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What Did We Learn - Week 5

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Coaches and players often break the NFL season down into quarters, the idea being that focusing on smaller, four-game stretches breaks the season up, making things seem more manageable. At this point in the NFL season, all but two teams (Green Bay and Carolina) have played four games, so most are through that first quarter.

In the fantasy season, however, there isn’t much middle ground. You’re either confident in your roster, or you see the writing on the wall. I have four leagues that I actually care about. In one league, I feel fine with my squad. In another, I’m probably in some trouble. In the other two, I have absolutely no clue what will happen. And that’s exciting. And terrifying.

Through four weeks, this is what I know think.

Who’s Been Better Than We Thought?

Philip Rivers . Rivers has been one of the really nice stories of this young season, playing like it’s 2008 all over again. I was one of the many who had left him for dead, but now he’s slinging it all over the place, and his receivers are making plays for him. He’s a top-10 fantasy signal-caller at this point.

Knowshon Moreno . Obviously, I wish he didn’t have to compete with anyone, let alone two other backs. But being the proven pass blocker in the backfield, he gets the bulk of the snaps and touches. It also doesn’t hurt that Montee Ball went to the “David Wilson School for Ball Security.”

Julian Edelman . Following a free agency departure, a few injuries, and a murder investigation, Edelman is the only proven pass catcher that Tom Brady has. While Kenbrell Thompkins is coming along, Edelman is still the trusted guy. He’ll be a target machine, at least until Danny Amendola returns and then hurts himself tying his shoes.

Who’s Been Worse?

Robert Griffin III . I’m biased about this one. As a Philadelphia Eagles' fan living in Richmond, Va., my Washington Redskins gag reflex is pretty easy to trigger. I’ve grown weary of Griffin’s canned press conferences. It’s simple. If Griffin III isn’t going to run, get him off the field. If he’s your quarterback, you should try to grab Rivers or some other “backup” that might be breaking out.

David Wilson . Wilson is slowly working his way back to lead back status. But that’s a pretty low bar when competing with Da’Rel Scott and Brandon Jacobs . It’s like saying I’m the strongest guy in the room with my grandmother and my 4-year old nephew. In any case, Wilson will eventually start to make an impact; he’s too talented not to.[Editor's note: I think Drew has underestimated Grandma's overall strength.]

Vincent Jackson . Drafted as a back-end WR1 or high-end WR2, Jackson has struggled since his Week 1 explosion against the New York Jets. In the last two games, he’s been targeted 17 times, but he has just five catches for 61 yards. Granted, a lot of that is attributable to Mike Glennon's crazy arm on Sunday, but Jackson has been a disappointment.

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