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Wally's World - Week 1

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This will be an abbreviated edition of Wally’s World as we all take a deep breath in anticipation of Week 1 and some actual NFL football action.

For the sake of full disclosure I will state front and center that Week 4 of the preseason has little to no impact on fantasy football. The only news worthy of notice is injury related and with most starters sitting out this week even those reports are nominal.

It took some digging and more than a few splashes of cold water to the face, but here are a few things that stood out from Week 4 of the preseason.

Love the Tim Wright deal for New England. Tom Brady now has that second route running tight end to pair with Rob Gronkowski . It is no coincidence that Wright went to Rutgers, as coach Bill Belichick loves him some Scarlet Knights. Nice debut for the big man lining up against and playing with lesser competition on the field.

Buffalo running back Bryce Brown returned to action after going down with what initially looked like a severe injury. So I guess that’s a little bit of good news for an offense that has struggled throughout the preseason.

Rookie wide receiver Sammy Watkins left the game with an injury to his ribs. I don’t think we get to see how good this kid can be until the Bills get a better quarterback in place (sorry E.J. Manuel fans … both of you).

Kyle Orton to Buffalo? Really? This move should not have Bills fans feeling better about the season. There is a better ex-Denver Broncos quarterback you should have called … I’m just saying.

It probably won’t happen but if I’m a coach for Detroit and forced to choose between Dan Orlovsky and Kellen Moore, I am choosing the kid from Boise State. We’ve seen the Orlovsky movie before and it isn’t pretty.

Moore has shown a pocket presence and improved arm strength during his tenure with the Lions. He’s earned the right to back up Matthew Stafford .

The Cleveland Browns are going to be successful running the ball behind a solid offensive line. Hopefully running back Ben Tate stays healthy long enough to reap the benefits.

Whatever New England rookie running back James White is showing in practice that has folks impressed is definitely not showing up in games. He’s looked overmatched in every preseason game.

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