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2013 NFL Prospect Evaluations

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Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia, 6-foot-3, 215 pounds

PROS: Excellent deep ball, very strong pre-snap read ability, accuracy, mobile enough, moves the pocket well, can make all the throws, handles pressure well, strong leadership abilities.

CONS: Perfectionist - inability to handle failure could be a crippling trait for a quarterback, immaturity, tendency to force passes into windows that aren’t open if the play isn’t there, inconsistent feet, flat lined progression-wise midseason.

DRAFT BRIEFING: I expect him to be the No. 1 overall pick, likely to the Kansas City Chiefs, but stranger things have happened.

2013 OUTLOOK: New coach Andy Reid’s offense usually takes some time to adapt, so he’s not one to rely on in 2013 unless you’re in a league deep enough in which rostering three quarterbacks makes sense.

DYNASTY OUTLOOK: From a physical standpoint, he is perfect for Reid’s offense. With Reid in Kansas City, the Chiefs are primed to pick up Smith.  However, I have doubts whether it will work because of Smith’s immaturity issues and the supporting cast in Kansas City. Either way, Reid’s quarterbacks are usually fantasy assets, so while we figure out if Smith is a franchise quarterback or not, he has fantasy value. Consider him in the Top 5 of rookie drafts.

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