Tony Holm is Looking for a Few Good Writers!!

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To our members, is looking for a few good writers!!  

You asked for it, so now you've got it! Some of you have asked how your thoughts can be seen, well ask no longer. We have again opened up the gates so that anyone can enter an article for all to see your name in lights. Are you passionate about your team? Let's hear about it. Do you have a humorous slant on a story in the NFL? Let's hear about it!

After being reviewed by the Editors we will post it to the main page so please spell and grammar check your work. If it's too much to edit, we likely won't and if we feel it doesn't meet our site standards, we may not publish your work.  Just so it's said.

This is a great way to get recognition for your work and get published. Those that are the best of the best may be asked to join the FantasySharks team as a compensated writer, if you are willing.  Just so it is clear, it isn't a full-time job offer with office parties and free copy paper but we do feel we fairly compensate our writers and we feel that they agree.

So, get to it my friends! Start submitting and we'll provide the stage.


Questions?   Please contact us by clicking here.


Best Regards,

The Fantasy Sharks staff

P.S.  If you choose to use your name and not your ID, please add your ID or Email to the article so that we can contact you.



An explanation of how to enter articles

The Article Manager page can be found at this link:


FantasySharks Article Management  

User: Guest
Password: Shark

Now, let me run down the fields and a few tricks you need to know when
entering in your article.

Articles Section
1 : Title: This is the Title you see on the main page at the top of the article.


2: Filename: Take the default.

3: Category: Pick "Today's Articles."   Your submission will go in a "Pending" status and will not be automatically posted.



Article Content Section

1. Date/Time:   Leave the default


2: Summary: This is the teaser for the main page


3 : Content: This is the actual article. You can cut-paste your article directly in.  If you used MS-Word to create your article, you must click on the "Paste from Word" button (It's the icon of a clipboard with a 'W' on it) button in the editor's toolbar and add your article that way.

A few tricks to entering Content:

3 a:   The "link" icon allows you to put an HTML link directly in your text.
You would highlight your text, click the "link" icon and enter or paste the
HTML link into the pop-up box.

3b:   The "<>" is the HTML editor. You can enter HTML code by clicking on
the"<>" icon. If you don't know how to enter HTML code ... don't use this. If you do, you can use this feature. The best way to do it is click the <>
once, then enter your stuff, then it VERY important to click the <> again
before saving.

3c:   Sometimes when you cut/paste an article, the hard returns make paragraphs or lists look too far spaced apart. For instance, look at this article:


Click here for Article Example

Originally, Article Manager put a space in between each of Doug's players. To get around this, you can bring a line up, then hit "Shift-Enter." This gets rid of the extra space between paragraphs or hard returns.

3 d:   There is a simple editor in here if you want to play around with your article within Article Manager but I'd recommend doing it in your normal editor and not use this one. Our font is Verdana, 10 pt font. 


Last Section


1:  External Link: Not Used

2:  Featured "Show this article first in lists": Please leave this blank

3 : Author: Enter your name

4:  Author Title:   Please pick “Fantasy Football Guest Writer”

5:  Author Pic:   Please use sharkhead.jpg

6:  Categories:  Please check all categories that apply to your article.

               TIP:  Fantasy Sharks 'Article Manager' is an older application

                      that may not always work properly with Internet

                      Explorer.  Should you experience any problems when

                      selecting a category or should the categories not

                      load properly just turn on the compatibilty mode.

                      The compatibility mode button should be located just to

                      right of the address bar at the top of the page. Just 

                      look for the button with the ripped piece of paper

                      in it. 


7:  Comments: Enter you email here so we can reply to you at a later time.


8 :  Headline Title Graphic: Please use "blank"

9 :  Feature Image/Feature Caption: Please leave these blank.

PLEASE spell check your articles before dropping them in. Spelling errors and players names misspelled make the site look bad and we won't post it.  Do not worry about linking player names to player pages, the site will do that automatically as long as the players name is spelled correctly.


After that just Save and it’ll be submitted.

If you have ANY questions ... please ask.


Please contact us by clicking here.


Good luck and thanks for contributing to the community!!