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Rookie Review - Week 3

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I hope you all took my advice last week. In the initial installment of this series I informed you to try and get Giovani Bernard , Tavon Austin and DeAndre Hopkins . Together, all they did was get 237 total yards with five touchdowns. Five touchdowns! Now hopefully I have gotten your attention for the rest of the year. Let's get on to the review.


Geno Smith The Thursday night game between the New York Jets and New England Patriots was ugly in about 19 different ways. Let us just say that Smith took a giant step back from his Week 1 performance. Smith ended the evening 15-of-35 for 214 yards and three interceptions. Combine that with four more sacks and you can understand what I mean with a giant step back. That is now nine sacks, four interceptions and one fumble in two games. There are already rumblings in New York that a quarterback change may be needed. As it stands right now, Smith is the 32nd rated QB (out of 32 teams).

E.J. Manuel – The Buffalo Bills may be better than we all thought. They played the New England Patriots tough in Game 1 and came away with a last-minute victory over Carolina in Week 2. Manual spear-headed a late drive and threw the game winning touchdown to
Stevie Johnson with :02 left on the clock. Manuel has shown composure under pressure and you can tell he is gaining confidence. His line for the game was 27-for-39, 296 yards, one touchdown and one interception. He also completed a two-point conversion. I’ll say it once again, Manuel should be on your radar. If and when he starts running, you will not be sorry.

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