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Shark Leagues: Registration is OPEN

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The 2014 Shark leagues are ready. Do you have what it takes to swim with the sharks? Once again FantasySharks.com teams up with MyFantasyLeague.com to bring you the most competitive free public leagues out there! Where can you play with this level of competition? Where your skills are rewarded with advancement to higher level leagues that are made up of only consistent winners? Here is where!

The Great White Shark League is our top league, where nine site members get to play with the likes of none other than Tony Holm!  But these are not ordinary members.  Each one earned his way to the top of the ladder by winning.  We have two more showcase leagues, the Whale Shark Leagues, that are also filled with proven winners both from lower leagues and by demoted Great Whites (you read that right – nobody is safe, perform or drop, it is that simple). And all three showcase leagues have FantasySharks.com staffers you’ll have to get through to get to the top.

Our top levels of leagues are full, but expansion opportunities are available for you to get in at the Bottom-Dweller level, where if you win you have a chance to get promoted to the Hammerhead leagues, and from there to the Whale league! Succeed there and join Tony Holm in the Great White Shark League!

Have I got your interest?  Good. First things first, at this level of competition no one should need to be babysat, so go read the rules right now. They are linked on the frontpage of FantasySharks.com, lower left column, and
here is a direct link .

These are subject to modification, and the official place for that is the forums located in the FantasySharks.com Shark Tank.  There you will find all sorts of shark league information, such as answers to various owner questions, rules clarifications, draft announcements, and of course, a healthy share of smackdown from your fellow players!  But you can’t enjoy any of that that if you do not register with the site. You can register to participate in the forums right on the Shark Tank homepage. The forums can be reached from the FantasySharks.com frontpage, in the pull down menu, but here is a link .

So, go register. And once you do, take advantage of the wealth of information available to you. Due to my role as commissioner of the Shark Leagues, I have acted as the unofficial staff liaison to the forums for a number of years, and I can tell you that of all the things we have accomplished here at FantasySharks.com, I am most proud of the community we have seen grow in the Shark Tank. There is no better source of up-to-the-minute information and fantasy football advice anywhere on the internet than right in our tank.

Once registered, head to the Shark Tank where you will find the post from yours truly inviting you to join a Bottom-Dweller league, it is in the Open Forum for all Shark Leagues. But if you can’t find it,
here is a direct link .

The directions are pretty straight forward, and if there is interest I will keep adding leagues until just before drafts start on August 14th!

So get registered, join a Bottom-Dweller league, check out and jump into the forums, and soon you too will be calling this place your fantasy football home!

Good luck, and may all your first rounders stay healthy!

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