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Im skippin ahead and hopefully will get some responses

what Def?

Tennesse Titans vs Houstan Texans -

Indianapolis Colts vs Detroit -

New England vs Oakland -

who'd u start? Leave link!
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i'd pick the Colts at the Titans might be resting players for the playoffs.

mine: http://www.fantasysharks.com/forum/view ... p?t=197924
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i think the Colts are the best bet.
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I'm debating dropping the Titans and picking up the Colts for the next 2 weeks.

D's have not done spectacular against Houston recently. Tenn also has Pitt in week 16 so I wouldn't be using Tenn anyway in week 16.

Indy has Detroit and Jax. D's havebeen fairly successful against Jax who looks to have cashed it in. Plus, Indy still has something to play for...
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