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Week 4: The Start of the Bye Weeks

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What a crazy week of football. I'm sure everyone is tired of talking about the Monday night debacle, but in a way it is the best thing that happened this season. Think about it. Had they called the play correct, we would have the same referees for the next few weeks or even through the Super Bowl. Imagine if the same mistake was made on the last play of the Super Bowl. Roger Goodell would have to run to Europe and hide. The good news is that the refs and the NFL have came to an agreement!  Everyone will be happy to see them return until they make a bad call and then it is business as usual.

I had an opportunity to see my Giants in a regular season game for the first time last Thursday. It was a Panthers home game but you wouldn't have known it because of the sea of blue that was at the game. I'm not talking about Carolina Blue either. The game was dominated by the Giants and the Giants' fans were enjoying every minute of it.

Another great thing about watching a game live is seeing your fantasy player score for you. Let's get down to business. Last week I talked about injuries and covering yourself for players that will miss some time. If you didn't cover the bye weeks with players during your draft, I hope that you picked players up last week rather than waiting for this week to make a move. Nothing is worst than an owner waiting until the week of to fill a bye week need and missing out due to waiver priority or lack of quality starters.  This week the Colts and Steelers are off.

The Golden Mug Award
Awarded to the fantasy players who came through for their team.

Jamaal Charles - 33 carries for 233 yards and one touchdown with six receptions for 55 yards. Charles was limited in Week 2 because of knee soreness but came back to put up a tremendous amount of yards in Week 3. Let's hope that he can stay healthy all season and keep lighting it up.

A.J. Green - Nine receptions for 183 yards and one touchdown. There is a reason Green went early in drafts and after two decent weeks, he exploded in Week 3.

Calvin Johnson - 10 receptions for 164 yards and one touchdown. Johnson finally gets into the end zone and puts up Megatron like numbers. Even if Matthew Stafford  misses time, back up Shaun Hill  can get Calvin the ball.

The Urinal Cake Award
Awarded to the fantasy players who you would like to, well you know.

Kevin Smith - Zero carries. Smith was a sleeper pick-up before the season and a big waiver pick-up after Week 1. Mikel Leshoure 's return from suspension kicked Smith to bench duty. Time to cut Smith if you haven't already, unless you think LeShoure will get hurt some time during the season. If you don't have the space on your roster, drop and add someone else.

Justin Blackmon - One reception for seven yards. Is Blackmon the next Michael Crabtree ? Blackmon has just four receptions through three games for a total of 31 yards. Maurice Jones-Drew  is the offense here.

NFL Quarterbacks- Tough week for big name quarterbacks as
Aaron Rodgers , Tony Romo , Michael Vick  and Philip Rivers  did not throw a touchdown. Jay Cutler  and Sam Bradford also failed to throw a touchdown.


Good quarterback matchups this week:

Joe Flacco  against the Browns. Flacco is the 8th ranked quarterback in fantasy leagues and is 2nd in the NFL in passing yards. He'll face a Browns team that is ranked 27th in pass defense allowing 269 yards per game with eight touchdowns allowed. Flacco is unbeaten against the Browns with a record of 8-0.

Andy Dalton  against the Jaguars. Dalton has thrown for 867 yards through three games this year with a 6:2 touchdown to interception ratio. He sits 9th among quarterbacks just one fantasy point behind Joe Flacco . He'll face a Jaguars team ranked 21st in passing defense allowing 258 yards per game. If he can connect with A.J. Green  like he did last week, points will be scored quickly.

Sleeper Pick of the Week:
Kevin Kolb  against the Dolphins. Kolb has made the most of his opportunity to play with John Skelton  injured. Kolb has averaged 18.5 fantasy points in his two starts. Miami has played the run well this season but is giving up a ton of yards passing, averaging 307.3 yards per game (29th). Kolb has favorable matchups the next three weeks.

Good running back matchups this week:

Maurice Jones-Drew against the Bengals. As I said earlier, Jones-Drew is the offense for the Jaguars. Last week he rushed for 177 yards on 28 carries with a long 59-yard touchdown run. He will face a Bengals team ranked 31st in rushing yards allowed with 155 per game and having given up five touchdowns on the ground. The Jaguars will be inducting Fred Taylor into the teams 'Pride Of The Jaguars' this weekend, so expect MJD to be pumped up at home.

Michael Turner agianst the Panther. The Panthers were run over by Andre Brown , a 3rd, and sometimes 4th string, running back who saw time due to an injury to Ahmad Bradshaw . Brown ran for 113 yards and scored twice. If you’re going to play Turner, this is the week you do so. If he has a good game, trade him as soon as you can. Turner is currently 24th among fantasy running backs and could use an easy matchup. I just hope he doesn't go out and celebrate after.

Sleeper Pick of the Week:
Frank Gore against the Jets. Gore still has something left in the tank and is averaging 16.7 fantasy points per game. He faces a Jets team that has lost its best defensive player in Darrelle Revis and is ranked 28th in the NFL in rushing yards allowed with 148.7 per game. The defense is in such a mess that the team is looking to use running back Joe McKnight at corner. I wonder if my league would allow me to get points for tackles as well as rushing yards for McKnight.

Bad quarterback matchups this week:

Drew Brees against the Packers. Green Bay ranked dead last in 2011 for pass defense, but this season they are first with just 125.3 yards passing per game allowed. They have given up five touchdowns with four interceptions. Had the refs made the correct call on Monday night, that number would be reversed. Brees is a great quarterback but has thrown five interceptions so far. I'm not suggesting you bench Brees, but expect a tough day.

Jake Locker against the Texans. Locker has potential as he is the 17th ranked fantasy quarterback but will have a tough time this week facing the Texans' fourth ranked passing defense. Houston is allowing just 188 yards per game with only three touchdowns given up. With Chris Johnson running so horrendously, the Titans are too one dimensional.

Eli Manning against the Eagles. Manning leads the NFL in passing yards and is the first quarterback with over 1,000 yards passing this season. He will have a tough matchup this week against the Eagles who are ranked 3rd in passing defense allowing 172.7 yards per game with just three touchdowns and five interceptions. This divisional game will be a tough defensive game for both teams.

Bad running back matchups this week:

Chris Johnson against the Texans. I've never seen a player that has played so well just become completely worthless overnight. Johnson's stock has plummeted worse than the housing market a few years ago and there isn't any reason that he should be playing this poorly. This is not the week for him to bounceback as he faces the Texans who are holding teams to 67 yards rushing per game (5th) and have not allowed a touchdown yet this season.

Steven Jackson against the Seahawks. The Seahawks were a sleeper defense entering drafts and those that picked them up late have reaped the rewards. The Seahawks are playing good run defense as they are the 2nd best run defense allowing 58.7 yards per game. Jackson, who has been dealing with injuries is averaging just 46.6 rushing yards per game and has not scored.

Ryan Williams against the Dolphins. Williams is now the primary ball carrier in Arizona after the team placed Beanie Wells on Injured Reserve/ designated to return which means he will be out at least until week 12. Williams will have a tough time this week against a Dolphins team ranked 3rd, allowing just 66.3 yards per game and while only allowing two rushing touchdowns on the season.

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