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Biggest ADP Variances Between Different Draft Sites

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Do you ever really think about how you actually prepare for your fantasy draft? The source of your information and where you actually draft (website) will have a large impact on how your draft unfolds.

Many fantasy owners tend to stick to one website both for analysis and for drafting their fantasy team(s). There’s nothing wrong with that. If you’ve found some analysts you like and a website that works for you, that’s great. Personally, I try to be conscious of how the other owners in my league are preparing.

For instance, I have a league that I’ve played in for almost a decade. The league has always been hosted by ESPN. At least half of the owners in the league use ESPN for the majority of their fantasy analysis and news. That means that any fantasy information published on ESPN is common knowledge. The draft will be run with the pre-populated ESPN rankings.

This is why it is important to have your own rankings and a list of players you want to target. The pre-populated rankings in online drafts tend to dictate average draft position (ADP) for the most part. If the site raises a player in their rankings, that player will also see his ADP rise.

When you combine your own rankings with the ADPs for your draft site, you can make some educated guess about when you should draft your targeted players. If you are drafting on a site that you’re not used to, you need to get your hands on an ADP list. Rankings and ADPs from other sites aren’t going to be the same.

When you’re in a draft, it’s amazing how many owners wind up defaulting to the rankings in the draft room. I personally don’t even like to look at them. Be wary of when players are being drafted, not what order they are ranked in.

Here are 12 players who are being drafted at very different spots depending on what site you are drafting on:

AARON RODGERS (Green Bay QB): MyFantasyLeague: 13; RTSports: 32; CBS: 12; ESPN: 9

PEYTON MANNING (Denver QB): MyFantasyLeague: 40; RTSports: 41; CBS: 19; ESPN: 21

DARREN SPROLES (New Orleans RB): MyFantasyLeague: 41; RTSports: 23; CBS: 41; ESPN: 44

LAMAR MILLER (Miami RB): MyFantasyLeague: 42; RTSports: 34; CBS: 32; ESPN: 59

MONTEE BALL (Denver RB): MyFantasyLeague: 61; RTSports: 43; CBS: 38; ESPN: 38

DANNY AMENDOLA (New England WR): MyFantasyLeague: 64; RTSports: 42; CBS: 58; ESPN: 52

MIKE WALLACE (Miami WR): MyFantasyLeague: 50; RTSports: 58; CBS: 77; ESPN: 49

CHRIS IVORY (New York Jets RB): MyFantasyLeague: 87; RTSports: 54; CBS: 46; ESPN: 56

ROBERT GRIFFIN III (Washington QB): MyFantasyLeague: 47; RTSports: 74; CBS: 66; ESPN: 54

RUSSELL WILSON (Seattle QB): MyFantasyLeague: 57; RTSports: 75; CBS: 68; ESPN: 50

RASHARD MENDENHALL (Arizona RB): MyFantasyLeague: 84; RTSports: 59; CBS: 55; ESPN: 77

SHANE VEREEN (New England RB): MyFantasyLeague: 97; RTSports: 76; CBS: 65; ESPN: 84

*All ADP data is accurate as of July 18, 2013

This data will change as we approach the beginning of the 2013 season. The fantasy football draft season unofficially kicks off this weekend. If you’re drafting early, try to use this information to your advantage. Many sites are slow to update their rankings based on the latest news, signings and injuries. Make sure that you don’t miss a player you want because he is buried in the pre-populated rankings.

Good luck to all of your teams this season.