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Good Call/Bad Call - Week 3

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I always like Week 3 of the season. After this week, we’re finally able to see the trends of players and teams. We can see if there was a fluke game by some player or if teams really are using that player in their game plan. We get to see which defenses are weak against the pass or the run. Sleepers aren’t sleepers anymore, and players that you drafted with upside are either panning out or wasting roster space on your bench. After this Sunday we can finally see where our fantasy teams stand and get into the next fun part of fantasy football, trading. Now on to the calls for the week.


The Green Bay at Cincinnati game is chock-full of fantasy potential this week. The Packers have allowed 412 and 320 passing yards in the first two weeks, along with three touchdowns in each week to opposing quarterbacks. I’m thinking Andy Dalton is going to have a big game this week. Dalton looks to have plenty of receiving options at his disposal this season. Drafting Tyler Eifert and Giovani Bernard to go with A.J. Green and Jermaine Gresham looks to have been a good move by the Bengals, and it would be a good move to have Dalton in your lineup this week.

The Baltimore Ravens defense doesn’t look as stout as it has in past seasons. Currently, they rank as the third easiest defense for quarterbacks to go against. Even Brandon Weeden had 233 passing yards versus them last week. Combine that with the fact that Matt Schaub has been playing some good football through the first two weeks of the season and I’d say Schaub is a good call for you to start this week. Schaub has thrown three touchdowns in each of his first two games, and I don’t see why he couldn’t do it again.

Jay Cutler is a bad call this week. His trip to Pittsburgh is going to be a rough one. The Steelers have allowed just one passing touchdown this season, and allow an average of just 203 passing yards. Cutler has five touchdowns on the year already, but hasn’t passed for more than 300 yards, yet. I don’t see that happening this week, and I think he’d be lucky to throw for more than one touchdown. Cutler is a bad call this week and you should look elsewhere for your starting quarterback.

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