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Player Targets Report
Season: Week: Position:
Team: Starting at Display the next Rows
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Rank Name Pos Team Receiving
Targets Recepts Conv. %
1Thomas, Demaryius WRDEN18411160%
2Brown, Antonio WRPIT18112971%
3Jones, Julio WRATL16310464%
4Nelson, Jordy WRGBP1519865%
5Johnson, Andre WRHOU1478558%
6Benjamin, Kelvin RWRCAR1457350%
7Jeffery, Alshon WRCHI1458559%
8Maclin, Jeremy WRPHI1438559%
9Tate, Golden WRDET1439969%
10Jackson, Vincent WRTBB1427049%
11Sanders, Emmanuel WRDEN14110172%
12Bryant, Dez WRDAL1368865%
13Smith, Steve WRBAL1347959%
14Edelman, Julian WRNEP1349269%
15Boldin, Anquan WRSFO1318363%
16Gronkowski, Rob TENEP1318263%
17Hilton, T.Y. WRIND1318263%
18Forte, Matt RBCHI13010278%
19Beckham, Odell RWRNYG1309170%
20Johnson, Calvin WRDET1287155%
21Watkins, Sammy RWRBUF1286551%
22Bennett, Martellus TECHI1289070%
23Cobb, Randall WRGBP1279172%
24Hopkins, DeAndre WRHOU1277660%
25Randle, Rueben WRNYG1277156%
26Graham, Jimmy TENOS1258568%
27White, Roddy WRATL1248065%
28Olsen, Greg TECAR1238468%
29Evans, Mike RWRTBB1236855%
30Allen, Keenan WRSDC1227763%
31LaFell, Brandon WRNEP1197462%
32Green, A.J. WRCIN1166959%
33Wayne, Reggie WRIND1166455%
34Wallace, Mike WRMIA1156758%
35Decker, Eric WRNYJ1137465%
36Landry, Jarvis RWRMIA1128475%
37Hawkins, Andrew WRCLE1126356%
38Jones, James WROAK1117366%
39Shorts, Cecil WRJAC1095349%
40Crabtree, Michael WRSFO1086863%
41Marshall, Brandon WRCHI1066158%
42Walker, Delanie TETEN1066359%
43Garcon, Pierre WRWAS1056865%
44Bell, Le'Veon RBPIT1058379%
45Woods, Robert WRBUF1046563%
46Fitzgerald, Larry WRARI1036361%
47Matthews, Jordan RWRPHI1036765%
48Brown, John RWRARI1024847%
49Rivera, Mychal TEOAK1005858%
50Holmes, Andre WROAK994747%
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