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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin - Week 16

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It was the night before the night before Christmas in New England when this article was penned. Another Fantasy Football season has come to an end. If you were in the finals, good luck to your team. For the rest of us we have come this far only to dream. That means it is Fantasy Football Championship Week.  It is a time not for the meek.

OK. Enough of that, but all is not lost for I will still be writing about the NFL and all of its twists and turns in the upcoming weeks. This article will post on the day before Christmas and with that I hope the holiday finds you and yours in good health. So Happy Holidays to all and to all a good write…errr…night. Yeah, that’s it.

Woulda Coulda Shoulda

The championship game this week in my strong-QB league pits QB Nick Foles against…now don’t hold your breath…yes QB Peyton ManningPeyton Manning existed outside the bell curve this year. It does not happen often. Fantasy football is set up to distribute points over a random sample size which regresses to the mean. This is a complex way of stating that for the most part all teams have an equal chance of winning.

When players like QB Peyton Manning happen this year, it is like RB Marshall Faulk in his heyday. You drafted Marshall and you had a better than average chance of winning the fantasy football championship. In its unfairness it becomes totally fair because it is that unusual. So for everyone who had Peyton Manning this year, hats off to you. He went 3rd overall in our draft this year and finished the 16 games with 133 points more than Drew Brees in my strong-QB league. He was 179 points above the next tier of QBs in my league.

That makes for a winner.

Now if you recall, I asked some very important questions in my Let The Season Begin Article. We can try to answer them now.

Answers to Riddle Me This!

The questions that I have in this first ever Riddle Me This pre-season were intended to be provocative and cover the noise and chatter preceding NFL Football 2012.   Did I step into it or not?

  •   Will Rex Ryan coach the whole season?

o     Yes but with no Mark Sanchez and no playoffs for the NY Jets anything is possible in the off-season

  • Will the target zone affect the NFL and how it is played?

o     Yes. I have seen more flags for defenseless hitting this year.

o     No. I have seen more defenseless hits this year.

o     So, I would call this a push. To be determined.

o     11 Games Played.

o     53 receptions.

o     624 yards.

o     2 Receiving Touchdowns.

o     123 Fantasy Points.

o     What is creepy about this is that in 2012 he played 11 Games, had 63 receptions and 666 yards with 3 Receiving Touchdowns before getting injured.

o     13 Games Played.

o     10 Receiving Touchdowns.

o     73 Receptions.

o     778 Yards.

o     205 Fantasy Points.

  •   Will Tom Brady be effective without established WRs?

o     Tom Brady went for 330 Fantasy Points in 2013 with 24 TDs & 10 Int through 15 games. He was the 12th best QB in my league.

o     Tom Brady went for 434 Fantasy Points in 2012 with 33 TDs & 8 Int through 15 games. He was the third best QB in my league.

  •   Will Colin Kaepernick have a sophomore slump?

o      No. The 49ers are 11-4 and secured a Playoff spot.

o     No. The Seattle Seahawks have the best record in the NFL along with the Denver Broncos at 12-3

  •   How is RGIII’s knee?

o     Not so good.

o     The Washington Redskins are 3-13 and RGIII did not start the last three games of the season.

  •   Is it a good idea to have the Super Bowl in MetLife Stadium

o     To Be Determined.

My diary entry is about another Christmas.

Dear Diary

Christmas is coming faster every year. Then you combine this with Thanksgiving coming later and it is utter chaos. I tried to meet a friend for lunch and the spot chosen was near a mall.

Bad idea.

I had to take a back road to arrive at the lunch place five minutes early. Well my friend did not know this way and he was half an hour late. So everyone is shopping and amped up more than ever.

Greet everyone with a smile and enjoy.

Be safe everyone and Happy Holidays!

Master D.

Tim can now be reached at tdavoll@fantasysharks.com and welcomes your opinions on the Diary of a Fantasy Virgin Articles.