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Looking Forward To 2012 - Audibles Finale

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St. Louis Rams

Aside from Steven Jackson, there is little value here. That’s difficult to say as a Rams' fan. I would mention Brandon Lloyd, but he’s disappeared. Have you seen him? Two cornerbacks coming back from injury should help the defense but who can help this offense?

Seattle Seahawks

Marshawn Lynch came on strong late season. Sidney Rice was decent when he played. Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin are both up-and-comers. I can’t think why anyone would start Tarvaris Jackson. That means you shouldn’t either.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Josh Freeman took a giant step backwards this year. I was high on him after last year. Mike Williams is still incredibly talented so you still may consider him for next year. Take a look at how well Freeman is throwing first. He lacked consistency. LeGarrette Blount rumbles, but he isn’t going to last long with that running style. Kellen Winslow seemed to get the most targets of anyone, but without enough touchdowns to merit a start. Steer clear as they are rebuilding both sides of the ball.

Tennessee Titans

Matt Hasselbeck has been pretty good this year. He played admirably but it will be hard to keep Jake Locker off the field next year. Chris Johnson got his money. I got a mediocre performance and now I will return him to the scrap heap. Stand by your man when you have to and run like hell when you can. The season is over, now you can. Nate Washington and Damian Williams played admirably in Kenny Britt’s absence. Keep tabs on this situation. I’m not sure how it will pan out.

Washington Redskins

If you need any points from a team like the Redskins this year, you are in trouble. Roy Helu looks like the only option unless Leonard Hankerson breaks into the starting lineup. Do yourself a favor and stay away. Look for coach Mike Shanahan to draft a running back that you’ve never heard of on Day 2 of the draft. Get his name and write it down. Look at this name every single time next year that you start a Redskins back. One of those weeks, you are going to get a zero because of this guy. Believe it.

I still believe in tight end Fred Davis. I would prefer to get him on the cheap.

They say that hindsight is 20/20. What is foresight? I am hoping it is 20/37, and not 20/200. Legal blindness is when a person’s best-corrected vision is 20/200 or worse. If a person is legally blind, they can qualify for tax breaks and certain federal/state social services, such as help in purchasing magnifiers and other low vision aids. I will need some tax breaks in 2012.

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