Pittsburg or Atlanta

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Going for the Championship & Undefeated Season: * slated to go as of right now

QB - Rogers, Newton*
RB - Forte (IR), McCoy, Matthews*, Lynch*, Spiller*, Saine*
WR - Colston*, Cruz*, Julio Jones*, A. Brown, Robinson*
TE - Finley, Gates*
K - Gostkowski*
Def - Pittsburg, Atlanta*

His Team:

QB - Ryan*
RB - Turner*, K, Bell*, Michael Bush*, Gerhart, Tomlinson
WR - Welker*, White*, R. Wayne*, Torrey Smith*, Manningham*, D. Moore, Garcon, D. Nelson
TE - Hernandez*, Witten*
K - Janikowski*
Def - Philadelphia*

Thank you and have a Happy New Year

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