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Survivor - Week 6

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Miami rebounded on the road and took care of Cincinnati We enter Week 6 and there are more teams on a bye, which limits your selections even more. Check out my analysis for Week 6.

Since I have been eliminated from my survivor pool, I will rank the teams I would select each week, as well as a team or two that I would avoid.

Thursday Night Game

There are not many options in Week 6, so don’t look past Pittsburgh this week. The Steelers are likely going to be a top three selection in my book.

Sunday Games

There are not many locks for Week 6, but I can find two or three teams I would take.

The top two teams that come to mind are Atlanta and Philadelphia. I would feel more comfortable with the Falcons as they are clearly superior to Oakland. The Eagles are facing a desperate 1-3 Detroit Lions team, but I do not have much confidence in them on the road. The Lions head to Chicago in Week 7, so this could be a long season for Detroit.

I would not touch the San Francisco-New York Giants game or either of the primetime games. If you are looking for a gutsy pick, take a look at Miami at home against St. Louis. I do not have enough confidence in Tampa Bay to take at home, and the Indianapolis-New York Jets game is a tricky one as well. The Jets could rebound after Monday night’s loss and the Colts are coming off an emotional home win, so if I had to pick, I would go with the Jets. However, that’s a bit too risky this weekend.


Atlanta is the top pick for Week 6 followed by Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

Avoid :

New England - They are a favorite in Seattle, but I would not bet against Seattle at home.

Arizona - Buffalo was embarrassed a week ago, and the last time San Francisco embarrassed a team, that team fought hard the next week despite being outmatched at nearly every position (the New York Jets against Houston). Arizona’s offense is a little shaky right now, so I expect Buffalo to keep it close.