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More of a WSIK question......but thoughts on who will be the better fantasy TE for the rest of the season (Dustin Keller or Fred Davis). Standard 1pt / 10yds, 6pt TD, non-PPR, no bonus. Thanks!
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Scratchin my head....

Finley vs CHI
Keller vs OAK

Finley is bound to have a breakout game..but look at the weather there...
Keller finds the endzone...

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Bit of a headache

V.Davis V lions
Hernandez v Cowboys

non ppr,1pt 10 yards,6pts td

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Trying this out for the first time...

Week 6 - Gresham vs Indy or Fred Davis vs Phi

League info in sig

2014 Info
RB:Charles, Shoelace, Mason
WR:Marshall, A Brown, Gordon
TE:Mychel, Allen
Def: Weekly
1 for 10 ppr/.5 rush
6 for 1 TD ,2 flex WR/RB, D/ST
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PPR with standard scoring, choose 1

Finley or Hernandez


QB- Vick, Big Ben
RB- Shady, D. Murray, AP, Gerhart
WR- Marshall, Jordy, Decker, Garrcon, S.Rice, T. Young
TE- Hernandez, Keller
K- Bailey
D- Bears, Bengals
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Standard league, 6/TD, 1/ten yds.

My opponent has Tom Brady so I'm leaning toward Hernandez. Ballard is looking good though... Opinions?
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1 pt per 10 yards receiving, .5 per recpetion, 6 per td

Owen Daniels vs ATL
Jake Ballard vs GB

both at home...
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Gonzo or Pettigrew?

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Lost Finley. Which TE do you like this weekend, and going forward?

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PPR Rudolph or Daniels?
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PPR - 6 pt TD - 1 pt/10 yds, 5 pt bonus for 100+ yards

K. Rudolph at Detroit or G. Olsen v. Seattle at home or B. Celek at Washington

12 Team PPR - 6pt passing TD

QB: C. Newton, J. Campbell
WR: D. Bryant, J. Boykin
RB: A. Morris, B. Tate
FLEX: J. Cotchery, R. Matthews, C. Ogbonnaya, R. Helu,

TE: J. Thomas, G. Olsen
D/ST: Panthers, Browns
K: N. Novak, J. Brown
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This is my first year in a fantasy league, and before this I didn't watch football regularly. 3 friends and I made a league to motivate us to pay more attention to the sport. With a league of only 4 people we all have good players, and it's a matter of picking the best of the best. I don't know what PPR means, but the Yahoo! Sports hosting the league lists the scoring type as 'Head-to-Head.' I still have a lot to learn.

For week 2 TEs I have to choose 1 of the following:

Jimmy Graham @TB
Tony Gonzalez vs StL
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.5 PPR, 1 pt/25yds pass, 1pt/10yds rec, 1pt/10yds rush, 6pts/td's

Weeks 1 & 2 have been TE disasters for my team! Screwed up the TE spot during draft and haven't been able to recover.

Week 1: played Fred Davis (3.20), sat Martellus Bennett (12.40)

Week 2: thinking Bennett was a fluke... picked up and played Kellen Winslow (3.10) for Thurs game, by Friday I was so disgusted with Winslow that I picked up Brent Celek as FA, and on Sunday Bennett sat as I wept (23.10)

Week 3: so, should I go with Winslow NYJ @ NE, Bennett CHI vs. MIN, Brent Celek PHI vs. KC (surely not), or should I consider picking up Colby Fleener IND vs. SF (I have Luck QB but will probably play Cam Newton this week...could the Luck/Fleener combo be worthwhile down the line?)

I'm dying here!!
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Week 4 Gonzalez against the Pats or Bennett at the Lions.

Most sites have Gonzo higher but its been hard watching him waste a spot in my lineup so far with Marty scoring points on my bench.

ESPN standard scoring

THank you!
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Pitta (BAL) vs. NE
Clay (MIA) vs. BUF

1pt/10yds rec, 6pts/td's

Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated

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