Sunday - Nov 29, 2015

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The Draft Coach has been an offering at since 2004.  The Draft Coach has been used for years in competitive showcase and expert leagues and has proven itself out to be a competitive foe.  Using a proprietary algorithm that takes into account your scoring system and lineup requirements, we apply:

  • ADP (Average Draft Position)
  • VBD (Value Based Drafting)
  • A position scarcity evaluation
  • A bye week evaluation
  • And some secret sauce

To determine who should be drafted next. 

By turning on this feature via your Commissioner Draft and Timer Setup page at, you can replace absentee owners with a “smart” draft option to ensure your league is competitive.  You can also allow owners to utilize this option during your draft to allow the Draft Coach tool to draft for them in case they are unable to complete the draft or just wish to have’s intelligent draft picking software select for them.

We hope you enjoy this feature provided exclusively for