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Survivor - Week 5

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Everyone will be hopping on the anti-Jaguar bandwagon in Week 5. Is that a smart idea? Check out the breakdown to help make your choice this weekend!

For those who have been reading for the last few years, my golden rule is to avoid the road teams, especially early in the season when you have more options. I also do not like to take divisional games if I can avoid them. However, it is understood that you may not have a choice some weeks to follow those rules. It is also more difficult now as some survivor pools make you pick two teams down the stretch of the season to thin out the field.

Let's get into the action for Week 5:

Thursday Night

Bills @ Browns – Avoid this game, but you have to respect the way Cleveland is playing after trading Trent Richardson.

Sunday & Monday Games

Top Picks :

Rams – The Rams are home against the Jaguars in Week 5 and I would suspect that everyone would be jumping on them this week. I do not think that the Jaguars can win this game. However, after seeing Sam Bradford perform last Thursday night I'm somewhat concerned. The defense should be able to propel the Rams to victory, but despite the 12-point spread, this game is certainly not a guarantee.

Falcons – I may be inclined to go with the 1-3 Falcons who are desperate for a win at home. The question you need to ask is can I see myself using the Falcons the rest of the way? Maybe next week at home against Tampa, but that is a divisional game anyway. Their remaining home games include divisional games with the Saints and Panthers, as well as visits from Seattle and Carolina. The Jets will likely be missing two starting WRs in Santonio Holmes and Stephen Hill. Look for Atlanta to come out strong at home on Monday night.

Selection : FALCONS – I would advise you to take Atlanta this week over the Rams. Maybe you get lucky and the majority of your pool goes down with the Rams. If the Rams and Falcons both win, then there is not much lost as Atlanta's future schedule does not provide any no-brainers.

Avoid :

If you were eliminated with Cincinnati last week, shame on you for breaking the golden rule of survivor (choosing road teams in divisional matchups). It is one thing if Indianapolis is playing in Jacksonville, but a different story with the Bengals and Browns. The Jaguars appear to be the 2013 exception to the rule.

There are a bunch of 1-2 point spreads that you should avoid this week, but some road teams to avoid include San Diego (@ Oakland). Take a look at Oakland's history in knocking out some heavily-favored teams the last few years. I know the Titans just lost their QB Jake Locker, but I wouldn't bet on the 4-0 Chiefs on the road. Wait until they are at home, or have picked up their first loss. As we get further into the season, I do not like to bet on unproven undefeated teams or winless teams. They are each bound to pick up a win or loss at some point (unless you look as good/bad as the Broncos/Jaguars).

Good luck in Week 5!