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Apes wrote:I've learned that it's best to never ask my wife anything.

My wife was part of my naming process...I ran my ideas past her, and anything she liked, I took off the list.
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I have a lot of confederate ancestors that fought in civil war, hence the name.
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I've always wondered about what made software and hardware interact together - the "spooky" level of interaction, so to speak. While thinking about the lowest level of a processor's function I came up with datacore as a name I liked. The fire in the image below reminds me of electricity striking the chip on an atomic level.


I am WAY more humble than all of you.
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Barrel chested. Fire hydrant type build. Redhead.

Nuff said.

Sig by NJ. The greatest shark ever.
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first email address I ever had for aol. I played soccer and was a "playa" with the ladies back in the day lol. It's my username for pretty much anything and everything. It's a little embarrassing as I've gotten older so now I say "play" "a" instead of playa. Too much invested in the name to come up with a new one.

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