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Team Rankings (T = Total, R = Rush, P = Pass)
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- Good Starter
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Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons - Thursday 8:25pm

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Josh McCown - - Still hasn't gotten it going with his new squad, but this week he could start heading the right way against a struggling Falcons defense. Certainly has the weapons to have a strong performance this week.1

Doug Martin - - Still dealing with that knee, but sounds likes he has a decent chance of playing this week. Good matchup if he can play, though the injury is a little of a concern. Good upside though, so if he plays, I'd strongly consider riding him.
Bobby Rainey - - Coming off a big game, though if Martin is back, he likely sees less action. But if Martin is unable to go, I probably update him to a four football option and strongly consider starting him. He lit up the Falcons last season when he got a shot.
Mike James - - Even if Martin is out again, doesn't look like he will see enough action.

Vincent Jackson - - Still hasn't gotten it going this season, but a juicy matchup with a struggling Falcons defense could be just what the fantasy doctor ordered.
Mike Evans - - If you can wait for him to find his groove, it may be best. Though he does have a good matchup and has the skills to get it done, so he could be worth the trouble if your options are limited.
Robert Herron - - Not involved in the offense much, so I'd continue to forget about relying on him.

Brandon Myers - - May have his moments and does have a nice matchup this week, but will likely be an inconsistent option, so proceed with caution.

Patrick Murray - - The offense is still not quite clicking enough to consider him an ideal option, though a good matchup could help his cause, though I think I'd rather check out a kicker on an offense that is clicking.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - - The defense has shown flashes and while the Falcons are coming off a bad performance, the Bucs are not in the same class as the Bengals defense the Falcons faced last week, so expect the offense to bounce back.

Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan - - Coming off a tough one, but at least this week he gets to head home and face an iffy Bucs defense. With the weapons he has, expect him to bounce right back and be a strong option.

Steven Jackson - - While his number of carries may not be all that, he is still a guy that can be used with the right matchup, which he has this week. So if you need him, he could be worth a shot.
Jacquizz Rodgers - - Still nowhere near involved enough in the offense, so not worth taking a chance on as a starter.
Devonta Freeman - - The rookie is still not being used enough to consider him much of an option at this time.

Julio Jones - - Had a nice game last week against a tough defense and this week the going should be a little easier. So keep on riding the talented Falcons receiver.
Roddy White - - Should be able to bounce back this week with a better matchup, but dealing with a hamstring injury. The short turnaround may not help, though they may just be taking it easy on him. If he is good to go, then probably worth starting thanks to a good matchup.
Harry Douglas - - Not a bad matchup, but with Jones and White as the main guys, he will likely be very inconsistent. Sure he will have some nice games when he is forgotten by the defense, but he will also have some struggles when he is forgotten about by Ryan.
Devin Hester - - Could make a big play, but still hard to rely on the 4th option, at best, in the passing game.

Levine Toilolo - - Just not being used enough to consider him worthy of taking a shot on him.

Matt Bryant - - The offense should be able to bounce back this week against an average Bucs defense, one they had plenty of success against in 2013. Thus he should get more than enough scoring chances this week.

Atlanta Falcons - - The defense is coming off another rough week and still not getting the job done. Facing an offense that has plenty of talent, although on the plus side, they are not exactly clicking at the moment.

Favorite: Even
Prediction: Atlanta Falcons 30 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17

San Diego Chargers at Buffalo Bills - Sunday 1:00pm

San Diego Chargers

Philip Rivers - - Coming off a big game against a tough defense and this week he faces a defense that has had some troubles with the pass. Will need to get over the East coast early game woes, especially after such a big win. But he has the matchup and weapons to keep rolling.

Ryan Mathews - - Expected to miss 4-6 weeks with an MCL sprain, so bury him on the bench and look at adding Donald Brown.
Danny Woodhead - - May see a little more action, but Brown should be the bigger beneficiary from Mathews injury. But this week, a struggling pass defense could mean a little more action and make him a nice option, at least in PPR leagues.
Donald Brown - - With Mathews down, he will see an expanded role in the offense. Bills solid against the run, but certainly could get a TD shot. With the iffy matchup, it may be best to see how it plays out.

Keenan Allen - - Was decent last week, especially when you consider the tough matchup. Expect him to bounce back this week against an iffy pass defense.
Malcom Floyd - - Coming off a big fat zero, though that was against a tough defense. This week he faces an easier task against a Bills defense which has had some issues against the pass.
Eddie Royal - - Coming off a solid game and while he does have a good matchup this week, Floyd isn't likely to be held in check this week, which will likely limit his chances.

Antonio Gates - - Coming off an unexpected monster performance against an elite defense. May not see that kind of performance again (Or not often), but proved he still has it. A good matchup this week makes him a great starting option this week.
Ladarius Green - - The future is still on hold as Gates continues to fight off father time. Not ready to be started at this time.

Nick Novak - - The offense is starting to roll, though the loss of Mathews could sting a little (Although they are used to it). Maybe that means more FG attempts, so I'd strongly considering rolling with him this week.

San Diego Chargers - - The defense is looking a little better, but still working out the kinks. Faces an offense that is young, but one with plenty of weapons. Still young teams can be susceptible to mistakes.

Buffalo Bills

E.J. Manuel - - Still not exactly lighting up the fantasy world, but not a bad matchup this week. So if you are desperate for QB help, maybe the youngster could help you out. I just hope you aren't desperate enough to really need him.

C.J. Spiller - - Coming off a solid game, though still a full blown RB by committee. Not a bad matchup and can bust a big play at any time. With Watkins helping the passing game, it could help open the running game.
Fred Jackson - - Was quiet last week, though still should get his share of touches and likely would get the call near the goal line. Not a sure thing, but a solid matchup should make him at least a startable option (Although there are lots of guys I'd be more comfortable starting).

Sammy Watkins - - The rookie is coming off a huge performance and a good matchup this week could allow him to keep it going. But rookie WRs often inconsistent, so you never know what you can get. But as he showed last week, his upside is probably worth the risk.
Mike Williams - - Not producing enough as a Bill, so I'd continue to take a wait and see approach with him.
Robert Woods - - The youngster has shown flashes, but still not showing enough consistent production to feeling comfortable relying on him, unless you are in a bind.
Marquise Goodwin - - Please keep on trucking to find a real fantasy option to rely on.

Scott Chandler - - Still best used as a bye week fill-in, so still not time to consider him, at least I hope you aren't there already.

Dan Carpenter - - The offense showed what it is capable of last week, though still young which can mean some ups and downs. Nice matchup this week should help his cause.

Buffalo Bills - - The defense is coming off a nice performance, though this week they face an offense that has been playing well. Though you never know when a West coaster travels East for an early game.

Favorite: Even
Prediction: San Diego Chargers 23 - Buffalo Bills 20

Oakland Raiders at New England Patriots - Sunday 1:00pm

Oakland Raiders

Derek Carr - - The rookie made some plays last week and showed he can take off and run as well. But he faces a tough matchup this week, especially having to head East and play early. Could put up some garbage numbers and surprise, but I'd still rather go with a more proven option with a better matchup.

Maurice Jones-Drew - - Doesn't sound all that likely to play this week after that hand surgery. Even if he did go, you'd have to wonder how much action he would really see less than two weeks from surgery. So I'd probably pass on him this week.
Darren McFadden - - At least he found the end zone last week, but didn't exactly light it up. Assuming MJD is out, maybe he can get it going this week against a Patriots defense that has struggled against the run. Definitely has risk, but like his upside this week.
Latavius Murray - - Even with MJD out, he still didn't see much action. So continue to forget about him.

James Jones - - Coming off a huge game as he is starting to get on the same page as Carr. This week he faces a good Patriots pass defense and could see plenty time on Revis Island. Though the Raiders may be forced to play catch up, which could help his cause. Boom or bust option, but like the upside if you need to gamble.
Rod Streater - - Dealing with a hip injury and with a tough matchup this week, it is probably wise to forget about using him. Sounds like he will miss some time.
Andre Holmes - - With Streater banged up, he should see a little more action. This week he faces an iffy matchup, so may be best to explore other options.
Denarius Moore - - Still not producing much and this week he has a tough matchup, so it is probably a good idea to explore other avenues.

Mychal Rivera - - While he isn't non-existent and is seeing decent looks from Car, I'd rather have a tight end in my lineup that is more involved in the offense.

Sebastian Janikowski - - The offense has been up and down, which will happen when a rookie QB is leading the way. Not the ideal matchup this week, so scoring could again be at a premium.

Oakland Raiders - - The struggling defense will have their hands full this week against Tom Brady and the Patriots offense.

New England Patriots

Tom Brady - - Patriots may run it early and often this week to exploit a bad run defense, but we all know Brady can throw a ton of touchdowns any week and the Patriots should light up the scoreboard, so good upside.

Shane Vereen - - Honestly I wish I knew what this week will bring. I'm guessing even Belichick doesn't really have any idea. Great matchup this week, so definitely worth taking a chance on. But you could certainly be cursing Bill by the end of the game.
Stevan Ridley - - Coming off a huge game, which was pretty unexpected since Vereen was expected to be the man. Good old Bill Belichick. Honestly I am scared to start either Vereen or Ridley, but also scared not to. The great matchup this week probably makes both worthy of a start.
James White - - For all we know, he will suddenly become the main man and light up a bad Raiders defense. Probably has the same chances of being the guy this week as I do to walk into my bedroom to Kate Upton.
Brandon Bolden - - Just not touching the ball enough to consider starting him, though Belichick changes his mind about RBs more often than Lindsay Lohan gets caught partying by TMZ. But I doubt Bolden is the guy.

Julian Edelman - - Still rolling and while he faces a Raiders pass defense that is ranked well, part of that is a bad run defense, so he has a good chance to keep it going.
Aaron Dobson - - Outside of Edelman, who knows which WR could step up any given week. At this time, I'd avoid them all until someone steps up and proves they deserve consideration.
Danny Amendola - - See Dobson and find yourself another wide receiver.
Brandon LaFell - - See the other non-Edelman WRs and heed the same advice.
Kenbrell Thompkins - - I'm sure you get the drift by now. Move along until he proves he is worthy again.

Rob Gronkowski - - Was quiet last week, though as we all know, he can light up the fantasy scoreboard any week. So whenever he is active, he should be in your lineup.

Stephen Gostkowski - - The offense should keep it rolling this week against a struggling Raiders defense, so should be busy again this week.

New England Patriots - - The defense is coming off a huge week and this week they face an inconsistent offense that is being led by a rookie QB. Belichick will probably have some nice wrinkles to confuse Carr, so they should be a strong option this week.

Favorite: Even
Prediction: New England Patriots 31 - Oakland Raiders 10

Tennessee Titans at Cincinnati Bengals - Sunday 1:00pm

Tennessee Titans

Shonn Greene - - Laid an egg last week against a bad defense and this week draws a strong one, so probably want to shy away from him this week.

Kendall Wright - - Did nothing against a horrible Cowboys defense, so hard to imagine he will light up a strong Bengals defense. Better play it safe elsewhere this week.
Nate Washington - - See Wright and apply the same "Better stay away from him this week" logic.
Justin Hunter - - Sure he could find the end zone, but too tough a matchup this week to consider him worth taking a chance on.

Delanie Walker - - Coming off a big game and could take advantage of a Bengals defense that has struggled covering the tight end.

Cincinnati Bengals

Favorite: Even
Prediction: Cincinnati Bengals - Tennessee Titans

Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns - Sunday 1:00pm

Baltimore Ravens

Cleveland Browns

Favorite: Even
Prediction: Cleveland Browns - Baltimore Ravens

Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars - Sunday 1:00pm

Indianapolis Colts

Jacksonville Jaguars

Favorite: Even
Prediction: Jacksonville Jaguars - Indianapolis Colts

Houston Texans at New York Giants - Sunday 1:00pm

Houston Texans

New York Giants

Favorite: Even
Prediction: New York Giants - Houston Texans

Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles - Sunday 1:00pm

Washington Redskins

Philadelphia Eagles

Favorite: Even
Prediction: Philadelphia Eagles - Washington Redskins

Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions - Sunday 1:00pm

Green Bay Packers

Detroit Lions

Favorite: Even
Prediction: Detroit Lions - Green Bay Packers

Dallas Cowboys at Saint Louis Rams - Sunday 1:00pm

Dallas Cowboys

Saint Louis Rams

Favorite: Even
Prediction: Saint Louis Rams - Dallas Cowboys

Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints - Sunday 1:00pm

Minnesota Vikings

New Orleans Saints

Favorite: Even
Prediction: New Orleans Saints - Minnesota Vikings

San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals - Sunday 4:05pm

San Francisco 49ers

Arizona Cardinals

Favorite: Even
Prediction: Arizona Cardinals - San Francisco 49ers

Kansas City Chiefs at Miami Dolphins - Sunday 4:25pm

Kansas City Chiefs

Miami Dolphins

Favorite: Even
Prediction: Miami Dolphins - Kansas City Chiefs

Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks - Sunday 4:25pm

Denver Broncos

Seattle Seahawks

Favorite: Even
Prediction: Seattle Seahawks - Denver Broncos

Pittsburgh Steelers at Carolina Panthers - Sunday 8:30pm

Pittsburgh Steelers

Carolina Panthers

Favorite: Even
Prediction: Carolina Panthers - Pittsburgh Steelers

Chicago Bears at New York Jets - Monday 8:30pm

Chicago Bears

New York Jets

Favorite: Even
Prediction: New York Jets - Chicago Bears
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