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So you're a top 5 pick ... now what?

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By now, almost all of us have been told to snatch up two running backs early on. Projections for the 2013 season have this position as once again bringing in the biggest points, and you’re going to want to be prepared before the draft begins. That being said, which fantasy football players should you pick?

Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson takes the No. 1 spot. With 307 fantasy points in 2012 and a preseason rank of No. 1 across Yahoo, ESPN and CBS, there’s no doubt that this running back should be everyone’s first pick should they be so lucky.

The next running back on the list plays for the Houston Texans, scoring an average of 16.38 points per game in 2012. That’s right, Arian Foster comes in at No. 2.

Number three is Tampa Bay Buccaneer Doug Martin. Although receiving a preseason rank of No. 5 from ESPN and CBS, I list him in this spot because the combination of his 2012 position rank, his scoring an average of 16.41 points per game, and his solid spot at No. 3 in Yahoo’s preseason rankings. That makes him a reliable player for the 2013 season.

Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch comes in at No. 4, with a total of 256 fantasy points in 2012, and high preseason rankings across all three expert football sites.

Last but not least is Baltimore’s Ray Rice. With 222 fantasy points in 2012, Rice scored 12 points higher than the average for all running back fantasy players.