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Player Targets Report
Season: Week: Position:
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Rank Name Pos Team Receiving
Targets Recepts Conv. %
1Nelson, Jordy WRGBP493367%
2Maclin, Jeremy WRPHI462043%
3Smith, Steve WRBAL422560%
4Graham, Jimmy TENOS423276%
5Jones, Julio WRATL412971%
6Brown, Antonio WRPIT392974%
7Garcon, Pierre WRWAS382463%
8Hilton, T.Y. WRIND382258%
9Bennett, Martellus TECHI372978%
10Johnson, Calvin WRDET362158%
11Edelman, Julian WRNEP362672%
12Benjamin, Kelvin RWRCAR362158%
13Wallace, Mike WRMIA352057%
14Jackson, Vincent WRTBB351337%
15Johnson, Andre WRHOU342265%
16Bryant, Dez WRDAL332370%
17Sanders, Emmanuel WRDEN332576%
18Wayne, Reggie WRIND332370%
19Cruz, Victor WRNYG321856%
20Walker, Delanie TETEN322269%
21Crabtree, Michael WRSFO322475%
22Watkins, Sammy RWRBUF321753%
23Marshall, Brandon WRCHI321650%
24Jeffery, Alshon WRCHI322063%
25Hawkins, Andrew WRCLE322166%
26Olsen, Greg TECAR312168%
27Donnell, Larry TENYG312581%
28Tate, Golden WRDET312477%
29Wright, Kendall WRTEN301963%
30Cobb, Randall WRGBP302170%
31Cooks, Brandin RWRNOS302377%
32Forte, Matt RBCHI302480%
33Randle, Rueben WRNYG301963%
34Allen, Keenan WRSDC292276%
35Woods, Robert WRBUF291138%
36Royal, Eddie WRSDC291759%
37White, Roddy WRATL291448%
38Boldin, Anquan WRSFO282175%
39Paul, Niles TEWAS282175%
40Jones, James WROAK282175%
41Thomas, Demaryius WRDEN271348%
42Evans, Mike RWRTBB271763%
43Miller, Heath TEPIT272178%
44Kerley, Jeremy WRNYJ271659%
45Jackson, DeSean WRWAS261558%
46Robinson, Allen RWRJAC261765%
47Wheaton, Markus WRPIT261973%
48Hartline, Brian WRMIA261662%
49Gronkowski, Rob TENEP261350%
50Hunter, Justin WRTEN26935%
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