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The Most Annoying NFL Coach for Fantasy Owners Shanahan Award

Mike Shanahan usually wins this award every season, torturing owners by switching running backs at a whim, sometimes for no good reason. This year was a whole new ballgame though. Shanahan was loyal to his running back all season long and Morris, to his credit, really didn't give his coach a choice with his reliable and excellent play.

No, Shanahan wasn't the most annoying NFL Coach for fantasy owners this year. This award must go to Coach Bill Belichick. First he started the season by improbably benching fantasy stud Wes Welker and severely limiting his playing time. In retrospect, why exactly did Belichick do that? Was it to prove a point?

If anything, the only point that Belichick proved was that Tom Brady and the Patriots offense need Welker to reach their full potential. With Aaron Hernandez going down early and now Rob Gronkowski out, the Patriots have never needed Welker more.

But, Belichick wasn't done messing with fantasy owners' minds. At the start of the season, owners were happy at the early explosive performances of Patriots' running back Stevan Ridley. There can be no doubt that Ridley has had an excellent season and yet Belichick has either forgotten about him in the game plan or tried unsuccessfully to start an RBBC, bringing in Brandon Bolden and even Shane Vereen, recently.

Ridley has had two games this season where he's had only 13 rushing attempts. He's also had three games this season with under 40 rushing yards. In every single game where he's gotten over 20 rushing attempts, he's always scored a touchdown and had over 97 rushing yards, breaking the century mark three times in those games. The talent is there but it seems, during the season, that Belichick has unnecessarily put the reigns on him when he shouldn't have. One can only wonder how good Ridley could be if Belichick let him loose all the time.

The S.J.G.R. Award of the Year

This award has to go to Eli Manning for his incredible comeback fantasy performance against the Buccaneers in Week 2. After a horrid first half where he threw three interceptions, Manning passed for three touchdowns and 295 passing yards in the second half, 243 passing yards in the 4th quarter alone. Manning finished with 510 passing yards. It was a virtuoso performance and it's arguably the biggest fantasy moment of the 2012 season.

Fantasy Rookie of the Year

Finally, RG3's going to get some love here. Doug Martin has also had a tremendous year, ranking 2nd in scoring among running backs but RG3 is ranked 2nd overall in scoring. Doug Martin is ranked 23rd overall in scoring so it's not even close. Add into the equation that Martin was drafted much higher (3rd round) than RG3 (7th round) and it's easy to see why RG3 gets the Rookie of the Year Award.

Unlike the second half of Cam Newton's rookie season, the second half of RG3's season has been just as exciting as the first half, highlighted by a dominant performance against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving in a nationally televised game, passing for four touchdowns. He's passed for eight touchdowns over his last two games and has been an incredible value for owners that took a chance on the rookie. He's a 1st round pick for the 2013 season. Lockdown.

Speaking of the 2013 season, we'll be talking in a couple weeks about what the 1st round of next year's draft will look like. Until then, good luck to all the owners out there still in contention.

Good Hunting!

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