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Player Weekly Projections
Team: Week: Position:
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Salary Cap:
Cap = $200
Each TD = 4
Every 20 yards = 1
Each TD = 6
Every 10yards = 1
Each TD = 6
Every 10yards = 1
Each extra point = 1
Each 1-29 yard FG = 3
Each 30-39 yard FG = 3
Each 40-49 yard FG = 3
Each 50+ yard FG = 3
Each TD = 6
Each safety = 2
Each sack = 1
Each interception = 1
Each fumble recovery = 1
Click on a column header to sort by that column. 0.540.0300.540000.090.0900.120.02000.18000.02000.17000.04000.11000000.03000000.05000.14000.050000000000.0800000000.03000.02000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Rank Name Team Passing Rushing Receiving Bonus Fantasy
Yards TDs Ints Yards TDs Rec Yards TDs 100Gm
1Wilson, Russell SEA0.67018.9999999292195Big time players step up in big time games. He'll bounce back from his worst pro performance and put this team in a position to repeat as champion. His biggest impact will be in the running game as New England will take away the down field passing game.
2Brady, Tom NEP0.87016.1399999111891This will be Brady's toughest task this season. Seattle finished the regular season with the number one passing defense. If New England's offensive line has issues protecting Brady he will be in for a long afternoon on Super Bowl Sunday.
3Lynch, Marshawn SEA0015.280000127852Dan Herron is no Marshawn Lynch. New England is going to put their corners in man coverage and stack the box to limit his success. Seattle gets Right Tackle Justin Britt back after missing the NFC Championship. If the Seahawks can feed Lynch the ball 20+ times, they'll control the game.
4Blount, LeGarrette NEP0010.8599998913705They will be force feeding Blount the football, but it will be tough going against Seattle's rushing defense.
5Gronkowski, Rob NEP009.66000001877546Gronkowski did find the end zone against the Colts, but Indianapolis limited his receptions and receiving yards. Seattle will try to contain him, but Brady will be looking for him often in the Super Bowl and Gronk always gets his.
6Edelman, Julian NEP008.32000001519918Edelman suffered a hip injury but returned to the AFC Championship game. He's been Brady's main target through the playoff run but he will have a much tougher task against Seattle's pass defense in the Super Bowl.
7LaFell, Brandon NEP006.79999997094274If Sherman's still limited with an elbow strain, LaFell will have a chance. With another week before the Super Bowl, Sherman will have plenty of time to heal which will not bode well for LaFell.
8Vereen, Shane NEP006.43999996781349Since Blount's arrival, Vereen hasn't been an integral part of New England's running game. Expect more of the same in the Super Bowl as he will see limited work in New England's passing game.
9Baldwin, Doug SEA006.01999998837709Revis on Baldwin makes the most sense so the bigger Browner can cover Kearse. The perceived weakness of this Seattle offense is the wide receivers and it will be the focal point of the Patriots to expose that. Baldwin has made some huge catches in critical situations this season but won't be as impactful on Super Bowl Sunday.
10Kearse, Jermaine SEA005.17999999597669It isn't clear whether he'll draw Revis or Browner. Either way, it's an extremely tough matchup. Russell Wilson is a smart quarterback and isn't going to make the same poor pass decisions two weeks in a row. Look for an underwhelming production day from last week's hero.
11Willson, Luke SEA004.17999999597669If Seattle is to have success in the passing game, it will have to come from the tight end position. Wide Receivers will have a hard time getting open, so Russell Wilson will be forced to check down to his safety valve. Willson has proven himself capable of making big plays when needed and the Seahawks will need him.
12Gray, Jonas NEP003.86000001430511With only four rushing attempts in two playoff games Gray is currently an afterthought in New England's running game.
13Wright, Tim NEP003.16000001877546Wright has disappeared during New England's playoff run. With Gronkowski receiving all of Brady's attention nothing is left for Wright out of New England's passing game.
14Amendola, Danny NEP003.07999999821186Aside from the divisional game against Baltimore, Amendola hasn't been an integral part of New England's passing offense. Expect more of similar results in the Super Bowl as Gronkowski, Edelman,and LaFell will see the majority of Brady's attention.
15Turbin, Robert SEA002.53999999910593The offensive struggles were the reason for his lack of touches last week. Seattle will find more success this week thus putting him back to his usual 7-8 carries. Don't be surprised if he makes a big play in the short passing game.
16Norwood, Kevin RSEA002
17Moeaki, Tony SEA001.54000002145767
18Lockette, Ricardo SEA001
19Garoppolo, Jimmy RNEP000.319999992847443
20Bolden, Brandon NEP000.239999994635582Bolden's main role is as a special teams player. With Blount, Vereen, and Gray in the mix and Seattle's stout rushing defense, Bolden won't see significant work out of New England's back field in the Super Bowl.
21Hoomanawanui, Michael NEP000.239999994635582Hoomanawanui continues to play a limited role in New England's passing game. Expect more of the same as he will be counted on to block when New England faces Seattle.
22Tyms, Brian NEP000.119999997317791
23Jackson, Tarvaris SEA000
24Ridley, Stevan NEP000
25Michael, Christine SEA000
26Coleman, Derrick SEA000
27Gaffney, Tyler RNEP000
28White, James RNEP000
29Miller, Zach SEA000
30McCoy, Anthony SEA000
31Helfet, Cooper SEA000
32Walters, Bryan SEA000
33Dobson, Aaron NEP000
34Boyce, Josh NEP000
35Richardson, Paul RSEA000
Rank Name Team Passing Rushing Receiving Bonus Fantasy
Yards TDs Ints Yards TDs Rec Yards TDs 100Gm