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Welcome New Sharks

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More articles from Tony Holm ceasing operations was a sad loss for many of us, but it was Fantasy Sharks’ gain as we added Robert Cobb, the person behind the technology that made go. We have spent this offseason rolling his tools in, improving ours, and creating new offerings some I am certain you have never seen before in fantasy. Check out the many changes we’ve made. We have been busy. We hope you enjoy all we have managed to accomplish, and please realize, we are just scratching the surface here. Wait until you see what we have planned for 2013!   

Steve Sheiner also came over courtesy of, performing as their Senior Editor for the past 12 years and radio host of a fantasy football show in Miami. Sheiner has jumped in with both feet, contributing as a writer, hopping on SiriusXM to help promote Sharks, and leveraging his contacts to help make us grow. Sheiner rocks. He really does.

TC Cannon
many of you should have already have heard of him. He was one of the very first guys I had heard of way back in the fantasy stone age. Along with fellow sharks like Greg Kellogg, there’s a core group that were there when fantasy football hit the web. Cannon was one of those guys. He is the longtime commissioner of FanEx, and continues his labor of love,, promoting fantasy football to our youth. We’ve teamed up with Cannon after years of cajoling, prodding and flat-out bribing.

Our guest writing series was a resounding success this year. I can’t begin to explain the caliber of writer we turned away. From that group, though, four really stood out to us. I’m happy to report all four accepted our offer to write for Fantasy Sharks in 2012. The free cookies and Friday afternoon office beer blasts were a big selling point, too.

Walton (Wally) Spurlin
we are seriously thrilled to add him. He will help with Individual Defensive Player (IDP) content and will fit in anywhere. We had to coax him away from a couple of other sites that he was writing for, but here he is, ready to get dirty. Spurlin impressed us with his style and deep knowledge of both sides of the ball. You’ll notice we’ve been building out the IDP side of the house, and joining our existing IDP team of James Elvins and Gary Davenport, will be Sheiner and Spurlin, both making strong IDP additions. Look for a new weekly series to appear at Fantasy Sharks this season entitled “53 Deep” where Spurlin will look at some deep sleepers.

Jordan Gingery is another that just blew us away with quantity. We’re almost picking him up as a writer just to make him stop. Editorial was having a meltdown trying to keep up. We liked his style and depth and look forward to a full season’s worth of his contributions. Gingery will bring a weekly “The PPR Report” focusing on those points per reception gems.

Eric Hartvigson
we need a nickname for him. Just saying. Hartvigson’s preseason team capsules were presented with such detail. We just had to sign him. The detail was astounding, and we think you will enjoy the in the trenches perspective Hartvigson gives. Hartvigson drew the short straw and will add a weekly Monday recap called ‘Monday Morning Takeaways,’ and look for his special ‘Viking Shark Punch’ series, new and only at

Jake Hower
I leave him for last because we likely will regret our decision to add him to our writing team. We think you’ll all have fun with his perspective. We have a hunch he has that “special something” that will keep us all entertained all season long. Look for Hower’s “Buy, Sell, Hold” weekly article, only here at

We’re thrilled to add to the team and think you will be just as impressed with the quality of the offerings from all our sharks. Welcome new sharks. Welcome back, everyone. It’s time to go win us a championship.