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Team Rankings (T = Total, R = Rush, P = Pass)
Injury Status (O = Out, D = Doubtful, Q = Questionable, P = Probable)
- Expect a Monster Week
- Good Starter
- Solid Starter
- Emergency Starter
- Hope You Are Not This Desperate

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons - Thursday 8:25pm

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Doug Martin - - As you would expect, he is pretty much the offense, with some V-Jax thrown in for good measure. Expect him to be quite busy again this week against a Patriots defense that has struggled against the run, so keep on plugging in your stud RB.
Bobby Rainey - - WTF is happening in Cleveland. Get rid of arguably your offense. Sorry, as a long time Browns fan, I'm overly frustrated. I'd avoid pretty much the entire offense now, at least this week.

Vincent Jackson - - Put up some decent numbers last week and is always capable of lighting up the fantasy scoreboard. Has more risk than usual with the slowly turning toxic environment in Tampa Bay.

Brandon Myers - - Coming off another nice performance and while he is dealing with some bruised ribs, they should not be much of a factor. This week he should benefit from facing a Panthers defense that has gotten off to a slow start.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - - The defense has shown flashes of potential, this week they face Tom Brady who typically does not turn the ball over. Maybe with all the injuries, they could take advantage of some of the young WRs who are struggling and seem to be irritating Mr. Brady.

Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan - - Coming off a big game and does have a solid matchup to exploit and with S-Jax out he may have to throw it a ton again this week. The banged up WRs may not exactly help his cause.

Jacquizz Rodgers - - His receiving skills should come in handy, especially in PPR leagues. Not a slam dunk since who knows exactly how the touches will break down.

Julio Jones - - The injured knee didn't slow him down last week, so as long as he is able to play, you plug him into your lineup.
Roddy White - - Still dealing with that ankle and likely will be limited or a decoy again this week. Still a big risk until he proves he is fully healthy, though if your options are limited and he plays, he is capable of getting it done.
Harry Douglas - - With White still banged up, he could surprise and merit a start if you are in a bind. It is too early in the season to be reaching this far though.

Matt Bryant - - The Dolphins defense have been tough to find the end zone on the last year plus, which could bode well for Bryant and the number of field goals he attempts.

Atlanta Falcons - - The defense has had some moments and are facing an offense that is still finding itself, although one that often does a good job of taking care of the ball.

Favorite: Even
Prediction: Atlanta Falcons 26 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20

San Diego Chargers at Buffalo Bills - Sunday 1:00pm

San Diego Chargers

Philip Rivers - - Looks like he is very comfortable in the new offense, although this week the pace of the game should be much slower, which should cut into his production. Still with him rolling so well, it makes sense to ride the hot streak if you don't have a stud QB.

Ryan Mathews - - Had another fumble last week, although the new coaching staff stuck with him. He needs to continue to work hard to cure the fumblitis. Has a good matchup this week, so will have a chance to put up some nice numbers.
Danny Woodhead - - Coming off a solid game, at least in PPR leagues thanks to eight receptions. With Floyd out, he could continue to be a busy receiver. Still would like to see that become a trend and not a one week thing before starting him.
Donald Brown - - Probably will be lucky to see many touches with Richardson now in the mix, so you can forget about him again.

Keenan Allen - - The Floyd injury could open the door for the rookie to contribute. Though until he proves he is worthy, there is no need to consider him starter worthy.
Malcom Floyd - - A neck injury will keep him out indefinitely. There are lots of rumors floating out there, so for now, just forget about him.
Eddie Royal - - Has started the season off with a bang with five touchdowns, on only 10 receptions. Between the expected defensive adjustments and the loss of Floyd, his numbers will likely come back to Earth, although he does appear to be the favorite for go to WR. I expect his receiving numbers to go up with his touchdown numbers to slip. As hot as he is currently, you definitely need to consider him.
Vincent Brown - - The Floyd injury should get him more looks from Rivers. If you are in a bind, maybe he could help your cause, though I'd prefer to take a wait and see approach with him.
Seyi Ajirotutu - - The injury to Floyd could pave the way for him to put up one of those rare good games. I wouldn't recommend reaching this far.

Antonio Gates - - Coming off a huge game and with Floyd out, that could force Rivers to look toward old reliable Gates a little more often. The Chargers aren't liable to throw it as much this week, but he should still be a key contributor.

Nick Novak - - The offense has been playing well as Rivers has looked like his good old self. The Titans defense appears improved, which could force the Chargers to settle for field goals this week.

San Diego Chargers - - The defense continues to struggle, although this week they could benefit from facing an offense that is not exactly lighting the world on fire. Still would like to see them more productive before relying on them.

Buffalo Bills

E.J. Manuel - - Coming off a nice game with a huge game winning drive. Still has a ways to go and has to head on the road to face a Jets defense that actually has looked a little better than advertised. Still probably not quite ready to be a starter.

C.J. Spiller - - So much for Spiller being the main dog as Jackson continues to steal plenty of touches. His ability to break big plays still makes him the better option though.
Fred Jackson - - F-Jax found the end zone last week and it appears he will continue to steal touches from Spiller. The rumors of his demise are greatly exaggerated. Still not the ideal starter, but if you need to roll with him, don't be afraid.
Bryce Brown - - He is still not seeing enough action to consider him fantasy worthy, except as a handcuff to McCoy (Or a lottery ticket in case of a dreaded McCoy injury).
Anthony Dixon - - Probably won't get enough touches to merit starting.

Robert Woods - - The rookie put up some modest numbers last week and looks like he could become a nice option as the season progresses and Manuel matures. If you are in a pinch, he could certainly surprise, although I'd rather take my chances with a more proven option.
Mike Williams - - Was awfully quiet last week and the Bucs passing game (And possibly much of the team) seems to be in some turmoil. Always capable of finding the end zone, so there are worse options out there. The struggles of the passing game add a good bit of risk though.
T.J. Graham - - Doesn't look like he would be a wise starting option. Honestly I shouldn't have wasted your time or my time even writing about him.

Scott Chandler - - So far he is just not involved in the offense quite enough to merit starting him. I would not be surprised if he has a nice game on occasion, though he likely will be quiet more often than not.

Dan Carpenter - - Coming off a big game and the Bills offense has more than enough weapons to move the ball on a Jets defense that does appear to be better than expected. That could mean they force the Bills to settle for some FGs.

Buffalo Bills - - The defense has started the season off pretty well and this week they could benefit from facing a rookie QB that is still learning the ropes and is coming off a three interception game.

Favorite: Even
Prediction: San Diego Chargers 23 - Buffalo Bills 16

Oakland Raiders at New England Patriots - Sunday 1:00pm

Oakland Raiders

Matt Schaub - - Has started the season off strongly, although much of that was being forced to play comeback. The Ravens offense has not been a thing of beauty, so this week he likely won't be asked to throw it as much.

Maurice Jones-Drew - - Dealing with an ankle injury that could force him to sit out. Even if he can go, the matchup is probably a little too tough to send even MJD against, at least not when he is less than 100%.
Darren McFadden - - Faces a tough run defense this week, though he could be huge in the passing game which should allow him to be a valuable starting RB this week, especially in PPR leagues.
Marcel Reece - - Certainly capable of punching one into the end zone, although I'm not sure he'll really get a chance.

James Jones - - After being quiet as a mouse in Week One, he exploded in Week Two to the tune of 11 receptions for 178 yards. I'd expect more modest results this week as he faces a much tougher defense, although he is still more than capable of giving the Bengals defense fits.
Rod Streater - - Like Moore, I'd like to see the passing game get rolling before I consider any of them starter worthy.
Denarius Moore - - I'd like to see more from Pryor as a passer before starting any of the Raider WRs. Though on the plus side, the Raiders could be forced to air it out late and get some production that way.
Greg Little - - Failed to step up with Gordon out and his return likely means his limited value could become more limited. I'd recommend looking elsewhere.

Mychal Rivera - - Hopefully you are not this desperate to find a starting TE. Move along please. Nothing to see here.

Sebastian Janikowski - - The offense could find the going tough this week as the rookie QB heads on the road to face a good Broncos defense.

Oakland Raiders - - The defense will be in for a long week against arguably the hottest offense in the NFL at this time. Good luck with that.

New England Patriots

Tom Brady - - I have to admit, I did take a little joy in the frustration Brady was displaying last week with his receivers. Then I remembered I had him starting in a league. Hopefully the weather helps this week and the receivers get a new brand of stick-um. He is still Tom "Freaking" Brady, so he is more than capable of bouncing back this week.

Stevan Ridley - - With the receivers struggling, you have to wonder if the Bucs will stack the box this week and try to stop the running game and force Brady's no-name WRs to step up. After two weeks of struggling, there is definitely some concern with Ridley, at least until the offense gets out of the funk. May not be a bad idea to strongly consider other RB options this week (Although don't just bench Ridley to bench him. Make sure you have a worthy option in for him).

Julian Edelman - - Was the only guy Brady trusted to actually hold on to the ball last week and he used him a ton. While he caught a lot of short passes, they were typically for short gains. Could be another week of that with injuries still abound, so could be a nice starting option this week, especially in PPR leagues.
Aaron Dobson - - The rookie found the end zone in his debut, although he struggled to reel in many catchable passes from Brady. Injury woes will likely allow him to redeem himself this week, so if you really need him, maybe he pays off.
Danny Amendola - - Still battling that injured groin and given his history with injuries, there is a good chance he sits this one out. If he can go, he likely won't be his usual self anyway. Unless it sounds like he is close to 100%, I'd probably play it safe and let his sit this one out.
Brandon LaFell - - Like he has throughout his career, he is a receiver you can count on in a pinch, but he rarely lights up the scoreboard and at times will produce very little. Only utilize him if you are in a tight spot.
Kenbrell Thompkins - - The rookie WRs struggled to hold on to the ball last week drawing the ire of Brady. Will another week under his belt and hopefully better weather help Brady cool off and get the rookie WRs back in the mix?

Rob Gronkowski - - Has a chance to return this week and he could be a huge boost to the offense. A good bit of rust and that he would likely be brought back slowly will likely cap his production. Though if he can play, he certainly deserves consideration as a starter considering his 75% may be better than 90% of the tight ends in the game.

Stephen Gostkowski - - The offense still has Tom Brady, which should allow them to move the ball and get some scoring chances for their talented kicker.

New England Patriots - - The defense has play makers and is facing an offense that is dealing with some turmoil at the moment. Although the Bucs have typically done a good job of limiting mistakes. Still hard to ignore the current struggles.

Favorite: Even
Prediction: New England Patriots 27 - Oakland Raiders 10

Tennessee Titans at Cincinnati Bengals - Sunday 1:00pm

Tennessee Titans

Jake Locker - - Tossed a couple touchdowns last week, although he is still not being asked to throw it a ton. A very good matchup this week does give him a chance to be relevant in the fantasy world, although with no byes in play just yet, he still isn't an ideal starting option.

Shonn Greene - - Underwent surgery on his injured knee this week and is expected to miss a couple/few weeks.
Dexter McCluster - - He still is not being targeted enough to consider him worthy of a start, even though he does have a little more upside than usual in case the Eagles can pull the Chiefs into a high scoring affair.
Jackie Battle - - The loss of Greene to injury likely will open the door for Battle to see some action. He likely won't get enough touches to merit starting, unless he can find the end zone.

Kendall Wright - - At time time, the youngster appears to be the best receiving option of the bunch. Coming off a good game and this week he faces the league's worst ranked pass defense, which certainly bodes well for this week's fantasy value.
Nate Washington - - Has the potential and the matchup to get the job done this week. Although the Titans passing attack is not exactly a consistent and always productive thing. Thus he may have a little more risk than you want to take, especially considering his limited ceiling.
Justin Hunter - - The rookie's role should increase as the season goes on, especially if Britt continues to struggle. A good matchup can't help overcome his lack of touches, so he is still not ready for prime time.

Delanie Walker - - Found the end zone last week, albeit on his only reception of the day. Likely will be pretty up and down this season, but a good matchup this week could allow him to be a pleasant surprise if you need to reach a little.

Tennessee Titans - - The defense does appear to be improved and has started the season off pretty well. They do face an offense that has been rolling thus far, although one that has had struggles with turnovers in recent years.

Cincinnati Bengals

Andy Dalton - - Was a little shaky last week under the lights, although he still went for 280 yards and a TD. This week he faces a much easier task against a Packers defense that has struggled against the pass.

Giovani Bernard - - The rookie had a breakout game on MNF and you can see why the Bengals are high on him. Expect his role to continue to expand and if the Bengals look to throw it a good bit this week, his receiving skills could come in quite handy, so my gut says he could surprise. Still would be best to hold off for now, but like his potential this week.
BenJarvus Green-Ellis - - Getting harder and harder to hold off Bernard and his big play ability. He will likely still be the No. 1 option and used to kill the clock late. Although against the Packers, that may not be as feasible, so his touches may be more limited this week.

A.J. Green - - Was quiet last week, although this week he faces a defense that has really struggled against the pass. Hard to imagine Green will be quiet again this week, so start him, no questions asked.
Marvin Jones - - Is capable of making plays, although he is still pretty far down the food chain making him a less than ideal fantasy option.
Mohamed Sanu - - Put up some decent numbers last week and the Bengals are working on trying to get him more involved. Even had a carry out of the backfield last week. A good matchup this week could make him worthy of a gamble if you are trying to find deep WR help.

Jermaine Gresham - - Continues to produce as he feels the rookie breathing down his neck. Certainly helps the Bengals are using multiple TE sets often. A good matchup this week should also help his cause.
Tyler Eifert - - The Bengals seem to be trying to get him the ball more often and with a favorable matchup to exploit this week, he could merit rolling the dice on if your other options are less than ideal.

Mike Nugent - - The offense is still trying to really find its groove, although a good matchup this week should certainly help their cause and get Nugent his chances to produce.

Cincinnati Bengals - - The defense has not really been getting to the QB like last season, although they certainly have the talent to. The Packers continue to struggle protecting Rodgers, which could certainly help the Bengals start rolling.

Favorite: Even
Prediction: Cincinnati Bengals 27 - Tennessee Titans 20

Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns - Sunday 1:00pm

Baltimore Ravens

Joe Flacco - - The Browns kept the offense in check last week and it could be another tough week as they face a good Texans defense that has been stout against the pass. With Rice banged up, he may be forced to air it out a little more this week. Not the ideal matchup for that though.

Ray Rice - - Knocked out with an injured hip and it isn't sounding promising for this week. If he can go, it may be in a limited role and he'd be facing a good run defense. Unless he is expected to be back in his normal role, it may be best to just play it safe and avoid him this week.
Bernard Pierce - - If Rice is unable to go, he will be the main man and could be a worthy gamble. Not the ideal matchup, although he has proven a capable runner when given the chance and the Ravens still would like to live by the run. If Rice is in, I'd probably play it safe and avoid him.

Torrey Smith - - Continues to get plenty of looks from Flacco as the main receiving option. Can bust a big play on any touch, although this week's matchup is less than ideal.
Steve Smith - - Cooled off last week, though he has proven time and again that he is capable of making a big play any week. This week's matchup is not too shabby, so he is certainly capable of putting up some superb numbers.
Marlon Brown - - The rookie found the end zone again in Week Two and is taking advantage of the Jones injury. Looking like the Ravens No. 2 WR of the future. Not the ideal matchup this week, so may be best to ket him sit and get more experience this week.

Owen Daniels - - Found the end zone again last week and faces a defense that has had issues covering the tight end thus far in 2013.

Justin Tucker - - A tough Texans defense could make touchdowns hard to come by and force the Ravens to settle for field goal attempts.

Baltimore Ravens - - The defense has shown they still have play makers, though this week they face an offense that has plenty of weapons to utilize and typically takes care of the ball. Although Schaub has been picked off three times thus far.

Cleveland Browns

Brian Hoyer - - Gets the start this week for the injured Weeden. Considering his lack of success during his career, I'd recommend skipping Hoyer. The brass want to see what he can do, so let them.

Ben Tate - - Continues to produce solid numbers even though he is playing second fiddle to Foster. Continues to force the Texans to keep playing him and owners to consider him starter worthy, albeit as a lesser tiered option.
Chris Ogbonnaya - - The departure of Richardson should lead to a larger role in the offense. He has shown some flashes during his career, so maybe he can get it done.

Miles Austin - - Cooled off last week, although he should still get his looks and with a favorable matchup this week, he certainly deserves another shot if you need to go with him.
Nate Burleson - - A good matchup this week should allow him to continue to see plenty of looks from Stafford and make him a decent starting option if you have to dig a little for WR help.
Travis Benjamin - - Capable of making a big play on any touch, although until the offense gets rolling, it is definitely not a wise move to reach here.

Jordan Cameron - - Coming off another good game, although now he is dealing with a new QB under center, at least for this week. He should continue to be a key to the offense, although with the QB change, all bets are off. May be a little too risky here.
Jim Dray - - With Housler banged up last week, he stepped up and put up some modest numbers. Still probably not near the top of the tight end recommendations.

Billy Cundiff - - Hard to rely on him considering how much the offense has struggled and is now without its best player thus far and they will be relying on their backup QB this week.

Cleveland Browns - - The defense has been pretty solid thus far, although they face an offense this week that typically limits mistakes, although they did turn it over three times last week.

Favorite: Even
Prediction: Baltimore Ravens 20 - Cleveland Browns 6

Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars - Sunday 1:00pm

Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck - - The addition of Richardson could really help open up the pass, though this week's matchup is a tough one making him a less than ideal fantasy option.

Trent Richardson - - Holy cow. What were the stupid Browns thinking. Could definitely turn into a plus for Richardson with a legit passing game to keep defenses from keying on him. May take some time to get accustomed to his new team. Plus a tough matchup this week won't help his cause.
Ahmad Bradshaw - - The addition of Richardson will likely mean he becomes a poor fantasy option. May see a few extra touches this week as he knows the offense, but the poor matchup won't help.

Reggie Wayne - - The veteran is still Luck's go to receiver, though a tough matchup this week will make it less likely he goes off. Still capable of helping your cause if you need to roll with him.
Hakeem Nicks - - Hasn't lit up the scoreboard yet, though he has been putting up some acceptable numbers thus far. A good matchup and a struggling running game could help him take the next step and get closer to a strong starting option.
T.Y. Hilton - - Between the injured groin and the tough matchup, it is probably in your best interest to look elsewhere for WR help this week.

Coby Fleener - - With Allen lost for the season, he will get his chance to to build on last week and he should turn into a solid fantasy option the rest of the way. Not the ideal matchup this week though.

Adam Vinatieri - - The offense has enough weapons to move the ball, but could really struggle to finish drives and be forced to settle for some FG attempts.

Indianapolis Colts - - The defense has shown some flashes, though this week they face a good offense that is looking to bounce back at home. Likely won't be productive enough to merit starting.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Chad Henne - - Could start again, but did you see how poorly the 49ers played in Seattle last week? You think the Jaguars have any chance? I don't think so either.

Toby Gerhart - - Still does not appear like he will see many touches, so I'd continue to treat him as just a handcuff.
Jordan Todman - - If Jones-Drew is unable to go, he could be the main man. Considering the tough matchup he has this week, you need to be awfully desperate to reach this far.
Denard Robinson - - While the Jaguars could pull out all the stops this week and pull some frazzle dazzle to get Robinson the ball, no way he is even on my fantasy radar this week.

Cecil Shorts - - Coming off a admiral performance last week, but this week he faces a brutal matchup. Though he could certainly put together some garbage production late, though still pretty hesitant to start any Jaguar.
Ace Sanders - - The rookie showed some potential last week and even though the Jaguars may be forced to air it out, I'm not too keen on playing any of them against one of the best defenses in the league.
Tandon Doss - - It does not appear like he will get many touches, so it should be pretty safe to assume he has no fantasy value.

Marcedes Lewis - - Between the calf injury and the horrible matchup, there is no reason to go here.
Clay Harbor - - Found the end zone last week and the Jaguars will likely be playing catchup from the opening whistle. Still not too keen on starting any Jaguar this week.

Josh Scobee - - Considering the nightmare the offense has been and the horrid matchup this week, not to mention in the loudest stadium on the planet. A was going to predict a shutout, but the Jaguars could steal a FG at some point due to overconfidence of the Seahawks or something.

Jacksonville Jaguars - - The defense will likely be in for a long day against Lynch and the Seahawks offense. Nope, can't recommend the defense either. Think that is a clean sweep. No Jaguars should be started (Unless you are in an IDP league, but that is another article).

Favorite: Even
Prediction: Indianapolis Colts 16 - Jacksonville Jaguars 3

Houston Texans at New York Giants - Sunday 1:00pm

Houston Texans

Arian Foster - - Still hasn't been putting up Foster-like numbers, although he has still satisfied most owners. As the season progresses and his health improves, he should continue to push toward his usually extraordinary numbers. He is a stud and if he plays, you start him.

Andre Johnson - - Expected to be ready to roll this week after he was knocked out with a concussion. Don't get caught sleeping on him so keep your eyes and ears open regarding his status. As usual, he should see more than his fair share of targets from Schaub.
DeAndre Hopkins - - The rookie stepped up in a big way last week after AJ was knocked out. Showed why the Texans are so high and him and likely earned some more looks from Schaub.
Keshawn Martin - - Unless AJ is unable to play, he likely won't be involved in the passing game enough to consider him for your squad.

Garrett Graham - - Has found the end zone in both games this season, so he could be a sneaky option if you are in a bind and need TE help. Still would prefer to start a TE that is the main TE option for his team, though beggars can't be choosers.

Randy Bullock - - Has struggled to connect on his field goals this season, making only one of his five attempts. The job is still his, but he better get it together or he could be on the unemployment line. Should get more chances again this week.

Houston Texans - - The defense has not quite found its groove yet and face an offense that typically takes care of the ball and minimizes its mistakes. The Texans are still capable of forcing them into mistakes.

New York Giants

Eli Manning - - Struggled last week, but with the running game struggling and a good matchup this week, he should air it out plenty and have a legitimate chance to put up some pretty good numbers this week.

Rashad Jennings - - Likely won't see enough action to merit starting, especially against a good run defense.
David Wilson - - Struggled last week, but at least he held onto the ball. A good matchup this week, plus that the Panthers offense isn't liable to run away with the game early, should allow the Giants to try and get him going. Definitely a risky option that you should be cautious with.

Victor Cruz - - Held out of the end zone last week, although he still put up good receiving numbers. A good matchup this week should allow him to keep the strong start to the season going.
Rueben Randle - - Cooled off last week and while a good matchup this week could help him bounce back, likely will be up and down with so many options for Manning to utilize. The matchup certainly could merit starting him if you need to.

Josh Brown - - The offense should bounce back this week as they face a defense that has struggled to open the season, which should allow Brown to get his share of scoring chances.

New York Giants - - The defense continues to struggle out of the gate and this week they face a capable offense, even though the Panthers have not exactly gotten it together just yet.

Favorite: Even
Prediction: New York Giants 24 - Houston Texans 23

Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles - Sunday 1:00pm

Washington Redskins

Robert Griffin III - - Has been slow to start games, but with a struggling defense that is liable to force him to air it out often again, you might as well keep riding him. He is liable to slowly return to his old form.

Alfred Morris - - Even as the Redskins played from behind he was able to produce. Though if the offense can't get it going early in the game, times could get tough. This week he has a solid matchup, so keep on plugging him in.
Roy Helu - - Was a non-factor last week, so it still does not appear he will have a big enough role, at least consistently, to merit gambling on him, especially in a non-bye week.

Pierre Garcon - - Coming off a huge game and RG3 went back to heavily using his go to receiver in Garcon. Another high scoring affair can only help his cause, so he certainly should be in your starting lineup again this week.
DeSean Jackson - - Coming off another huge game and this week he faces a defense that struggled to contain Dez Bryant last week. While he may not have the skill set of Bryant, he is more than capable of lighting them up and just been too hot to not start again.
Andre Roberts - - Like Floyd, he should benefit from Fitzgerald being back on the fold. Cardinals may be forced to air it out a little extra in the 2nd half.
Santana Moss - - Found the end zone last week, although the veteran will likely continue to be up and down as RG3 spreads the ball amongst what seems like a dozen receivers.
Leonard Hankerson - - Cooled off last week and like most of the Redskins receivers, he could be very hit-or-miss. He showed his upside in Week One and in a potential shootout, he could certainly help your cause (But could give you little as well).
Aldrick Robinson - - While he will see an occasional target, there will likely not be anywhere near enough of them to merit starting him.

Jordan Reed - - The rookie is expected to see a little more action and could surprise. Did find the end zone last week, but likely want to see a little more from him before considering him for your team.
Logan Paulsen - - Not expected to get enough touches to merit starting. Sure RG3 spreads the wealth which will make for a good game here or there, but those should be very rare.

Kai Forbath - - Watch that groin status and if he can't go, find another kicker of course. May be a good idea to just play it safe in case he played but re-aggravated it. Hard to pass up a kicker in a shootout though.

Washington Redskins - - I'm not going to sugar coat it, the defense has just been awful, at least from an NFL stand point. Fantasy wise, they have made some plays, although this week they will have their hands full with a talented Lions offense.

Philadelphia Eagles

LeSean McCoy - - Coming off another huge game and while this week's matchup may not be ideal, he is proving why he is a stud. Unless you somehow stumbled into having three top five RBs to choose from, he is in the lineup every week.
Darren Sproles - - Continues to see plenty of action in the passing game, making him a superb option in PPR leagues. In standard leagues, he still has value, but really more of a backup/flex option.

Riley Cooper - - Found the end zone last week and while he has the potential to step up, this week's matchup appears less than desirable. Still would like to see more from him before considering him as a starter.
Damaris Johnson - - Still has been nowhere to be found in this new high-powered offense. With their toughest matchup to date this week, he is not likely to suddenly start producing.

Zach Ertz - - The rookie showed his potential last week and could turn into a nice surprise. Still dealing with Celek, so he may continue to be a little up and down. Facing a solid defense this week may not help his cause.
Brent Celek - - Dealing with a shoulder injury, although he appears to be fine. Although the rookie looked solid last week and could continue to cut into Celek's touches.

Alex Henery - - What looks like a solid Chiefs defense could slow down the offense and potentially force them to settle for a few FG attempts again this week.

Philadelphia Eagles - - The defense continues to get lit up and this week they face an offense that will likely do a pretty good job of protecting the ball, which will limit their chances for big plays.

Favorite: Even
Prediction: Washington Redskins 34 - Philadelphia Eagles 26

Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions - Sunday 1:00pm

Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers - - He continues to see plenty of heat from defenses and faces a Bengals pass rush that should be able to get to him (Even though their sack numbers are way down thus far). But he has plenty of weapons at his disposal, so should be able to do what he does pretty much every week, light up the fantasy scoreboard.

Eddie Lacy - - Dealing with a concussion and it sounds like he will be forced to sit this one out. If he can go, he is cursed with a tough matchup this week, so it is best to avoid him entirely this week.
James Starks - - Looked like his old self when he got the chance to fill-in for the injured Lacy. Can he continue to run hard with Lacy likely out, or limited, this week? Faces a good run defense though, so may be tough to replicate last week's performance. There are worse options out there though.

Jordy Nelson - - His receiving numbers were down last week, although he more than made up for that with a pair of touchdowns. Faces a tougher matchup this week against a good Bengals defense, so don't expect another huge game, though he should still be a solid starting option at a minimum.
Randall Cobb - - Another week, another huge game from the youngster. Appears he has definitely come into his own and has matured into what appears to be a plug him and forget him option.

Andrew Quarless - - While he gets a rare bone thrown in his direction, there is no fantasy value to be found here.
Jermichael Finley - - Another week, another touchdown. Is he finally living up to his potential? Not the ideal matchup this week, but he appears to be one of the better tight end options in the league this year, thus he deserves another start this week.

Mason Crosby - - The Bengals defense is pretty tough and could stymie the Packers offense in the red zone and force them to settle for field goal attempts this week.

Green Bay Packers - - The defense has really struggled to produce thus far and do face a pretty solid offense this week, although at times Dalton has made some poor throws that have led to some Pick Sixes.

Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford - - He cooled off some last week, although still was pretty productive. This week he faces a defense that has been, umm, how do I put this nicely, horrible. If you have him, definitely need him in the lineup this week.

Reggie Bush - - Injured knee is likely to force him to sit out this week and even if he can go, he may be a little limited. Watch his status closely and if all looks good, feel free to upgrade him some and plug him in against a horrid defense.
Joique Bell - - Assuming Bush is out, he could be a great option against a porous Redskins defense making him a nice sleeper option in Week Three.
Mikel Leshoure - - May see some touches with Bush dinged up, but Bell appears to be the better option, so even with a good matchup this week, it is probably not advisable to start Leshoure.

Calvin Johnson - - Between last week's performance and just being named Megatron, there is no doubt you are starting him against one of the league's worst defenses.
Golden Tate - - Certainly could find the end zone this week, although it seems like the Seahawks will turn on Beast mode this week and just leave him going. Likely won't throw the ball a whole lot.
Kris Durham - - Likely won't be targeted enough to merit starting, even with a great matchup this week.
Kevin Ogletree - - Found the end zone last week for his first and only catch of the season. Key words there, "first and only". Until he becomes more entrenched in the offense, you should not consider him for your fantasy team.
Ryan Broyles - - Still dealing with an injured knee, so it is probably not advisable to consider him this week.

Brandon Pettigrew - - Still hasn't gotten it going yet in 2013, although a struggling Redskins defense could be just what the doctor ordered to get him going.

Detroit Lions - - The defense has some weapons and are facing an offense that has started slowly out of the gates, at least until after halftime. Certainly are capable of making a big play or two again this week.

Favorite: Even
Prediction: Detroit Lions 31 - Green Bay Packers 30

Dallas Cowboys at Saint Louis Rams - Sunday 1:00pm

Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo - - Cooled off last week, although he still almost went for 300 yards. This week he faces a defense that has struggled against the pass and he likely will be quite busy again this week, so keep on riding him.
Brandon Weeden - - Out at least this week with an injured thumb.

DeMarco Murray - - You keep hearing the Cowboys say, "We need to run the ball more." Yet it never seems to materialize. The Rams run defense has been pretty solid thus far and until the Cowboys actually do run it often, we have to assume they will continue to throw it a ton. At least he is an excellent receiver and can do some serious damage that way too.
Lance Dunbar - - His touches are expected to be very rare, so you can continue to forget about him.
Joseph Randle - - The rookie is still nowhere to be found, so continue to do nothing but stash him on the bench just in case.

Dez Bryant - - A stiff back can't stop him and he showed last week why he must always be in your starting lineup. Don't think too hard on this one, just plug him in and enjoy the results.
Terrance Williams - - The rookie is still not involved in the offense quite enough to consider him a viable starting option.
Dwayne Harris - - I really, truly hope you are not already forced to reach this far for WR help. If so, it could be a really long season for you.

Jason Witten - - It is not very often that Witten puts back-to-back stinkers together, so you can bet that Romo will make sure to get Witten involved in the offense early and often this week. Expect him to bounce back in a big way.

Dan Bailey - - The offense should be able to bounce back this week as they return home to face a defense that has given up plenty of points through two weeks.

Dallas Cowboys - - After a huge performance in Week One, they slipped back to around where they belong last week. They certainly have the play makers capable of making good things happen, so they do have some upside.

Saint Louis Rams

Sam Bradford - - Coming off a huge game as he was forced to play from behind almost the entire game. The new weapons should continue to help his cause and a good matchup this week could help him keep it going.

Benny Cunningham - - Not looking like he will have much of a role in the offense, so please go explore other options.
Isaiah Pead - - Doesn't appear he will be getting enough touches to consider him worthy of a spot start for your team, at least not at this time.

Chris Givens - - Coming off a 100 yard performance, which finally got him going. Still a little concerned as there are plenty of other options out there for Bradford to utilize, but the nice matchup this week makes him worth taking a chance on.
Austin Pettis - - Coming off a big game, although most of that was attributed to the fact the Rams fell behind large early and were forced to play catch up. If the Cowboys offense clicks this week, maybe they are forced to do it again, although I don't trust the Cowboys offense enough to expect them to do it.
Tavon Austin - - The rookie busted out in style last week and this week he has another good matchup to exploit. Like many rookie WRs before him, you can expect him to be inconsistent, though this week's matchup gives him some nice upside.
Kenny Britt - - Was benched last week and while he is still the starter, frustration seems to be building with Britt and the team. A good matchup this week gives him a ton of upside, although with the current issues and lack of production, it is probably wise to just avoid him at this time.
Brian Quick - - His size makes him a nice red zone target, but he'd likely need a touchdown to have any value since he is not on the field very often.
Stedman Bailey - - The rookie is still not seeing much action, so you should continue to forget about him.

Jared Cook - - Fell back to Earth last week with only one catch, so it looks like he could run a little hot and cold this season. A solid matchup this week could allow him to at least be warm this week and make for a worthwhile starter.

Greg Zuerlein - - The offense should be able to keep rolling this week against a Cowboys defense that has been up and down. Finding the end zone could be a challenge though, which could mean a busy day for Legatron.

St. Louis Rams - - The defense is going in the right direction and have some players that are more than capable of making some big plays. The Cowboys offense has plenty of weapons, but can be a little up and down.

Favorite: Even
Prediction: Dallas Cowboys 27 - Saint Louis Rams 23

Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints - Sunday 1:00pm

Minnesota Vikings

Christian Ponder - - Was decent last week and this week's iffy matchup, not to mention that they face a struggling offense, will not likely lead to a big fantasy day. So it should be a good week to look at other options.

Adrian Peterson - - I understand the Browns run defense has actually played pretty well, but you are aware that you likely took ADP near the top of the draft and he can go monster against any defense. Just start him, no thought required.

Greg Jennings - - Starting to find himself, although this week he faces a good pass defense and likely will see lots of Haden. Add in that the Vikings likely won't throw it a ton and it is a good week to sit him out.
Cordarrelle Patterson - - The Vikings would like to get the rookie more involved in the offense, but that will likely take some time. Thus he is not quite ready to help your cause.
Jerome Simpson - - Cooled off last week and the Vikings likely will control this game and rely heavily on the running game and not so much on the pass.
Jarius Wright - - Likely won't get many touches, plus he faces a tough matchup this week, so I'd strongly recommend you continue to bypass him.

Kyle Rudolph - - Found the end zone last week, although he still has not really gotten it going. The Vikings may not air it out a ton this week, so his receiving totals may not be ideal, although he could certainly find the end zone and merit a start.

Blair Walsh - - The Browns defense could make it tough in the red zone on the Vikings and force them to rely on the leg of Walsh for much of the scoring.

Minnesota Vikings - - The defense is coming off a huge game and certainly could take advantage of an offense that has been struggling thus far and will be relying on the guy that was their No. 3 QB last week.

New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees - - He wasn't his usually spry self last week, but his off games are still better than probably half the QBs in the NFL. A good matchup this week, especially playing it at home, should allow him to get back to his usually productive self.

Pierre Thomas - - See Ingram and apply the same logic.
Mark Ingram - - The running game continues to struggle, so more of the same this season. If it holds to form, there will be some good games for Ingram and Thomas, you just will never really know when or who.

Marques Colston - - Definitely should be able to take advantage of the beautiful matchup he has this week against a Cardinals defense that has struggled against the pass thus far.
Kenny Stills - - The rookie is still not being utilized by Brees enough to consider him a viable fantasy option at this time. That may change as the season goes along.

Jimmy Graham - - Are the Saints playing against someone this week? Yes, the Cardinals, check. Is Graham going to play? Yes, check. That is all you need to worry about. If he passes both of those checks, he starts.

New Orleans Saints - - The defense hasn't been producing much fantasy wise, although they could benefit from facing the guy that the Pick Six is named after (Or at least what I like to call the Carson Palmer Pick Six).

Favorite: Even
Prediction: New Orleans Saints 27 - Minnesota Vikings 16

San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals - Sunday 4:05pm

San Francisco 49ers

Colin Kaepernick - - A foot injury could limit his rushes, though a good matchup should still allow him to bounce back from a rough performance and help your team get going again this week.
Blaine Gabbert - - Dealing with a hand injury that could force him to sit out again this week. Even if he plays, no chance in heck I start him against Seattle, especially on the road.

Frank Gore - - Struggled last week, though should bounce back and get into your good graces this week as he faces a Colts defense that has been very susceptible to the run thus far.
Kendall Hunter - - A good matchup will help his cause, though the likely limited touches will not make him worthy of a start.

Anquan Boldin - - Struggled last week as he was locked down by Sherman. Expect him to bounce back in a big way this week as the 49ers look to get their new WR back on track.
Stevie Johnson - - Coming off a big game with a huge clinching touchdown and it appears that Manuel could turn into a good QB, which could certainly help Johnson this season and beyond. Still may be a little up and down as the rookie learns his way.

Vernon Davis - - Dealing with a hamstring injury that could force him to sit out this week, or limit him if he can go. Unless all sounds well, it may be in your best interest to see who else is out there.
Vance McDonald - - A banged up Davis could open up some playing time for him. Really would not recommend reaching here though. The waiver wire is full of more proven options.

Phil Dawson - - The offense should be able to get it going again this week as they head home to face an iffy Colts offense.

San Francisco 49ers - - The defense should be a good one again this season, although they will have to bring it this week against a more than capable offense that just added one of the top RBs in the league.

Arizona Cardinals

Carson Palmer - - Was adequate last week as he led the Cardinals to victory, even with a Carson Palmer Pick Six thrown in. A healthier Fitzgerald should help and if the Saints offense gets it done, he may be forced to the air late. The Saints pass defense does appear improved though. If Fitzgerald were unable to go, it is probably wise to downgrade Palmer.

Andre Ellington - - Looks like he has all but locked up the third down RB job and put up some worthy numbers last week thanks to a receiving touchdown. If the Saints offense can find its groove, the Cardinals may be forced to air it out more, which could make Ellington worth taking a chance on if your options are limited.
Stepfan Taylor - - Not expected to have much of a role in the offense, so you can continue to sit on him for down the line.
Jonathan Dwyer - - Never a good sign for your running game when you bring back a guy that was sitting at home and use him immediately. Just can't trust the Steelers running game at the moment.

Larry Fitzgerald - - A hamstring slowed him down last week and actually forced him out. It is still lingering, although he expects to be able to go this week. If he suits up, his ability is too goo to pass up, especially if the Saints offense shows up and forces the Cardinals to play keep up.
Michael Floyd - - Cooled off last week, although this week he should be able to bounce back as the defense likely will need to worry about Fitzgerald.
Ted Ginn Jr. - - Found the end zone last week, as a wide receiver to boot. Maybe the Panthers will actually utilize him as a WR more than he was as a 49er. Still would like to see more consistency from him before consider him for my starting lineup.

John Carlson - - Likely won't see near enough action to merit taking a chance on him.
Robert Housler - - Dealing with an injured ankle, so you should definitely play it safe and look elsewhere.

Jay Feely - - Coming off a big game and the offense should be able to move the ball again this week, although finishing drives could continue to be a problem, which should keep Feely busy.

Arizona Cardinals - - While they do have some play makers, the Cardinals will likely have their hands full this week against a talented Saints offense.

Favorite: Even
Prediction: San Francisco 49ers 24 - Arizona Cardinals 23

Kansas City Chiefs at Miami Dolphins - Sunday 4:25pm

Kansas City Chiefs

Alex Smith - - Put up solid numbers last week as he continues to get more comfortable with his new team. Has a ton of upside this week as he faces a defense that has been struggling and giving up tons of points. Chiefs may be forced to put up a little more scoring this week.

Jamaal Charles - - Coming off a good game thanks to some strong receiving numbers. This week he faces a defense that has been allowing tons of points, so he should be quite busy and productive this week. I expect the Chiefs to try and control the clock.
Knile Davis - - The rookie is still nothing more than a handcuff to Charles.

Dwayne Bowe - - Coming off a nice game with a touchdown and has a ton of potential this week against a struggling Eagles defense. Still would like to see him more productive, although he is probably worth gambling on this week considering his ability and matchup.
Donnie Avery - - Still would be nice to see him produce a little more before relying on him. That being said, this week's very favorable matchup could certainly allow him to surprise if you are in a bind and need to find a potential sleeper.
A.J. Jenkins - - Maybe down the line he will get a chance and prove he may be worthy, but until that time, forget about him.
Junior Hemingway - - Just not involved in the offense enough to consider him for your squad, regardless of how great the matchup is.
Kyle Williams - - While he may have his moments, he just isn't expected to touch the ball enough to have much fantasy value.

Anthony Fasano - - Considering there are tight ends out there who have more receptions and yardage in a quarter than he has in two games, he is probably too big a gamble, even with a phenomenal matchup this week.

Ryan Succop - - Never hurts to have your kicker facing a struggling defense that has been giving up tons of points. Chiefs should be able to put up plenty of points this week.

Kansas City Chiefs - - The defense continues to look improved. Will have their hands full this week against an offense that is really clicking, although Vick does have a history of having some turnover struggles.

Miami Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill - - Coming off a nice game as he finally broke in his new WR in Mike Wallace. A good matchup this week could allow him to keep it going into Week Three.

Lamar Miller - - Coming off a nice game, although Thomas is still expected to get his touches. The Dolphins could even ride the hit hand from week-to-week. Add in that the Falcons run defense hat been pretty good thus far and it may be best to explore other options if you have that luxury.
Knowshon Moreno - - Coming off a huge game and looks like the addition of Ball is really pushing him. His blocking and receiving skills also really help his cause. Has a good deal of upside this week, although still not a lock since Ball could steal touches and potential scores.
Daniel Thomas - - Miller was the main man last week, although the Dolphins supposedly want to keep both RBs in the mix. With an iffy matchup this week and Miller still likely the better option, you probably don't want to rely on him.

Mike Wallace - - He is singing a different tune this week after the Dolphins got him the ball early and often. Worked out pretty well for all parties as well. A good matchup this week should allow him to produce again this week.
Brian Hartline - - Continues to be a solid option who often flies under the radar. A good matchup this week can only help him keep putting up usable numbers (Although his days of putting up big numbers will likely be limited).
Brandon Gibson - - Cooled off last week after Wallace got it going. He may have some nice games here or there, but likely will struggle to produce enough most weeks.

Charles Clay - - Coming off a big game and is a RB in some leagues and a TE in some. Has more value as a TE, though may give you some flexibility. A good matchup this week gives him a chance to keep rolling and help your cause.

Caleb Sturgis - - The offense is showing signs of improvement and the Falcons defense is not exactly all world, so they should have some success and get him some chances to produce points.

Miami Dolphins - - The defense is capable, though this week's tough matchup likely will not help them produce much fantasy wise, even playing at home.

Favorite: Even
Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs 23 - Miami Dolphins 20

Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks - Sunday 4:25pm

Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning - - Continues to light the fantasy world on fire. He could be facing the 84 Bears and I'd probably still start him every day and twice on Sunday (Well, Monday).

Montee Ball - - The rookie is finding a tough time pushing out Moreno, who has been rolling. Still getting his shots though and could certainly get a chance at the goal line.
Ronnie Hillman - - Looks like he is at the bottom of the RB heap, so I'd look away.

Demaryius Thomas - - Manning is really spreading the ball around and we could see some ups and downs from all the Bronco WRs. Thomas is arguably the most talented guy that is capable of going off any week.
Wes Welker - - Cooled off last week, though he did find the end zone. Who knows what this week will bring, but he has too much upside to not have in your lineup.
Emmanuel Sanders - - Capable of making a big play, though the struggles of the running game is not helping the passing attack. Can make a big play at any time though.
Andre Caldwell - - Manning does look his way down the field here and there, but he likely needs a touchdown to merit a start, which likely will be pretty rare.

Julius Thomas - - Cooled off last week, though still had a pretty productive game. Manning is really spreading the wealth, so there will be weeks he is quiet, but weeks he goes off. Too much upside to not take a chance on him.
Jacob Tamme - - Not looking like he will see much action as a receiver with Thomas rolling.

Matt Prater - - The offense should be able to light up the scoreboard, which should bode well for the fantasy value of Prater.

Denver Broncos - - The defense, even though banged up and missing some pieces, has been producing well and should be able to take advantage of the young QB playing on the road in hostile Denver.

Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson - - Didn't have to do a ton last week and may not be called upon much this week either against the division 3 Jaguars (Wait they are really an NFL team...Sorry Jaguar fans, have to try and make myself laugh to stop from crying over the stupid Richardson trade). Though the Seahawks may look to get him rolling, so he is still worth starting (I just worry he won't be asked to do enough).
Terrelle Pryor - - His running skills could help his fantasy value, though this week he faces a good Broncos defense and he likely will be forced to play catch up. Maybe he can produce some garbage passing yards and between those and his legs merit a start. I'd rather look elsewhere.

Marshawn Lynch - - Coming off a huge week and that was against a good run defense. This week he draws one of the league's worst run defenses. Not that you would ever consider sitting him.
Robert Turbin - - If the Seahawks turn this into a laugher, he could see some decent touches late. Still hate to rely on a backup you are hoping will get some garbage touches.

Doug Baldwin - - I'm just not expecting the Seahawks to throw it enough to justify starting any of the receivers. One is liable to produce, but who knows which one it could be and chances are, we'd pick the wrong one.
Sidney Rice - - See Tate and apply the same logic. There will be better weeks and he could certainly surprise. But I'd hate to start him and watch Wilson hand the ball off 40 times and throw it 15 times (Spread amongst 4-5 receivers).

Zach Miller - - Like the WR corps, he is probably in the same boat, so it may be best to just explore other TE options this week.

Steven Hauschka - - The offense should be able to light up the scoreboard against the struggling Jaguars and get him plenty of scoring chances this week, although most will likely be XPs.

Seattle Seahawks - - Lets see, one of the top defenses in the league against an offense that is really struggling. Yeah, seems like a no brainer and a good possibility of being the top defense in (Shameless plug ahead) Fanduel this week.

Favorite: Even
Prediction: Denver Broncos 38 - Seattle Seahawks 34

Pittsburgh Steelers at Carolina Panthers - Sunday 8:30pm

Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger - - The lack of a rushing attack has allowed defenses to ignore the play action some and made it tougher to get the passing game going. He likely will be asked to throw a good bit again this week, so he could still out up some decent numbers, even with the iffy matchup.

LeGarrette Blount - - With Ridley starting out of the gate slowly, he could see his touches increase as the season goes along. He still probably won't get the necessary touches to consider him starter worthy, but he is on the radar and may merit stashing on your roster.

Antonio Brown - - Capable of making a big play any week, although he really hasn't gotten going yet. Could really use the running game to help open up the play action and help Brown utilize his big play skills. Still capable of getting it done though.
Markus Wheaton - - The rookie is still not on the field enough to merit starting.
Lance Moore - - I'm a little worried about Moore now. Two games in and he only has three receptions for 38 yards. I'm not panicked yet and he still has plenty of time, but Brees seems to be favoring Graham, Colston and the RBs much more this season. Maybe it is best to let him get it going if you have another worthy option you can use instead.
Darrius Heyward-Bey - - That injured shoulder should not be a factor this week, though the iffy matchup will be. I'd look at other options.

Heath Miller - - Hopes to be back in the lineup this week from that knee injury. But likely will need to knock off some rust and the Steelers offense has struggled to get it going. Add in the poor mathcup this week and it may be wise to let him find himself before starting him.

Shaun Suisham - - The offense continues to struggle and will have their hands full this week against a good Bears defense. Thus scoring chances could be hard to come by (Or they may be forced to settle for plenty of FGs).

Pittsburgh Steelers - - The defense continues to play well, at least from an NFL standpoint. Fantasy wise, it has been slow going. They do face Cutler who has been known to throw it to the wrong colored jersey and has been sacked often during his career, so there is some upside.

Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton - - His passing numbers were satisfactory last week, but at some point the new OC needs to let Newton do what he does best, run and force the defense to worry about it. Maybe this will be the week they truly unleash Cam.

DeAngelo Williams - - He should continue to see the bulk of the carries and continue to put up some fine rushing numbers, although finding the end zone would certainly help his cause.
Mike Tolbert - - Continues to get some touches, especially in the passing game, thus he has some modest fantasy value, though best suited as a bye week or injury fill-in.

Jerricho Cotchery - - Still not expected to be targeted enough to consider him worthy of a start, especially with an iffy matchup.
Jason Avant - - Like Cooper, he just hasn't really started to click. Maybe as defenses adjust to try and slow McCoy and D-Jax, other receivers will step up. Still would feel more comfortable with other options in my starting lineup.

Greg Olsen - - Another week, another positive performance from Olsen, who continues to be one of Cam's favored targets. This week he should be able to keep it going against an up and down Giants defense.
Ed Dickson - - It is not looking promising for his fantasy value, so I really hope you are not stuck with Dickson. If so, I'd recommend hitting the waiver wire hard.

Graham Gano - - At some point the Panthers will unleash Newton and the offense should get back on track. This week's decent matchup should allow the Panthers to at least move the ball and get Gano some scoring chances.

Carolina Panthers - - The defense has struggled thus far and while the Giants have struggled with turnovers early on, the Panthers just haven't looked the part of a legit fantasy defense.

Favorite: Even
Prediction: Carolina Panthers 20 - Pittsburgh Steelers 13

Chicago Bears at New York Jets - Monday 8:30pm

Chicago Bears

Jay Cutler - - Looks like a new man under Trestman and maybe he finally gets it. Not the ideal matchup this week, so proceed with caution.

Matt Forte - - Continues to light it up and once again should be quite busy this week, as both a runner and receiver. He is one of the top runners in the league for a reason, so start him even with the iffy matchup.
Shaun Draughn - - If Rice is out, he could see some touches, although I would venture to guess they will be too limited to consider him a viable option.

Brandon Marshall - - Even though he will have his hands full this week against a good Steelers defense, you have to keep starting him. You can bet Cutler will force it to him early and often.
Alshon Jeffery - - Is capable of making a big play any week, though he may have his work cut out for him this week against a Steelers defense that continues to play pretty well.
Josh Morgan - - Likely will have a good game here or there, but many of quiet performances as RG3 spreads it around. A potential shootout could help his cause, although I'd be more comfortable with another option.

Martellus Bennett - - Coming off a huge game as Cutler is enjoying his new target. Keep an eye on that injured shoulder, which may cause you to find another TE or exercise some caution.

Robbie Gould - - The offense should be able to move the ball, though could struggle to finish drives. Heinz Field is not the ideal place for kickers, but he should get some chances.

Chicago Bears - - The defense should be able to give the Steelers struggling offense some trouble and make for a nice starting option this week.

New York Jets

Geno Smith - - Coming off a tough week, though this week he gets to return home and hopefully will get better weather. Still is green and learning the ropes, so he is still probably not your ideal fantasy option.
Michael Vick - - Another week, another huge game. Looking great in the new go, go, go offense. Definitely deserves another start, although this week he faces a defense that has been solid and meets his former head coach that may have a few tricks up his sleeve.

Chris Johnson - - While the o-line appears to be improved, he hasn't quite gotten rolling just yet. A good matchup this week could certainly help his cause though and he is capable of breaking a big play on any touch.
Chris Ivory - - Looks like we have a full blown RB by committee going in New York. A good matchup does give him some potential, although with Powell likely to steal a good deal of touches, it may be in your best interests to avoid the situation entirely.
Bilal Powell - - Dealing with a sore shoulder, although he likely will go and is coming off a decent week with a touchdown. Looks like a timeshare could be in order at RB and even with a good matchup, he is probably a little too risky to rely on since who knows which RB will step up any week.
Daryl Richardson - - Wasn't exactly super busy last week, although his receptions at least helped in PPR leagues. Depending on which Cowboys option shows up could determine how this week goes. At least he has shown to be a capable receiver, which can only help.

Eric Decker - - Bounced back last week and looks like Manning has not forgotten about him. He likes to take what the defense gives him, so that may have a lot to do with the success of the receivers each week.
Stephen Hill - - Has been the best option at WR thus far, which still hasn't been much to write home about. Until the passing game starts to find a groove, it is probably best to just avoid it and look elsewhere.
Jeremy Kerley - - Expected to return from concussion, although considering the offense is not exactly a juggernaut, hard to imagine starting him, even if Holmes is forced to sit.
Jacoby Ford - - See Moore and Streater and apply the same logic.

Jeff Cumberland - - With Winslow banged up, he could be counted on more this week. I don't think there is enough tea in China for me to consider starting him.
Zach Sudfeld - - Dealing with an injured hamstring, so it is probably not a wise move to rely on him this week.

Nick Folk - - The offense is showing signs of life, although it would still be nice to see a little more from the offense to help the kicker see more scoring opportunities.

New York Jets - - The defense has been better than expected and they could certainly take advantage of a rookie QB making a start on the road in what is often a hostile environment (Albeit often it may be directed at the home team).

Favorite: Even
Prediction: Chicago Bears 20 - New York Jets 13
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