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Player Targets Report
Season: Week: Position:
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Rank Name Pos Team Receiving
Targets Recepts Conv. %
1Hopkins, DeAndre WRHOU1438157%
2Jones, Julio WRATL1419467%
3Brown, Antonio WRPIT1268567%
4Thomas, Demaryius WRDEN1247258%
5Beckham, Odell WRNYG1227259%
6Marshall, Brandon WRNYJ1177161%
7Landry, Jarvis WRMIA1127769%
8Fitzgerald, Larry WRARI1128374%
9Johnson, Calvin WRDET1106761%
10Robinson, Allen WRJAC1095550%
11Crabtree, Michael WROAK1046159%
12Evans, Mike WRTBB1034948%
13Hilton, T.Y. WRIND1035150%
14Green, A.J. WRCIN1006565%
15Cooper, Amari RWROAK975860%
16Benjamin, Travis WRCLE955457%
17Cobb, Randall WRGBP945356%
18Sanders, Emmanuel WRDEN945255%
19Olsen, Greg TECAR925358%
20Tate, Golden WRDET925964%
21Gronkowski, Rob TENEP925762%
22Matthews, Jordan WRPHI895865%
23Allen, Keenan WRSDC896775%
24Edelman, Julian WRNEP886169%
25Cooks, Brandin WRNOS885563%
26Barnidge, Gary TECLE855565%
27Decker, Eric WRNYJ855160%
28Maclin, Jeremy WRKCC845768%
29Moncrief, Donte WRIND835263%
30Hurns, Allen WRJAC814859%
31Kelce, Travis TEKCC785469%
32Garcon, Pierre WRWAS774964%
33Aiken, Kamar WRBAL764357%
34Bennett, Martellus TECHI765066%
35Reed, Jordan TEWAS755573%
36Graham, Jimmy TESEA744865%
37Walker, Delanie TETEN745980%
38Smith, Steve WRBAL734663%
39Jones, Marvin WRCIN724258%
40Snead, Willie WRNOS724563%
41Boldin, Anquan WRSFO724461%
42Witten, Jason TEDAL715577%
43Clay, Charles TEBUF694667%
44Woodhead, Danny RBSDC685378%
45Jeffery, Alshon WRCHI684363%
46Eifert, Tyler TECIN684668%
47Watson, Ben TENOS675075%
48Riddick, Theo RBDET675582%
49Ginn Jr., Ted WRCAR673045%
50Washington, Nate WRHOU653351%
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