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What Did We Learn - Week 7

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As I watched games this week, I realized I was about due for this column. Typically, around this time every season, I re-evaluate how I rank fantasy players. I try to identify weaknesses on my rosters and areas of need on other teams in my leagues. At this point, we need to figure out who’s getting hot at the right time, who’s out-performed thus far, and who will come on late.

So here’s my shot at mid-season rankings. Feel free to use them, modify them, or just plain disagree with them.


1. Aaron Rodgers – Regaining 2011 form; hitting his stride at the right time.

2. Peyton Manning – Looks healthy; will need to throw to keep Denver in games.

3. Robert Griffin III – Better than advertised; rushing will provide crazy value.

4. Drew Brees – New Orleans offense will need to put up 35 a week to win.

5. Eli Manning – Playing at an MVP level; receivers are getting healthy.

6. Tom Brady – Offense predicated on the pass; running game just makes him better.

7. Matt Ryan – Playing very well; fantastic at home; starting to slow down lately.

8. Ben Roethlisberger – Offense is all him; always looking downfield for big plays.

9. Cam Newton – Post-game antics aside, he’s a tremendous talent; goal line threat.

10. Michael Vick – fantasy > reality; still a top rushing threat; job security?

Running Back

1. Arian Foster – Easily the top back; runs, catches, and scores; model of consistency.

2. Ray Rice – One of few feature backs; offense needs to run through him.

3. Adrian Peterson – Crazy that he started Week 1; crazier that he’s getting better.

4. Alfred Morris – Consistent double-digit performer; Mike Shanahan will ride him.

5. LeSean McCoy – Philadelphia needs to get him the ball; will use bye to get him going.

6. Marshawn Lynch – Seattle feeds him to run offense; relentless runner; “Beast Mode.”

7. Frank Gore – San Francisco’s workhorse; great offensive line; focal point of offense.

8. Chris Johnson – Big play ability; regaining form; inconsistent.

9. DeMarco Murray – Dallas turning to balanced attack; a beast when healthy.

10. Stevan Ridley – Capable runner on high-powered offense; inconsistent production.

11. Matt Forte – Getting over injury; Jay Cutler-Brandon Marshall tandem will open up running lanes.

12. Trent Richardson – Top 10 talent even on poor offense; needs to get healthy.

13. Jamaal Charles – Speed and explosiveness is off the charts; success tied to quarterback play.

14. C.J. Spiller/Fred Jackson – Injury makes either one a Top 10 guy; both dynamic.

15. Willis McGahee – Peyton Manning makes him better; Denver leads means an increased workload.

16. Ryan Mathews – Feature back; getting healthy; upcoming schedule a plus.

17. Shonn Greene – Run-first attack starting to pay off; health concerns.

18. Reggie Bush – Explosive plays; rookie quarterback plus a poor receiving corps means feast or famine.

19. Michael Turner – Offensive attack means less work; goal line opportunities.

20. Rashard Mendenhall – True rushing threat on good offense; needs to get healthy.

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