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Risers and Faller - Week 9

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Marvin Jones - Last week was nothing short of Calvin Johnson -like. It’s an extremely rare feat for a wide receiver, or any position for that matter, to find the end zone four times within 60 minutes of playing time. Since that Week 8 breakthrough against the New York Jets, Jones has become one of the most highly debatable fantasy players in regards to value. Half argue that his snap total, which is around 35 percent of the plays on offense, do not open the gates for further production. Others argue that outside of A.J. Green, Jones has become the preferred red zone target. I argue to let the numbers speaks for themselves. If Jones can pull in another touchdown this week he’ll have earned the right to be utilized on a weekly basis. Yes, he may be touchdown-dependent but sometimes that’s all you really need.

Don’t over-analyze because some situations just don’t make sense. Take Stevan Ridley from New England for example. He doesn’t receive the full workload yet he’s a solid bet to find the end zone. Don’t crunch too many numbers; let the play speak for itself. He has the chance to earn a slot as a weekly WR3 while also running the risk of hitting the waiver wire again.

Jason Witten - Do the Dallas Cowboys still employ the former stud tight end? Or have they done away with the position entirely? It’s as though the more Dez Bryant opens his mouth the more Tony Romo wants to stuff it full of targets, aside from last week. While Bryant is a monster on the outside and over the top, Witten remains the best middle-of-the-field receiver on the roster. If Romo would like to limit his turnovers while still moving the chains he’d be wise to remember that he has one of the most elite players at the position. It would be like Drew Brees forcing the offense to go through Marques Colston and letting Jimmy Graham flounder with two catches for 20 yards. Granted, Colston is not the talent of Bryant, but the point remains.

The Cowboys need to spread the ball around, which will, in turn, benefit both Witten and Bryant. Once Witten gets rolling the safety will need to play up in order to contain the tight end, leaving Bryant without a safety over the top. This isn’t rocket science, Romo! The numbers need to improve sooner rather than later because Witten could risk being outside the top-10 ranked tight ends next season thanks to the emergence of players like Julius Thomas , Jordan Cameron , and the healthy return of Rob Gronkowski .

Kenny Stills  - What do we have here? Yet another breakout wide receiver playing catch with quarterback Drew Brees seemingly without a defense present. But we’ve seen this circus act before. We’ve had the Lance Moore- type of receivers come and go as the only trustworthy receivers are Marques Colston, a running back (Darren Sproles), and the tight end (Jimmy Graham). Stills has the opportunity to become the second wide receiver option in the Saints offense which holds more weight that being the primary wide receiver for half of the other 31 teams. Can Stills move up into the position that Robert Meachem once held? Ironically, in front of him as he’s still on the roster. Or, is this the typical run of stats and then falling flat like all of the others before him?

Pierre Garcon - Nothing classier than calling out your teammate by saying outright that the passing game sucks. Be that as it may, it’s never a good idea to toss the person who is responsible for your production under the bus. We’ve seen it in the past with guys like Tony Romo and Terrell Owens , or Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens , where they don’t let the off-field BS interfere with on-field production. This is a whole different set of circumstances and we don’t know how Robert Griffin III is going to react on the field to these comments. He’ll likely kiss and makeup and give Garcon his weekly dose of targets. But there is still an outside, dark horse chance that Griffin III turns more toward up-and-coming tight end Reed, or maybe even wide receivers Leonard Hankerson , Josh Morgan and Santana Moss . Again, to reiterate, this is unlikely, but we’d be well-served to pay attention to the game and targets to see if we have the makings of a potential fallout on our hands.

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