into an option.
Brandon Myers - - Coming off a solid performance and could give the defense some trouble with them having to worry about J-Jax and Evans. Still not your ideal option, but if you are in a bind, he could help you out of it.

Patrick Murray - - The offense didn't get him any FG attempts last week and I'd still prefer to run out a more proven option on an offense that is playing better than the Bucs.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - - The defense is still trying to get it together, though they could take advantage of a struggling offense that may be forced to start their No. 3 QB (At least the 3rd different QB since the preseason started).

Favorite: Tampa Bay Buccaneers by 5
Prediction: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20 - Saint Louis Rams 13

Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos - Sunday 4:25pm

Kansas City Chiefs

Alex Smith - - Coming off a rough performance, but this week he may be asked to do more, which should help his cause. Could be aided by airing it out in garbage time if it gets ugly.

Jamaal Charles - - For the life of me, don't know why he was used so little last week. That was just idiotic in my opinion. Expect them to alleviate that this week, though who knows how long they can run it. But at least he can catch the ball too and had success last year against the Broncos. You took him super high to play him, so forget about last week's dud and keep riding him. It will get better.
Knile Davis - - Say the following in your best Elvis voice: "Still ain't nothing but a handcuff, sit him all the time."

Jeremy Maclin - - Coming off a big opener and continues to produce well when healthy. A good matchup this week means you should strongly consider starting him again this week.
Jason Avant - - Move along please. No fantasy value to be found here, at least not at this time. Maybe that changes down the line, but Cam will likely look toward his RBs, Benjamin and Olsen most of the time. That leaves only a handful of bones for Cotchery and very few for anyone else.
Junior Hemingway - - You are really reaching here. I'm pretty sure its a good idea to pass.

Travis Kelce - - Showed signs of his potential last week and against the Broncos when they will be airing it out more, he could bust out. Got a gut feeling this could be his breakout game. Still risky, but I like to listen to my gut.

Cairo Santos - - Who knows if they will get the rookie enough chances this week, so I'd rather rely on a more proven option.

Kansas City Chiefs - - The defense took a step back in the opener and this week they draw the short straw as the head to Denver to face the powerful Broncos, who game them fits last season.

Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning - - Keeps on rolling and lit up the Chiefs last year, so keep riding him. If he is playing that week, he is starting. Enough said.

C.J. Anderson - - Who knows what will happen this week with the RBs, but even if Hillman is out again, who knows if he gets enough touches to merit a start. I'd rather not have to find out.
Montee Ball - - Broncos definitely want to get him the ball plenty and had big games against the Chiefs last season, so I'd make sure he is in your lineup again this week.
Ronnie Hillman - - Was inactive last week as he had fallen behind since he had been sick. Who knows what this week brings, but I wouldn't want to be stuck relying on him.

Demaryius Thomas - - Battled the dropsies last week, but he has proven what he is capable of, so if you have him, he is a must start as always.
Emmanuel Sanders - - Looks like Manning will enjoy his new weapon a good bit. The upside is strong, so definitely looks like pretty much an every week starting option. We shall see if that changes when Welker returns, but as we saw last year, the offense can support three good fantasy WRs.
Cody Latimer - - Didn't play last week, so until he proves his worth, I'd just sit him on the bench and wait patiently.
Andre Caldwell - - While he can get it done any week with Manning under center, there are just so many other options to use that he is probably not your best bet.

Owen Daniels - - Saw some action, though Pitta is clearly the go to guy and hard to rely on a 2nd TE, except in very rare occasions.

Denver Broncos - - The defense does appear improved, though they appeared to run out of gas late. Facing an offense that is struggling at the moment, so have the potential to produce this week.

Favorite: Denver Broncos by 6.5
Prediction: Denver Broncos 34 - Kansas City Chiefs 20

Houston Texans at Oakland Raiders - Sunday 4:25pm

Houston Texans

Brian Hoyer - - Showed life late after a slow start last week, but faces a great matchup this week. Still trying to get on the same page as his receivers. May need to throw it more this week, so has a little upside if you really need to go here.

Arian Foster - - Looks healthy and carried a very heavy load, so expect him to be quite busy. Just needs to stay healthy. Great matchup this week, so is a must start against the league's worst ranked run defense (Though it is only after one week).
Alfred Blue - - In the same boat as Grimes, so move along please.
Jonathan Grimes - - Looks like Foster will be the bell cow, so you can forget about looking his way. Nothing but a handcuff and who knows if it would even be him.

DeAndre Hopkins - - Wasn't huge, but a solid start to the season. Has the talent to light it up any week and with a solid matchup this week, he is worth at least in the starter conversation.
Cecil Shorts - - Dealing with a tweaked hammy, so watch his situation closely this week. Riskier even if he can go as hamstrings can hamper WRs, so proceed with caution. A solid matchup does help his cause.
Nate Washington - - Coming off a solid game and with a great matchup this week, he is certainly worth gambling on.

Garrett Graham - - May have his moments, but I'd like to see Fitz actually use him some before thinking about starting him.

Randy Bullock - - The offense has plenty of weapons to light up a bad Raiders defense, which should bode well for Bullock's Week Two fantasy value.

Houston Texans - - The defense looks to be back, although the loss of Clowney will be a blow, but they still have weapons and face an offense that is not exactly a juggernaut.

Oakland Raiders

Derek Carr - - The rookie showed promise in his debut, though faces a defense that can get after the QB, so could have some struggled, although the future looks bright for the youngster.

Latavius Murray - - If MJD can't go, maybe he sees a role, but who knows how the touches would play out. So I'd play it safe and just watch and learn.
Roy Helu - - Had a nice per carry average, but needs to get more touches to merit taking a chance on. At this time, I think I'd explore other avenues.
Trent Richardson - - Was quiet, though the Colts had to abandon the run early. Did catch some passes and appeared to be running hard, just needed o-line help. The passing game rolling could help open space, so probably worth giving him another shot since not as likely to fall behind big early, especially at home.

Michael Crabtree - - Slow out of the gate, but has proven in the past that he can get it done well when healthy. So still a guy that deserves to at least be considered for your starting lineup.
Rod Streater - - Was the go to guy for Carr, which could help his cause. Still a risky option, but may be worth taking a chance on him if you are in a bind. Though who knows what this week will bring.
Andre Holmes - - I'd continue to bypass his name when filling out your starting lineups until he gives you a reason to at least pause when you reach his name.

Mychal Rivera - - The tight end can be a rookie QBs best pal. Got a few looks last week and could turn into a solid option down the line. But for now, I'd prefer to look in another direction.

Sebastian Janikowski - - The offense is showing some life, though not the best matchuo this week. Which could mean that Janikowski has to utilize his big leg this week.

Oakland Raiders - - The defense just hasn't been productive enough in recent memory to merit starting them, although if Fitzpatrick channels his old self, interceptions could be available.

Favorite: Oakland Raiders by 4.5
Prediction: Houston Texans 20 - Oakland Raiders 13

New York Jets at Green Bay Packers - Sunday 4:25pm

New York Jets

Geno Smith - - Not a bad performance last week and maybe in Year Two he will start to find himself. May be forced to air it out late, so some garbage time production could put him over the top and make him a decent option.
Ryan Fitzpatrick - - Likely will hand it off a ton, but with the receiving duo of AJ and Hopkins, he is more than capable of producing against an iffy Raiders defense.

Chris Ivory - - Showed that he will continue to get his touches and with a tasty matchup this week, there is plenty of upside to be found. You just have to hope the Jets aren't abandoning the run too early. I think they can hang for awhile and allow the RBs to produce.
Stevan Ridley - - Got more carries than some thought he might last week, but still appears to be the 2nd option at RB. Probably not your best bet as a starter.
Bilal Powell - - The Jets don't appear to be employing a true three-headed RB, so he appears to be the odd man out.
Zac Stacy - - Defenses can key on stopping him with a struggling passing game, though he should still be a key piece of the offense. Has a solid matchup this week, which should help his cause.

Brandon Marshall - - Dealing with an ankle injury, but played through it last week. But keep your eyes and ears open. Even with the iffy matchup, if he plays, his upside is too great to not start him.
Eric Decker - - Not a bad debut and looks like he will get his share of looks. If the Jets can't keep up, then maybe they have to throw it more this week, which could help Decker's cause.
Jeremy Kerley - - Not bad last week, but I'd still like to rely on a more proven option with more upside and much less risk.

Jace Amaro - - Lets see if either TE will step up and take the reins. For now, I'd avoid them all.
Jeff Cumberland - - Lets see if either TE will step up and take the reins. For now, I'd avoid them all.

Nick Folk - - The offense showed some life, which could help his cause. Also facing a defense that didn't live up to the potential last week, albeit one with plenty of talent.

New York Jets - - The defense looked good out of the gate, though will have their hands full with a talented Packers offense. Though that o-line is still shaky, so they could get some pressure on Rodgers.

Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers - - Coming off a rough week, but faces a better matchup at home this week. Although the Jets defense looked good, this is a different beast. That o-line is a concern though, but Rodgers is a guy you should almost always start (And he is probably past the only defense you would waver on him).

Eddie Lacy - - Coming off a concussion so watch his status closely. If he plays, he definitely merits a start, even though the Jets run defense looked good last week.
James Starks - - Will see some touches even if Lacy plays, but I'd probably only consider him if Lacy is out, in which case, give him a little upgrade and consider him if your other options are iffy.

Jordy Nelson - - Should continue to be very busy, so keep riding him and enjoy the output.
Randall Cobb - - Coming off a nice game and is capable of breaking a big one at any time. So keep on riding the talented receiver, who faces an easier task this week.
Davante Adams - - The rookie is not ready to be consider just yet.

Andrew Quarless - - See the other TEs and do the same thing.
Richard Rodgers - - With so many TEs to choose from, I'd be hard pressed to rely on any of them unless one separates himself from the pack.

Mason Crosby - - The offense should bounce back this week and get him plenty of scoring opportunities.

Green Bay Packers - - The defense showed some flashes last week, but for the most part struggled. This week they face a much worse offense, so could be worth starting this week.

Favorite: Green Bay Packers by 6.5
Prediction: Green Bay Packers 27 - New York Jets 17

Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers - Sunday 8:30pm

Chicago Bears

Jay Cutler - - Coming off a nice game, though this week he faces a tough matchup and dealing with injuries at WR. So while he isn't a bad option, if you are using him as part of a QB by committee, it may be a good week to look at your other committee members.

Matt Forte - - Has a tough matchup, but as usual the amount of touches should help him have good fantasy value, so keep on riding one of the few stud RBs left in the game.
Ka'Deem Carey - - Got one touch last week, so pretty sure you don't want to start him.
Jacquizz Rodgers - - Found the end zone, though still seeing limited touches and will have his hands full this week against a good Bengals defense.

Alshon Jeffery - - Dealing with an injured hamstring and may not go. Even if he does, a tough matchup won't help his cause and hamstring injuries can be tough on WRs. Still capable of making plays, but if you have another good option, may be a good time to use it.
Eddie Royal - - Still not likely to be involved in the offense enough to merit starting even in a 32 team league, especially against the mighty Seahawks defense.

Martellus Bennett - - Coming off a nice performance and with Marhsall and Jeffery not 100%, he could be used even more, giving him some nice upside, even if the matchup is less than ideal.

Robbie Gould - - Injuries could hurt the offense this week and make it tougher to score, especially with an iffy matchup.

Chicago Bears - - The defense has playmakers, but will have their hands full this week with a good offense that typically doesn't make many mistakes.

San Francisco 49ers

Colin Kaepernick - - Bears pass defense was solid last week, though he can beat them with his legs too, which could be a major factor. Plus he has the weapons to still do some damage through the air.

Carlos Hyde - - Found the end zone last week and should get some touches. The question is will there be enough of them at this time. The great matchup may make him worth taking a chance on if you are in a bind though.
Reggie Bush - - Struggled running the ball, though can bust one on any touch. His real value is his receiving skills in PPR leagues. Downgrade him in standard leagues, especially this week with a brutal matchup.

Torrey Smith - - Was quiet last week as Smith and Pitta were the main threats. Lets see what this week brings, but the matchup dictates giving him another shot.
Anquan Boldin - - Coming off a strong opener, though you have to wonder if Crabtree sees a little more action this week, which could cut into his touches. Still probably enough to go around though, even with the 49ers not exactly being a heavy pass team.

Vernon Davis - - Coming off a huge game with a pair of touchdowns as he continues to be a huge part of the red zone offense. Keep riding him as usual.

Phil Dawson - - The offense should be able to exploit a struggling defense and get him plenty of scoring chances. We shall see if the new stadium is a tough place to kick in.

San Francisco 49ers - - The defense continues to produce and facing a QB that has been known to throw it to the wrong color jersey and is dealing with some banged up WRs.

Favorite: San Francisco 49ers by 7
Prediction: San Francisco 49ers 27 - Chicago Bears 17

Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts - Monday 8:30pm

Philadelphia Eagles

DeMarco Murray - - Coming off a big game and should continue to be very busy. Faces a defense that shutdown Charles last week, although the Chiefs were idiots to not use him more. Expect the Cowboys to not make that same mistake, which should make Murray a good option again this week.
Ryan Mathews - - Found the end zone, so continues to be his usual self, which is a guy that can be counted on to start when needed and most weeks will put up something. But not a lot of big games. Too tough a matchup to feel good about starting him this week. On the plus side, the Packers did have some success on the ground last week. Still not even close to an ideal option.
Darren Sproles - - Carried the ball more than expected and with his big play ability and a good matchup this week, he is worth taking a chance on. Though I expect McCoy to step it up this week and maybe steal a few touches back.

Jordan Matthews - - The rookie wasn't used enough to consider him ready for fantasy, though that time may come in the near future.
Riley Cooper - - Not the best day for Mr. Cooper, but a good matchup in a potential high scoring affair should at least get him into the starting conversation.
Miles Austin - - Quiet start, so until he proves he is worthy, I'd forget about relying on his services.

Zach Ertz - - Coming off a nice game and facing a defense that was just destroyed by the tight end last week. Albeit Julius Thomas is a special player, but Ertz certainly has the ability to give them fits as well.
Brent Celek - - Ertz continues to step it up, so he likely won't be worth starting, even though he may have a nice game here and there. You just never know when it might happen.

Cody Parkey - - The offense should keep the rookie busy and maybe playing on the road, they will be forced to settle for some FG attempts.

Philadelphia Eagles - - The defense is still trying to get it together and will be facing a good offense this week, so not the ideal option.

Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck - - Came up huge last week after a slow start and likely will be busy again this week. We shall learn more about the Eagles defense this week, but I expect Luck to find plenty of success.

Frank Gore - - Has a great matchup and while Hyde may steal some touches, he should have more than enough to produce, especially with this week's matchup.

T.Y. Hilton - - Was semi-quiet last week, at least compared to what he is capable of. The return of Wayne could hurt his targets, but could also open him up to make big plays and increase touchdowns. Definitely has the upside to be worth another start.
Andre Johnson - - Continues to get the job done, regardless of the QB under center and has a nice matchup this week. So the veteran should be strongly considered for your lineup, unless you are just loaded with receiving talent.
Donte Moncrief - - The rookie is just not seeing enough action to merit a roster spot, much less a spot start.

Coby Fleener - - With Allen getting it done, looks like Coby has limited fantasy appeal.
Dwayne Allen - - Coming off a nice performance and looks like he will continue to step it up and turn himself into a legit fantasy starter.

Adam Vinatieri - - The offense should be able to roll at home and get him plenty of scoring chances. Eagles defense has the potential to make it tough to finish drives and settle for field goals.

Indianapolis Colts - - The defense is coming off a tough week and the light at the end of the tunnel that was the return of Mathis is burnt out now. May have their days, but this week they face a talented offense with plenty of weapons.

Favorite: Indianapolis Colts by 3
Prediction: Indianapolis Colts 30 - Philadelphia Eagles 24
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