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On Second Thought - Week 11

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Last week I suggested that by this point we should have a good idea of what sort of production we are going to see out of most players going forward. This suggestion was by no means a stretch. Here at FantasySharks.com we have a great tool called the Lineup Coach. You can input your players, league scoring system and line-up requirements and it will tell you who you should start every week, why you should start them and even give you a projection for every player.

You may be thinking that every site has site projections. What you may not know is how accurate ours are. I’ll give you one example from this last week. I am in a PPR league that allows six points per passing touchdown and starts one flex WR/RB position.

In that particular league, I won’t mention what company is the host, the ratio of projected points to actual points for my position players showed a difference of 41.77 total points or an average difference of 6.96 points per player.

Using the FantasySharks.com Lineup Coach in that same league, I showed a difference of 16.02 points for the same players for an average difference of 2.67 points per player. That is a huge difference.

So if you are fed up with inaccurate projections from your fantasy host, I recommend our Lineup Coach here on FantasySharks.com and by the way, the articles aren’t too bad here either.

With that in mind let’s discuss what we saw in the Week 10 games and how that will affect you and your team in Week 11.

Redskins at Vikings

All the big players came up big, Adrian Peterson , Robert Griffin III, Alfred Morris and Pierre Garcon Jordan Reed also threw in another noteworthy performance going for 62 yards on six catches and a touchdown. But besides that nobody really surprised us on Thursday night.

Christian Ponder did dislocate his shoulder on his non-throwing arm. His plans right now are to be back in time to play the Seahawks this week. The fact that he is hurt and playing Seattle tells us to not start him or any of his WRs or TEs next week if you can avoid it.

Bengals at Ravens

Are you ready to bench and/or give up on Ray Rice yet? I told you last week it was time to consider it, even though it seems weird to say. Now I am telling you again, cut your losses. Sorry, but 30 yards rushing is not going to cut it as a starting RB. Even if you are in a PPR league he only added eight points by catching six passes for 26 yards.

  A.J. Green once again gave us the game we expected from him with 151 yards and a TD as did Giovani Bernard with 95 total yards, eight catches and a TD.  Andy Dalton was once again erratic throwing more interceptions (3) than touchdowns (2). He is making it tough to have faith starting him now and in the future.  

I also thought that Tyler Eifert might step up now that Jermaine Gresham is hurt, but if he is going to, it did not show this week. His numbers were a pedestrian, three catches for 55 yards, however I wouldn’t give up on a break out just yet.  Marvin Jones with one catch for two yards is quickly disappearing as fast as he appeared on the scene.

Bills at Steelers

There really wasn’t much to like in this game, either. Both QBs are almost unplayable on these teams. Spiller cut into Fred Jackson ’s touches just enough to hurt Jackson’s production but not enough to have good production for himself resulting in an all around lose-lose for Buffalo RBs.    

Le’Veon Bell had another good game and really seems to be picking up speed going into the latter half of the season and Antonio Brown continues to be one of the only fantasy lights on the Steelers.

Raiders at Giants

With almost everybody else being utterly fantasy forgettable, the running backs for each team were very noteworthy.

Rashad Jennings continued his good play in place of Darren McFadden with 88 yards rushing and 19 yards receiving on two catches. And the long awaited return of Andre Brown treated owners willing to start him to 115 yards rushing, one reception and one touchdown.

Owners of Jennings can keep him in the lineup as long as McFadden stays on the sideline.

Owners of all Giants' running backs not named Brown can put them on the bench for the foreseeable future.

Rams at Colts

Andrew Luck is a sophomore QB and sometime that shows. He has the ability to just disappear from time to time. His last four games include this week’s stinker, (3 interceptions and 1 touchdown) an eight point embarrassment and two 30+ fantasy point games. It’s tough when you just don’t know what you are going to get.

His running backs are hard to start, but T.Y. Hilton was once again the real deal reeling in 130 yards on seven receptions.

As for the Rams, Zac Stacy continues his strong play with 62 yards rushing, two catches and a TD. Tavon Austin had an amazing game (2 catches, 138 yards and 2 touchdowns) but before getting too worked up realize that it does not pay to chase homeruns and touchdowns the way he gets them.

Also, Kellen Clemens seemed to find a groove this week, 247 yards, two TDs and no interceptions. Keep an eye on him just in case.

Jaguars at Titans

The Jags finally got a win but other than that, this game, like many of the others this week was really boring fantasy wise.

Maurice Jones-Drew had a nice game but not spectacular, 41 yards rushing, one touchdown and 33 yards receiving.

For the Titans, Delanie Walker looked good and should be someone on your short list for TE pickups if he is available in your league.  Ryan Fitzpatrick also had to come in when Jake Locker once again hurt himself, this time injuring his right foot. He was on crutches by the end of the game so Fitzpatrick may be worth a look in deeper or two QB leagues.

Eagles at Packers

Ok, finally a game with some interesting underscores on a fantasy level.

First, Aaron Rodger’s backup Seneca Wallace hurt his groin. Next up, Scott Tolzien who actually played admirably, 280 yards and one touchdown with two interceptions. The good news is that he appears to be a step up from Wallace in the passing game so if he stays in as QB for the Packers this will help any owners who have Packers WRs.

Second, Nick Foles continues to play well. So well that some are saying Michael Vick might not even get the starting nod when he is healthy again.

Foles threw for 228 yards with three TDs and no interceptions.  Riley Cooper still appears to be his BFF catching three of his passes for 102 yards and two TDs.

This should be no surprise but LeSean McCoy continues his incredible year adding another 155 yards on the ground.

Foles and Cooper should be picked up in most leagues and Tolzien could be an interesting stash for deeper leagues and leagues starting two  QBs.

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