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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin - Super Bowl XLVIII

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The Super Bowl has come. It is the ultimate game with the ultimate showdown. The veneer that overrides all is the #1 NFL Offense of The Denver Broncos hosting the #1 NFL Defense of The Seattle Seahawks. The game is in New Jersey which is a risk considering previous venues have been places like Arizona (warm), New Orleans (warm), Miami (warm), San Diego (warm) and Pasadena (warm). Do you sense a theme here?  

But just like life, if you think it will be about one thing, it usually isn’t. That means the weather will be benign. It still may be the coldest Super Bowl even surpassing the game-time temperature of 39 degrees for Super Bowl VI outdoors at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans but it is a far cry from blizzard and temps in the teens. So look at the weather being a non-factor.

Instead, I would like to play on the theme that I brought up a few weeks ago. This Super Bowl is about the old guard of the NFL dropback passing QB against the new read-option passing running QB. The consequences of this game could sway the minds of future teams and how they manipulate their offense.  

As always I would like to make a case for each team.

The Case For The Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos had a record of 13-3. They came out of the gate in the 2013 season and let the NFL know that they were not to be taken lightly. In the first game of the season they smoked the Baltimore Ravens 49–27. The amazing part of the game was that Denver scored 49 points and they did not score in the first quarter! Baltimore actually had a halftime lead of 17-14. Come on.  

The QB of the Broncos is Peyton Manning. He set the record for passing TDs in a year with 55 overtaking the record of 50 previously held by Tom Brady. Peyton is the master of legerdemain (act of trickery). He has stupid words (Omaha) which mean nothing but from his chatter comes visits aplenty to the end zone. He has very talented receivers in Demarius Thomas, Julius Thomas, Eric Decker, and Wes Welker. They get the ball and find the end zone.

The Denver Broncos used to have a decent defense. In the post season through two games they have the 2nd best defense behind the New Orleans Saints. So for all the talk of the Seattle Seahawks and their No. 1 defense, the Broncos have been the best team still alive.

The Denver Broncos back-story has been Peyton Manning 24x7 until the Super Bowl. Peyton is trying to become the first QB to win a Super Bowl for two different teams. That is so freaking strange but it must be the nature of the NFL. Never let a Super Bowl winning QB go. Unless you are the Indianapolis Colts, I guess.  

The Case For The Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks had a record of 13 -3. The Seattle Seahawks are trying a different formula to winning the Super Bowl. It has worked in the past. Do these names sound familiar? Jim McMahon, Jeff Hostetler, Mark Rypien, Trent Dilfer, and Brad Johnson. They are QBs that “manage the game.” This translates into “My QB cannot pass a lick but we are going to win anyway.” It is a dangerous way to win because it is difficult to come from behind. But Seattle has proven it can win. Why can’t they win one more?

The QB of the Seattle Seahawks is Russell Wilson. Out of the 12 teams in the post season, they were 12th in passing. In the regular season they were 26th. What Russell Wilson cannot do with his arm he makes up for with his mind and his legs as he ran for 539 yards this season. He has a great handoff to RB Marshawn Lynch. Seattle was 4th in the league in rushing. The QB option that Russell Wilson runs can confuse defenses. It did confuse teams early and often. A little bit of hesitation makes Seattle get enough space to be very successful.

The Seattle Seahawks had the best defense in 2013. They gave up the least points and the least yards. The representative of this defense is Cornerback Richard Sherman. He had eight Interceptions and his rant at the end of the NFC Championship is his “Omaha” to keep the eyes off of QB Russell Wilson. This works for everyone but me.    

The Seattle Seahawks back-story is the lack of rule enforcement by Coach Pete Carroll. Just look up what he said about marijuana and how he dealt with Richard Sherman to see that he DOES NOT run a tight ship.

This is a style that is not new but it does burn out fast.

The Verdict?

I cannot believe that the whole week, the Denver Broncos defense has had to endure questions about how it stinks when Colin Kaepernick lit Seattle up and also gave them the game last week. 

Peyton Manning is better than Colin Kaepernick. The Denver Broncos defense is better than Russell Wilson.

I go with the old guard and the Denver Broncos. John Elway won two Super Bowls late in his career. Why not Peyton?

See you in August!

Have a safe Spring and Summer.

Master D.

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